Caroline Flack has been arrested and charged with assault

Caroline Flack has been arrested and charged with assault

caroline flack 1187205775
Credit: Jeff Spicer / Stringer / Getty

Love Island host Caroline Flack has been arrested and charged for actual bodily harm following a ‘domestic disturbance’.

The presenter is alleged to have been rowing with her boyfriend, Lewis Burton, at her home in Islington, London.

A man, believed to be tennis player Lewis, was taken to hospital to be ‘treated for injuries’. The Daily Star reports that six police cars were spotted outside the property in the early hours.

A police spokesperson told ‘Caroline Flack of Islington was charged on Friday, 13 December with assault by beating.

‘She will appear on bail at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Monday, 23 December. This follows an incident at approximately 05:25hrs on Thursday, 12 December after reports of a man assaulted.

‘He was not seriously injured.’

A London Ambulance Service spokesperson said: ‘We were called yesterday (Thursday 12 December) at 5.28am to reports of a person unwell in Islington.

‘We sent an ambulance to the scene and took a person to hospital.’

Caroline is due to fly to South Africa in the coming weeks for Winter Love Island, which starts on 8th January 2020.

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Here's how to have yourself a very merry sustainable Christmas

Here's how to have yourself a very merry sustainable Christmas

It’s time to start dreaming of a green one, so here are all the top ideas and easy wins to pull off an eco-friendly festive holiday…

sustainable Christmas ideas
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Words by Sophie Goddard 

The holiday season is upon us, which means mulled wine by a roaring fire, Mariah Carey’s Christmas hits on repeat and erm, three million tonnes of waste. Yes, that’s right, experts reckon that during the festive season alone, we produce an extra 30 per cent of rubbish – that’s around three million tonnes consumed and discarded. Our mass consumption, thanks to everything from excessive food to gifting, is linked to environmental damage of epic proportions – hardly great when we know the state the planet’s in already. Want to do better this year? Here’s how to have a jolly good sustainable Christmas…


sustainable Christmas ideas

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Already own a plastic tree? Don’t chuck it, whatever you do. According to the Carbon Trust, plastic trees need a minimum of 10 Christmases to be less environmentally harmful than real ones, so if you already have one then aim to take seriously good care of it. If you’re in the market for a real tree, check out recommendations from Forestry Commission – trees are sourced from sustainable forests and have a shorter transportation line. Once Christmas is over, recycle it through your council’s recycling scheme or take it to a local recycling facility. If it was potted with its roots intact, you could always replant it in your garden for next year (you’ll need to replant it once the weather is warmer though, so keep it in a garden shed or garage until springtime.) You could always rent a tree, too – it’s better for the environment and around 30 per cent cheaper than purchasing. Sites like Rental Claus or Love A Christmas Tree have options to borrow over the festive period.

Cards and wrapping paper

sustainable Christmas ideas

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Still deliberating over whether to send cards? Maybe this will help make up your mind: an eye-watering 1.5 billion cards are discarded each year. Instead of wasting paper (and worrying whether they’ll actually arrive…) could you send e-cards? Websites like Green Envelope and Paperless Post have great options that you can personalise. If only real cards will do, go sustainable. Look out for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) mark – it means paper was produced sustainably. Or try plastic-free 1 Tree Cards who plant trees for every card purchased, and use 100 per cent recycled cards and envelopes, plus vegan inks. Oh, and always avoid glitter – it can’t be recycled. The same goes for wrapping paper – the shiny, glittery stuff is a no-go. Instead, go retro and wrap gifts using old newspapers and recyclable brown paper, tied up with string.


sustainable Christmas ideas

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Like it or not, it’s time to get crafty. Instead of reaching for tinsel (which can’t be recycled) try making the most of what nature gave us. Dried fruit peels, pine cones, holly sprigs and foliage from the garden can all be turned into rustic-looking decorations in just a few minutes – and returned to the garden once done. DIY paper-chains, snowflakes and home-made wreaths will keep kids entertained for hours and if you have plastic decorations, take care of them (protect them with old newspaper or tissue when packing them away). The same goes for fairy lights – instead of throwing them out as soon as one bulb goes, replace individual bulbs (visit YouTube for tutorials) and buy LED once they’re gone for good (they’re much more energy-efficient and cheaper to run). Setting a timer for lights mean electricity won’t be wasted, either.


sustainable Christmas ideas

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Stats say we pull around 154 million crackers each year in the UK – which all head straight to landfill. Instead of buying the first (or cheapest) pack you see, look for recyclable options, printed on FSC paper and plastic-free gifts. House of Crackers and Love Tiki have some great options. Or make your own – Keep This Cracker send reusable crackers to your door, without any single-use plastic. Fill them yourself with thoughtful gifts or jokes and reuse them each year, guilt-free. Or kill two birds with one stone and get the kids to make their own Little Crafty Bugs versions.

Christmas dinner

sustainable Christmas ideas

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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for – but how many of us buy way too much food at Christmas? Food waste is serious business – we throw away the equivalent of two million turkeys and 74 million mince pies each year. When it comes to your turkey dinner, the good news is that poultry is less environmentally impactful than say, beef or lamb, but it’s still worth thinking about where it’s sourced. Buying local and organic tends to mean less carbon emissions, but size is key too – do just two of you really need a whole turkey? If going vegan is a step too far, you could aim to buy fruit and veg loose, without the plastic packaging (and take your own bags to the supermarket, too). Freeze leftovers and give away what you don’t need using food-sharing app Olio – it allows locals in your area to use up what you won’t. Now might be a good time to start using that mysterious composting caddy your council left in your garden, too….

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The general election results are in – so what happens now?

The general election results are in – so what happens now?

boris johnson general election 1188198894
Credit: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / Contributor / Getty

Following a landslide win for the Conservatives in the 2019 general election, Boris Johnson has secured his spot as Prime Minister.

In the weeks running up to voting day, opinion polls suggested that the party could expect a narrow majority. However, after gaining many Labour ‘safe’ seats across the UK, the Conservatives walked away with the biggest victory since Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s – leaving Labour with the worst result since 1935.

The Liberal Democrats also suffered a blow with party leader Jo Swinson losing her East Dunbartonshire seat to the SNP, who, on the other hand, made huge gains in Scotland.

The results

The exit polls indicated a huge win for the Conservatives, and they eventually ended the night with a comfortable 364 seats (+66) compared to Labour’s 203 (-42), the SNP securing 48 seats (+13), Lib Dems 11 (-10) and Greens 1.

A number of areas which voted to leave the European Union in 2016 switched from red to blue, and the increased number of seats for Nicola Sturgeon’s party has reignited support for another Scottish independence referendum.

Boris Johnson’s reaction

boris johnson general election 1188198531

Credit: Peter Summers / Stringer / Getty

Boris has called the outcome ‘historic’, promising to ‘work night and day’ to deliver the will of the people and stating: ‘The people want change. We cannot and must not let them down.’ He added that Brexit was the ‘irrefutable, irresistible, unarguable decision of the British people.’

‘I have a message for all of those who voted for us yesterday, you may only have lent us your vote, you may not think of yourself as a natural Tory,’ he said.

‘Your hand may have quivered over the ballot paper before you put your cross in the Conservative box and you intend to return to Labour next time round.

‘But if that is the case, I am humbled you have put your trust in me, put your trust in us and I will never take your support for granted.

‘I will make it my mission to work night and day, flat out to prove you right for voting for me this time around.’

Jeremy Corbyn’s reaction

jeremy corbyn general election 1188227337

Credit: TOLGA AKMEN / Contributor / Getty

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that he will step down after a ‘process of reflection’.

‘I will not lead the party in any future general election campaign,’ he announced. ‘I will discuss with our party to ensure there is a process now of reflection on this result and on the policies that the party will take going forward.

‘And I will lead the party during that period to ensure that discussion takes place and we move on into the future.’

He added: ‘The issues of social justice and the issues of needs of people will not go away just because Brexit is dealt with in the way Boris Johnson plans to deal with it at the moment.’

Jo Swinson’s reaction

jo swinson general election 1188142810

Credit: PAUL ELLIS / Contributor / Getty

The Lib Dem leader has stepped down after losing her seat by 149 votes last night, calling the result ‘hugely disappointing’, saying: ‘For millions of people in our country these results will bring dread and dismay and people are looking for hope.

‘I still believe that we as a country can be warm and generous, inclusive and open, and that by working together with our nearest neighbours we can achieve so much more.’

What happens next?

Boris is hopeful that this result will break the parlimentary deadlock over Brexit and that the UK will leave as planned on 31st January 2020. He once again promised to achieve this, ‘no ifs, no buts’ during a speech on Friday.

The Liberal Democrats will be resided over by Deputy Ed Davey until a formal leadership election, and Labour is yet to announce how their party will move forward from the crushing defeat.

Nicola Sturgeon is said to be seeking a Section 30 order from the UK government for permission to hold another independence referendum in Scotland.

While Boris has managed to secure his spot as PM, the political landscape is still changing and only time will tell what lies ahead for the UK.

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Princess Diana’s John Travolta dress has finally sold

Princess Diana’s John Travolta dress has finally sold

There is hardly a Princess Diana dress more iconic than the velvet Victor Edelstein she wore to dance with John Travolta during a state banquet at the White House given by US President Ronald Reagan in 1985.

John Travolta has since said he didn’t have plans to dance with her, but was told by Nancy Reagan that the Princess had asked for it to happen, so he tapped on her shoulder at midnight and invited her on the dance floor for fifteen minutes to a medley of Grease and Saturday Night Fever amongst other tunes.

As for the dress, Diana had seen in burgundy, but asked the designer to create it in a midnight blue for her, and it looked perfect with her sapphire and pearl choker.

The dress was originally auctioned off by the Princess herself for charity in 1997 (sold for £120,000), and was last sold at auction in 2013, to a husband wanting to surprise his wife (for £240,000).

Though the dress was originally auctioned off last week by Kerry Taylor Auctions, it surprisingly failed to reach the reserve prices of £200,000, while it was expected to go for up to £350,000.

However it has now been snapped up by the Historic Royal Palaces for £220,000, and will soon go on display as part of its Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection.

The curator of the exhibition, Eleri Lynn, said, ‘So many designers have spoken to me about Diana’s incredible charisma and presence. Even designers who had many years’ experience of dressing celebrities and royalty talked about how Diana had the ability to make them feel as if they were walking on air. I think Diana’s real triumph in fashion was that she rose above it, so that by the end, all you saw was her.’

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Confessions of a financial dominatrix

Confessions of a financial dominatrix

Meet Theodora, the financial dominatrix, and the ‘pay pigs’ who get a sexual thrill from giving their money away

Words by Steph Williamson

Theodora, 27, is an elite financial dominatrix and international fetish sensation who is based in the UK. She specialises in erotic hypnosis and brands herself ‘The Manipulatrix’.

‘I’ll never forget the night I first stumbled into the world of financial domination. I was just 19 and had been invited to a very exclusive, invitation-only party, held in a prestigious club in the centre of Paris where the guests were photographers, art directors, stylists and models like me. I’d previously worked as a ballet dancer, and also danced in music videos and toured with musicians between modelling jobs, but I’d never seen anything like it. Everyone at the party was so young and beautiful, strewn naked across luxe velvet sofas or writhing about on the beds in dark rooms – it was the first time I’d witnessed sex in public, but I felt flattered to be there.

‘Strangely, what I noticed the most that night was that there were only a few people fully clothed like me. Amid the intoxicating atmosphere of lavish curtains, dimmed mood lighting and electronic music, models in expensive lingerie, corsets and latex dresses stood looking on. As a fully clothed woman in such an erotic setting, I began to attract attention from people identifying as ‘submissives’. I had no idea of the fetish around ‘clothed female, naked male’, one of the basics of S&M. But here it was in action, as beautiful naked men began to approach me, asking if they could call me ‘goddess’ or ‘mistress’. They started worshipping my feet and legs, while others told me they wanted to pay ‘tribute’ to me and began to actually throw money at my feet. I was confused but exhilarated, thinking I’d discovered a fetish I could actually live out.

‘After that night eight years ago, I began looking into the scene more closely and explored the idea of building a business around financial domination to run alongside my dancing jobs. I researched online forums and websites, and visited other parties to check out the demand – there was plenty.

Financial domination revolves around submissive guys relinquishing control to a dominant female via the ‘tool’ of money. I knew I couldn’t do it overnight. It would take time, effort and a lot of thought to build a clientele of submissive male strangers who would pay cash to worship me online, but I decided to go ahead and commit to doing it properly.

‘My website lists a number of services clients can buy me – from manicures or personal training sessions to designer handbags, shoes and holidays. Contributions range from $5 to $50,000. When a submissive pays online, he gets a kick out of giving me money and then watching a video of me wearing the purchase he’s paid for, although he’ll never get to meet or touch me.


‘I call myself a ‘‘manipulatrix’’ – I don’t force things on people’


‘I built up the business organically. It started with one client and slowly grew over eight years from a few guys at sex parties to a much more lucrative online venture. After all, many submissives are too afraid to go out to sex parties and prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes interacting online.
‘It may seem like a strange career choice, but my job requires a lot of forethought. My parents were psychologists, and many of the videos I make for my clients are based on NLP (neuro linguistic programming) to encourage them to behave in the way I want them to and maintain the control I have. My clientele is constantly evolving – a few are regulars, others find me online via my site or Twitter. 
Some disappear then return years later, but on average I have a rotation of ten to 15 regulars at any one time. 
I have submissives who are politicians, CEOs or bankers and, for them, money equates to power.

When they surrender it to me, they feel the rush of submission. They crave to submit financially, they want me to take control of their finances and make decisions for them. The most I have been tributed in one go was €49,000 from a European client. I’d consider any tribute above €20,000 as extravagant. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but it does happen. I insist on a prior interaction with a client, a discussion defining the terms of the relationship. For some, it’ll be paying or adopting bills that I’ve listed on my website – gym, $150 weekly; pets, $100 weekly. For others, it will be sending a chunk of their pay cheque every month. But there is an agreement and contract of sorts.

‘I call myself a ‘manipulatrix’ – I don’t force things on people. I’m more of a natural seductress. I seduce clients into doing what I want without me asking. It’s subtle. In encounters with submissives, my style is consensual manipulation, so it’s not about domination. Growing up in a family of hypnotists means this comes naturally to me. 
I don’t want to give away too many of my techniques, but I use hypnosis in an erotic context – it’s my USP. I use specific language to get what I want, but I still like to be 
in control.

‘When someone visits a dominatrix, they know she’ll hurt them just enough to turn them on, but not cause any permanent damage. It’s the same with financial domination. The end goal is not to take all of their money so they’re broke or bankrupt. That wouldn’t make sense. The foundation of the fetish is having a conversation about what they want from the relationship. Like every sexual interaction, boundaries and consent should be discussed prior to engagement.

‘I use my sexuality to earn my money, so you could call what I do sex work, but the client will never meet me or penetrate me. But, of course, it still impacts my relationships. Some friends and partners just can’t handle it, so I only date people who can accept my job.

‘I face a lot of ignorance about what I do, but I’m proud of my achievements. I recently won Clip Performer of the Year at the XBIZ (adult industry) Cam Awards for the quality 
of my online videos. Having worked around image and video production for years as a model and studied English literature, psychology and sound engineering, this feels like a natural pinnacle for me. My work allows me the freedom to do the other things I love, like creating, writing, singing and producing. In five years, I only hope I’m still creating content that expresses my sexuality. My long-term goal is to write a book about my experiences.’

‘Seeing how a findom spends my money is intoxicating’

John* is a fiftysomething veteran ‘finsub’ (financial submissive) based in the UK* who has been involved in the scene for over two decades. He has never told any of his partners about his long-standing fetish and is currently in a relationship.

‘Since I was in my twenties, I have always been attracted to female domination and dominant women. My mother was a huge influence. She ruled our household with an iron fist and was a real disciplinarian. But the overriding thing that has compelled me towards findom is my career. I have a hugely stressful, high-powered job for a large international company, which drives my desire to submit sexually. I have previously explored sessions with dominatrixes who I met via Twitter. But once I discovered online financial domination, nothing could compare to the rush I felt, not even real-time sessions with dominatrixes.

‘My findom fetish began with collecting old used shoes, paying substantial amounts of money for them on the internet through fetish sites. My username was ‘shoebuyerslut’. 
I established a huge collection of dirty shoes. I loved to clean them; the dirtier the better. I’ve got to admit, though, it got a little out of control. At one point I even built a bespoke pigsty in my back garden to indulge my fantasy. It might seem crazy, but I could afford it. I’ve never told any of my long-term partners about my fetish because it’s not socially acceptable. In my normal relationships I’m quite straight. I sometimes actually struggle with my libido, but when a findom approaches me I immediately become aroused. I have a longing to feel used and abused by beautiful women online, and on rare occasions I’ve even met up with them at “ATM meets”, which involve a sub like me emptying cash from an ATM with their mistress present. The interactions don’t last long, but the thrill of having my bank account rinsed and handing over the cash in person is addictive.

However, sending “findoms” money online and then seeing how they’ve spent it in videos is the most intoxicating part of the fetish for me. I now tribute weekly. I like to form a relationship with the dominant online first; I want to know what she’s spending the money on or if she’s going out that night. I want her to be bossy and tell me what I’m paying for. Ultimately, though, I switch findoms quite frequently because I’m greedy.

‘I’m a generous person outside of the findom scene and treat my girlfriends to gifts all the time. In real life you wouldn’t believe I have this habit, because I’m such a controlled person, but this fetish does bring out my risky side.’

*Names and locations have been changed

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Taylor Swift hits 30 and here’s her birthday gift to you

Taylor Swift hits 30 and here’s her birthday gift to you

It’s December 13 and somewhere in the world Taylor’s blowing out 30 candles and basically winning at life. So how’s about a Swift masterclass in how to #bemoreliketaylor

Taylor swift birthday
Getty Images

Words by Michelle Davies

1. Happiness is in her genes

No wonder she’s always perky – Taylor spent her formative years living on a Christmas tree farm in Reading, Pennsylvania, and anyone raised around a constant reminder of the jolliest time of year is bound to grow up with a positive outlook. ‘[It’s] why I’m sort of obsessed with Christmas,’ she has said. ‘I wish it was all year round, for the happy feeling it gives people.’

2. She keeps it real

While most pre-graduate students do their damndest to sneak out of lectures, Taylor did the opposite by gatecrashing her best friend’s college classes. Already a household name by the time she was 18 following the release of her first two albums, Taylor craved a normal life and would visit her high school best friend Abigail Lauren at Kansas University to hang out in her dorm room and sneak into classes.

3. Fights for her rights

The music industry was stunned when, in 2014, when Taylor pulled her music from Spotify to protest at the way artists were compensated. It was the first of many stands she’s taken to protect her music, the most recent being her fight to retain the songs from her first five albums after the master tapes were sold by her former label. Taylor will now re-record every track to create new master tapes that will remain under her control. ‘Artists deserve to own their own work,’ she said. Well, there’s no arguing with 2019’s best-selling female artist, earning $185m in 12 months.


Taylor swift birthday

Getty Images

4. Bounces back from the bad times 

Remember when Kanye West reignited their feud back in 2016 when he released his track Famous with the lines, ‘I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous’ and claimed she’d given her blessing to it. Taylor denied doing so, but then backing her man, Kim Kardashian released an audio recording of Taylor seemingly approving it and suddenly she was branded a liar. She copped even more flak over her Tom Hiddleston ‘showmance’. ‘Every domino fell,’ is how she described 2016 to the Guardian.

5. She learns from others’ mistakes 

In the same interview Taylor told the Guardian how, as a teenager, she was obsessed with VH1’s Behind The Music series, which chronicled the rise and fall of famous musicians. Taylor would scrutinise each episode pinpointing the moment the star’s career faltered – no wonder she’s had very few missteps in her own.

6. Now she keeps her love life private  

Although her new album, Lover, features tracks about her boyfriend of one year, British actor Joe Alwyn, they’re less attention grabbing than the previous tracks she wrote about her exes Harry Styles and Jake Gyllenhaal – and deliberately so. ‘Our relationship isn’t up for discussion,’ she has said. They were first introduced at the Met Gala in 2016 and her friends love him, including Ed Sheeran, who described Joe during a radio interview as ‘really nice. Really, really friendly, [a] really good dude’.

Taylor Swift birthday

Taylor and Harry Styles in happier times (Getty Images)

7. She’s embraced her political clout 

For years Taylor kept schtum about her political leanings and in doing so was attacked for not using her profile to greater effect. In 2018, however, she openly endorsed the Democrats in her adopted state of Tennessee for the US mid-term elections as they campaigned against a Republican candidate who said gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to marry or even be served in stores. Since then she’s donated £85,000 to the Tennessee Equality Project, which advocates for LGBTQ Rights. ‘I didn’t realise until recently that I could advocate for a community that I’m not a part of,’ she said.

8. When all else fails, she lets her music do the talking

When Reputation was released in 2017 Taylor became the first artist in history to have four consecutive albums sell one million copies in their first week of release. It was the perfect validation to bookend her feud with West, which began when he stormed the stage at the 2009 MTV to protest at her winning an award over Beyonce. ‘Never believe anyone who tells you that you don’t deserve want you want,’ said Taylor. You hearing that, Kanye?

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Big Boss 13: The Darkest Secrets Of The Most Watched Reality Show Revealed!

Big Boss 13: The Darkest Secrets Of The Most Watched Reality Show Revealed!

India is a country that loves to have fun! And with unique reality shows popping up on our mobile and television screens, it becomes even more convenient for Indians to have fun, laugh and rejoice in their own comfort. And in the last few months, whether or not Indians have been living in their own homes; they are certainly up to date on the most controversial house in India, the house the Grand Chief .

The 13th 's season of one of India's most beloved reality shows, The Grand Chief premiered on September 29 and from 2019 on Colors television channel. What makes this reality show even more popular is that it hosts Bollywood's most beloved superstar Salman Khan. Salman has been hosting this show for the tenth consecutive year. The launch of the 13th Season is called The First Day, The First Show. This 13th season of Big Boss has so far recorded the highest TRP (Television Rating Point) of all seasons that have been aired so far. Therefore, the 13th season of Grand Chief was given a five-week extension. And it also makes history, with 12 alternate entries that will only make this season Big Boss a whole lot more spicy and more juicy * winks *.

What is Big Boss? (For Those Who Don't Know)

Big Boss is an Indian reality show which is an adapted version of a show called Big Brother which was created in the Netherlands. In India, The Big Boss debuted in 2006. The concept of the show is that a number of contestants (mostly known to some people) enter a secluded house called Big Boss which is under surveillance 24 × 7. Every week, new homework assignments are assigned to the contestants. The House Big Boss also has its own set of rules that must be followed by each competitor. The show period is about three to four months until the final day. The man who survived to the end and won the show collects a huge sum of cash along with other goodies from the sponsors of the show.

The acceptance and love that the Indian audience gave Big Boss made it a very successful reality show and was subsequently made in various other regional languages ​​such as Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi and Malayalam. Now that we've bragged so much about the reality show, we want to know some of its hidden secrets. Viewers are always mistaken in their belief that whatever is shown on screen is uncovered and authentic. However, this is not quite so in the reality of this reality show family show. Let's take a look at some of the unknown secrets of this home.

1. There is no record for any kind of holy book inside the house

  There is no record for any kind of holy book inside the house


In a country where all religions are worshiped and where people are most afraid of religion, The Big Boss House does not allow its contestants to receive any type of holy book with them. However, given the religious moods of the contestants, House The Grand Chief provides the contestants with books when they are in the mood to read them.

2. Navjot Singh Sidhu's record in Big Boss

  Navjot Singh Sidhu's record in Big Boss

navjotsinghsidhu / Instagram

Twelve seasons have passed and the thirteenth is currently aired. And so far there is only one competitor in Big Boss who has never been nominated by fellow racers known as Big Boss roommates for elimination. And this man is not anyone but the famous and controversial Indian cricketer of all time – Navjot Singh Sidhu.

3. Want to leave the show? Pay INR 50 Lakhs

  You want to quit the Pay INR 50 Lakhs


India is a Democratic Party and even Big Boss can't change that. The Big Boss surely pays a large sum of money for the participants in the show as well as pays while they are on the show, and the cherry on the cake is someone who has to take home the cash prizes also when winning. However, if the contestants ever feel like Big Boss 's house becomes too much to bear, they can surely go out after paying 50 lari in INR!

4. Liquor available in juice packs

  Alcohol available in juice packs


We should have seen footage of athletes smoking in the smoking area. But did you know that the contestants even have alcohol in the house? Yes, you heard it right and the reason we have no idea is because the alcohol is served in juice packs. That's a tricky way to get drunk on a reality show, right?

5. There are cleaning staff to clean the Big Boss house

Shocked to know, right? We believe in all the cleansing we see prisoners do on screen. We also discuss the battles that contestants have about who should be given a household this week. However, the truth is that the contestants do a little cleaning and dusting. The whole house looks thorny and spit, because the cleaning staff who come into the house every day clean it.

6. Who are behind the mirrors?

Operators! From all 13 seasons of Big Boss you will notice that abundant mirrors are used in the decor. And behind each mirror stands a man with a camera ready to capture the roommates' viral movements.

7. Don't discuss the show before you enter

  Don't discuss the show before you enter


If you chose to participate in the Big Boss you would like to tell the world about it. However, the first rule of a reality show is that you should not discuss it with anyone until you enter the house!

The secrets above are so surprising, aren't they? Do you know about any other secret of Big Boss ? Let us know in the comments below. The Big Boss 13: The Darkest Secrets of the Most Viewed Reality Show! Revealed! appeared first on STYLECRAZE .

7 Easy Skincare Tips Kendall Jenner Swears By

7 Easy Skincare Tips Kendall Jenner Swears By

You probably think that the highest paid model in the world (according to Forbes magazine) should be absolutely flawless, right? Wrong. Recently, Kendall Jenner has come forward to talk about his acne control. She mentioned how she had fought acne since she was a teenager and often envied the seemingly flawless skin of her sisters. The 24-year-old model talks about how debilitating her acne is and that after she is 16, she resorts to using birth control pills to control her. However, in 2018, she was forced to stop using birth control right at the height of her career and this made Kendall's skin acne again. The model has continued to support a significant brand of acne solutions and has so far sworn in it. So much so that when her sister Kylie launched her own brand of skin care products, Kendall didn't bother to use any of the products. Guess Kendall really swears by the saying "If it doesn't break, don't fix it." Read on to find out some of her skin care tips and how you can get glowing skin just by sticking to a routine and following these habits.

  Easy Skin Care Tips Kendall Jenner swears by


1. Don't Touch Your Skin

  Don't Touch Your Skin


This is a tip that Kendall learned when seeking help from her older sisters. The Kardashian sisters warned Kendall to keep his hands to himself and leave his skin alone. According to them, oil and dirt from your fingertips can transfer to your skin if you continue to touch or pick it. It is best not to touch your skin directly unless you have just washed your hands.

2. Go Easy on the Towel

  Easy on the Towel


A family dermatologist based in Beverly Hills in Kendall, Christie Kid recommends paying attention to the towel. Always ask your patients to dig up a rough handkerchief for a softer material and just pat your skin dry instead of giving it a scrub. This is because acne-prone skin often becomes inflamed and can get worse if it is washed raw. She recommends giving your sensitive skin the same treatment that you do on your baby.

3. Pay attention to the ingredients of the product

  Observe the ingredients of the product


It is recommended to avoid the use of certain ingredients as benzoyl peroxide as they tend to dry the skin (due to alcohol). As for acne removal, her dermatologist recommends using skin care products that contain salicylic, lactic and glycolic acid, and use a special cleansing pad to wipe them off (not a hand towel).

4. Wash your face at least two to three times a day

  Wash your face at least two to three times a day


Excessive skin wash may leave you dry and hypersensitive. However, if you are a person who is daily exposed to dirt or your work requires a lot of makeup, this is the one for you. Kendall admits she's pretty lazy about her skin care routine, but when her face is affected, she disappears. Kendall's sister, self-confessed, self-confessed, has always given sound advice on skin care.

5. Don't get on the makeup board

  Don't go overboard with makeup


Kendall is known for being the most natural of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, and for good reason. Her acne struggles made her appreciate her natural skin, and she avoids using too much makeup and makes sure she takes it off before bed without fail. Kendall admits that while she's good at fig trees, she spends most of her free time on makeup. When she really needs to get on the makeup, she likes to turn on hip-hop from the 90s, throw a light foundation, a little mascot, and then go out the door. Her older sister Chloe jokes that Kendall is so flawless that putting on makeup for her will just put on a mascara.

6. Drink Tons of Water

  Drink Tons of Water


Although this is not really a secret, it is often overlooked. Although dehydration has a detrimental effect on every part of your body, it primarily affects your skin and does not work very well. The best and fastest way to achieve glowing skin is simply to drink the required amount of water.

7. Don't Choose Acne

  Don't Choose Acne


This can only aggravate your acne problems and make it much worse. The dirt from your fingers can spread over your skin and aggravate skin problems. This can lead to more significant skin problems later on or cause severe skin infections and pain. The best thing to do is to apply topical creams to the navel surface and leave it alone.

What do you think about Kendall's tricks? Do you admire Sister Jenner's bold act of sharing pictures of herself with acne and talking about it? Tell us in the comments section below what you think about the same.

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What Each Zodiac Sign Should Let Go Of In 2020

The month of December is very exciting for everyone, from an 8-year-old child to a 60-year-old grandfather. Everyone knows that in a few weeks a new year will knock on the door. People are starting to wonder what this New Year will bring to their lives. There's a sudden aura of positivity and curiosity that begins to boil in the atmosphere, right? And with the news of the New Year, the question "What's your resolution this New Year?" Is approaching soon. we need to start working to become better and to experience the new year better! And every year, we certainly make a list of things we refer to as "resolutions" for next year. However, not many tend to stay in those words, written or spoken!


So this time, we came up with a list for all of you! Yes, a single list of what each of you should say goodbye to before stepping into the new decade of 2020. If you are wondering how we managed to do this, we kept zodiac signs as our source of information. Therefore, presenting you with a list that tells you what each zodiacal period in 2020 should release. Read on.

1. Aries


Aries are known as one of the most selfish zodiac signs out there. We understand that once someone has hurt you, it is probably the end of your tolerance levels. You never want to contact them again. And it does not end, you leave the pain of pain to ride on your shoulders for the rest of your life. So, this New Year, we think you need to release all the anger and powerlessness. You probably just have to accept the truth and let it go.

2. Taurus


Taurus is a very difficult person to gain confidence in. And we know that maybe the last connection was not good. But you have to throw away the cynicism you feed. Allow yourself to fall in love again and allow yourself to be happy again.

3. Gemini


Twins love to be guilty. You must know that everyone on this earth makes mistakes. You need to stop blaming yourself for all the mistakes you made a long time ago. Errors can be corrected right? So you're up there! Be happy!

4. Cancer


Cancer breaks love to make sure everyone is happy. Look, we understand that you love to keep people happy, but that doesn't mean you are responsible for it. You can't please everyone around. You must first learn to focus on your happiness.

5. Leo


Leo souls love to use social media. And this New Year, we really think you need to learn how to control your dependency on social media. So, leave your phone, please, and stop complaining about how your friends in high school are living a better life than yours.

6. The Virgin


Virgins love to be right always. They want everything perfectly! But we do not think there can be a soul on earth who knows everything. So accept this fact and stop spoiling the fun because you want to be perfect or right ALWAYS!

7. Libra

through GIPHY

Scales are never self-confident. This New Year we think you need to stop doubting yourself. You should not refrain from doing something you love. Stop being self-critic and instead be self-motivator.

8. Scorpio


A scorpion likes to hang on to all the things that are bad and made and devastated. We think you should forget and not be offended. Leave the past behind you and don't turn it around again.

9. Aries


Sagittarius is drowned in fear most of the time. And we think you shouldn't do it. Push those fears this New Year and get out of your comfort zone. Take the opportunity to explore your hidden talents and simply take more chances.

10. Capricorn


The Capricorn likes to set expectations. But you see, there is a difference between this and setting unrealistic expectations. Don't be harsh on yourself or others to get to a certain point in a very short time.

11. Cancer


Aquarius is afraid of losing people in life. But what if they turn out to be toxic people that cause you more harm than good? Peace in life is precious. And if there is a person who comes in peace, it is best to let him go and relax.

12. Pisces


Fish worry a lot! Fish are always overcoming and overly anxious about what will happen in the future. Hey! This New Year, stop doing this. Try to practice living in the moment and do not jump far in thought.

We hope we shed some light on what you have to bid adieu for this New Year. Have you already decided what to release in 2020? Let us know in the comments below.

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