MEET THE PUKKAS: Anna and Matt discuss watching porn at work

MEET THE PUKKAS: Anna and Matt discuss watching porn at work

In this week’s #TrueRomance column, Anna Whitehouse and Matt Farquharson answer a reader’s fears about their partner watching porn at work…

A reader asks… My husband uses porn at work: should I be worried?

He says…

By Matt Farquharson

Depends where he works. If he’s a lonely goatherd logging on to alleviate the long nights watching the flock, or a rigger stationed in the North Sea for weeks at a time, it might be worth cutting him some slack. If he’s a bus conductor, it would be a red flag. But I guess the chances are he’s like 70% of workers in the UK and finds himself sat at a desk every day, wondering where it all went wrong. Given the existential angst that can be caused by being told – as an adult with voting rights – where you have to sit and when you can eat lunch, my feeling tends to be that we can make some minor allowances for the agonies of being human and understand that everyone handles these in their own way. But this is more than that. My guess is he doesn’t just watch it – hardcore grot now so normalised that it’s become casual viewing like a lunchtime catch up on the latest episode of Bake Off – but that he’s putting it to use, the logistics of which are deeply concerning. Either way, he should probably imagine what would happen to him if he were caught. He’d be sacked, but also leave some pretty uncomfortable mental imagery in the mind of whoever busted him. While there’s nothing wrong with self-love, it’s best kept to the confines of the home, and I think it’d be fair to point this out to your slick-wristed partner in the strongest possible terms.

Meet the Pukkas

She says…

By Anna Whitehouse

When recently asked by a friend about my feelings towards porn, my answer was somewhat wearied. It’s acceptance more than anything. I equate it to a dull thudding in the background; a headboard gently hitting a wall in sexual rhythm. It doesn’t really interfere with watching Netflix or eating dinner, although I’d probably prefer it to not exist. And like any repetitive noise it can start to grate. Especially if it enters the real world, where cucumbers are better used for sandwiches and no one offers the plumber more than a cup of tea. But ultimately it’s treading a thin line when taking your handiwork to the office. As Tinder becomes a catalogue of potential dating errors, the easy access to YouPorn makes X-rated viewing standard. It normalises it. In the sanctuary of an office toilet, maybe it can seem like a relative safe space of voyeurism: a sealed capsule of erotica, regardless of whether the HR director is sitting on a porcelain chalice next door. It’s ‘just porn’. That’s until you get issued with your P45 form and the whole office knows you like watching MILFs rifling around in a carpenter’s tool box. Tell him to sling the workplace grot or else he can sling his hook.

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Starting Her Own Business At 89, Latika Chakravorty Is Proof That There Is No Expiry Date For Realizing Your Dreams

Starting Her Own Business At 89, Latika Chakravorty Is Proof That There Is No Expiry Date For Realizing Your Dreams

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine an 89-year-old woman. How she is looking? Slow? Weak? Forget it?

Well, even though it is a stereotype that is embedded in the elderly, there is always one person who is known to violate the whole stereotype and rise above the rest. This guy who thinks outside the box and takes opportunities to a whole new level. The one who refuses to be denied life. Along these lines, we present to you the story of Latika Chakravorty, a sweet grandmother who continued to destroy the frail image of old people.

Latika, who is 89 years old, is a native of Assam and has lived throughout the life of the nation because of the nature of her husband's work. While crossing different cities, Latika was interested in collecting special fabrics. Over time, she collected some wonderful fabrics and saris from across the country.

Living in the midst of a world that believes in discarding anything that looks old or outdated, Latika decides to reuse the old fabrics she would like collected. She started by sewing clothes for her children and later dolls. Over time, she has focused on using potli potli fabric bags exclusively for her friends and family. When she started all this, she realized little that she would eventually become her own business.

Today, Latika runs an e-commerce company that sells bags potli personally designed by it. And she receives orders for her potli bags from around the world.

Reuse Heart

  Reuse Heart

Latikasbagi / Instagram

From a younger age, Latika used to collect older things in order to release them again for use. What is now called "recycling" was second nature to it. In her younger days, Latika practiced a lot of sewing, sewing and knitting. And like several others who were born around the same time as her, she was very economical. A mother of three, Latika took up the art of making dolls when her children grew up. Recently, when her daughter-in-law asked her for a bag potli to go with her costume, Latika realized her talent in making bags.

For women of her generation, knowing how to sew, sew, and knit are essential life skills. What made her split was that she continued to make a career out of it. Latika Bags come to life the family. Soon Latika started making these bags for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. What started out as just a gift to people took a different turn when she went to Germany.

Her grandson, Joy, saw her work and came up with the idea of ​​giving her an online presence. Realizing the idea further, he runs a website. Soon, her other grandchildren joined to spread the word further on social media. With immense support from her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, Latika never feels lack of energy or encouragement.

The story behind every fabric

  The story behind every fabric

latikasbags / Instagram

When people look at older clothes, they think of it as a worn piece. However, Latika sees the glory and life he held at one time – a wedding dress or a festival gift. The bags she creates from them, in the end, reflect the memories that the fabric holds. This is all the more so because Latika believes that turning a dress into a bag is almost as good as reincarnating a dress.

Although it turns any old sari into a bag potli there are some sari that it never turns into

bags. It's not so much about the beauty of sari as it is about the memories they carry.

This is for the heart

  This is for the heart and never make money or as a business prospect. With every piece of fabric, Latika sees a wide range of options. There are no deadlines to bind it. She creates the image of the end product in her mind and then supplies the accessories accordingly to breathe her mental image. </p>
<h2>  And, her best companion? </h2>
<div id=  And, her best companion

laticas bags / Instagram

Her 64-year-old sewing machine is her favorite companion. Gifted by her husband in her prime, the machine is a constant reminder of his love and affection for her. Today, 38 years after his passing, Latika still reminds him of his favorite machine.

Despite his age, Latika goes to bed every morning at 5am and spends about three hours sewing and sometimes writing. At the end of the day, it's about what she likes to do.

Now is this not true of all of us? If everyone concentrates on following the call of their heart and stop worrying about what the world is saying, how beautiful would that be? Instead, we are too busy living with our ego, jealousy, misery, and other negative emotions. It doesn't matter how old you are If you want to start living your life to the full, it is never too late to start over. And the Latica is a living covenant of this. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Quirky Couples Halloween Costume Ideas That You Will Love

Quirky Couples Halloween Costume Ideas That You Will Love

You and your partner make the coolest, funniest and most photogenic couple. And Instagram likes in all your couple posts prove just that. But as Halloween season approaches, it becomes a daunting task for the two of you to narrow down on any costume that will help you stand out as a couple, right? being creative, then just sit first and find out what Halloween 2019 is all about – modern, classic, sweet, full, fancy or … well, the list can go on and on. If you are both proud of "no generic costumes bought from the store" and love to do DIY, the list below is for you. Here's a list of creative, fun and quirky costumes that will make you and your boo stand out. Now don't let us talk your ear out, come on, just scroll through!

  • Beer Pong Table
  Beer Pong Table

goldkoepfchen_ / Instagram

This Halloween, stop thinking which game to play. Instead, raise the standards of your costume by dressing as if you were a game. And don't choose a game. Choose the one that millennials and every other generation are in for a beer pong game!

This suit is so easy to make too. Just pick a few paper cups and stick them on your shirt like a pyramid and add the other details. Oh wait, how about holding a beer and drinking it too?

  • Zombie Couple in Mexico
  Zombie Couple in Mexico

Zombie Couple ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


This year the ditch is dressed up as a skeleton or a pair of zombies. And if you still want to dress this way, then what about adding one of the many cultures that exist around the world? This one has a Mexican touch to it.

It's such a dramatic costume, and absolutely out of the ordinary, too!

  • Chick magnet
  Chick magnet

megandcatie / Instagram [19659007] The world of memes only grows every day, right? But memes that revolve around "chick chick" can never get old. How about using this as your Halloween costume inspiration? You could dress like a yellow babe wearing a yellow top and skirt. Add orange knee-length socks and maybe a hair clip that has yellow feathers.

Have your partner wear something in black and hold a magnet made of cardboard. Glue a few yellow feathers on the magnet and your pair will seem to be the most criminal, trust us!

  • Jasmine and Aladin
  Jasmine and Aladin

mrs.roshnigarcia / Instagram

In this 2019, many Disney movies are coming to life again, aren't they? And, Aladdin is among the leaders in this list. So, dress up with your Aldin and Jasmine and tune in the magic carpet to add that quirky touch to your costume.

  • Quesadilla Love
  Quesadilla Love

diasdevient0 / Instagram [19659007] If you and your partner share a common love for food, then why not consider dressing as such? For example, look at the above couple showing their cheesy love for Quesadilla.

  • Panda and Bamboo
  Panda and Bamboo

Alicia / Instagram

/ 1945 [Купани Фунда] The movie was released, the panda craze among people went to another level ? So, this Halloween, why don't you dress like a panda and make your partner dress like bamboo? Spread the panda, love the people!

  • Neon Aerobics Instructors
  Neon Aerobics Instructors

noexcusefitmom / Instagram

If you watched the aerobics instructors' costumes in the 80's, they wore bright colored tights and turn those colors into neon shades. You can find and shop many neon clothes from online stores. Work on them and make a neon suit with a touch of the 80's.

  • DeeDee And Dexter

If the popular cartoon Dexter's Laboratory was your favorite as you grow up, then go crazy in purple gloves and a lab coat. And for your girl, choose a pink skate dress and an orange wig. Be a weird combo just like them.

  • Fifty shades of gray
  Fifty shades of gray

falllfashion / Instagram

Pen intended (FYI)! If you have enough unused switches lying around at home, then consider making them elite gray clothing. You can take the title of this movie literally as the inspiration for your Halloween costume this year.

Let your Halloween costumes turn heads this year. Wear your creative hat with your SO and start looking for ideas that have never popped into your head before. These were our nine best photos to view this year. We strongly recommend that you make Halloween costumes your own way – Do it yourself! Even the simplest do-it-yourself costume will make your partner stand out, and you stand out from the rest. Do you have any suggestions for ringing in your head? Leave them in the comments below.

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अमरूद के पत्ते के फायदे और नुकसान – Guava Leaves Benefits and Side Effects in Hindi

अमरूद के पत्ते के फायदे और नुकसान – Guava Leaves Benefits and Side Effects in Hindi

You must have heard a lot about the health benefits of guava fruits, but do you know about the healing properties of its leaves. Yes, by no means underestimate the guava leaves. Many health problems can be pinched through its use. In this Stylecrase article, we will give you information on the benefits, uses and other important things of guava leaves. If you also want to know about the benefits of guava leaves, then definitely read the article. After reading this, you will not be able to stop using the guava leaf.

Let's first talk about the benefits of guava leaves. The Benefits Of Guava Leaves – The Benefits Of Guava Leaves In Hindi

The Guava Leaves Are Rich In Medicinal Properties. They are used to combat many diseases and to treat health problems. Guava leaves are an herbal remedy that brings you health benefits without harming the body. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also, the chemicals present in these leaves, such as polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and tannins, can be extremely effective in treating various diseases (1) . Below we will talk about the health benefits of guava leaves and the benefits of skin and hair.

First, let's talk about the health benefits of guava leaves. Health / Health Benefits of Guava Leaves – Health Benefits of Hindi Guava Leaves

1. Useful For Weight Loss

   Useful For Weight Loss


Guava leaves contain many bioactive compounds that inhibit the absorption of carbohydrates in your body. This reduces the amount of sugar and calories in the body, which helps to reduce weight (2) (3) .

2. Diabetes

The phenolic compound present in guava leaves helps to control blood sugar levels. Lipid reduction is also accounted for by the consumption of guava leaves. Protein glycation can also be reduced by its intake, i.e. the level of sugar present in the body can be controlled. Guava leaves can be said to have antidiabetic properties (1) .

3. Cholesterol

Consumption of guava leaves reduces plasma cholesterol levels. The elements present in it also help reduce the high amount of hyperglycemia, which helps prevent cholesterol. In addition, the oxidative stress caused by hypercholesterolemia can also be reduced. In addition, guava leaves also have hypolipidemic properties that reduce the amount of lipids (a type of fat) in the body (1) .

4. Dengue fever

   Dengue fever


Guava leaves are also considered beneficial for dengue. They help to increase platelets and prevent you from bleeding. In fact, a decoction of guava leaves contains quercetin, which inhibits mRNA enzyme formation during the virus. In such a situation, the consumption of guava leaves may be considered useful in dengue fever (4) .

5. Diarrhea

Properties for the treatment of diarrhea are also found in guava leaves. According to a study, guava leaf extract may be useful in diarrhea. It can eliminate the diarrhea problem caused by E. coli and control other problems caused by E. coli. The reason is considered to be in its anthelmintic properties, which help to increase hemoglobin by eliminating all stomach problems (3) .

6. Sperm count

The number of sperm can also be improved by using guava leaves. Guava leaves are also considered to be capable of increasing fertility. A study found that the antioxidant properties present in guava leaves have a beneficial effect on sperm toxicity, which can help improve male fertility (5) (2) .

7. Wounds and Infections

Due to the healing properties present in guava leaves, they can also help to heal the wound. In fact, the antimicrobial properties present in it help fight bacteria associated with wounds and skin infections. This leads to rapid wound healing (3) .

8. Digestion

Guava leaves are also considered good for the digestive system. The antibacterial and antimicrobial action present in it helps protect you from germs and other bacteria. Guava leaves make such gastric enzymes that aid in digestion and improve nutrients in the body. Guava leaves also help reduce stomach ulcers. In fact, the flavonoids present in the guava leaves protect gastric ulcers from increased gastric pH (2) (3) .

9. Bronchitis



Guava leaves can also be used for bronchitis. In fact, there is burning and swelling in the trachea during bronchitis. In such a situation, the anti-inflammatory properties present in the guava leaves prevent you from diseases caused by asthma, cough and fungus, as well as bronchitis (5) . By drinking tea from guava leaves, you do not cough again and again, which can relieve bronchitis (2)

10. For toothache, sore throat and gums

The analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties present in guava leaves can also help cure toothache. There may also be relief in swelling of the throat and jaw (6) .

11. Cancer

The leaves of Guava also have anticancer properties. If you drink a decoction of 100 grams of guava leaves on a regular basis, stomach and lung cancer can be avoided. In addition, guava leaf may protect DNA and other cells from damage in cancer patients (7) (3) .

12. Allergies



Guava leaves have anti-allergic properties. This property helps to reduce allergies in the body. According to a study, the anti-allergic properties in it prevent the formation of cytokines (a type of protein) (3) .

Now let's look at the benefits of guava leaves related to skin and hair. Let's shed some light. Benefits of Guava Leaf for Skin and Hair – Benefits for Skin and Hair of Guava Leaves in Hindi

1. Treatment of acne and dark spots

Acne and black spots on the skin often bother people. You can also use guava leaves to get rid of them. Contains Vitamin-C, which removes stains on your face, ie. hyperpigmentation (8) (9) . Also, its anti-inflammatory properties cure your acne (10) .

How to use:
  • Grind 10-12 sheets of guava with a few drops of water in a blender. Take it.
  • Now apply this paste on your face.
  • Wash it after the paste has dried.
  • You can repeat this process every day.

2. Itching

Itching starts on the skin when an infection occurs (11) . At the same time, we have already mentioned in the above article that guava leaves have anti-infectious effects (12) they prevent the onset of infection. In this situation, you may get relief from itchy skin.

How to use:
  • Grind the leaves of the kettle with water as needed.
  • Apply it to affected areas after itching.
  • You can repeat this process until the itching is cured.

3. Anti Aging

  Anti Aging


Guava leaves are used as a skin tonic. Helps relieve skin irritations (13) . It contains a large amount of antioxidants (14) . They protect your skin from free radicals that cause premature wrinkles on your skin (15) . It also contains Vitamin-C, which acts as an anti-aging skin (16) .

How to use:
  • First of all, a jar to prepare your paste. Add a handful of guava leaves and water.
  • Now grind it by placing it in a blender.
  • You can apply this paste on your face every day.
  • You can also use it as a facial toner. You can also use guava leaves.
  • After it has cooled, apply cotton to the face.

4. Blackheads

You can also use guava leaves to remove black spots on the face. Guava leaves can be ground roughly, rubbed with paste.

How to use:
  • Add a sheet of guava and some water to a blender and grind it.
  • Grind it so that it stands firm.
  • You can now rub it in the morning and evening face.


It is believed that guava leaves can be effective in hair fall. Many people use his decoction to grow hair. Also used in some products (17) .

How to use:
  • You prepare the decoction by boiling guava leaves in water.
  • You can massage your hair after filtering it.
  • In addition, you can also wash your hair with a decoction.

After the benefits of guava leaves, you now know about the nutrients in it. Guava Nutrient Ingredients – Nutritional Value of Hindi Guava Leaves

You have learned the benefits of guava leaves. Let us now also consider the nutrients and their quantity in the guava leaf (8) .

Nutrients Quantity per 100 grams
Carbohydrates 7 mg
Starch 6.3 mg
Protein 16.8 mg
Amino acids [19659087] 8 mg
Vitamin C 103.0 mg
Vitamin B 14.80 mg
Calcium 1660.0 mg
Iron 13.50 mg
Magnesium 440 mg
Phosphorus 360 mg
Potassium 16 mg

Nutrients from Guava leaves Then let's talk about how to use a guava leaf.

Guava Leaf – How to Use Hindi Guava Leaf

You can use Guava Leaf for skin and health. You already know the benefits of the guava leaves above. Now let's talk about how to use guava leaves for these benefits.

  • You can make and drink guava leaves.
  • Guava can be used to make tea. [19659050] You can apply guava leaves on the skin by making a paste.
  • You can use guava leaf oil by doing this.
  • Guava leaves are cooled after cooking and used as a face tonic. I can
  • You can use it at any time.

Now that you know the benefits and uses of guava leaves, now let's talk about the disadvantages of guava leaves. Disadvantages of Guava Leaves – Side Effects of Hindi Guava Leaves

Guava leaves have very little harm because of their rich healing properties. Just keep in mind that you do not consume it in excessive amounts because overdose is bad for everyone.

  • Guava leaves have a hypoglycemic effect, which helps to reduce high blood pressure. (18) . In such a situation, your high blood pressure can lower your blood pressure excessively and make you feel weak.
  • It is not clear whether pregnant women can consume it or not, so pregnant women should consult a doctor before taking it. It has to be taken.

You've already read the benefits of guava leaves. Now if its leaves are said to have more quality than guava, then you will not go wrong. You can incorporate guava leaves into your daily routine without any hesitation, because nutrient-rich guava leaves have minimal damage. You can get the health benefits of guava leaves by using the methods given in the article and tell us which quality of guava leaves you like best. If you have any questions regarding the guava leaf, you can join us via the comment box below.

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चेहरे के काले धब्बे हटाने वाली 11 सबसे अच्छी क्रीम – Creams For Dark Spots in hindi

चेहरे के काले धब्बे हटाने वाली 11 सबसे अच्छी क्रीम  – Creams For Dark Spots in hindi

A beautiful face can attract anyone, but a small bud is enough to fade this beauty. Especially when the buds leave dark spots behind them, the face loses its full luster. Many times people ignore these spots, thinking that over time they will heal, but that does not happen. Later, when it is noticed, it is already late and it becomes a challenge to remove these spots. In this situation, you can resort to face cleansing cream, but many people have a dilemma when choosing the right cream. Therefore, in this StyleCrease article we are talking about creams to remove black spots on the face that can help reduce your dark spots. Name Of Cream For Removing Black Spots On Face – Dark Spots Names Of Cream In Hindi

1. Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

  Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

Mamaearth Bye By Blemishes Face Cream is a good remedy for dark spots. The extracts of mulberries and the vitamins in it help to increase the tone of the skin, giving you glowing skin. This cream can also help reduce the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin. This cream nourishes the skin deeply.


  • Reduces pigmentation and dark spots.
  • Prevents sun damage.
  • Causes skin tightness.
  • A convenient and hygienic pump is provided in the bottle.
  • Contains no parabens, sulfates and other harmful chemicals.
  • is for all skin types.


  • Expensive. ]

Rating: 5/5

Buy from here

2. The Body Shop Drops Lightening Day Cream

  The Body Shop Drops Lightening Day Cream

This cream can not only help reduce blemishes. It can also hydrate the skin. Shortly after using it, you will see its effect on your face. Your face will feel swollen, firm and supple.


  • Charming scent.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Adds shine to the skin.
  • Without pimples. .
  • Easily and quickly absorbed into the skin.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • No harmful chemical of any kind.
  • is for all skin types.


  • It's expensive.
  • There is a bath tub.

Reti C: 4.5 / 5

bought by

3. Biotique Bio Coqueut Whitening & Brightening Cream

  Biotique Bio Coqueut Whitening & Brightening Cream

This cream contains coconut, manjistha, almond oil and dandelion, which are black spots. It can help reduce blemishes. Regular use of it can give you shiny and smooth skin. You will notice a difference in your skin and your skin will feel soft and soft.


  • It's natural.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Charming scent.


  • It's a little sticky.
  • The packaging says it is for all skin types, but it is better not to use oily skin.

Rating: 4/5

Buy Here [19659049] 4. Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Themes Spot Corrector

<img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-566478" src = "https : // "alt =" Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Corrector Dark Spot Corrector (19659005] Products Neutrogena has hit the market in a very short time Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Dark Spot Corrector is an effective cream if you are talking about spot cream on the face.It is considered one of the top Neutrogena products.This cream claims that its effect can be seen in a week.Contains Vitamin C and retinol, which can help to remove dark spots.


  • Contains no paraben
  • Contains hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid, skin moisturizer)
  • Gentle on skin.
  • May act


  • Some may find its smell intense.
  • is expensive.

Rating: 4.5 / 5


5. Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream

 Richfeel Anti-Blemish Cream

This cream can help reduce pimples, acne scars, dark circles under the eyes and pigmentation. In addition, this cream claims to cleanse the skin, brighten the skin, tone the skin and prevent blemishes.


  • Contains no paraben.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
  • It has natural properties.
  • is cheap.


  • This can take time.

Rating: 4,5 / 5

from here Buy

6. Garnier Light Complete Yogurt Night Nream Cream

 Garnier Light Complete Yogurt Night Nream Cream

Your skin needs care not only during the day but also at night. In such a situation, Garnier Light yogurt cream may be a good option. If you are talking about Garnier, then it is an old brand and has been very popular on the market for several years. This Garnier cream works by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells to moisturize and provide moisture. Contains yogurt extracts and lemon essence. It is also rich in Vitamin-C, so it can reduce dark spots and flaws.


  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Moisturizes the skin.
  • Available.
  • It is rapidly absorbed.
  • Adds leather.
  • Makes the skin soft and soft.
  • Not sticky.
  • 19659008] It's better for people with dry skin. Defective:

    • It may take some time to search.

    Rating:. 4.5 / 5

    Buy here

    7. Bio Winter Green Spot Acne Correction Cream

     Organic Winter Green Spot Acne Correction Cream

    A list of biotics in our list of black face removal creams and the cream is included. Organic winter green spot acne corrective cream that can help reduce nail and acne scars. The best part about it is that it does not make the skin dry. He claims to reduce pimples and prevent acne and skin pores.


    • 100 percent botanical extracts
    • are not preservatives.
    • No harmful chemicals
    • May help reduce the size of buds.
    • When buds are reduced, they can also help reduce its redness.
    • For oily and pimple skin Suitable.

    Demer: [19659007] May cause irritation.

  • There is a tub pack.

Rating: 4/5

Buy from here

8. L & # 39; Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream

 L & # 39; Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream

This Night Cream works to reduce dark spots on the skin and inhibit the production of melanin. right. It will give your skin a pink glow. Contains Vitamin-E, which helps fight harmful free radicals and keeps your skin perfect.


  • Lightweight.
  • Suitable for all skin types. [19659008] has a wonderful aroma.


  • Contains paraben.

Rating: 4/5

Buy from here

9. Pond's White Beauty Anti-Spot Beauty Day Cream

 Pond's White Beauty Anti-Spot Fairness Day Cream

The pond is one of the cosmetic products used for For many years, Pools have marketed many creams, face washes and powders, and have now removed the Ponds White Beauty Anti-Spot Fairness Day Cream. This product claims to be a spot lightening cream that can help wipe off particularly stubborn black spots and make your skin shine. It can help moisturize the skin and protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.


  • Includes SPF 15.
  • Available
  • Pleasant aroma
  • Not sticky. [19659044] Demerit:

    Contains paraben.

    Rating: 4/5

    Buy from here

    10. Olay White Radiance Advanced Brightening Intensive Cream

     Olay White Radiance Advanced Brightening Intensive Cream

    This cream claims to act on your skin in three ways. It works by removing blemishes on the skin and removing them, protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays and giving the face a shine. It can also help to soften and improve your skin's appearance.


    • Contains SPF 24.
    • Strengthens skin.
    • Has hydrating properties.
    • is a cure.
    • is not sticky.
    • Bhini-Bhini smells wonderful.
    • Nourishes the skin and makes it soft and healthy.
    • Moisturizes the skin.


    • Contains paraben.
    • Harmful Also chemical.

    Rating: 4/5

    Buy from here

    11. L & # 39; Oreal Youth Code Daily Moisturizer For Correcting Dark Spots (19659146] Daily Moisturizer For Correcting Dark Spots L & # 39; Oreal) ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

    This Day Cream Reduces Dark Spots, Harming The Sun Can Help Protect from the rays and reduce stains on the nails. It helps to keep your skin clear and radiant. It has a skin moisturizing formula that brightens the skin and improves skin tone.


    • Includes SPF 30.
    • Tested by a dermatologist. [19659008] is gentle.


    • Contains harmful chemical.
    • is expensive.
    • is sticky.
    • Oily skin may be more viscous to skin people.

    Rating: 3.5 / 5

    Buy from here

    Have black spots on your face The effect of anne repellent and fast when it can be used properly. So, below we show the right way to apply it.

    Tips for Using Creams to Remove Black Spots on the Face – Tips for Using Creams from Dark Spots on Hindi

    Before Applying Cream to Remove Black Spots on Your Face Keep these things in mind:

    • First, While buying cream, read about its ingredients in the package. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, do not choose the cream.
    • You must perform a patch test before applying the cream.
    • Wash your face well before applying a cream that removes dark spots. So your face is clear.
    • Then wipe the face with a soft cloth and apply the cream.
    • Use the cream in the morning and evening or evening.
    • If it is a night cream, apply it in the evening before bedtime. .

    Note: Use patiently creams to remove black spots on the face because nothing can affect immediately. In addition, if your spots do not get lighter with the frequent use of these creams, it is better to consult a dermatologist once.

    These were face creams that are quite discussed and effective. Hopefully, now that you go to buy face cream to remove dark spots, you won't feel the big dilemma of choosing them. Use which of these creams is right for your skin, share your experience with us in the comment box. In addition, if you know of a cream for removing black spots on the face, you can share your experience with us.

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स्किन टाइट करने के आसान घरेलू उपाय – Home Remedies For Skin Tightening in Hindi

स्किन टाइट करने के आसान घरेलू उपाय – Home Remedies For Skin Tightening in Hindi

Today, everyone wants to look young and beautiful, but it is not easy to avoid the effects of increasing age. With age, the effects of aging on the face such as wrinkles and skin loosening become apparent. Such symptoms can start to appear after the age of 30, which is a problem, especially for those who want to look younger for a longer period of time. In this Stylecrase article, we will find solutions to this problem. We will provide detailed information on skin tightening and home skin tighteners that can help reduce the effects of increasing age. Previously, we know about the various causes of skin relaxation.

Causes of sagging skin – What causes skin sagging

There may be many causes of sagging skin, for which some of the points here are provided by ( 1 ).

  • Aging.
  • Weakness of skin tissue tissues.
  • Exposure to cigarette smoke and other polluted air Long stay in India.

Article In part we are talking about home remedies for skin tightening.

Home Skin Tightening Tools – Home Skin Tightening Hindi

Any Skin Problems Natural oils should be used so that we know first which oils can be useful for skin tightening –

Skin tightening oil – Skin tightening oil [19659011] 1. Coconut oil

  Homemade skin tightening agents (5)


Coconut oil can works in many ways to benefit the skin. One is to tighten loose skin. Vitamin-E present in it regenerates skin cells and also works to remove stretch marks on the body, whose beneficial effects can also be seen when tightening the skin ( 2 ).

How to use:
  • Massage the body thoroughly with coconut oil.
  • Two to three times a week this remedy can be done 1 hour before bathing.

2. Mustard oil

Mustard oil can be a good skin protection agent. Mustard oil is rich in Vitamin-E. Vitamin-E, as mentioned above, acts to relieve stretch marks, which can help tighten the skin ( 2 ) ( 3 ). Know below how to use mustard oil.

How to use:
  • Heat the mustard oil slightly.
  • Massage the oil thoroughly before applying it to the entire body before bathing.
  • Then bathe in about half an hour.

3. Rosemary Oil

  Homemade Skin Tightening Agents (2


Rosemary oil may be helpful in reducing the effect of increasing age. The antioxidant properties present in it delay the effect of increasing the age of The skin is useful to make ( 4 ). Therefore, it can be used as a home remedy for skin. However, more research is needed.

How to use:
  • and grind the cucumber.
  • Then mix it with butter and mix it well.
  • Then apply it on the affected skin and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then wash it with water.

4. Almond oil

Vitamin-C is useful for tightening the skin and almond oil is rich in Vitamin C ( 5 ) ( 6 ). Almond oil can be used to maintain skin tightness.

How to use L :.
  • massage and body 30 minutes before almond oil bath

5. Avocado oil

Avocado oil can play an important role in tightening the skin. Removes stretch marks and works to retain moisture in the skin. In addition, it is rich in Vitamin-E, potassium and healthy fats. These nutrients are easily absorbed into the skin and deeply moisturize the skin. It also works to improve the function of skin cells ( 7 ).

How to use:
  • Massage the skin with avocado oil for 15 minutes.
  • Massage Leave a few hours later.
  • Then wash with water.

6. Argan oil

Loose skin can be treated using argon oil. Argan oil has anti-aging properties that can be helpful in improving skin elasticity. This can improve skin loosening ( 8 ).

How to use:
  • Massage the skin by mixing argon oil in a body lotion.
  • Then leave it on all day.

7. Fish Oil

  Home Hindi Skin Tightening Agent


Skin requires collagen (a group of different proteins). With aging, the amount in the body begins to decrease, which is why anti-aging can occur. In this case, vitamin E-rich foods help balance the levels of collagen. Vitamin-E is found in fish oil. Therefore, it can be said that its use can act as a skin tightener ( 9 ).

How to use:
  • Apply fish oil to the affected skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Massage for.
  • Leave it on overnight or wash it after a few hours.

8. Olive oil

Olive oil can also be included in home skin tighteners. Olive oil is a good source of anti-aging and vitamin-E. Which can work to tighten the skin ( 10 ).

How to use:
  • After bathing, wipe the body with a cloth.
  • Then massage the skin by applying olive oil. Please do.

9. Needle Oil

  Home Remedies


Now, when it comes to home remedies for relaxing the skin, it is important to mention the needle oil. In fact, primrose oil contains linoleic acid, which can improve skin elasticity (skin elasticity) and make skin tight ( 11 ).

How to use:
  • Apply primrose oil to the skin.
  • Then massage for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Leave it alone overnight.
  • Take a shower the next morning.

10. Vitamin-E Oil

Vitamin-E is an antioxidant that works in the skin in many ways. It plays an important role in improving the skin. Vitamin-E can help control the levels of collagen that are associated with aging. Therefore, it can be believed that Vitamin E oil can help tighten the skin ( 9 ).

How to use:
  • Remove Vitamin E Oil from Capsules Apply to the skin.
  • Massage the body with this oil for a few minutes.
  • Allow the oil to stay overnight so that the oil absorbs well into the skin.

Next Part Of This Article You Provide Information On Some Skin Tightening Masks

Skin Tightening Masks – Hindi Skin Tightening Masks

for face may also be used for tightening the skin of the face, which are as follows:

1. Egg White Mask

  Home Skin Tightening Hindi


So the egg white mask may be an effective option. The white part of the egg can act to remove wrinkles from the skin, thus maintaining skin tightness ( 12 ). Know below how to use Egg white mask –

How to use:
  • Prepare a face mask by mixing one egg white and two tablespoons of honey.
  • Apply this mask on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes Give.
  • Then wash with water.

2. Banana Mask

Ripe bananas are rich in many nutrients, the major ones being Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E ( 13 ). They may act to delay the effects of increasing age. Therefore, bananas can be used to tighten the skin ( 9 ).

How to use:
  • Banana slurry and apply on the skin.
  • Then 15 minutes Leave for.
  • Then wash with water.

3. Use of clay

  Home remedies for Hindi skin tightening


The soil has been used on the skin for years. It contains a good amount of mineral. Mud can act to regenerate the skin, which can also have a positive effect on skin tightening ( 14 ). Find out below how to make a skin tightening mask.

How to use:
  • Mix the milk powder as required into two teaspoons of clay powder.
  • Then make the paste by adding water as needed. Apply on face and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash the skin with water.

Let's know about a few more skin tightening tips. A few more skin tightening tips – Other Hindi skin tightening tips

1. Coffee powder

Antioxidants can work to reduce the effect of increasing age. Coffee has antioxidant properties. Therefore, it can be assumed that loose skin can be tightened by the use of coffee ( 15 ).

How to use:
  • One quarter cup coffee powder, one quarter cup brown Add sugar and two teaspoons of coconut oil and make a paste.
  • Grind the face with the mixture.
  • Now let the mixture remain on the face for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then, wash your face with water.

2. Aloe Vera Gel

  Home Remedies


Aloe Vera contains various phytochemicals that provide skin protection. Its application to the skin improves and reduces the effect of aging ( 16 ).

How to use:
  • Remove the gel by cutting off the aloe vera leaves. [19659005] Then apply the gel on the affected skin and allow to dry for 15 to 20. Then wash it with water.
  • This agent can be taken two to three times a week.

3. Alum

The use of a skin tightener may be useful as the antiperspirant contained therein may act to tighten the skin. Antiperspirants are mostly found in aluminum, zinc or manganese and alum are a good source of aluminum ( 17 ).

How to use:
  • Dip a piece of alum in water and gently on the skin. Gently rub.
  • Then leave for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then wash the skin with water.

4. Tomatoes

  Home Hindi Skin Tightening Tools


Tomatoes can be used for skin tightening. Tomato is rich in Vitamin C, which works for the skin. One also includes skin tightening ( 18 ).

How to use:
  • Grind the tomatoes and remove the juice.
  • Now Use Tomato Juice to Add Tomato Juice Apply it to the skin.
  • Leave on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Then wash it with water.

5. Lemon juice

As we told you above, Vitamin-C works to tighten the skin ( 19 ). Therefore, lemon juice can be used for skin cheese as it is rich in Vitamin-C ( 20 ).

How to use:
  • Lemon squeeze Take out its juice.
  • Then apply it on the face with the help of cotton.
  • Leave it on for about 10 minutes.
  • Then, wash your face with water.

6. Witch hazel

The witch hazel has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its most visible effect on the skin. Antioxidants have proven to be helpful in reducing the effect of increasing age. Therefore, one can see its role in skin tightening ( 21 ).

How to use:
  • Apply a wax liquid to the face using cotton. [19659005] Allow to dry and do not wash.
  • You can also apply it to other parts of the body.

7. Multani Mitti

You can benefit from using Multani Mitti on the skin. It can help with a natural moisturizer for the skin, wiping pimples and treating sunburn, as well as cleansing the skin. This can help to improve the skin. It can also help tighten the skin by reducing the effect of aging ( 22 ). Studies are still needed at this time.

How to use:
  • Make a paste by adding multani mitti, rose water and honey as needed.
  • Apply the paste on the skin.
  • Then 15 to 20 Leave for minutes.
  • Later, wash the skin with water.

8. Papaya

Papaya can be used to reduce the effect of increasing age. It is rich in Vitamin-C and works to reduce the effects of aging on Vitamin-C. You can use papaya for skin ticking ( 19 ) ( 23 ).

How to use:
  • Grind a quarter cup of sliced ​​papaya. .
  • Then add some rice flour to it and mix well.
  • Apply this mixture on the skin and leave it on for 15 minutes.
  • Then wash with water.

9, Yogurt

Yogurt can be used to tighten the skin, since yogurt is a good source of Vitamin C ( 24 ). It also protects the skin as well as tightens the skin ( 19 ).

How to use:
  • Mix a few drops of lemon juice in two teaspoons of yogurt. [Thenmassagetheskinover10minutes
  • Wash with water after about 5-10 minutes of massage.

10. Coconut milk

It is believed that coconut milk can be used to tighten the skin. इसमें विटामिन-सी पाया जाता है, जो त्वचा में कसाव का काम कर सकता है ( 25 ) ( 19 ). [19659162] कैसे करें इस्तेमाल: [19659163] कोकोनट मिल्क को रूई की मदद से त्वचा पर लगाएं.

  • 15 से 20 मिनट के लिए इसे ऐसे ही छोड़ दें.
  • फिर इसे पानी से धो लें. [19659166] आगे जानिए कि स्किन को टाइट करने के लिए कौन से आहार का सेवन किया जा सकता है।

    स्किन टाइट के लिए आहार – Diet For Skin Tightening in Hindi

    अगर आप अब भी सोच रहे हैं कि चेहर े क स्किन को टाइट कैसे करें, तो इसके लिए कुछ आहार फायदेमंद हो सकते हैं. चलिए जानते हैं कि किस तरह के आहार आपके लिए लाभदायक हो सकते हैं.

    • ग्रीन टी ग्रीन टी के रोजाना सेवन से आपकी ढीली त्वचा में कसाव आ सकता है. इ क स न न ै केरर।रररर।र।।।।र।।।र।।।।र।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।।। त्वचा के लिए लाभदायक माना जाता है। व ट औ औ औ औ औ अ। औऔ औऔ ।औ औऔ औऔ औम औऔ औऔ औऔ औऔ प्रोटीन से भरपूर होते हैं, जो मांसपेशियों के साथ त्वचा को भी मजबूत करने का काम करते हैं, जिसका सकारात्मक असर त्वचा के कसाव पर दिख सकता है ( 27 ). [19659172] हरी [19659170] सब्जी [19659171] – हरी सब्जियों में विटामिन और मिनरल भरपूर मात्रा में होते हैं, जो त्वचा को फायदा पंहुचा सकते हैं। इनें पाए जाने 90ाले विटामिन-सी, ई और ए एजिंग को को को कर कर त्वचा के कसाव में करें ] आइए अब त्वचा को टाइट करने के लिए कुछ एक्सरसाइज के बारे में जानते हैं.

      स्किन टाइट के लिए एक्सरसाइज – Exercises For Skin Tightening in Hindi

      स्किन टाइटनिंग के लिए उपाय में एक्सरसाइज को भी शामिल किया जा सकता है। एक्सरसाइज आपकी स्किन को टाइट करने के साथ-साथ कई अन्य फायदे भी पहुंचा सकती है ( 29 ). [19659189] पुशअप [19659164] बाइसेप्स और ट्राईसेप्स बिल्डिंग एक्सरसाइज [19659166] इस लेख के आगे भाग में स्किन को टइइ भकककककककककककककककककभभभकककभभककककभभभभकककभभभककककभभभभकककककककभभकककककककभभभभभकककककककभभभभभकककककभभभभभभभकककककभभ वैसे क्या आपको पता है कि योग स्किन टाइट करने का काम भी कर सकता है। चलिए, कुछ ऐसे योग आसन के बारे में जानते हैं, जो त्वचा को कसने में सहायक साबित हो सकते हैं –

      • अधोमुख श्वानासन यह आसन आपके पेट और जांघों की त्वचा को कसने का काम करेगा.
      • भुजंगासन इस आसन को करने से पेट और छाती वाले भाग को मजबूती मिलती है.
      • ऊर्ध्व मुख श्वानासन इस मुद्रा से ,्स, गर्दन, पीठ और पैरों की त्वचा में कसाव आता है।
      • धनुरासन ेह े और गर्दन की त्वचा को कसने का काम करता है।
      • ब्रीथिंग पोज- ब्रीथिंग आसन से त्वचा को निखारने में सहायता मिलती है, जो बढ़ते उम्र के प्रभाव को कम करने में सहायता कर सकता है।

      नोट- इन आसनों की सही प्रक्रिया और लाभ के लिए इन्हें योग प्रशिक्षक की देखरेख में ही करें।

      स्किन को टाइट करने के लिए कुछ विटामिन का आगे जिक्र किया जा रहा है।

      स्किन टाइट के लिए विटामिन – Vitamins For Skin Ti ghtening in Hindi

      विटामिन-सी जब त्वचा को लाभ पहुंचाने वाले पोषक तत्वों की बात आती है, तो सबसे पहला स्थान विटामिन-सी का होता है। त्वचा में विटामिन-सी कमी से कोशिकाएं क्षतिग्रस्त हो सकती हैं। विटामिन-सी त्वचा की लोच यानी इलास्टीसिटी में सुधार का काम करता है। इसलिए, ऐसा कह सकते हैं कि विटामिन-सी त्वचा में कसाव के लिए एक कारगर उपाय है (30)।

      विटामिन – ढीली त्वचा में विटामिन-ए की कमी पाई जाती है। विटामिन-ए त्वचा में नमी को बनाए रखने का काम करता है, जो बढ़ते उम्र के प्रभाव को कम कर सकता है (31)। 

      विटामिन-ई– विटामिन-ई एंटीऑक्सीडेंट से समृद्ध होता है, जो त्वचा को लाभ पहुंचाने के लिए जाना जाता हैं। विटामिन-ई, कोलेजन के स्तर को संतुलित करने में मदद करता है, जो त्वचा की उम्र बढ़ने से संबंधित होते हैं। कोलेजन क्या है, इस बारे में हम ऊपर फीश ऑयल वाले पॉइंट में बता चुके हैं। इसलिए, विटामिन-ई युक्त आहार के सेवन करने से स्किन को टाइट करने में मदद मिलती है (9)।

      विटामिन डी स्किन टाइटनिंग के लिए उपाय में विटामिन-डी अच्छा विकल्प हो सकता है। दरअसल, विटामिन डी बढ़ते उम्र के प्रभाव को कम करने का काम कर सकता है, जिसका सकारात्मक असर त्वचा के कसाव पर भी दिख सकता है (32)।

      अब तो आप ढीली त्वचा में कसाव लाने वाले राज जान ही गए होंगे। साथ ही इस लेख में त्वचा में कसाव उत्पन्न करने वाले आहार, एक्सरसाइज और योग के बार में भी आपको पता लग गया होगा। दोस्तों, लेख में बताए गए उपायों को अपनाकर आप त्वचा के ढीलेपन से निजात पा सकते हैं। हम उम्मीद करते हैं कि यह लेख आपके लिए लाभकारी सिद्ध होगा। इस लेख से जुड़ी अन्य जानकारी के लिए आप नीचे कमेंट बॉक्स की मदद ले सकते हैं।

      संबंधित आलेख

      The post स्किन टाइट करने के आसान घरेलू उपाय – Home Remedies For Skin Tightening in Hindi appeared first on STYLECRAZE.

  • How To Tell If You’re Sleep-Deprived — Or Depressed

    How To Tell If You’re Sleep-Deprived — Or Depressed

    Isn't "sad" an occasional part of the experience of "being human"? This is especially so in times of experience. There are days when we just feel very tired and don't really want to do anything. It's not because we feel lazy. We feel like we have no more energy left in our body. Our body and mind experience a sense of nebula and fatigue that simply cannot be explained. But what if we just aren't tired or sleep deprived? What if we are on the verge of depression? It's hard to understand and know someone's body and mind when it's not in good shape, right? Let's read and try to understand how we can understand if we are depressed or sleep deprived. Read on to know more.

    What the statistics say …

      What the statistics say ...


    Sleep deprivation: The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) says one in three adults in the United States you just don't sleep enough. When one does not sleep enough (approximately 7-9 hours), it has a profound effect on quality of life, motivation, energy levels and emotions. The CDC report says such people are likely to be more prone to chronic health conditions that include depression ( 1 ).

    When one is feeling low, they may often not realize that the "blah" mood they are facing is due to lack of sleep. Understand that even the smallest levels of sleep deprivation can ruin your happiness. Slowly you will start to notice that you feel less enthusiastic, very irritable and you will begin to experience symptoms of clinical depression, constantly feeling empty or sad.

    Depression: Statistics w.r.t. depression is also quite sobering. The WHO (World Health Organization) says that nearly 300 million people (yes, read this right) are diagnosed with depression worldwide ( 2 ). The National Sleep Foundation says that around 20 million people who are depressed also suffer from insomnia and restless sleep ( 3 ). It is true that people who are depressed have sleep problems; they even suffer from headaches when they try to sleep too hard.

    And these problems, lack of sleep and depression, all face similar symptoms:

    • Irritability
    • Low energy levels
    • Disrupted concentration [19659018] So now the question is how the difference can be said ? Which problem usually comes first? We did a little research and found that there are many ways to differentiate between these and those are through our body.

      How to read and understand the signals of our body

        How to read and understand our Signals of the body


      We must treat our body as a temple. The body gives us signals and tries to report that something abnormal is happening inside. Even before someone else points out and says, "You become a panda. Look at those dark circles under your eyes, "our body must already have made us feel like a lazy panda. Here are some of the symptoms of sleep deprivation that our body signals:

      • Increased appetite
      • Feeling forgetful or fuzzy
      • Mood changes
      • Decreasing libido
      • Fatigue

      Likewise way, here are some symptoms of depression:

      • Low energy levels
      • Insomnia
      • Reduced concentration
      • Feeling guilty
      • Suicidal thought

      Another easy but vital trick to find out is you depressed or just tired of standing in front of a mirror and talking to yourself. If you look at yourself and say you want to solve the problems you face in life – you are definitely either too tired or sleep deprived. But if you look at yourself and think you're not really interested and think that this is just a phase that will go by – you are certainly becoming prey to depression.

      Tracking Symptoms and Its Times

        Tracking Symptoms and Its Times


      Another way to distinguish between sleep deprivation and depression is their times. For example, it is said that depression can be characterized by being somewhere between the 4- to 14-day window, where one feels the lowest of moods. This is not the dangerous stage of depression. If this lasts for more than two weeks, then we strongly recommend that you consult a psychologist or counselor and seek help.

      Sleep Depression And Depression Are Interconnected

        Sleep Depression And Depression Are Interconnected


      Always remember that sleep is like the tip of the iceberg of our mental state. The relationship between mood and sleep is very complex, as emotional change tends to occur because of disturbed sleep. On the other hand, anxiety or clinical depression are psychiatric conditions that can lead to disturbed sleep. Most doctors seek impaired sleep patterns while treating a mentally ill person.

      One major problem is that often the symptoms of depression can overlap with the symptoms of sleep disorders – this can lead to misdiagnosis. That is why we need to learn and understand the signals the body gives us. If you ask us what we need to get away from the two problems, our answer will be – practicing a healthy lifestyle! Make sure you eat fresh and clean, limit screen time and get enough sleep and exercise. What are your ways to practice a healthy lifestyle? Let us know in the comments section.

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    Not A Single Girl Born In 16 Villages In Uttarkashi In Uttarakhand 

    Not A Single Girl Born In 16 Villages In Uttarkashi In Uttarakhand 

    For some years now, it has been a common feeling that children are considered unwanted by girls. And the concepts of female feticide and infanticide were so familiar to Indians. The idea is linked to the age-old belief that having a girl child in the house is a financial burden for the family. However, over the last few years, women have proven themselves to have a long list of achievements and achievements. 2019 itself is lit up with women who have broken the status quo and beat their male counterparts – Sindhu PV, Minty Agarwal, Manasi Joshi and Shweta Ratanpura are just a handful.

    Against this background, the Government of India has launched a number of initiatives in support of girls' children. Initiatives such as " Betty Bachao, Betty Padhao Yojana " have been introduced to reduce female feticide and increase girls' education. While awareness began to spread long before the campaign, the initiative only added more momentum to the movement.

    However, addictions to female children have not yet subsided. Recently, newspapers all over the world read that no child girl was born for three months in a number of villages in Uttarakhand, which raises doubts. Here's a deeper look into history. Read on.

    The History of Women in Uttarakhand

    Formerly known as Uttaranchal, Uttarakhand is referred to as the State of the Devavhumi or "Earth Devavhumi" number of Hindu places of worship. Despite the rough weather and rough terrain, people transfer this place during the year for worship. With a population of over 10 million, the state is witnessing that women are the backbone of families – economically and practically. They took on the challenge by earning bread for the family, taking care of the household, and even receiving water for several kilometers every day.

    However, the history of women in the country does not stop here. During the Chipko movement in 1970, women clung to the green cover of their villages and fought extensive deforestation efforts. In later years, they were part of movements that protested the construction of the Teheri Dam and others. Despite all the efforts and work done by women here, they have had a much lower status in society.

      Movements protesting


    The status of women is constantly reflected in the gender status. What, in 2001, was 908 girls per 1,000 boys, was reduced to 890 in ten years. This is not the worst of numbers. For a period of three months out of 216 children born in the villages of Uttarkashi district, none are girls. And in some other villages in Uttarkhand, the number of girls' children was dramatically lower.

    These figures gave rise to allegations that there are health centers in the villages that still provide sex determination, which has been considered illegal since 1994.

    After considering that 82 villages are in the Red Zone, created a team of staff to investigate the situation. As part of this mission, they will investigate to see if gender tests are being conducted at facilities around the villages. Abuse of Technological Progress

      Abuse of Technological Progress


    For a long time, when the gender ratio was higher than the female side, men had to pay the women they married. However, as the scales turned to the other side, men began to demand massive dowries to choose their future wives. In doing so, the burden on girls' families increased, forcing them to spend on abortions rather than bear the cost of marriage over time.

    With the improvement of infrastructure and other technological advances, the problem of gender ratio is not resolved. With better ways, people have better access to clinics that provide abortion and gender. The equipment used to detect prenatal deformities is now used to determine gender.

    Ultrasound devices are usually rented for several days and used in temporary pregnancy medical camps. Instead of checking their health, these illegal camps check for sex. After families learn about the sex of the fetus, they go to cities to have an abortion. Some families borrow higher interest rates to make this happen. And the worst part? In most cases, mothers do not say that at all.

    The problem is not only in the rural areas

      The problem is not only in the rural areas


    If we really look at the situation, the problem is not only in the state, but it runs throughout the Indian subcontinent. While on the one hand families believe the girl is a burden, there are several other families who follow the belief system that their souls reach heaven only if their son lights up their hold.

    This is a strong result of age, ie. an old system that one girl from birth is owned by another family. And if we dig deeper, we will realize that it is not just the rural areas. The problem is also widespread among urban families, where girls' children learn to cook and do other housework, while boys are often left to play and socialize.

      children are learning


    If we need to think about changing society, we must start with us. All preaching is useless if we cannot begin the change ourselves. Stop asking daughters and daughters-in-law to do all the work. Ask your sons to stop turning Facebook, get off the couch and help with housework. After all, boy or girl, they are still yours, right?

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    लेमन बाम के फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Lemon Balm Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

    लेमन बाम के फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Lemon Balm Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

    Lemon means that you should have used it daily in some way or another. Its taste and taste filled with taste are pleasing to all. Like Lemon, there is a herb with a pleasant aroma and taste called Lemon Balm. You can use it for various health benefits. Most people are not yet aware of the benefits of this urea with healing properties. So in this special Stylecrase article, we'll tell you about lemon balm. To get the benefits, uses and other important information from Lemon Balm, read this article.

    If you don't know about lemon balm, then first let's tell you what a lemon balm is.

    Lemon Balm What is – What is Hindi Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm is part of the mint family. Lemon balm has the aroma of lemon. The scientific name for this plant and herb is Melissa officinalis. Its leaves are yellow or dark green in color. Rubbing these leaves on the hands gives a sharp and thick aroma. Also called mint balm, blue balm, garden balm and sweet balm (1) .

    You know what a lemon balm is. Now we're telling you the benefits of lemon balm. Advantages Of Lemon Balm – Benefits Of Hindi Hindi

    1. Cold pain

    Occasionally a skin rash occurs around the skin around the lips. It also causes itching and slight swelling, called cold pain. Cold sores caused by the herpes virus can also be turned into sores in the mouth if left untreated (2) . You can use the hub to get rid of it. It has antiviral properties that help to relieve the cold caused by the herpes virus (3) .

    2. Insomnia and Anxiety

      Benefits of Hindi Lemon Balm


    Stress, depression, anxiety and nervousness are many reasons why many people cannot sleep at night. Lemon balm is also considered helpful in eliminating the problem of insomnia and anxiety. Boil it in water and drink it. Lemon balm has anti-stress and anxiolytic effects that promote good sleep by reducing stress (4) (3) .

    3 An anxiolytic is a natural remedy for reducing anxiety and anxiety. Antioxidant

    Lemon balm has a phenolic content and antioxidant properties. They help to eliminate health problems caused by free radicals in your body (3) .

    4. Avoid radiation damage

    Radiation is used in cancer and some other diseases and health problems. It can cause your problems as well as other problems. In such a situation, if you want to protect yourself from radiation therapy or other radiation damage, then you can use a hub. In fact, it helps prevent radiation damage to DNA. It also reduces oxidative stress (3) .

    5. Immunity

    Lemon balm can also help boost your level of immunity. In fact, it has many properties such as antibacterial, antifungal and antiparasitic. Therefore, it protects you from all diseases caused by bacteria. Also, its antimicrobial property does not allow microbes to grow (3) (5) .

    6. Oral Infection

       Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects of Lemon Balm


    As we told you in the article above, lemon balm has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. The properties of this hub are capable of combating many types of viruses and bacteria (3) so it can also be used to relieve oral infections (oral herpes). You can rinse with a hub to fight the bacteria that grow in the mouth (6) . If you suffer from gingival pain or inflammation due to an infection in the mouth, then the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties available in the mouth can help. You can also apply paste to the site of infection.

    7. Stress

    At the top of the article, we told you that the hub has anti-stress and anxiolytic properties. These properties present in the hub help protect you from stress. In fact, the anxiolytic property acts as a remedy to help relax stressed and tired nerves (4) .

    8. Weight

    Many people today are concerned about the problem of weight gain. If you also fall into this category, you can use the tea made from the hake. In fact, the uterus contains flavonoids that help control weight (7) (8) .

    9. Diabetes

    Lemon balm acts as an antidiabetic. The extract helps to improve the lipid profile and reduce the glycemic index, ie. glucose level (8) . In addition, uterine oil is also useful for lowering blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes (9) .

    10. Thyroid

      Lemon balm Benefits, uses and side effects (3)


    Lemon balm prevents thyroid growth. Acts as an inhibitor of the thyroid gland in the body (10) . According to a study in the lab, dry urea extract balances the thyroid hormone. In addition, it also prevents the thyroid hormone from being over-stimulated. Keep in mind that it may also affect thyroid medications (11) . Therefore, if you have a thyroid condition, take it only with your doctor.

    11. Headache

    Lemon balm is also thought to help cure headaches. For this reason, it is used in many types of aromatherapy. In fact, it has analgesic and anxiolytic properties that help to cure headaches. In addition, if your mood is bad, hubris helps to improve it (12) . You can cure your headache by drying out its oil or using its decoction.

    12. Herbal tea

    It is also used as an herbal tea because of the antioxidant and other essential properties present in the urea. In some countries, tea made from the leaves of the uterus is used as an alternative medicine for the treatment of migraines, insomnia and gastric diseases. This tea is also consumed to strengthen the heart and improve memory power (13) .

    13. Skin

      Lemon Balm Benefits, Uses and Side Effects of Hindi


    Lemon Balm helps maintain the flexibility of your skin (14) . It has also been thought to be helpful in reducing skin damage due to the sun's UV rays. Rosamaric acid, salvinolic acid, caffeic acid and the luteolin glucuronide lemon balm present in it make the skin useful (15) . You can also use it as a skin toner (11) .

    14. Food Use

    Lemon balm can also be used in food. Both fresh and dried leaves of uterus can be used in food. Used for aroma in burgers and patties. In addition, meat is also used to add antioxidant properties (16) .

    Once we know the benefits of the hub, let's talk about the nutrients present in it. Nutrition Value of Lemon Balm – Nutritional Value of Hindi Lemon Balm

    Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) contains both Vitamin C and Thiamine (Vitamin-B). 254 mg of vitamin C are contained in 100 ml of solution of urea. At the same time, when the leaves of the uterus are dried and stored, the amount of vitamin C drops by 50 percent. On freezing, it was found to contain 25 percent low-vitamin C. Speaking of the amount of thiamine, 76.4 micrograms of thiamine are found in 100 ml of solution (11) .

    Now we will talk about the use of the hub. In the next article, we will also tell you about the harm of lemon balm.

    Using Lemon Balm – How to Use Lemon Balm

      Benefits, Uses, and Side Effects of Lemon Balm on (2)


    You have already read the benefits of Navel. Now let us tell you about its use so that you can make the most of this medicinal herb. Read it sequentially below:

    • Lemon balm can be used as a paste.
    • Lemon balm can be boiled and boiled.
    • Can be used to prepare lip balm. [19659055] By grinding the leaves of the hub, you can use it as a face pack.
    • You can drink it as herbal tea.

    Now that you've used lemon balm, now also look at the damage to the hub.

    Lemon Balm Damage – S Ideal Effects of Hindi Lemon Balm

    While the benefits of urea are present, the body may also suffer from the disadvantages of urea (17) [19659013] (3) .

    • Lemon balm has hypoglycemic properties. It is useful in case of high blood pressure. At the same time, when taken excessively, it lowers the level of glucose in the body so much that you begin to feel powerless.
    • It is considered safe in pregnancy.
    • His intake even during lactation. Not considered safe.
    • In addition it is considered dangerous for pediatric patients
    • Lemon balm is not recommended for use with thyroid medication.

    Lemon balm for health benefits. You can do yoga by incorporating it into food or as an alternative to tea. After reading the benefits given in this article, if you think that the solution to your health problem is hidden in the hub, then you can try this herb. When using the hub, be careful not to consume it in large quantities. If you have any type of allergy to herbs, then seek medical advice. If you have any other questions about lemon balm then you can contact us via the comment box below.

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    A Guide To Money Saving Tactics For Shopaholics

    A Guide To Money Saving Tactics For Shopaholics

    Life is difficult for us shopaholics. It may seem to us that we are the richest people on earth, but we are not (the majority). We just love to shop so much that we spend all our money on it. To an outsider, our life may seem very weird and extravagant, but this extravagance only lasts a few days after we receive our salary / pocket money. For the rest of the day, we are poor people who survive on Maggie and friends who let us borrow their money. If you are a shopaholic, you will be totally in touch with what we say, unless you have a flying pony and don't eat gold. But that's not supposed to happen to us, right? Shopaholics are good people! This is because of us, the retail industry is surviving with an * angelic face *! Now some may be easy, but some others will need you to stay strong and make a lot of effort. So here it is!

    1. Set a limit for yourself before you go shopping

      Limit yourself before you go shopping


    No matter how much money you have in your hand or in your pocket, decide on a spending limit before going out for shopping. When you know you have a limit, you will think twice before buying anything. It will also help you make a better decision when it comes to comparing prices and buying a product that meets your requirements and budget.

    2. Bring cash and don't use your card

      Limit yourself before you go shopping

    That's true, especially if you're shopping on the street. You may feel like buying everything you see. But having a limited amount of money will limit your natural instincts and help you focus on the items you really need. Card sliding doesn't really hit you until you check your balance. But the money in your wallet will always remind you how much you have left.

    3. Don't Fall for Fantastic Words and Bad Sales

      Drop for Fantastic Words and Bad Sales


    If you are a shopaholic, you must be strong enough not to get carried away by a fantastic place, fantastic sellers, and fantastic things, who tell you. If your mind is easily manipulated (which is what sellers do best), you will eventually buy things that you will regret later. Also, one of the main reasons shopaholics spend their wealth in just a few hours is a board that says "50% OFF". Yes, we find it exciting. But what is the point of buying a potato for five hundred rupees because they say its initial price is a thousand?

    4. Go With Hood Experts

      Go With Hood Experts


    If you feel you are not good at trading or can't control your desire to buy anything that is sleek, take your friend or family to gambling member together. They will remind you and pull you away from all the bad places, including that ridiculously expensive shoe store. They will also help you shop and deliver things at much lower prices. If you have one in your life, hide it!

    5. Eat well and wear comfortable clothes

      Eat well and wear comfortable clothes


    You are best when your belly is full and you wear comfortable clothes. You can't run around the mall or go shopping when you're wearing an elegant dress and heels. So keep your sweatshirts and sneakers on when you want to go shopping. Plus, these clothes are easier to remove while trying on new outfits!

    6. Compare Expensive Items with Online Price

      Compare Expensive Items


    This rule applies to most expensive items you want to buy. A branded jacket in the store can cost much higher than the same product online. You don't want to buy it for double when it is actually online, right? So, just open your phone from anywhere and see if something like this is available online.

    7. Do not shop fast

      Do not shop in haste


    If you have an event to attend in a few weeks, shop ahead of time. Your clothes may need changes or you may want to trade them. Shopping things fast because you have to use them the same day or the next day will put a lot of pressure on you. And since you have a shopaholic mind, you will get to the first nice thing instead of exploring the other shops.

    8. Compare Items and Calculate Utility in Your Mind

      Compare Items and Calculate


    If you want to save money, you need to practice cost and utility calculations in your mind. The faster you can do this, the better. Before you buy something, ask yourself if it's something you really want. Then ask questions like “Is it worth the price?” “Is it durable?” “Will I use it a lot?” This will help you save money while shopping.

    Shopping is actually a great experience and a very good stress-buster. However, spending outside the borders can upset you later and you may have to go through the month while dealing with a financial crisis. So try to follow the above practices and save money while shopping. Now get your girls and move on! Are you a shopaholic? What are your tactics for saving money? Let us know in the comments section.

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