6 Major Side Effects Of Using Lipsticks And How You Can Prevent Them

6 Major Side Effects Of Using Lipsticks And How You Can Prevent Them

In the world of beauty and makeup, if there is a makeup that gives women a call like no other, it has to be lipstick. You agree, right? Whether you want to flavor your appearance and turn some heads or want to look like the boss you are, lipsticks never disappoint. Bold Red or Naughty Nude, lipsticks make a huge difference in your odds. The fat and beautiful lips are the dream of every woman. Choose the wrong shade of lipstick and look at your whole look. Now, leaving aside the effect of glam, let's talk about health effects. Hold your breath, ladies, that will be shocking. Did you know that lipstick can cause serious health problems? Unfortunately, it really turns out that the content of lipstick can affect our health a lot. Read together to learn more.

1) Lead Content Affects Your Heart

  Lead Content Affects Your Heart


Our body receives most of the lead content from the air, water and food. We add to this amount when we accidentally swallow our lipstick. This is almost inevitable. Regardless of which color of your lips is blurred, a small part of it has to be swallowed when you eat or drink water. Once the content of lead is absorbed by our body, it is distributed to blood, bones and tissues. Excess lead causes heart disease and high blood pressure. It also leads to coronary heart disease and changes in heart rate ( 1 ) ( 2 ).

Lead may also harm your brain

  Lead may also harm your brain


Lead content in your lipstick may also affect your nervous system as it is a neurotoxin. This means you may have memory and concentration problems in the long run. Too much lead in the body can cause dangerous health conditions such as epilepsy, unconsciousness and even death. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) sets a limit on the content of lead that may be present in lipsticks and other lip products in 2012. According to their guidelines, cosmetic companies must adhere to the maximum limit of lead content, which is 10 ppm ( 3 ).

Lead is not the only thing to worry about, the lipstick contains other harm-causing elements such as cadmium and chromium that can cause cancer

  3) Cadmium may cause cancer </h2>
<div id=  you have to be careful. Cadmium is a well-known carcinogen and can cause serious damage to the respiratory system. It is very difficult for our body to eliminate cadmium when it enters. It occurs in the kidneys and can lead to kidney failure. Consequently, women are more susceptible to cadmium-related kidney failure (<a href= 4 ).

Chromium content can cause lung cancer ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Chromium is another element that can cause cancer. It is associated with lung cancer and many skin problems. Not only do you need to be careful, lip balms, and even gloss can contain these harmful substances (19459019) 5 ) ( 6 ). Mangan may cause Parkinson's disease ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


The content of manganese in lipstick, if swallowed, can have serious consequences. The presence of manganese in the body, especially in the brain, can cause Parkinson's disease. This is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects our memory and brain functioning ( 7 ).

6) Preservatives in lipstick can cause breast cancer

  Preservatives in lipstick can cause breast cancer


Some lipsticks may contain harmful preservatives like a paraben known to cause cancer, especially breast cancer. They can also cause lighter side effects such as eye irritation, wheezing, coughing and skin irritation 8 )

How to Get Rid of Side Effects? Shame you can never wear lipsticks? Well, do not worry, because even if lipsticks and other lip products can harm your health, you should not say goodbye to them completely. Just be a little more selective and cautious when you use them. Here's what you need to do if you want to stay away from the harmful side effects of lipstick.

Things to keep in mind about lipsticks

<img class = "size-full wp-image-529022" src = "https://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/ 05 / Things-To-Keep-In-Mind-About-Lipsticks-1.jpg "Invest in quality lip products that are not potatoes that you can bargain for or choose those that cost more, even if there is not a certain amount of safe lead, brands that adhere to the FDA guidelines are relatively safer, and do not forget to check out the ingredients before buying the lipstick

Do not use your lips

can be irritating and never a good choice Most of us throw away the outer wrap of the lipstick and never know when the product runs out Keep the date in your phone or do not throw the box until you drop the lipstick Do not use them for your children [19659029] Do not use them for their kids ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

iStock make-up for kids because their skin is very sensitive and can be more affected by the raw chemicals in them. If your child likes to dress or should be in the game, use only safe makeup for him / her. After returning home, use a good makeup cleanser to clean any makeup from their face.

Avoid lipstick to the maximum when you are pregnant. also a baby. Therefore, it is good to keep lipsticks unless it is absolutely necessary. [196590032] Wipe it

  Wipe it


lipstick with makeup remover when you eat. You can always wear a miniature bottle of the preparation in your purse just as you wear your lipstick. Once you've finished, you can wash your lips and apply the lipstick again. Before you go to bed, no matter how tired or sleepy, clean your face with a face cleanser and a good face wash.

Do you know about these harmful effects of lipstick? How to choose your lipstick?

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7 Best Electric Toothbrushes For Kids in 2019

7 Best Electric Toothbrushes For Kids in 2019

Philips Sonicare For Children (Bluetooth Connected) The Sonic Rechargeable Sonic Brush is designed with many impressive features to make the brush both enjoyable and effective for young children of all ages. There is an additional interactive application – Philips Sonicare For Kids – which helps you keep track of your children's habits so you know where they need help.

The most popular feature of Sonicare is the character of the interactive application. Sparkly is extremely kind and motivates children to clean regularly. Children use their habits to take care of Sparkly, who gets happier with every successful cleaning session and rewards children with accessories and personality food. These awards can also be placed on the application as chosen by the parents.

The app synchronized with the sound dental brush before using and teaching oral care lessons through play. Fourth coach within the application uses challenges to motivate your children to learn to brush properly and for longer. There is clear visual guidance on the right way to brush, and the application progress monitor tracks overall performance.

This toothbrush is ideal for a little older kids, probably aged 7 and over, who can handle a toothbrush without supervision and


  • Sonic Technology for Brushing (up to 31,000 strokes per minute)
  • Tight head with rubber back brush
  • Available with 1 compact and 1 standard brush head
  • 28 brush personalization sticker
  • Child-friendly application interface
  • Excellent handle grip
  • Built-in timer
  • Brush automatically switches off after 2 minutes
  • Long battery life up to 3 weeks
  • Easy start for the first time


  • Expensive



Buy Now! T] 3. Best for brush entertainment – Brusheez Kids kit for electric toothbrushes

  Best for brush entertainment - baby kit for electric toothbrushes

Product claims

The name of the household still, the brand has ruled a significant fan after children and parents in the United States. Brusheez Toothbrush Brush Set is a cute and colorful set of animal themes perfectly designed to make washing easy and fun for small brushes aged 3 years and over.

Available in 7 attractive animal themes in beautiful colors to choose from, Colorful pets include Jovie the Giraffe, Snappy the Croc, Prancy Pony, Buddy Bear, Ollie the Elephant, Unicorn Sparkle and Pepper the Dino.

The set contains a fun 2-minute timer that encourages children to wipe long enough to clean your teeth and gums well. This toothbrush, powered by batteries, removes up to twice as much plaque from the hand brush. The universal stand allows you to easily place it on the sink top or mount it on the wall.

Here's what the full set besides the toothbrush includes: Animal brush brush, rinse glass, replacement brush head, 2-

  • 7 Attractive Animal themes for Children's Joy
  • Funny sander timer to ensure 2-minute cleaning
  • Stand for brush replacement for hygienic maintenance
  • The stand helps to keep the various parts organized together.
  • 19659040] BP-free
  • BPA-free
  • 19659015] Batteries Not Included

Batteries not included

] Rating

4.8 / 5

The best in budget – Oral-B Star Wars Battery Electric Toothbrush

  Best in Budget - Oral-B Star Wars Battery Electric Toothbrush

  • -B Star Wars Electric Battery toothbrush for kids features Disney Star Wars characters who encourage their small Jedi masters to develop deep brush habits. This advanced baby toothbrush comes with the added benefits of battery power to help them get the most out of their routine use.

    There is a rotating brush head that can reach many surfaces and surround them for complete cleaning. The head of the brush also contains interdental tips that help you brush your teeth. The extra-soft brushes will be very tender to the sensitive teeth of the children. You can clean your child's teeth by using raised brushes in the middle row. The shape of the brush head aligns with your child's mouth, allowing them to properly clean themselves.

    Compatible with the Disney Magic Timer App from Oral-B to help kids prepare for a dentist. minutes. Designed for smaller hands, this brush is lighter and smaller than other models. The power is bright green and red with the Star Wars Yoda, Darth Vader, and Imperial Storm on the handle.

    This brush is not equipped with tips or chapters to replace. The simple design is suitable for a short time to use or for the first time.

  • Extra Soft Gel Brushes
  • Attractive Star Wars Theme Design
  • 19659040] Compatible Smartphone Application
  • Appropriate for Age 3+
  • Lightweight
  • ] Suitable for children grip handle
  • Available
  • Disposable
  • Cons

    • The battery is not charging. ] The brush head can not be changed.


    4.7 / 5

    Buy it Now!

    5. Best for Babies – Electric Toothbrush BabySonic

      Best Baby Supplies - Electric Toothbrush BabySonic

    BabySonic Electric Toothbrush the best choice when it comes to caring for the newborn's gums and developing the teeth. It is intended to be used by parents on the gums of their children. This can also be an excellent gift for a newborn baby and parents for the first time.

    Only one AAA battery is required. It comes with an extra brush head and a bright built-in LED light to check the teeth for problems. The brush has two built-in timers: one for 30 seconds to indicate when to move to another part of the mouth and one for 2 minutes to show when the brushing is done.

    For children under the age of 5, it is recommended that parents brush their teeth until they develop enough skill to maneuver themselves with a toothbrush. Babysonic helps parents teach their children regular dental cleansing habits for proper dental care. It also directs parents to be proactive in caring for the health of their teeth immediately after the first tooth.

    To make this purchase a bit longer, BabySonic has 2 brush heads – 1 for babies up to 18 months and another for 18-36 months. With soft sound vibrations, small brush heads and soft brushes, BabySonic is ideal for cleaning your baby's teeth and gums.

  • Suitable for babies up to 3 years of age
  • Provides a better cleaning than a toothbrush
  • Suction base for stable storage
  • Small brush for baby and toddler Put on a small mouth
  • Built-in 30-second controller and 2-minute timer
  • Automatic shut off
  • Battery included
  • to be prone to breakage.
  • All babies can not enjoy the sound and the feeling.
  • Rating

    4.6 / 5

    Buy Here!

    6. Best for ages 7 and up – Colgate kids teenage mutant ninja tortoises interactive talking toothbrush

      Best for ages 7 and up - Colgate kids teenage mutant ninja tortoises interactive talking toothbrush [ColgateKidsbatterypoweredinteractivetalkingtoothbrushmakesbrushfunforyourkidsThisspokentoothbrushusescastsfromtheNinjaTurtles-LeonardoandRaphael-totrainyourchildtodevelopbetterbrushinghabitsThereisnoneedforthird-partyapplicationsorcellulardevicestohelpyourchildhandlethistoothbrush

    This interactive toothbrush has a small oscillating head with extra soft brushes that cleans the teeth and lightly removes the plaque. The soft brushing action of the brush cleans well, and the battery operation makes it easier to take the brush everywhere. These features help him clean the teeth of your little ones, while protecting the teeth.

    Symbolic voices train small users when they read each quadrant of the mouth and congratulate them after 2 minutes of brushing. Parents can be assured that their children receive careless dental care without compromising on budget or quality. The toothbrush is also available in various designs to encourage children to care for their teeth.

  • There are no applications for smartphones
  • Built-in 30-second controller and 2-minute timer
  • Soft brushes for sensitive teeth
  • BPA-free
  • Cons

  • Batteries
  • Brand Removable Brush Bits
  • Rating

    4.5 / 5

    Buy Now!

    7. The Best for Toddlers – My Friend's Brush My First Toothbrush for Babies

      The Best for Toddlers - A Friend Brush for My First Soniclean Toothbrush for Babies

    [19599002] The first Soniclean Baby Teething toothbrush is the perfect introductory sound dental brush for your little ones, and makes the brush fun! My First Soniclean solves the problem of using chemicals and anesthesia to soothe your baby's gums.

    It has extremely soft Dupont nylon, rounded brushes that help protect the enamel on the sensitive teeth of your child. The gentle vibrations of this sonic toothbrush massively massage the teeth and gums to relieve the discomfort caused by toothache. The head of the brush has a flashlight for the mouth and teeth that lights up when you brush, so you can see inside your child's mouth.

    Dentists recommend cleaning your baby's teeth 2 minutes twice a day as soon as the first tooth appears. With Soniclean Toothbrush, you can take care of your child's health without any problems. Changing your child's toothbrush every 3 months and after being sick will help fight bacteria.

  • BPA-free
  • Ideal for toddlers
  • Suitable for toddlers 6 months or more
  • Replaceable battery included
  • Ergonomic on / off switch
  • Closed waterproof cover
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • Cons

  • the battery is not long enough
  • Rating

    4.4 / 5

    Purchasing Guide

    Why Choose An Electric Toothbrush

    Children are impressive by default – they love to do things that their parents and other adults have seen. So, if you use an electric toothbrush, your child will naturally be excited about something that has seen the elderly. This will facilitate the introduction of common washing habits. Children – strictly speaking – do not need an electric toothbrush. But they have some essential advantages that you can not ignore.

    Brush speed, power and movements help to achieve much deeper and more precise cleaning than anything that can manage your little unattended. Electrical toothbrushes are much less sensitive to the technique because they do much of the hard work for your child.

    Also, most of these brushes come with built-in timers that encourage your child to take care of a dentist, it is recommended to have a full 2 ​​minutes – which you know is a feat in yourself if you were there.

    The best feature of electric toothbrushes for children is interactivity. Some have accompanying applications with attractive interfaces that appeal psychologically to your child. Others play music or even talk. And that's right, 2 minutes no longer look so long or boring.

    When to Start Using An Electric Toothbrush

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends you start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as they appear. Electrical toothbrushes can be inserted at any time after your child has reached 2 years of age. Many families prefer to wait for the child to be at least 6 years old. But while both the parent and the child are comfortable, age is not important. What is important is that you do not force your child to adopt habits for which they are not ready – this can leave a lasting negative impact on the brush.

    Well, now that you know when and why the electric toothbrushes, there is only the choice of a toothbrush that is best suited to your child's needs. You will be surprised to learn about the wide variety of electric toothbrushes that the market can offer.

    • Design and Size – For a perfect toothbrush, keep in mind that a smaller toothbrush for children, keep in mind that a smaller toothbrush for the size of the brush with a rubber grip on A larger handle would be preferable. The child should feel comfortable as well as use the toothbrush. As for design, do not forget – the brighter, the better. Children are attracted to fun, bold colors that add an element of playfulness and stimulate their imagination. Some toothbrushes even come with extra stickers that kids can use to customize toothbrushes according to their tastes. – Although it can be expensive to change heads, it is worth investing in rechargeable toothbrushes. from a battery. Timer / Quadpacer – Dental specialists everywhere offer 2 minutes of brushing twice a day. children and adults should strive for them. Brushes with built-in timers make it easier for children to learn how long they have been brushed and when they can stop. Quadpacer counts 30 second intervals to help them speed up their brushing and focus 30 seconds of the brush on each quadrant: top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left
    • Bluetooth / App many electric toothbrushes, there are children's apps that make the brush more interactive and enjoyable. Most of them are based on reward, which means that the more the child reads in time and regularity, the more things are unlocked or achieved within the application. The best experience is achieved through these brushes that have built-in Bluetooth and a pair of smartphone applications. These data transmit real-time data and can better understand if the child is still using a brush. It is no wonder that morning and bedtime are the most difficult times for most parents. If your child is a real angel and does not brush your teeth regularly and without noise, count among the few lucky ones. But for the rest of us, it is undeniable that electric toothbrushes have made our lives much easier. Take your choice from any of the options mentioned by us and see your child eager to brush your teeth as never before. Dental care has never been more fun!

      Have you tried any of these toothbrushes for your kids? What was your experience? Are there others you want to add to this list?

      Can my child use an electric toothbrush for adults?

      They could, yes, but this is not the perfect choice. Electric toothbrushes for adults usually have bigger brushes and more powerful engines. Both factors could overwhelm a child, especially younger children. Between 8 and 10 years of age, teeth and mouths grow well enough to take the heads with an adult brush and can handle extra power more conveniently. Once the teenager strikes, the adult toothbrushes are perfectly acceptable. But until then a softer and tender, age-friendly toothbrush is better.

      What toothpaste is best suited for an electric toothbrush?

      Every toothpaste with fluoride that is suitable for children, with tastes and colors that like kids, work with electric toothbrushes. Some types of toothpaste are more suited to the needs of the elderly, so you may find that you are buying more than one type of toothpaste

      Do electric toothbrushes make teeth whiter?

      Краткият отговор е не. Но използването на електрическа четка за зъби може да направи зъбите ви по-бели, като премахнете съществуващите петна. Електрическите четки за зъби не могат да направят вашите зъби по-бели по същия начин, както и професионалните избелители.

      Има ли електрически четки за малки деца?

      Повечето малки деца намират забавни електрически четки за зъби. Така че, ако това улеснява живота ви като родител, няма причина да не го използвате на зъбите на вашето дете. Електрическите четки за зъби също са добри за отстраняване на плака. Просто се уверете, че малките деца са предупредени да не хапят или да дъвчат главата на четката по време на употреба. Напуканите глави на четката могат да предизвикат токов удар или малки парченца пластмаса, които да излязат и да причинят опасност от задушаване. да ни подкрепи. За тези 7 препоръки нашият писател вложи повече от 10 часа в проучването на детските четки за зъби, които са на разположение на пазара. За да съставим списъка, разгледахме 13 различни електрически четки за зъби. Те включват различни опции от 10 различни марки и производители. Разгледахме и над 100 прегледа на всяка четка за зъби (както отрицателна, така и положителна). Това са препоръки, на които можете да се доверите и са подкрепени от изчерпателни изследвания.

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    Six Bridal Shower Games That Aren’t Super Boring

    Six Bridal Shower Games That Aren’t Super Boring

    Yes, we were all in the bridal shower, who was lame and dull to say the least. You do not want to be a party, so you play, no matter how boring. It's easy to mess things up when it comes to games to play during bridal showers. You do not want to throw a bridal shower or be in one that turns into a festive fest. So how can you make things exciting and entertaining?

    1. The New Game on Wednesday

      The New Game of the Sun


    Aah! Classic game with honeymooners. You must have seen funny videos of it. This is a good way to start the party. Make a list of questions like those you paid at the first date? Who made the first move? or who first? You can make a video of the groom and play it to see if it corresponds to the bride's answer. Your curious guests would like that. Do not forget to entertain him. You can move it by asking her to shoot every time something wrong happens by asking some interesting, less obvious questions. If the bride does not drink, you can make her chew gold or put candies in her mouth every time something wrong happens.

    2. Find Guest

      Find Guest


    You will have guests who meet for the first time. This game serves as the perfect icebreaker for the ladies. Every game that is interactive is fun. You can make a checklist like the one who does not like pets, or who is the wild, and many others. Ask the ladies to know who is on the list. This will make them speak for sure and will be fun to watch.

    3. The Ring Game

      The Ring Game


    Get a bunch of plastic rings for every guest. Give them at the start of the shower. When you hear someone say "wedding," you are allowed to steal the ring. Whoever has the most rings at the end of it, wins. And guess what, get a reward.


      Ideas for night-time


    Prepare yourself with a pile of beautiful cards and shiny pens. Ask everyone to write their favorite night-time ideas. You can read them aloud or put them in a box the bride can read later. It can be of benefit to you for the many days of the weekend that the couple expect. You can also offer ideas on how to fix things in the bedroom or share some funny stories about your night.

    5. Cold feet

      Cold feet


    No, we're not talking about a game that will change the bride's mind. We would not want to do that to the bride. This game will give you literally cold feet. You can put a bunch of toy rings in a bucket of ice cold water. You do not need to have toy rings, you can use everything of that kind to have fun. You can set a time of 1 minute or 2 minutes. Guests can immerse themselves in the icy water, including the upcoming bride.

    Anyone who pulled out the most rings within the set timeline will win a prize. Chinese Whisper

      Chinese Whisper


    Who does not like this game? You can add an exciting twist to it by asking everyone to whisper a short toast for a wedding. You can whisper a wishful thinking to the future bridegroom, sit back and relax when you hear that the latter says loudly. And it does not have to look like how grass grows. We hope that we have made your work with these bridal games easier. All you have to do now is send an invitation to all your guests to join the fun. Do you remember Monica fucking Rachel's baby, forgetting to call her? Make sure you invite everyone who would like the newlyweds to be there with her. ].

    First Date Rules: What To NOT Order For Dinner

    No matter how many dates you have, every first encounter with a person should be complicated. Because you meet a new person and always worry about making a good impression. You become more aware of the fact that you are not making any wrong moves that can lead to your chance being reset for a second date (that is, if you accidentally like the person).

    There is a list of things that can go wrong. You may encounter a burglary while talking, you may realize that there is nothing in common between you, your beautiful heel can be interrupted, everything can happen!

    Through GIPHY

    Given the fact that most of the first dates happen during a romantic dinner, let's think about all the things we need to pay attention to. The dress comes first. Ladies are always in a confused place when they choose between a LBD (a little black dress) that can let them tremble on the date, and the hot red dress that can make them look too interested. Then comes the way you talk and behave. Well, now it's something that only situations can control. So, which is the most secure part of the date? Order, of course! You see what you want and you order it. It's so simple, is not it? But we're afraid it's not that simple. There are many things to keep in mind when ordering food at your first appointment. You definitely do not want to order something that will make you go wrong to look cumbersome, right?

    Here's a quick, short list of the items you should avoid on your first date.

    1, The Long Island of Ice Tea Will Leave You Drunk In A Very Gentle Way

    via GIPHY

    Ordering long island iced tea is like saying "I want to tear." LITs are definitely one of the best cocktails in the world, but they should not be the usual choice of a beverage for a date. At dates, you have to order drinks that will help you to be in your senses and still have fun because who would like to sit down and talk to someone who is lost, right? Instead, choose sparkling wine or old-fashioned martini; which will let you buzzle soberly.

    2. Do not order food to which you are allergic

    through GIPHY

    Well, please do not order anything from the menu to which you are allergic. You can explicitly ask the waiter for a detailed list of ingredients or simply mention the foods that cause an allergy to you. If you are not able to do this, leave your date for it. It's important to play safely here because nobody would want the first date to end with a hospital drive, right?

    3. Do not be aware of the price

    through GIPHY

    We receive it; maybe you're a bit tight, especially if it's the end of the month. But, the order, looking at the price of any dish, can send wrong signals to your date. Your date may be a delusion for being a money-holding person! And if your date wishes to order something that could cause the bill to burn a giant hole in your pocket, cravingly try to offer another foodstuff but be careful!

    4. Spaghetti and meatballs? No, definitely NO!

    through GIPHY

    This is yum and everyone knows it! But the order for spaghetti and meatballs will make you look like a messy dish. You do not want to interfere with your conversations with ladies that are heard by chewing and noisy noises, are you? The red sauce with which this dish comes will surely leave a few spots on your clothes.

    5. No shell because you do not want to look like a bully

    You just can not expect your date to look at you romanticiously while sitting on the table with tools to open a piece of shell, right? So do not forget to order any of these types, which will make you look like you're breaking the food on the table. Order food that you can eat without creating a mess.

    6. Do not Order Spicy Food and Sweating

    By GIPHY

    You know your temperate range better, so if it's knitted, you can handle it and nothing more, then just stick to the muzzle. Just because the date you like spicy food or an asian, do not stop ordering a spicy food you can not use. You definitely do not want to use your napkin as a sweat pot for a date, right?

    7. Do not order foods that will let you smell with your mouth

    Through GIPHY

    This is given, people! Do not order anything sharp, which will leave you with bad breath until the end of the night. Say not the raw garlic and onions especially. Never eat it, no matter what date you are, first, second, third, or even last.

    These things sound funny, but they believe they are important. Therefore, the next time you go to a restaurant on a date, remember this. It will save you from shame. Do not you want to add others here? Let him know in the comments below.

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    10 Stunningly Stylish ‘Maa-Beti’ Jodis Of Bollywood Who Look More Like Sisters

    10 Stunningly Stylish ‘Maa-Beti’ Jodis Of Bollywood Who Look More Like Sisters

    When we look at an actress today and think, "God, she is so beautiful!" We often credit her team of stylists, nutritionists and perhaps her make-up artist. But do not you think that much of the credit has to go to the genes of the good looks she has acquired from her parents? It is not unusual to see the daughters and granddaughters of Bollywood's actresses after their steps. It's like breaking beauty over the years and fans can not stop loving the way young actresses and their mothers come together in style. Introducing you, some of the most amazing maa-beti jodis of B-city

    1. Amara Singh and Sara Ali Khan

    Yanvi Kapoor is just like her mother Shridevi, one of Bollywood's most beautiful actresses and whose memories are back , even after she died. These big beautiful eyes and perfectly lined lips are Sridevi's biggest plus points and her daughter, Gianni, has also gotten her mother's dear ones. Sridevi's sudden death left the entire film industry and fans shocked. Her premature death, just a few weeks before Gianni's debut film, was pretty unfortunate. There is no doubt that Gianny has indeed inherited the talent and sense of style from his mother.

    3. Gauri Han and Suhana Khan

      Gauri Han and Suhana Khan

    Gourihan / Instagram

    In addition to being King of Khan's Queen, Gauri is B-city's largest film producer! Her decent and shining look proves that age is only a number. Gauri makes a different style statement every time he clicks – whether it's a reward or an airport glance. Suhana, Princess Han, who has not yet debuted in Bollywood's films, is already creating waves in the industry from her social media posts, in which she looks absolutely enchanting as her mother. The duo-mother-daughter looks very stylish, no doubt. Their fashionable taste means everything bold and chic!

    4. Shweta Nanda and Navya Naveli Nanda

      Shweta Nanda and Navya Naveli Nanda

    navyananda / Instagram

    Shweta and Navya have an easy feel of style and look royal in everything they wear. Sveti is not actively taking part in Bollywood, her daughter has already entered the B Hall of Fame without working in a movie. She has a huge number of social media fans who only wait for her introduction to Bollywood's main films. In the last photos shared by Shwetha on their Instagram account, they look amazing and probably both beautiful souls have this carefree feel of style by the queen of the family, Jaya Bachchan, who is one of the most beautiful actresses of her age (still f)

    5. Shivangi Kolhapure and Shraddha Kapur

      Shivangi Kolhapure and Shraddha Kapur

    shraddhakapoor / Instagram

    Fashion sense Shraddha Kapoor is quite simple when compared to most of her contemporaries. Her natural shine and innocent smile are the best accessories she brings. She undoubtedly gets her from her mother Shivangi Kolhupure, who is also an actress. Although she has worked in very few films, she has made a note about herself with her beauty and charm.

    6. Sharmila Tagore and Socha Ali Khan

    Coco, as she gently called, received good genes from her mother Aparna Sen, who is director in National Prize. The best thing in Aparna and Konkana's statement is that they adhere to their Indian and, in particular, to their Bengal roots. Have you ever seen a duet that can cast a big bindi and sari look better than them?

    9. Hema Malini and Esa Deol

      Hema Malini and Esa Deol

    imeshadeol / Instagram

    Hema Malini is the dream girl of every young man who bought the movie tickets just to watch her. She is a proud mother and she has two beautiful daughters, Esha and Ahaana. Esha Deol, "Dhoom girl" looks very much like her mother and they never manage to define the main fashion goals for their fans.

    10. Dimple Kapadia and Twinkle Khanna

      Dimple Kapadia and Twinkle Khanna

    Twinkle Khanna / Instagram

    Dimple Kapadia definitely resembles the older sister of Twinkle Khanna. Probably, when aging knocked on her door, she was not home. The way of dressing Dimple and Twinkle is always elegant and magical, they just look adorable in everything they wear.

    The parent's relationship is special outside of the causes and the inheritance simply does not seem to be all. Mothers are our role models when it comes to many life situations we are dealing with while we grow up, and these duo just prove this.

    Which duo mother-daughter do you think is the best? Now that you know about the style of a mother's daughter, who looks like these celebrities would you like to try with your mother?

    The Fast 10 Incredibly Stylish "Maa-Betty" Iodis of Bollywood, who looks more like a nurse appears first in

    What Commitment Means In A Marriage

    What Commitment Means In A Marriage

    Have you ever given anyone who was afraid of commitment? Remember Chandler Bing from Friends who was committed phobic? Well, commitment to one person is a big deal. It means that you can not err and you can not step back. Commitment takes a lot of effort and that's the only reason why people are so worried about getting into a committed relationship. On that note, there is no other commitment that's on a higher level than marriage. In fact, it's proudly telling the whole world, "I'm committed to my partner for life and I'm happy about it."

    That said, there are many people even among the married lot who do not understand the true meaning of the word "commitment". When there is no understanding of the word itself, there is no way one can truly commit to the other. This lack of commitment can easily lead to fights between couples due to insecurity, jealousy, uncertain future of the relationship, etc. Do you see this happening in your marriage? Are you and your husband at each other's throat all the time? Do you feel that your marriage is losing its core essence? Do not worry, knowing what commitment will help you and your partner bring back the meaningful relationship you once had. Here's what you should know about marriage.

    1. Acceptance



    You are not living at your own place where you could do whatever you want to do without considering a second opinion. Now that you're sharing your home with another person, it's important to accept that s / he is a part of your life and that they get a say in things too. There may be times when your partner gets on your nerves and makes you want to throw things at them. But before breaking that beautiful vase, try to think from their point of view. We all are different people and you can not expect your partner to do everything according to you. Accept them as they are and help them work on the flaws

    2. Loyalty



    Loyalty is the key foundation of a healthy relationship. There will be no relationship to work on if your loyalty is weak. Remember that you have chosen to get married to your partner knowing that you are going to spend the rest of your life together. You do not get to choose again and if you do, you're totally destroying the foundation. Infidelity is tolerated by some partners but it kills the relationship from the inside




    Trust and loyalty go hand in hand. If your partner is not loyal, you are bound to lose the trust you have in them. However, some partners have trust issues without any valid reason. It might be because someone had broken their trust pretty bad in the past or it could be something else. If you have no reason to doubt your partner, then do not. Do not jump to conclusions without talking to them just because you are suspicious or because someone else has filled your ears about your partner

    4. Sacrifice



    Letting them have the last slice of pizza or letting him watch cricket when your favorite movie is on the cute little sacrifices that are okay to make. You have to adjust if you want to live together. But, talk to your partner if you're the only one who sacrifices things because that's just not fair. You may have to make bigger sacrifices like taking care of your children so that your partner can go to their important meeting. As long as it's a two-way street, you're in a good place.

    5. The Little Things

     The Little Things


    Taking care of your partner's wishes and concerns is a big part of a committed relationship. When was the last time you gave your wife a red rose? When was the last time you cooked your husband's favorite meal? Couples often forget the little things once they're married. These little things are the most important reasons why you fell for each other in the first place. To maintain the commitment and the element of spark in your marriage, you should never forget the little things

    6. Patience And Forgiveness

      Patience And Forgiveness


    You can not just break up with your wife or husband after having a fight. Those days are long gone and you're in a matured relationship now. You may have to forgive your partner several times in a single day and it can be pretty exhausting sometimes. But, if you love your partner and you want your marriage to stay healthy, you have to be patient and forgiving. It might take ten times for him to get the recipe right, but he's doing it for you – appreciate him for that. Try to think about the good things about your partner before you criticize them every now and then

    7. Time And Communication

      Time And Communication


    Everybody is busy and it becomes very difficult to make time for personal life once you're out there making ends meet , make your partner your priority. Make time for them and make sure you know what's going on in each other's life. If there's no time, you've got to make time so you both do not drift apart emotionally. Plan picnics, date nights, movies, or just some quality time at home. This is the time when you get to communicate your love and concerns to your partner, do not miss out on that. Communication is essential for a happy marriage.

    If you have trouble understanding any of these concepts, you can always talk to an older couple who has a successful marriage. Experience is the best teacher and their pearls of wisdom are precious. What does "commitment" mean to you? How do you make sure you keep it alive in your marriage?

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    Dutee Chand: India’s First Openly Gay Athlete

    Dutee Chand: India’s First Openly Gay Athlete

    Dutee Chand, an Indian sprint champion who is considered to be the fastest Indian woman, is no longer winning races. In fact, she stands high and faces the world as a matter of her love life. If you ask us why? This super woman came out and became the first athlete in India, who openly admits she is in a same-sex relationship.

    She says she has finally found the courage to take this bold step and find her after the tallest. the court in India, the Supreme Court, abolished the ban on gay sex in 2018. Dute, 23, told Indian Express: "I found someone who is my soul mate. I believe everyone should have the freedom to be with everyone they decide to want. She said her focus was on upcoming international competitions, including the Olympic Games, but "I would like to settle down in the future ( 1 )."

    She added that the love of life comes from the same little village (Chak Gopalpur) from which it comes. Duthena acknowledges that she has been in a good relationship with her for five years now. However, she did not reveal the identity of her lover because she did not want a negative light to affect her partner.

      This is not her first battle </h2>
<div id=  This is not her first battle

    salilsand / Instagram

    And this is not the first time Dutee is fighting a battle against the world. She has already overcome many obstacles, which are remarkable. In 2013, she made India proud after winning two gold medals at the Asian Athletics Championship in Taipei. In 2014, just a few months after this remarkable achievement, Dutee faced the horror of having to prove his sexuality to the Sports Authority of India (SAI).

    Dutee suffers from hyperandrogenism, a condition that makes her body produce testosterone (male hormone) at levels higher than normal. As a result, the athletic leadership of the Indian Athletics Federation decided to ban it from further races, including the British community games to be held in Glasgow.

    Even with a broken heart, Dutee did not give up. Her family and her legal team turned to the CAS 2015 for her injustice and her determination as "feminine." She won this battle and was allowed to run for India of Asian Games in her family, especially her older sister, was her strongest pillar. [19659904] The family of the supporter does not support her relationship

    But in this battle of love her family seems strongly opposed to her. Akhji Chand, her mother, a weaver, said she could not come into contact with her daughter. Even her older sister, Saraswati, who fought for her rights a few years ago, was not happy with Dutee's decision. He explains that she is constantly trying to make her family understand that it is perfectly natural to fall in love with another woman, but she has failed to do so.

    Twitterati radiates love for her

    . By supporting her, the unwavering attitude she has told the world about her relationship, the Twitterat family praises her courage. The Indian LGBT activist + Harris Iyer writes her support for her by calling her a "beacon of hope ". Twitter

    Another prominent person, Mahima Kukreja took on Twitter to praise Dutee says she did easier for a few girls out there to feel good about their sexuality.

    <img class = "size-full wp-image-529252 aligncenter" src = "https://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Twitterati-Is-Showering- Love-On-Her1.jpg "alt =" Twitterati is Towering Love of Her1  </a> </p>
<p>  <em> Source: <a href= Twitter

    Payoshni Mitra, stating that he is proud of Dutee for coming out and saying this, even though he is part of the Orthodox Society. ” width=”500″ height=”604″ />

    Twitterati bathes the love of Her2 ” width=”500″ height=”604″ /> ] Finally, she has talked about her personal life and made it clear to everyone, and now for a brighter heart, she can continue with her training for the coming Olympic Games, she said she would think to establish herself with her partner after her return from the Olympics.We could not be more proud of this super woman, is it? She shines bright as a ray of hope for many couples of the same sex there.

    Londoners are the ‘UK’s worst neighbours’ apparently

    Londoners are the ‘UK’s worst neighbours’ apparently

    Oh dear.

    Credit: Mint Images/Shutterstock

    There are heaps of reasons to live in London – the best breakfasts and nail salons and afternoon tea! Plus, London Dog week is a thing.

    But there’s one thing you might not want to move to the capital for – and it’s not the cost of renting for once.

    It’s your potential neighbours. A new study reveals that they’ve been voted the worst in the UK and dubbed the least considerate individuals.

    The research, conducted by Duette, surveyed 2,400 Brits over the age of 18 who rented or owned their homes. It found that Londoners were rated a measly 4.1/10 when it comes to considerate neighbours, and deemed the least likely to start a conversation with those on their street.

    On the other hand, those in Cardiff believe that their neighbours are more than adequate, scoring an impressive 8.1/10. Why? Because they’re more likely to help each other out by checking on their homes while away on holiday or watering plants.

    Here are the cities that came out on top when it comes to considerate neighbours:

    Cardiff – 8.1/10

    Manchester – 7.9/10

    Gloucester – 7.7/10

    Exeter – 7.5/10

    Worcester – 7.4/10

    Newcastle – 7.2/10

    Truro – 7.1/10

    Norwich – 7/10

    Birmingham – 6.8/10

    Leeds – 6.7/10

    Reading – 5.4/10

    Liverpool – 5/10

    Glasgow – 4.8/10

    Bristol – 4.5/10

    London 4.1/10

    The study looked to find the most mindful communities in the UK.

    Sunny Matharu, a Duette spokesperson said: ‘Having nice neighbours can make a huge difference; not only can you turn to them for help when you need it, such as when you go away, but it’s always someone to smile and wave at, sometimes talk to, and you never know who’s day you might be making by being kind.

    ‘Bad neighbours are never ideal, especially when all involved are arguing. For the sake of all involved, any issues should be discussed and resolved – it shouldn’t lead to someone having to up and move in order to feel settled and comfortable.’

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    Asda wins gold at the world’s biggest wine competition with this £5.25 bottle

    Asda wins gold at the world’s biggest wine competition with this £5.25 bottle

    Stock up for Bank Holiday weekend

    asda wine

    Not sure where to start when picking the perfect bottle of vino? Overwhelmed when it comes to the alcohol aisle? Unsure of what you should be pairing with your dinner? Well, you can start to make sense of it all by taking note of which wines come out on top at the world’s biggest wine awards.

    And this year it’s Asda that’s taking home a gold star for one of their £5.25 offering which has ‘soft, tropical fruit flavours seasoned with a sassy crispness’.

    The supermarket was awarded the honour by the Decanter World Wine Awards, the world’s largest wine competition, for their bottle of The Wine Atlas Fetească Regală, Romania 2018 which is listed on their website as ‘a brilliant match to rice salads, Asian dishes or stir-fries.’

    Judges selected their favourites from a selection of 17,000 wines from 57 countries and awards co-chair Michael Hill Smith hopes that the competition will help people pick up the perfect bottle.

    ‘Choosing a bottle with a DWWA sticker on it, particularly a gold or platinum, should reassure them that the wine has been through a rigorous judging process, against much competition and you can trust the quality,’ he said.

    ‘With more education on wine so widely available nowadays, and plenty more opportunities to travel, now really is the time to have an interest in wine.’

    An award winning bottle of wine for less than £6? We’re sold.

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    Here’s who has apparently visited baby Archie in Frogmore Cottage so far

    Here’s who has apparently visited baby Archie in Frogmore Cottage so far


    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially parents, as the royal couple excitedly announced the news earlier this month that Baby Sussex had arrived.

    ‘We are pleased to announce that Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their firstborn child in the early morning on May 6th, 2019. Their Royal Highnesses’ son weighs 7lbs. 3oz,’ read a statement from the couple via their Sussex Royal Instagram page, with the royal couple going on to announce his name, ‘Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor’.

    Since giving the world a first glimpse at their newborn, the couple and Archie have been nesting in their new Frogmore Cottage home, with only a select few said to have visited the Sussexes.


    So, who has visited baby Archie and his parents so far?

    Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland is said to have been present at the birth, and she was also in attendance when the Queen and Prince Philip met the newborn, just two days.

    ‘Archie’s first week at home with mum and dad was quiet, they wanted that personal space with their newborn,’ royal commentator Omid Scobie told Good Morning America earlier last week. ‘This week it’s all about the visitors, with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting tomorrow and the Prince of Wales visiting later this week.’


    Sure enough both the Cambridges and Prince Charles and Camilla have stopped by for a visit, with both couples expressing their joy at the new addition to the royal family.

    But, who will be the next visitor?

    Well, it is reported that it will be from Meghan’s side, with her best friend, Jessica Mulroney spotted toy shopping in Windsor with her daughter Ivy. That can’t be a coincidence!

    Pictures please!

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