Scientists Explain 5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Too Much Salt

Scientists Explain 5 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Eat Too Much Salt

Salt is part of almost every food we eat, whether it's your three square dishes or a snack between them. Even sweet meats contain a small amount of sodium, which means you will not get away from this main ingredient unless you live with a fruit diet!

Medical specialists recommend not to consume more than 1500-2400 mg of this flavor enhancer every day 1 ). However, given the fact that processed or even homemade food is usually rich in salt and additionally add table salt to most dishes on our plate, it is safe to assume that salt consumption per person is well above the recommended limit.

But the main question here is – eating too much salt dangerous? Are there any side effects to it? What happens when you eat too much salt?

Let's dig into 5 bad things that happen when you have an excess of salt in your diet! Kidney Problems Begin

A diet rich in sodium may be useful for taste buds, but it is very harmful to the kidneys. Excessive salt consumption leads to high levels of calcium in your penis, which may increase your chances If you consume a large amount of salt, your kidney can not fulfill the role of filtering the fluid out of the blood and rejecting it, as sodium leads to an increase in the kidney stones. of your blood pressure This can lead to kidney failure in severe cases ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


As we said in the previous section, excess salt in your system can prevent kidneys from functioning optimally, which may (19459012) 3 ) Too much salt in your diet leads to water retention, which means your heart needs to work harder to keep your system running . This in turn puts pressure on the bloodstream, causing diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and so on.

3. [196599015] Shutterstock

Again, this is linked to the fact that too much sodium in your diet leads to water retention, which then leads to abdominal swelling ( 4 )). It is now widely accepted that abdominal swelling only affects your stomach, but in fact the salt content can lead to water retention in different parts of your body. This condition is known as swelling and is characterized by swelling of the hands, legs and legs as a result of the consumption of too much salt ( 5 ). So, if you regularly consume excess salt, you may end up with chronic swelling.

4. You can develop a brain fog

  You can develop a brain fog


Of a few things that can affect the proper functioning of the brain, too much salt is one of them. According to a study published in the journal aging people who had a diet rich in salt and followed a sedentary lifestyle suffered from more cognitive impairments than those who did not (19459020) 6 ) In addition, brain fog (which is a type of inflammation) usually occurs when you consume too much salt. In addition, excessive salt consumption also leads to decreased thirst and consequently to dehydration, which can also interfere with your cognitive function

5. You Can Also Get Osteoporosis

  You Can Also Get Osteoporosis


Every time you urinate, you throw away calcium from your body. While this is normal, your body may eventually drain more calcium than normal if you indulge in a diet that is high in sodium. Now we all know that osteoporosis is caused by lack of calcium in your body. So if your diet contains large amounts of salt, the rate of calcium depletion in your body increases by sucking calcium out of the bone and thus leading to osteoporosis 7 ). it sounds very awful, but still do not panic. There is a way to save yourself from all these diseases. Here are some tips that can help you limit salt intake:

  • Since processed foods are rich in sodium, it is best to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of processed foods in your diet. Help also because this nutrient has the ability to resist the bad effects of too much salt. It can also keep your blood pressure under control. You can get your daily dose of potassium from foods such as spinach, bananas, sweet potatoes and tomatoes, and so on.
  • Skipping salt mass is another way to limit salt consumption. Also, try to prepare all your meals yourself to have more control over the level of salt in the foods you eat
  • Pour canned foods as they have extra salt added as preservatives. Instead, buy fresh meat, fruits and vegetables every time.

Controlling the amount of salt in your diet is really not that difficult. You do not have to make any drastic changes in lifestyle! So, make sure you have less salt and keep a healthier life.

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10 Scientific Discoveries That Are Important To Know About If You Care About Your Health

10 Scientific Discoveries That Are Important To Know About If You Care About Your Health

A healthy lifestyle not only changes the body but also changes our minds and attitudes. The care for our health must be our priority. To do so, we need to get acquainted with the latest scientific findings about health. We have listed 10 such scientific discoveries that can influence the way we care for ourselves and our health.

1. Brain aging begins when you are in your 20s

With age our organs begin to age, the brain is no exception. Previously, brain aging was thought to begin in the later stages of life when the individual reaches 40 years of age. But according to a study by the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia (19459007) 1 ).

2. Adequate sleep helps in making healthy foods

  Adequate sleep helps in making healthy foods


Sleep plays an important role in our common lifestyle, especially our weight. According to a study carried out by the Department of Medical Surgery in the bedroom Harvard Medical School, the proper sleep is associated with a healthier diet choice 2 ). Fewer sugary foods and drinks as well as more vegetables and fruits are the way to go.

3. There are more bacteria in the gym than in toilets

Going into the gym can help you burn those extra calories, but it can also have a side effect on your health. The amount of bacteria found in the salon is more than that of the toilet seat. Running paths and cycling handles are a hub for the microbes to thrive. According to a study conducted by the Medical Department of Brook Army Medical Center, Texas, such equipment can carry infections (19459014) .

Although not all bacteria are bad for health, it is recommended to use antibacterial cleansing as a precautionary measure. Also, use bathroom slippers when using a locker or fitness shower.

4. The smoke illuminates

  Dim Light makes us blurry


Some people spend too much time in dimly lit rooms, thinking they create a soothing environment. But poor lighting actually affects our brain. According to a study conducted at Michigan State University, poorly lit rooms and offices undermine the ability of a person to remember and learn 4 ). Human beings show similar signs of oblivion when they go out of cinemas when people forget their keys or other things

5. Drinking hot tea increases the risk of developing cancer

Who does not like a hot cup of tea! But drinking hot tea increases the risk of cancer. According to China's National Natural Science Foundation drinking hot tea is associated with an increased risk of oesophageal cancer when combined with regular intake of alcohol and tobacco 5 . ] 6. Mutation in stem cells causes muscles to age

  Mutation in stem cells causes muscles to age


Muscles and their functions gradually decrease with age that affects quality of life. Muscle cells become obsolete due to changes in stem cells. According to a study at Medical School at Stanford University, these cells underwent many changes that affect the regeneration of cells with age (19459019) 6 . Imagination can be a good tool to reduce pain

Doctors, while injecting small children, often tell them they will feel like a little bit of an ant. Interestingly, this type of imagination is thought to reduce pain. According to a Norwegian study investigating the effect of targeted images on women suffering from fibromyalgia, pleasant images were found to be effective in reducing fibromyalgia pain (19459020) 7 . Trust and pride saves older people from falling

  Trust and pride saves older people from falling


Old people tend to fall more often than young people. There are several reasons why the elderly fall: sedentary lifestyle and poor vision to name a few. With that in mind, UK researchers have found that older people who have greater pride and confidence in reality are less likely to fall 8 ).

A study conducted by the Department of Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases at the University of Tokyo shows that male pattern baldness is associated with coronary heart disease 9 ). Therefore, men who become bald early should not take them lightly and receive advice as a preventative measure. A positive approach to life can protect us from dementia

  A positive approach to life can protect us from dementia


A positive approach to life solves many problems. This makes us stronger in difficult situations. When a good diet and exercise takes care of our physical health, a positive approach to life takes care of our mental health. According to a study conducted by Florida State University College of Medicine, a meaningful and purposeful life reduces the risk of dementia 10 ).

We hope these new findings and studies have revealed some light on the way our lifestyle affects our health. This, of course, will help you change the way you look at life and follow some hygiene rules. In the end, health is wealth

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8 Products More Useful For Women’s Health Than All Those Sensational Superfoods

8 Products More Useful For Women’s Health Than All Those Sensational Superfoods

Superfoods caught the attention of the media and the charm of the general public as nothing else! With celebrities approving food such as goji, green tea, wheat and oily fish, it is natural for their fans to be tempted and try out the same foods (19459002) 1 ). After all, who does not want the body and the skin like famous people who idolize?

But you do not really need luxury foods to be your healthiest best. Ordinary foods that are in your kitchen are just as good, if not better. So, if you are a woman who is right for you, it may be worth making the following 8 food items part of your plate!

1. Garlic can strengthen bones and heart

Garlic is rich in many nutrients, including manganese and vitamin B6 ( 2 ). Both types contribute to maintaining the health of your bones and heart. For example, if you have garlic, you help reduce the pressure on your heart, making it ideal for stressful exercises ( 3 ). In addition, if you have 2g of garlic every day, you can prevent osteoporosis as it helps maintain estrogen levels after menopause ( 4 ). ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Loaded with vitamins B2 and B12, beef helps you manage the symptoms of PMS in an effective way 5 ). This red meat also contains large amounts of iron and zinc, both of which are essential to prevent anemia – a condition characterized by iron deficiency and symptoms such as fatigue and pale skin (1964-9007). To avoid reducing iron levels in your body during periods, you have to make beef part of your diet. The zinc content will also promote healthy nails and hair.

3. Brussels sprouts can prevent signs of aging

Signs of aging are not limited to your skin like wrinkles, for example. Cataract is also a sign that your youth has long since disappeared and old age is being established. But you will not have to suffer from these signs of aging sooner than you expected if you eat Brussels sprouts on a regular basis

Brussels sprouts contain two substances known as lutein and zeaxanthin that help prevent cataracts 8 ). The high vitamin C content also helps keep your eyes healthy ( 9 ). In addition, vitamin C in Brussels sprouts helps to increase the production of collagen, which in turn prevents the appearance of your skin wrinkles (19459019) 10 ). They have tomatoes to prevent depression, sunburn and breast cancer

  They have tomatoes to prevent depression, sunburn and breast cancer


Vitamins A, B9 and C are abundant in tomatoes and each they have a specific benefit to the supply ( 11 )! The content of vitamin A in tomatoes is great for your skin and hair by offering natural light. On the other hand, lycopene in tomatoes (the chemical that gives it its natural red color) helps protect your skin from nasty sunburns (19459022) 12 ). As for vitamin B9 in tomatoes, it helps to reduce the risk of both depression and breast cancer ( 13 ). Potatoes make your full sense and protect against free radicals

Free radicals are bad for your health. If your body has them in excess, you may even suffer catastrophic consequences such as infertility. Fortunately, potatoes can help you avoid such a fate. Spuds are very rich in antioxidants and protect your body from damage caused by free radicals ( 14 ). Also, potatoes help you control your appetite because of the low starch and vitamin B6 content, which has a positive effect on your metabolism ( 15 ). Cherries cure insomnia and provide muscle pain relief

  Cherries cure insomnia and relieve pain in muscles


Frequent exercise means having muscle aches from time to time. The best way to relieve the pain and speed up the recovery process is to have cherry juice ( 16 ). In addition, a glass of cherry juice can help you if you encounter problems sleeping at night. Just drink a glass before going to bed and delaying it faster than you would have done after taking medicines. Also, cherry juice can even support your healthy brain ( 17 ).

7. Kefir, a type of beverage from fermented milk, is quite rich in vitamin B12, phosphorus and calcium. A glass of this milk every day can help you control body weight because it contains more probiotics than yogurt. In addition, kefir can help you fight with anxiety, stress and depression. The Canadian study also proves that kefir can prevent breast cancer ( 18 ). The cocktail promotes healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby

  Coconut promotes healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby


To ensure that the baby's brain develops properly when it is uterus, oil as there are large amounts of fatty acids that provide the same. Coconut water can also help by controlling your blood pressure and raising your cholesterol levels while reducing the level of bad cholesterol. Rich in dietary fiber, coconut water can also improve digestion and provide relief from constipation and heartburn

Who needs super foods when ordinary kitchen utensils pack so many miracles? Try eating these foods regularly and you will see the difference on your own! Post 8 Products More Healthy to Women's Health than All These Sensational Superfoods appears first on 19459003 ]

Dentists Explain 7 Habits That Ruin Your Teeth and Gums (And How to Fix It!)

Dentists Explain 7 Habits That Ruin Your Teeth and Gums (And How to Fix It!)

Everyone tells you what to do to take good care of your teeth – brush at least twice a day and use strands and mouthwash. But no one tells you what to do, is it? This is problematic because, although you care well for your teeth, you may still have tooth problems. This is because you still follow certain bad oral habits, which you absolutely should not!

If you really want to boast of the mega smile and eat the most crunchy stuff in old age, it's time to get advice (19659002) Here's 7 bad habits that you need to stop right now if you do not want to damage your gums his teeth:

1. Using Teeth to Open Things

  Using Teeth to Open Things


You can be proud of the many things your teeth can open with sharp, for your knives, to open and scissors, right? Drilling open walnuts or toothbrush hats can actually break down your enamel and gradually erosion and weaken your teeth – a scenario that is certainly far from the smallest!

2. Chewing tobacco

  Chewing tobacco


Or even having it in a cigarette shape. No matter how you consume tobacco, it will harm your teeth. Indeed, there are many studies to prove it! Using tobacco regularly can not only increase your chances of contracting any gum disease, but even put you at a high risk of oral cancer ( 1 ). It is said that one of the smallest evils of tobacco use is that you will end up with permanently colored teeth, if nothing else

3. [19659906] Shutterstock

Biting bits of our nails is something we're all guilty of, at least in childhood. No wonder one of the earliest memories of childhood consists of your mother, calling "Stop biting all your nails!" Well, you have to listen to her when she says this, because you will eventually save your teeth from many troubles!

Biting your nails can expose your oral environment to tons of harmful bacteria. This is because you use your hands to do everything, which means that your numbers accumulate tons of bacteria and other germs that are therefore housed under your nails. So, if you touch your nails, there are chances of falling seriously ill and even hurting your teeth!

4. Getting the lips, the cheeks or the tongue pierced is a bad idea from the beginning, Even if you think that you can not get it, looks fashionable and cool "Cool". The Canadian Dental Association says that piercing in your mouth can cause permanent damage to the teeth of your lips, cheeks and your taste buds ( 2 ). This is not all. These piercings may even result in tooth fracture, as well as conditions such as gum recession, which can cause tooth loss

5. [19659906] Shutterstock

Acid foods also contain many healthy foods such as lemon (fruits, lemons and limes). However, although their benefits are great for your health, excessive consumption of acid foods and beverages (cold drinks, for example) is not good for your teeth. The acid content of these foods gradually erodes your enamel, which is the most difficult outer layer covering your tooth 3 ). If your enamel is eroded, your teeth are exposed to a lot of tooth problems such as cavities and other diseases. These, if they get worse, may even require you to get your teeth.

6. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

Some people, when exposed to stress or angry, unconsciously hit their jaws or teeth to cope with the stress that affects them. Although obviously harmless, frequent dental closures (medically known as bruxism) may increase your chances of suffering from misaligned teeth 4 ). This habit can lead to a gradual worsening of your pearl white. In addition, closing the jaws can cause headaches and jaw pain.

7. Eating High Sugar Foods

  Eating High Sugar Foods


If you eat highly sugary foods, the number of oral bacteria will increase. This increase in oral bacteria can cause cavities, tooth decay and other dental problems. In addition, high sugar consumption can lead to a ton of other health problems such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and so on.

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9 Popular Breakfast Foods Doctors Don’t Recommend

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9 Popular Breakfast Foods Doctors Don’t Recommend

We all tend to think only in one direction when it comes to breakfast. Some of us tend to stick to the traditional dough / poha / toast / cereal bread, but do we all stop thinking if these are the right choices for a full breakfast? Healthy eating is considered one in which a person is eating breakfast as a king. But in doing so, do all the wrong choices?

Well, read to find out about yourself! Here are the 9 most popular snacks that are not as healthy as you think:

1. Pancakes



Also known as crepes in some parts of the world, this is a delicious breakfast that we all love. And let's be honest – this is also one of the quickest and most simple snacks to break up (not for play). But the problem with this very loved and tasty breakfast option is that there is too much sugar in it. Also, adding toppings also does not help. I mean, of course, eating pancakes means there will be a maple syrup on it! Or at least copper. And this, so early in the day, actually sends the insulin levels of your body to the pelvic floor, and so it is best to avoid it.

One way to do this is to replace flour with more fibrous ingredients like oats. Oh, and the toppings? Something less sugar, please!

2. Cornflakes

Is not this the simplest, most not meaningful, fast option for breakfast? Just take a bowl of corn corn, add hot or cold milk, load it with some fruits and you're done! It feels like heaps of kindness the first thing in the morning, right? But it turns out that, after all, it's not such an incredible breakfast. The problem is sugar again. These cereals contain more than is good for the body, the first thing in the morning. It also increases your chances of getting diabetes if you are sensitive or if someone in your family has it 1 )

Does this mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite breakfast for good? Not necessarily. You can always go to the sugar-free option and add nuts or flax seeds to make them more nutritious

3. Toasted Bread

Living in a country like India, where rice is the main food of the majority of people, it's a little hard to say farewell to these little white friends. But it is no longer a secret that rice contains loads and many carbohydrates – carbohydrates that we can definitely do without – especially in the morning.

How to do it? Because rice is BAE, right? Simple. Just replace it with brown rice, it's almost the same delicious cousin minus unnecessary carbohydrates (plus a lot of fiber!)

6. Smoothies

Who does not like a nice cup of vegetables and fruits mixed and returned with some sweet cream, right? You will be surprised at how the health of all these foods actually is. Every time it is recommended that the fruits be eaten whole and the juices take away the fibers in them.

The best way to eat fruits and vegetables is to eat them. But if you just have to have a smoothie in the morning do not forget to do it without adding unnecessary ingredients like sugar and creamy trimmings

7. Milk



Contrary to popular belief, milk is actually not as nutritious and superfood as it is made. Many of them are actually intolerable to lactose. But if you are among those who are not, and love your glass of milk in the morning, avoid drinking it on an empty stomach. If you have stomach problems, it can lead to acidity and, in some cases, to breakthrough acne (19459013) 3 ). Yoghurts

Strawberries are actually good for you. The only catch is getting rid of sugary, flavored yoghurt on the market that claims to be healthy but only increases your blood sugar levels. Therefore, be sure to choose low-fat, organic, no added flavors

9. Sandwiches



While they are home, sandwiches are good. So instead of going to a restaurant and ordering, do it at home. You will be surprised how easy they are. And also, very great!

What do you think about this list?

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24 Best Foods You Should Have For A Healthy Gut (And The 5 Foods You Shouldn’t)

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24 Best Foods You Should Have For A Healthy Gut (And The 5 Foods You Shouldn’t)

Let's tell you a secret about bowel health – it takes care of healthy intestinal bacteria. They not only help break down the food you eat, but even help optimize the absorption of nutrients and remove toxins. When your intestinal flora is in trouble, you are in trouble. So how do you prevent it? We have prepared a list of foods to eat (and not to eat) to ensure your bowels work best. Read.

What are the foods that restore bowel health

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Studies show how vinegar can help reduce the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, which are unhealthy bacteria causing inflammatory conditions such as leaking 1 Apple vinegar also has anti-viral, anti-yeast and antifungal properties – all of which support the intestinal micro-organism and improve overall bowel health. ACV is also known as heartburn and indigestion

2. Bone broth

  2. Bone Broth


Gelatin is a critical element of bone broth, which plays a role in improving the strength of the inner lining of the intestine. This ultimately contributes to the health of probiotics and bowel health. Studies show how gelatin promotes health and intestinal integrity ( 2 ).

3. Kombucha

Kombucha undergoes fermentation and this means that the drink is rich in probiotics ( 3 ). Tea is rich in antioxidants that fight against free radicals and protect the digestive system. And some studies also show how it can cure stomach ulcers (19459016) 4 )

4. Yogurt (and most yogurt products) contains live strains of healthy bacteria found in the digestive system ( 5 ). This helps increase your overall digestive health. Just a quick tip – look for the label "live active cultures" before buying yogurt

Did you know that the intestine contains about 100 trillion bacteria? This is about 10 times the number of cells in your body. This only highlights the importance of improving the quality of intestinal bacteria ( 6 )

5. Jerusalem Artichoke

These artichokes are one of the best sources of indigestible fiber – which feeds good bacteria in the gut. One of the important fibers in Jerusalem artichoke is inulin, which ferments in healthy bacteria in the colon.

But be sure to start taking these artichokes gradually, as people with sensitive digestive systems may experience problems. Kimchi

This Korean diet also contains tons of red bacteria. Also, longer kimchi ferments, the more probiotics. Studies have shown that restoring the gastrointestinal tract to good bacteria can prevent several related problems (19459019) 7 ). Potato Starch

This is the stable starch, which is often called "dry food". Sustained starch works as soluble and fermenting fibers. It moves through the stomach and the small intestine, which is undetected, and as it reaches the colon, it feeds the friendly bacteria and improves the health of the intestine ( 8 ). Coconut oil

  8. Coconut oil


Coconut oil destroys bad bacteria and candida, thereby enhancing bowel health. Indeed, it has been found that candida dispersion reduces gastric acidity, resulting in inflammation and indigestion

9. Sauerkraut

Soybean is nothing but fermented cabbage leaves. Bacteria on the surface of the leaves ferment the natural sugars of the vegetables and the result is sour cabbage. It contains live probiotics that improve the health of the digestive system.

Soybean helps in the treatment of leaky bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and IBS. Honey

Although not a probiotic, honey can serve as a prebiotic. Some studies have found that consuming prebiotics can help raise healthy bacterial levels in the intestine.

Studies also show how replacing sugars in our food with honey can improve the health of the intestinal microflora 9 ).

11. Bananas

This is especially true for green bananas. They are rich in stable starch, which is prebiotic. They also contain a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers. And as we have seen, resistant starch feeds beneficial intestinal bacteria

12. Red wine

Research shows that taking red wine (with moderation, of course) can help improve the health of the intestinal mucosa 10 ). Beans

Beans or any legumes help to release short chain fatty acids that strengthen intestinal cells. They also improve the absorption of nutrients. Beans also contain a large amount of fiber that nourishes the intestinal bacteria.

Research has shown that beans improve bowel health by improving the functions of the intestinal barrier ( 11 ). Curcuma

  14. Turmeric


Turmeric helps to prevent the over production of bile and acid, and this helps in the production of beneficial intestinal bacteria. Other antioxidants in the spice help digestion and facilitate stomach cramps.

15. Kefir

Kefir is rich in probiotics and we know how they improve bowel health. They also relieve an upset stomach ( 12 ). Broccoli

Broccoli showed that they improved the symptoms of bowel leakage, which happens when the intestinal barrier is broken. Broccoli contains fiber, which is another reason why it can do well with the intestines

17. Blueberries

Some studies have shown that anthocyanins in blueberries can divert intestinal bacteria and improve bowel health

A glass of blueberries also contains 3.6 grams of fiber that promotes regularity and promotes digestion. Garlic

Garlic can act as a prebiotic and this helps to improve the health of the intestinal bacteria. But it also has a high content of fructans, so we recommend people with IBS avoid because they may have difficulty absorbing garlic

The prebiotic also makes garlic an important food for the probiotics in the gut to thrive. Prebiotics in garlic are indigestible and therefore remain in the intestines, and existing probiotics can use them as food. It is quite interesting that raw garlic contains inulin and fructooligosaccharides (do not worry about pronunciation), which also stimulate the intestinal microflora (19459025) 13 )

. Black Chocolate

  19. Dark Chocolate


Studies show that taking cocoa (which makes dark chocolate) can improve the health of friendly bacteria in the gut. Although more research is needed, this is a step in the right direction.

Even more interesting is the fact that micro-organisms in turn trigger the anti-inflammatory properties of dark chocolate 14 ). .

20. Coffee

An interesting study reveals that intestinal microbes ferment fiber from coffee, thereby producing useful compounds that in turn stimulate bowel health (19459028) 15 ). Mango

Compared with other tropical fruits, mangoes offer the highest amount of dietary fiber. As we have seen, the fiber can reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems and stimulate bowel health

22. Salmon

Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids increase the diversity of intestinal bacteria and improve overall digestive health

Omega-3 in salmon also fight intestinal inflammation and treat inflammatory diseases. 23. Kvass

This is another fermented beverage known for its impressive probiotic content. This helps to improve digestive tract health, in addition to preventing the intestines.

24. Chocolate

  24. Pickles


Fermented pickles are rich in probiotics and they can improve bowel health. And not only that – some studies have shown that healthy intestinal microflora can even reduce the risk of colorectal cancer (19650010). [196590010] These are foods that you can regularly take to ensure your absolute best. But there is something else you need to know – and this is the list of foods that can harm your bowel

What to Avoid for a Healthy Cusp

1. Gluten

The wheat we consume today is not the same as that of our parents. Today's wheat is hybridized – it contains specific artificial proteins that cause inflammatory reactions and often lead to intolerance to gluten. Therefore, you should avoid gluten to protect your intestines, especially if you are intolerant to it

2. Sugars

This includes white and brown sugars, high quality fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and processed foods (such as fried foods) as they contain trans fats that can alter the function of intestinal bacteria. All of them disturb the microbial balance inside the intestine. Sugar also feeds mushrooms such as Candida albicans which perforates the intestine and attacks intestinal walls

3. Antibiotics

Regular use of antibiotics kills intestinal microflora. This is because most antibiotics can not distinguish healthy and unhealthy bacteria. They attack everything that comes into their line of sight, and some of the concomitant damage occurs in the strains of beneficial intestinal bacteria

4. Red meat

Red meat contains large amounts of trimethylamine-N-oxide, a chemical known to alter the intestinal bacterial species in a worse state. This also applies to other meat products

5. Soda

Soda is not big. Soda, especially sugar-containing, contains many simple carbohydrates that reduce the variety of intestinal bacteria. This can pose problems in the long run.


The gut care is simple. A few changes to your diet and you're good to go. If your intestine works well, it simply means that the entire system works well.

Tell us how this post helped you. Leave a comment in the field below


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Post 24 Best Foods That You Need For The Health (and the five foods you do not have to) ]

7 Exercises For A Flat Belly That You Can Do Even While Sitting On A Chair

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7 Exercises For A Flat Belly That You Can Do Even While Sitting On A Chair

Fighting the battle is worse than many battles. How much can you watch their weight when there is so much cake to eat! We have a life to live and only eight (or perhaps less) hours of sleep, right? Besides, most of us have heavenly high career ambitions to balance together with countless endless family responsibilities. The fact that most of us work at a desk makes this even worse. Finding time for yourself in the cacophony of life is a high task and finding time to work is almost impossible!

But imagine if you can work while you sit in your office and still manage to get your dream waist and washboard abs? Would you like to try these simple chairs exercises to help you balance all this, but make sure you do not lose your workout? Read on to learn about 7 exercises for a flat stomach and a thin waist!

1. Warm Up ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

Before you start an intense or even light workout, it is best to make a round of warm-up exercises. These exercises are designed to relieve muscle tension and ensure that one prepares his body for workout. Here's how this training looks like:

  • Sit on the edge of a chair, keep your hands on your knees
  • Slowly bend back, keeping your back straight and shrinking your stomach
  • Your back can touch the back of your back (19659007) but constantly return to the starting position
  • Repeat this exercise 10 to 12 times

2. Twists For The Obliques

  Twists For The Obliques

This exercise is for strengthening the inclined muscles. Here is the method to follow:

What will Meghan Markle be learning in her six months of Princess lessons?

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What will Meghan Markle be learning in her six months of Princess lessons?

Watch your back Mia Thermopolis.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Rupert Hartley/REX/Shutterstock (9640723d)
Meghan Markle
Stephen Lawrence Memorial, St Martin in the Fields, London, UK – 23 Apr 2018

Meghan Markle has fitted seamlessly into the royal family from the moment she started dating Harry, from bonding with the Queen’s corgis to getting an early invite to spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Windsors.

And now that the couple have tied the knot, Meghan is officially a royal, with the Queen giving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the titles, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as a wedding present.

The newlyweds made their first public appearance as Duke and Duchess at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace this week, with Meghan nailing Duchess chic in a Goat dress and Philip Treacy hat.

But while she is proving herself to be in the know on royal protocol, wearing tights to public engagements and curtsying to both the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth on the regular, it has been revealed that Meghan will be undertaking Princess lessons.

Yes, really. The former Suits actress is set to attend six months of princess lessons to perfect her approach to the role – everything from lessons about Ascot to banquet etiquette. and while unlike Mia Thermopolis, she won’t have Julie Andrews to turn to, one of her royal aides is set to stand in and teach her all things royal.

But what will she study?

‘In terms of etiquette, there may be some advice on “British” traditions such as tea parties and formal banquets,’ The English Manner Chief Executive Alexandra Messervy explained to InStyle of Meghan’s princess lessons. ‘There will be discussions on Royal Ascot and key events in the royal year, public outings, garden parties – which she did yesterday with aplomb grace and looked super—and I don’t think much else. Her Royal Highness has already shown she has film star poise and grace.’

Happy studying, Meghan.

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Even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are fans of these best-selling scented candles

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Even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are fans of these best-selling scented candles

Aren’t we all?

Just like us, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are big fans of one of the most popular fragrance brands.

We already know that both Meghan and Harry wore a unisex fragrance created by Floris on their big day, but they went with a different perfume house to scent the venue.

The couple chose French perfumer Diptyque’s candles and room sprays to scent their wedding and, although we don’t know the exact fragrance, its reported the couple chose a selection of floral scents.

Diptyque Candle Trio, £70, Net-a-Porter

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Meghan also burned a trio of Diptyque’s floral candles while she was getting ready for the ceremony – presumably to keep the nerves at bay.

A spokesperson for the brand has said, ‘We would like to express our sincere congratulations to Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on their wedding. ‘We were delighted to help scent their special day.’

The Sussexes aren’t the only Duke and Duchess who love a luxury candle, though; Kate Middleton and Prince William reportedly chose for Jo Malone candles to scent Westminster Abbey for their wedding back in 2011.

Kate’s fragrance of choice is reportedly the brand’s ever-popular Orange Blossom; an excellent choice, we might add.

It just goes to show that nobody is immune from a scented candle addiction…

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Heads up! This hero ASOS dress is back with a vengeance for summer

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Heads up! This hero ASOS dress is back with a vengeance for summer

Get it on the action

A little while back, ASOS released the hero dress of the season. I’m calling it a hero dress because the press release got fashion editor friends (myself included) excited before the dress even launched.

And when it did finally land, it was gone within hours. I should know, I wasn’t quick enough and I’m still kicking myself.

If you missed it, it was the perfect midi dress with flattering drop-waist, pleated skirt, green floral print and button details that made it just the right side of vintage-inspired.

You can see below how a few influencers styled theirs.

Hello sunshine ☀ Swipe to see how you’ve been styling our hero floral pleated dress this spring 🔎 1210983 #youdoyou

A post shared by ASOS (@asos) on Apr 5, 2018 at 8:00am PDT

Now the kind people at ASOS have given me a heads up that the dress is back in a summer version, and it’s going to make a killing.

It’s pretty much the same style, except that instead of long sleeves, it has a square neck and cami straps.

Shop now: ASOS DESIGN Ditsy Floral Pleated Drop Waist Midi Dress for £40 from ASOS

Wear yours with trainers or a summer sandals, and do accessorise with a basket bag.

You’re very welcome.

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