This wonder serum is like a buffet of essential ingredients for your skin

This wonder serum is like a buffet of essential ingredients for your skin

We hone in on one of cult brand The Ordinary’s best products…

Affordable brand The Ordinary came to the UK relatively recently, but already it’s kicked up a storm in terms of cult following – probably because it offers a no-nonsense, affordable approach to skincare.

The capsule line of skincare products (think serums, acid toners and face oils) puts exactly what’s in the bottle on the label, so you can source your products based on the element you’re looking for.

But, if you’re not much of an expert in terms of specific skincare ingredients, terms like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid may boggle your mind a bit, so allow us to hone in on one of the brand’s best and most beneficial products: The Buffet Peptide Serum.

At just under £13, this is the range’s most expensive product, but still clocks in far cheaper than the majority of higher end brands. So what makes it so great?

Peptides naturally occur in our skin, helping it carry out all of its functions. More peptides = skin that works even more efficiently, which is good news as this product is packed full of ’em.

The serum also contains 11 different amino acids, which work to plump and firm the skin, making it a great anti-ageing beauty product. Allow it to soak in completely before following up with a moisturiser, then admire your significantly softer and more even complexion.

So popular is this wonder serum though that it’s often out of stock, so you’d better nab it quick while it’s still available if you want to try it for yourself.

The Ordinary Buffet Multi-Technology Peptide Serum, £12.70, Fabled

The Ordinary


Buy now

Use this serum every day and your skin will look healthier and glowier from within in no time; we’d go as far as to say you’ll save money on your foundation, because you won’t be using anywhere near as much.

Already a fan of The Ordinary? Let us know your favourite products by tweeting us at @marieclaireuk

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5 things you didn’t know about women’s rugby

5 things you didn’t know about women’s rugby

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup Sevens in San Francisco this weekend, Sarah Mockford, editor of Rugby World, gives us the lowdown  on the state of play in women’s rugby while England’s scrum half Natasha Hunt teaches us a thing or two about what it takes to be a player.

‘Every year women’s rugby continues to make strides and we saw a giant leap in 2017, with the 15-a-side Women’s World Cup final shown live on prime-time Saturday night TV,’ says Sarah Mockford, who as well as being the editor of Rugby World magazine was the first female chairman of the Rugby Union writers’ club.

‘Not only did that take the sport to a wider audience but it was recognised as a great game of rugby, regardless of the gender of those playing it.

‘This weekend we’ll see some of the game’s most skilful athletes, women and men, playing in the Sevens World Cup in San Francisco. There are sure to be plenty of thrills at AT&T Park and if I had to pick my favourites to reach the women’s final it would be Australia and New Zealand.’

Meanwhile, Natasha Hunt reveals what it takes to be an international player:

1. Most female rugby players have regular full-time jobs

‘As an athlete, you make sacrifices. Or rather, you make a choice to commit. I am also a trained PE teacher, so I had two jobs when I started out, but I have been a full-time athlete now since 2014.’

2. It’s a sport that forges strong friendships

‘Rugby seems like a strange game. You’re trying to hit people as hard as you can and run past them as fast as possible – everybody is putting their bodies on the line. You work hard because you don’t want to let your team down and, because of this, you forge strong friendships.’

3. They wake up early and workout – a lot

‘An average day starts at 7am, with training at 8am, where we have a screening to make sure our bodies are not vulnerable to injuries. Then we go to the gym for a weights and capacity session, or a speed session outside.’

4. As well as physical training, they also do mental training

‘After lunch, the girls normally head to our local coffee shop for a caffeine hit, before our afternoon training, when we concentrate on mental skills. Sevens is a game about focus, so it’s important to work on our mindsets as well as our moves.’

5. Rugby players need to eat carbs, carbs and more carbs

‘There is a movement at the moment for living actively and finding a healthier lifestyle. I find it difficult to eat between matches, so I load up on carbs in the build-up to a match, as it’s vital to have energy in reserve.’

Tudor Watches is sponsoring The Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018, which takes place in San Francisco  20-22 July.

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These are the best tips from the Fabled Beauty Rituals panel

These are the best tips from the Fabled Beauty Rituals panel

Get ready to be your best you

beauty rituals

To mark Marie Claire UK’s 30th birthday, we have launched our Womankind campaign, hosting a series of trailblazing events to inspire and motivate us in all areas of our life.

This week saw the third Womankind event in the series, which was held at Fabled by Marie Claire’s store in London’s Tottenham Court Road, the ultimate destination for premium and unique beauty brands

In front of a packed audience, the evening saw Marie Claire Deputy Editor, Andrea Thompson, host a panel of woman that included Marie Claire’s very own Senior Beauty Editor Fiona Embleton, consultant dermatologist Dr Anjali Mahto and author, podcast host and beauty blogger Estée Lalonde.

Our incredible panel discussed the night’s theme of beauty rituals and being your best you, and we came away not only loving ourselves, but confident in how we can feel our most radiant 24/7.

With each panellist focussing on different aspects of to feel your best, every member of the audience left with tips, tricks, mantras and motivations of how to get the best out of life and themselves, whatever their age.

Here’s what we learned from our incredible panellists:

Dr Anjali Mahto

Dr Anjali Mahto is a consultant dermatologist. She treats and is an expert in a range of skin problems, including acne and psoriasis, as well as being an expert in injectables (botox and fillers). Dr Mahto is also a spokeswoman for the British Skin Foundation.

Dr Mahto on ageing

‘After the age of 25, you lose 1% of your collagen per year …. about 80% of the signs of ageing is because of the sun’

Dr Mahto’s beauty rituals tips

  • ‘Use an SPF
  • Use retinol
  • Use AHAs’

Dr Mahto on adult acne

‘More and more people are developing acne after the age of 23. We don’t know exactly what is causing it… it’s not just down to hormones and genetics.

Dr Mahto on when to start anti-ageing products

‘The best age to start with anti-ageing products is probably 25 to 30. If you have very fair skin, I would probably start closer to 25′

Fiona Embleton

Fiona Embleton is an award-winning beauty journalist and Marie Claire’s Senior Beauty Editor. Prior to joining Marie Claire, Fiona worked on titles including Stylist, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan.

Fiona’s skincare routine advice

‘I think a good routine is finding what’s good for you and using it consistently… it is navigating what works for you’

Fiona on the benefits of Vitamin C

‘Vitamin C is great for kind of giving your skin a kind of a glow’

Fiona’s tips for city dwellers

‘Living in the city or working in the city, antioxidants play a key role’

A common beauty routine error

‘A big mistake is they apply their eye cream last in their routine’

Fiona’s beauty rituals secret

‘If you’re going to invest in any skincare product it has to be a serum… a serum actually gets deep down into your skin’

Estée Lalonde

Estée Lalonde is a Canadian writer and YouTuber, who makes weekly lifestyle and beauty videos while talking openly and honestly about her life and motivations. She released her debut book in 2016 and launched her podcast series, The Heart Of It, last year.

Estée on her journey to becoming a beauty blogger

‘When I was a teenager I didn’t know anything about skincare… even after all these years I truly feel like I’m learning so much’

Estée on her beauty motivations

‘I’m also so passionate about what beauty can do for people and how it can make them feel’

The three products Estée can’t live without

My favourite face mask that I always feel cleanses my skin is the Fresh Umbrian clay facemask… I can’t live without serum – right now I’m using a brand called Gallinée and I love rosehip oil’

Estée on the power of social media

‘I’m just fascinated about all the Instagram trends, it’s amazing if somebody puts on a purple eyeliner it could be a huge trend the next day’

Estée’s advice for budding beauty bloggers

‘I think things have changed so much since I started. The main thing is consistency and remember that all the successful beauty bloggers you see didn’t start like this…If you don’t comment on people’s posts and you don’t go to events no one will ever discover you. Try to be something unique: what can you offer that isn’t out there? It’s always interesting if you’re doing something different’

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Has Georgia’s opinion on that controversial Love Island kiss changed after watching the footage?

Has Georgia’s opinion on that controversial Love Island kiss changed after watching the footage?

‘That’s not how I thought it went!’


Love Island 2018 has been a dramatic one, with the past week pushing the show to breaking point.

Last night saw a dramatic dumping with forbidden couple Georgia and Sam refusing to recouple with anyone but each other, and being forced to leave the villa as a result.


The other islanders applauded and cheered as the couple left, having followed their hearts, with friendships seeming to have mended as they left.


One controversy that surrounded Georgia in the villa was the infamous kiss with new Jack while he was with Laura, with the two divided on who initiated the kiss on their date.

While Jack said it was all Georgia’s doing, the 20-year-old insisted that Jack had gone in for the kiss, something she opened up about after leaving the villa and watching the footage.

‘Now I have watched it, my opinion has slightly changed,’ she explained. ‘I remembered it in a different way to what happened! That’s not how I thought it went! After seeing the clip, I am a bit embarrassed for saying I didn’t kiss Jack when I went back to the


She continued: ‘I am still glad I picked him to go on a date in the first place because I had to pick the people that made me laugh the most which was Jack and Sam. Sam was more nervous on the date because he really cared whereas I don’t think Jack was that nervous. I don’t have any regrets.’

‘I always do what I want to do, that’s me,’ she went on. ‘I’m very genuine and I’m very real. I say it how it is. It gets me into bother sometimes but that’s the way I am. Love Island is a TV show at the end of the day but it is real people, real life, real emotions and if anyone is going to be real on there, it’s going to be me.’

We’ll miss Little G and Sam – that’s for sure.

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This summer’s top selling shoes will really surprise you

This summer’s top selling shoes will really surprise you

Main image: We Are Twinset


A couple of days ago, we revealed this summer’s best-selling dresses, and to be honest, they were a little predictable, tapping into this season’s biggest trends, from linen to florals.

Now new stats from show the top four shoes and I promise you didn’t see the first one coming. Scroll down to find out and shop the style.

The Free People toe-loop sandals

First seen on the runway at Thakoon in SS17, the trend has hit the high-street with users of the app opting for styles from Free People as worn by Hues of White and Fashion Landscape, whilst We Are Twinset have opted for styles from high-street brand Topshop.

Shop now: Laci Heel for £128 from freepeople

The Chloe leather slide

We Are Twinset have also caused a major surge in these Chloe Leather Slides as fashion-conscious shoppers are flocking to these luxe, yet comfy, sandals.

Shop now: CHLOÉ Rony embellished leather slides for £495 from Net-A-Porter

The & Other Stories asymmetrical open toe pump

As seen on Emma Hill, these chic mules are a big hit as they literally go with everything, from linen suits to shirt dresses and a t-shirt and jeans combo. There are clearly a lot of minimalists out there.

Shop now: Asymmetrical Open Toe Pumps for £79 from & Other Stories

The Superga espadrilles platform trainers

Shop now: Superga 2790 Espadrille Flatform Trainers In White for £62 from Asos

Rounding off the list at number four is a slightly more casual option, courtesy of Superga. These aren’t your classic white canvas trainers though, but rather their summer alternative, with an espadrille twist, as seen on Mossonyi.

And with this summer’s heatwave looking to last another few weeks, it’s definitely not a bad shout to invest in these styles, especially as they are relatively timeless so you’ll be able to wear them again for spring/summer 2019. Happy shopping.

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Ridiculously easy at-home exercises that will trim your waist, tighten your abs and tone your arse

Ridiculously easy at-home exercises that will trim your waist, tighten your abs and tone your arse

No excuses.

at home exercises

Welcome to our Marie Claire Masters series, a regular beauty franchise that celebrates and utilizes the expertise of women who are bossing it in their fields. Each month these Masters will educate, demonstrate and impart some of their industry wisdom to you the dedicated Marie Claire reader. From current trends and hot topics to how tos and how not tos, these beauty whizz kids are at our beckon call. So get reading, you never know what you tips you might pick up. KT – Digital Beauty Editor


I’m Catie Miller, owner and founder of Xtend Barre’s London flagship studio, where we offer classes that combine dance, ballet and Pilates. I understand that not everyone has the time or money to attend regular exercise classes, and so in my new role as the Marie Claire Fitness Master, each month I will creating simple at home exercises based on the workouts at Xtend Barre.

These exercises are designed to sculpt your muscles through dynamic stretching and increase your heart rate for that cardio burn. You can do these workout moves anywhere, anytime. All you need is a chair and a set of ½ kilo dumbbells (if you don’t have any, use two 50cl water bottles). Start working on three exercises, then work up and combine the six for a longer dynamic workout.

At home exercises

The basic positions

Within the sequences, I mention various ballet positions. Don’t worry if you don’t know them, previous dance experience isn’t needed. Here are the basic positions…

at home exercises

First exercise: Knee Lifts

Muscle Focus: Hamstrings/quadriceps/lower abdominals

Step 1:

Standing center of the floor, feet hip width distance apart and arms out in front in 1st position with dumbbells in hand. Brush the right leg out in front of you bringing the thigh towards your chest, not the chest to the leg. Keeping the back straight and arms strong continue this movement alternating leg lifts with fluidity and strength. (8 reps for each set—up to 2 sets).

at home exercises


Step 2: Make it a bit harder

Continue the leg lifts for another 2 sets with added arm movements to challenge the core. Swing opposite arms to legs. Arms should move in a controlled swing reaching to the sky and to the floor.

at home exercises


Step 3: Cardio challenge

Add a little hop with each leg lift and swing. I love to make hearts race.

at home exercises


Second exercise: Curtsy Plies

Muscle Focus: hamstrings/quadriceps/core

Step 1:

Standing centre of the floor with your legs open to a wide 2nd position. Make sure feet are turned out and the arms are stretched out to the side from the shoulders. Step one leg from 2nd to curtsy (cross foot behind), plié down in each position. The working leg is moving as the supporting leg is still. Arms open from 2nd (when the legs are in 2nd) and 1st (when the legs are in curtsy). 8-16 reps

at home exercises


Step 2: Make it a bit harder

Continue for another 8-16 reps. Curtsy the right leg as the right arm reaches towards the floor and the left arm extends up at a high diagonal. Step right foot to tendu side as arms come back to 1st.

Tip: Keep a proud chest, square shoulders and hips and even placement between both feet.

at home exercises


Step 3: Cardio challenge

To finish take your curtsy straight to a passé adding a hop at the top before you place it back down into curtsy. Feel the hamstring and quadriceps burn.

at home exercises

Third exercise: Hug and Carriage

Muscle Focus: deltoids and pectoralis major (with advancement quadriceps)

Step 1:

Standing center of the floor begin with your feet in 1st position (heels together, toes turned out) with a soft bend at the knees and arms in 1st position. Begin with arms in front of body (1st), step legs and arms to 2nd, close legs and arms to 1st, step again to 2nd. 8 reps in each direction.

at home exercises

Step 2: Make it harder

Repeat the above but on the last one, extend your inside leg to tendu and sweep arms through 2nd to high 5th. 8-16 reps each direction.

at home exercises

Step 3: Cardio challenge

Continue with the hug and carriage movement for another 8-16 reps adding in a little hop as you take the leg out to tendu.

Tips: Maintain soft knees throughout series. Move gracefully with control and resistance. Remember to pull your abs in and up.

at home exercises


Fourth exercise: Tricep Kick Backs

Muscle Focus: Triceps w/ lower body stabilisation

Step 1:

Square off the hips and shoulders. Reaching both arms above the hips with your palms facing each other, bend/extend the arms, keep the elbow lifted. The bend is small, concentrate on extending the arms to engage the triceps fully. 8-16 reps.

at home exercise

Step 2: Make it harder

Add a lunge when you bend the arms and straighten the legs when you extend the arms. 8-16 reps.

at home exercises

Step 3: Cardio challenge

Continue with the lunge/tricep kick-backs and add a kick of the back leg off the floor. Think about extending the leg longer, not higher to activate your core and glutes for an added burn. Hold the leg and arms off the floor for your final balance.

at home exercises

Tip: Try all 3 levels back to back to increase the heart rate. Try slowing it down or pick up the tempo!

Exercise 5: Xtend Teaser

Muscle Focus: Abdominals, shoulders

Step 1:

Begin seated on your mat. Reach arms out behind your body on the mat. Draw knees in to balance on tailbone. Draw one leg to table top and then alternate to the other leg focusing on lifting through the spine and the abdominals to balance. 8-16 reps.

at home exercises

Step 2: Make it harder

Add the opposite arm lift to challenge the core and balance. Alternate to the other side fluidly. 8-16 reps.

at home exercises

Step 3: Cardio challenge

Lift both legs and arms at the same time reaching to a teaser position. 8-16 reps. Hold at the top for your final balance lifting through the crown of the head, lengthening the spine and drawing the abdominals in. 8-16 counts.

at home exercises

Tips: Focus on lifting through the chest and drawing the shoulders down!

Exercise 6: Plank

Muscle Focus: Core, Hip Extensors

Step 1:

Begin with legs together in a plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Hold your plank for 8-16 counts.

at home exercises

Step 2: Make it harder

Continue holding your plank and add a passé with the leg to focus on core strength and lower abdominal connection. Alternate leg passé. 8-16 reps

at home exercsies

Step 3: Cardio challenge

Continue alternating leg passé and pick up the tempo to a mountain climbing run. 8-16 reps.

Tips: Remember to focus on your core strength. Lower down to your forearms if you have any wrist injuries. Keep abdominals in and shoulders down.

It really is as easy as that. Repeat these moves three times a week, until I’m back next month with more easy to do at home exercises.

See you then!

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More than sand: five ways to enjoy Tobago when you’re not sunbathing

More than sand: five ways to enjoy Tobago when you’re not sunbathing

From diving through colourful coral to A-list approved paddle boarding, there’s more to Tobago than lying on a beach…

Tobago for the adventurous

Why Go?

Holidays in the Caribbean are all about slowing down, kicking back and relaxing. But what if you get restless after a few days lying on the beach? Whether you’re under or on it, Tobago’s crystal-clear water has a few surprises up its laid-back sleeve. Visit British Airways for the best fares

Don’t Miss

Kite Surfing in Tobago


Ideal wind conditions and the Buccoo Reef-protected waters make laid-back Tobago’s Pigeon Point ideal for kitesurfing. With safety-conscious instructors on hand and clear, shallow waters, it’s the perfect setting for novices to master this island highlight.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is an A-list favourite and Tobago has one of the world’s most spectacular spots to master it. As soon as the sun sets, head to Bon Accord Lagoon for a sedate paddle through the glowing plankton waters. With millions of tiny organisms reacting with a pinprick of light, each stroke of a paddle sets off a cascade of spiralling, glistening light, making for a truly unforgettable experience.

Snorkelling in Tobago


Swimming amongst exotic fish and brightly coloured coral in the warm waters of the Caribbean… does it really get any better? Just wait until you set your eyes on Pirates Bay. This undiscovered gem, with unbeatable views of the breathtakingly beautiful coral and sparkling blue waters is the ultimate snorkelling playground and deserves a spot on any traveller’s bucket list.

Sailing in Tobago


What better way to explore the island’s stunning coastline and pretty archipelagos than hopping aboard a private boat? Whether you want to hone your skills on the blustery open waters in the south or kick back and experience the wonders of Nylon Pool, a metre-deep swimming pool-like lagoon with the ocean on one side and palm-fringed beaches on the other, this is a sailing destination like no other.

Scuba diving

Home to one of the world’s most spectacular coral reefs, more than 60 dive sites, and world-renowned azure waters that cater for novices and technical divers alike, it’s easy to see why Tobago is one of the best diving destination in the Caribbean.

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The touching reason Princess Diana wore her engagement ring after her divorce

The touching reason Princess Diana wore her engagement ring after her divorce

prince charles princess diana

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring is one of the most iconic in the world, having spurned a thousand copies and made us all fall in love with sapphires again. But it’s of course famous for another reason, as it used to be Princess Diana‘s.

Back when she and Prince Charles got engaged in 1981, she broke tradition by choosing the ring from jeweller Garrard’s catalogue, rather than having it custom made or wearing a family heirloom.

Diana and Charles sadly separated in 1992, however the late Princess carried on wearing bother her engagement and wedding rings until 1996, which is when the divorce was finalised.

Princess Diana and Prince William at Wimbledon in 1994. Photo: Rex

So she essentially wore them for four years more than she needed to, and it was for a very touching reason: it was out of respect for her sons, according to Mail Online.

Prince William and Prince Harry were only 10 and 9 at the time of the separation, and so she tried to keep appearances up a little, especially during public events.

She even wore them to a visit at Eton college with the boys after the Decree Nisi was finalised, as she knew she would be photographed.

However, two days later, she took them off for a film premiere in London, and made sure she had eye-catching red nails to draw attention to her hands.


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This is the surprising detail we all missed from Prince Louis’ Christening photos

This is the surprising detail we all missed from Prince Louis’ Christening photos


Prince Louis’ Christening took place last week at the Chapel Royal in St James’ Palace, overseen by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

While the day saw some iconic style moments (Kate in white and Meghan in olive green) and some classic Princess Charlotte sass, telling the paparazzi that they weren’t invited, it was the photos that got everyone talking this week.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially released Prince Louis’ Christening photographs – and they are heartwarmingly sweet.

Proving that they are as millennial as they are relatable, Kate and Wills chose to share some intimate snaps, the most relaxed royal Christening photographs to date.

But today a surprising detail about the Christening photography was revealed and it’s the official photographer, Matt Holyoak, who needs praising.

The photographer reportedly had only 10 minutes to take Prince Louis’ Christening snaps, with eagle eyed royal fans working out the time-frame by the time on Prince William’s watch in the photos.

To capture the entire royal family – including a newborn baby and two toddlers – in such a small time-frame is seriously impressive, especially considering how iconic the photos have turned out.

‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have released four official photographs to mark the christening of Prince Louis on Monday 9th July,’ the couple announced in a statement on the Kensington Royal Instagram account. ‘The photographs were taken by Matt Holyoak at Clarence House, following Prince Louis’s baptism in the Chapel Royal, St. James’s Palace.’

‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Members of @TheRoyalFamily,’ captioned the next snap. ‘This photograph was taken by Matt Holyoak in the Morning Room at Clarence House, following Prince Louis’s baptism in the Chapel Royal, St. James’s Palace.’

After releasing the photos of the extended family, the Duke and Duchess released a couple of intimate shots of just them followed by an additional photo of Kate and her baby son.

‘The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Louis in the garden at Clarence House, following Prince Louis’s christening. 📷 by Matt Holyoak’, they captioned a sweet photo of Kate and Louis, before posting a final photo of the baby Prince smiling.

‘The Duke and Duchess hope that everyone enjoys this lovely photograph of Prince Louis as much as they do,’ the photo read.

We definitely do.

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Prince Charles is a self-proclaimed fan of this surprising UK TV show

Prince Charles is a self-proclaimed fan of this surprising UK TV show

We WISH it was Love Island

prince charles

The royal family are a hit with the public, for the simple reason that they are relatable.

Gone are the days where we would only see a royal waving from Buckingham Palace balcony. Now they are accessible, all over social media, from Princess Eugenie dominating Instagram with her behind the scenes royal snaps to the Queen and Prince Philip’s Twitter account.

And it doesn’t stop there, with it emerging that they even share our TV habits.

On a Royal visit to Fowey, Cornwall, this week, Prince Charles admitted to being a fan of one of the UK’s cult TV shows – and everyone is thrilled.


There was hope that the show he habitually tunes into was Love Island. But while we love the thought of Charles and Camilla voting for their favourite islanders via the app and debating who is to blame for the Georgia-Jack kiss, it looks like it’s not meant to be.

Prince Charles is instead a fan of BBC series, Poldark.

Happy Birthday Aidan Turner!🎉 All the best from the cast and crew of #Poldark

A post shared by Official Poldark (@official_poldark) on Jun 19, 2018 at 5:21am PDT

‘What I can’t get over watching that Poldark stuff on TV is how many he wrote,’ explained Prince Charles, referring to the Winston Graham books that the show is based on.

So there we have it, Poldark has the royal seal of approval from Prince Charles.

But what about The Crown?

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