9 Types Of Referred Pain That Can Be Dangerous If Ignored

This pain is a type of pain that is experienced in a place other than where the pain originates, where the problem is. One of the most suitable examples of reference pain is the pain in the teeth and jaws before a heart attack. Tooth and jaw pain can easily be treated as a dental problem, but unfortunately this may be a sign of a severe medical condition that can strike at any time.

The pain in question happens because of the way our nervous system is built. Certain paths and connections in the neural network prove to be the cause of the pain, such as the pain in question. Nerve convergence is also criticized as a critical cause of pain at a distance from the point of origin 1 ).

It is very important to pay attention to this type of pain because it is not just deceptive but also life-threatening if ignored. Read to find out 9 types of reference pain that can be dangerous if they are not ignored.

1. The heart

  The heart

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Heart pain can be quite difficult to cope with. One can feel it on the left side of the chest as the heart is there. Sometimes, however, you may even experience painful pain in your left arm or upper or middle back. So, if you have not raised much weight and you have not narrowed yourself into yoga class, the pain in your left hand and back may be a serious red flag

2. Lungs and diaphragm

Do you feel pain in the neck area that almost never seems to go? Do not overlook this pain and instead take a trip to your doctor to make sure your lungs and diaphragm are doing well. Pain in the neck may be due to breathing problems or due to the frenetic nerve that passes from the spine to the diaphragm through the lungs

3. Liver and Gall Bladder

  Liver and Bile Blisters

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It is difficult to identify this pain. If there is a problem in the liver or in the bile, you may experience pain in the shoulder or neck area. Such pain can easily be due to the lack of physical exercise or perhaps the operation of the computer too long. Nevertheless, it is best to stick to the body and if the pain persists, it is best to see a doctor.

4. Stomach and pancreas

This pain is easy to find and about 50% of people with severe pancreatitis have had a bad episode of back pain. So watch your back!


If you have experienced a terrible pain in the abdomen, especially around the abdominal button, this may be a major problem with the small intestine. , Supplement, and Colon

If you suffer from appendicitis or colon problems, the pain is easy to follow. Most people with such problems experience pain in the right side of the lower abdomen and concentrate mainly in the center. Appendicitis may be life-threatening and, therefore, if you have such pain, it is best to consult your doctor at the earliest

7. Kidneys [196590023] Image: Shutterstock

Difficulties in the kidneys can be difficult to understand. In most cases, the kidney problem can be a pain in the entire lower back, abdomen, thighs and pelvic region. If you continue to experience this pain, it is best to pay attention to this and consult an expert.

8. Bladder Problem The bladder problem can occur in the form of pain in the lower pelvic region. This pain may be on the front or back of the lower pelvis. Do not overlook this pain for too long.

9. Optics


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This pain is obviously limited to women only. The problem with the ovaries may appear as painful pain on the side of the lower abdomen. Such pain can be very difficult, and you probably will not wait to see a doctor unless you are extremely brave.

Pain in any form should not be overlooked. Pain is a sign of something that is not true, and should be urgently addressed to her. In the end, pain can be called a way of our body to complain that we abuse it. Seizures of joints or muscles that are caused by excessive or uncoordinated workouts can be treated by home remedies unless they are intolerable. But the pain that remains manifests itself without reason, and refuses to respond to the break, or home remedies may be a sign of greater troubles

Now that you know what a strange and sinister thing is about pain, you will hold fast for and you will be sure that your body has no reason to complain, is it?

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