9 Reasons To Stop Drinking Bottled Water Today

Here's a fun fact that we bet you do not know – 13.3 billion liters of bottled water were purchased in India in 2017! It's worth Rs. 14,200 kronor ( 1 )! It's safe to say then that India is a country that likes its water directly from the bottle. Or at least, Urban India is certainly doing what is behind these alarming statistics!

Why is it worrying? Well, because drinking bottled water is a crime for your health. Unfortunately, a crime we are all guilty of. However, it is still not too late to stop drinking bottled water

In fact, here are 9 scary reasons that will make you throw the bottle forever

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If you hold a plastic bottle full of water in the sun for a long time and then hold it, it will become softer and, after a while, start melting! This can give your water a plastic taste and make it unsuitable for consumption. In fact, the chemicals in the plastic bottle can actually run into the water and pollute it ( 2 ). The worst of these chemicals is BPA, which is known to affect brain development in babies

2. Most bottled water are actually cleaned of water

You might think that bottled water is filtered and clean compared to tap water, but it really is not. This is especially true given the fact that bottled water companies actually exhaust H2O from ordinary batteries and not the pure sources they believe. A study published in Today reveals that 25% of bottled water on the market is only shallow water that has been sealed (19459012) 3 ). And think it's filtered and clean!

3. Fountain water may be healthier than bottled water

  Tap water can be healthier than bottled water


To turn water into tap water, it must meet several standards and adhere to multiple rules and rules. Domestic water does not have to go through any of these things to qualify as bottled water. In fact, there is a good chance that bottled water will contain more harmful chemicals than water from the tap. So, as you are not sure if bottled water has been treated, it is better to drink tap water.

4. No Benefits Of Drinking Bottled Water

Health is the reason most people often cite to justify their preference for bottled water over tap water. However bottled water, which is healthy, is a great myth! According to there is no concrete evidence that bottled water is better than tap water, despite the results of its 4-year review ( 4 ). So, besides buying a nice bottle, you have nothing else with bottled water

5. Plastic Bottles Harm The Environment

  Plastic Bottles Harm The Environment


As well as not being good for your health, bottled water is also not beneficial to the environment. Instead, it's pretty destructive! The Market Institute states that in order to satisfy the very high demand for bottled water, almost 17 million oil barrels are used in production, which does not even include the energy costs for transport (19459017) 5 )! Non-renewable resources on earth will disappear much faster if we go on like this

6. It also leads to a lot of waste material

If you ever look at one of these big wall dump in your area, you will see that it is full of PET bottles. PET is a type of plastic that is used to make thin and transparent water bottles. Landfills across the country contain huge amounts of PET bottles that can lead to a lot of chemical waste and even threaten the country's flora and fauna. Fortunately, these bottles can be recycled.

7. Bomb water is expensive

Can you argue that you have to pay for water anyway, why not get only bottled water? Here's what the water bill you pay is just a small sum for huge quantities try to get bottled water in the same amount and you will actually end up spending a lot more! 100 kg of water will cost you only Rs.100, while the packed water costs Rs.20 per liter (19459020) 6 ). Mathematics

8. Wrapped Water Water and water loss

Many extra water is needed to produce bottles of bottled water, which may actually be larger than what the bottle might contain.NPR states that for the production of a plastic bottle 6 to 7 bottles of water ( 7 ) So why do not you just get water from the faucet?

9. Water from the tap is much safer

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