9 Exercises You’d Better Avoid If You Dream Of Having A Feminine Body

Women not only exercise to stay fit. Their goal is to develop their curves and look hotter than ever! If it sounds like you, you should know that almost any kind of exercise will not help you achieve your goal. Which means you can not really try out the training your friend does and expect to look great! Your anatomy is different and you need a certain set of exercises that do not rob you of your femininity but help you to be able at the same time.

Here are 9 exercises you should never do if you want to look feminine!

Exercises that make your country bigger

Your side abs stretches from the abdominal bone along the way to the bottom of your ribs 1 ). They are responsible for giving this shape to the curve of your body. So, if you exercise these muscles, you do not lose weight, you actually unfold them, which means there is no thin waist! That is why you should avoid these exercises:

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Winner of NPC Sunshine The classic and professional bodybuilder Lena Boone recommends avoiding dumbbell bends if you want a thin waist

2 ). Calling it "repellent evil", the side turns with dumb belly enlargement

suck in your belly as much as possible and hold for 20-30 seconds before relaxing.

2. Side extensions

While performing the side extension exercise, you should bend your body sideways on a specially-constructed inclined bench. This exercise can also extend your waist.

  Side Extensions


A good substitute for this exercise is the board. Just like pushing, lift your body on your toes and let your hands lie on the floor. Hold this posture for a minute, relax and repeat

3. A workout focused on fitness for women says that practicing weight loss can make your glutes stiff but also do the same for the muscles in the spine and abdomen. This makes them look masculine.

  Right on the back of the back will work much better


Continue to make a crunchy until you feel the heat in the abdominal muscles

Exercises that make your shoulders and neck larger

] The table muscles, located in the upper half of the back and neck, are flat and wide (19459021) 3 ). If you exercise this muscle, you may end up with a thick neck and wide back. You should avoid exercises that cause this, and they include:

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Anna Borissova, a fitness expert, explains that she shrugs her shoulders either with dumbbells or milk, which can make your table muscles grow by giving you a male touch 4 19659025] Snaps are a wonderful alternative to this exercise ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Snaps are a great alternative to this exercise if you want to tone your back. In fact, widespread movement can help make your harder muscles healthier.

5. [19659906] Shutterstock

To put it simply, this exercise exaggerates the muscles located in the upper half of the back and neck, ie.

  Exercise with dumbed hand lifts


Replacing this exercise with dumbed hand lifts will make you good. This exercise will not only help you to form the muscles of the arm but also the shoulders. Just do not forget to take weights that you can use without difficulty.

6. Kettlebell Lifts

  Kettlebell Lifts


This exercise involves raising a kettlebone in front of you, to the chest. If you lift them over your shoulder, you trained your trapezoid muscles.

  Exercise includes raising a hollow


As this exercise can be risky, it's best to swap it with your hands. Bending your hands with dumbbells will help you make your triceps. Just lift your hand with a dumbbell in your hand over your head. Now take the hand of your other hand, place it on the elbow of the raised hand and slowly bend it.

Exercises That Increase Your Feet

In an attempt to make your glutes smaller, you forget that the same exercises will affect your feet, making them bigger and thicker. If you do not want this to happen, avoid these exercises:

7. [19659907] Shutterstock

Heavy weight scoring not only destroys your thin waist but also your legs. This exercise will add loose to your thighs and even potentially damage the muscles in the lower back and knees.



To avoid this scenario, just make a weightless squabble. Make sure your knees are not forward to your toes so you can work with your glutes.

8. Using a leg exercise machine for inexperienced legs

  Using a foot exercise machine for inexperienced legs


You can do this exercise in several ways. This means they expand the hips and make them look bigger.

  Exercise the lower half of the body


Lunges are a better exercise for exercising the lower half of your body. One pure trick is to make a small but rather profound step to achieve maximum results

9. Exercise machine to pull legs together

  Exercise machine to pull legs together


Work on the inner thighs is difficult. This is why women use this machine to shape this part. However, Jaime Eason Middleton, a training instructor, recommends avoiding this exercise as it can increase joints

  exercises as they can smooth the hips


The lateral lunges are the best substitute for this exercise

All of the above exercises will help you keep your femininity while you are healthy and healthy. So, make them a part of exercise

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