8 Female Characters From Bollywood Who Were So Relatable They Made Us Go ‘Same, Sis’

More often than not, Bollywood has failed to give us substantial female role models. Perhaps, role models are too big to ask, but we have not even been given characters that resemble everyday women that we see around us. But the rise in content-driven movies has, in a way, introduced us to the female characters who are familiar to us in their own unique ways

Sheela ki jawaani now and then, but these relatable female characters are the real driving force behind Bollywood's changing face. Are you excited to know which characters we are talking about? Here are those lovely, reel-life characters who have been cheering for them from the edge of our seats:

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Safeena Instagram

Safeena is unapologetically Saul Gomez [herselfSheisheadstrongambitiousandloyalYoucannotcallherandrebelwithoutacauseShefightsforwhat'srightfullyhersSheisconstantlybattlingbattleswhetherit'sinsidethehouseoroutsideofitThesliceoflifedepictionsofthischaractercloselymirrorstheeverydaystrugglesofmillionsofgirlsinourcountrywhomayhavebeengivenresourcesandeducationbutarestilldeniedtherighttomakedecisionsforthemselves

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It was a delight to Rani (Played by Kangana Ranaut In Queen [watchKanganaplaythepartofnaiveRaniwithsuchaplombTheshydearRaniwhoafterbeingleftatthealtardecidedtogoonahoneymoonallbyherselftonurseherbrokenheartHerwholejourneyissuchagreatportrayalofself-discoveryItmakesyourootforherAndwhocanforgetthatmuggingsceneright?It'snocoincidencethatKanganaestablishedherselfasastellaractresswiththisperformance

3. Sunita Kapoor & Sons )

Ratna's portrayal of a mother marked a sharp contrast to the great mothers of Bollywood. She excellently portrayed the nuances of a flawed mother who loves her sons, but she has trouble accepting their life choices. Her strained relationship with her husband, and her struggle to keep the house afloat – all of it gave us a very relatable character

4. Piku ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />

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Piku Piku [ ] Deepika Padukone's Piku gave us an everyday model of femininity which was much more relatable than the hyper-feminine version that was usually doled out by Bollywood. A single woman by choice, she is unflinchingly loyal to her father, and yet she gets stumped by his excentric behavior every now and then. It's a relationship every grownup has with their parents. Oh, and we also loved the way her no-strings-attached relationship with her partner was depicted without any guilt and shame

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Living (19459003) Bareilly Ki Barfi [inasmalltownBittiisshowntobecontentwithherlifeTheonlywishshehasforherprospectivelifepartneristoacceptherthewaysheisButthehiccupisthatherinterestsandhobbiesarenotparticularlyfeminineNonethelessBreakdancingBittiwonourheartswithherflamboyantandearnestself!

6. Ayesha (Played By Priyanka Chopra In Dyl Dhadakne Do )

in our country identify with. Instead of giving in to the expectation of becoming a trophy wife and a homemaker par excellence, Ayesha fights to be a businesswoman. She wants to live her life the way she wants to and not just conform to society's norms. The moment she realizes that her marriage is over, she decides to go out of it, much to the dismay of the parents. But she takes that decision for herself, and for that, we applaud her

7. Megha (Played By Kiara Advani In ] Lust Stories )

Sulu's Confidence and Sulu (19459003) Tumhari Sulu [hercan-doattitudewasafreshtakeonthelifeofahomemakerGenerallyrelegatedtothebackgroundVidyaBalanbroughtthefrustrationsandaspirationsofahomemakertotheforeHer"can-do"spiritremindedusofthepowerandpotentialofthousandsofhomemakersandmotherswhosecontributionsoftengounnoticed

These were a few female characters that made us sit in our seats and notice them. We cried with them, we laughed with them. We believed in their struggles. They say art imitates real life, and in the case of these female characters, it was true
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