8 Backpacking Trips In India That You Should Go On

No matter in which age group you will fall, after the passions come in, there is no way to shake off that feeling. Traveling is a surreal experience. The unknown paths that lead to places that boast of many cultures for you, this experience surprises you happily in a world where you are just a nomad.

The journey helps you to develop in terms of virtues, your life lessons will never forget. And if you are a person who belongs to the type that packs the bag with the most necessary things like a pair of t-shirts and jeans – then you are undoubtedly part of the tourists' community. Hello, my friend!

And let's say that India is a country considered to be the protector's shelter. The rugged mountains of India, the snow-capped peaks, lush green forests, exotic beaches, stretched desserts and of course the sacred stream of the Ganges – is enough to wake the thirst for travel even among the most discerning travelers. Add to this reasonable accommodation, economical transportation, cheap food, and very friendly and forever happy to help the locals are the royal glaze of the cake that tourists need. We have cursed a list of places that offer you the best early booking attempts, read them and start marking them from your bucket list

8. Enjoy the journey for life – the road trip to Manali-Lech

  8. Enjoy the Lifetime Trip - Manali-Lech Road Trip


You can call it the most legendary trip, not only in India, but all over the world. Manali-Leh Road is a 487km trip through the treacherous Himalayan mountains. It requires a two-day trip in extreme climatic conditions and difficult roads. These roads are of intense nature and may not be a cup of tea. But the ethereal beauty and scenic impressive mountain views this trip offers is an experience that will surely be sealed forever in your memories. Enjoy peace and witness the lush green nature – the Greek waters of Kerala

  7. Enjoy the tranquility and witness Lush Green Nature - The Goals of Kerala

The rear of Kerala offers the perfect scenic and tranquil setting if you want to connect with nature. The tranquil stretches of lagoons, canals and lakes located parallel to the Arabian coast, testify to a huge influx of tourists and tourists from around the world. If you are looking for a trip that is close to your heart, you should forget about the hotels and enjoy the stay of the boat and enjoy delicacies made from fresh seafood caught right in front of you. The center of the factories' attractions here is Alapuse, now known as "Eastern Venice".

6. Enjoy Divinity and Take Holy Sinking – The Ganges River In Varanasi

  6. Enjoy Divinity and Grab the Holy Immerse - The Ganges River In Varanasi


India is a country where you can take your backpack over time. Varanasi is the city that falls on the shores of the world's most sacred river, the Ganges. They say that immersion in this holy river washed away your sins and kindled your mind and soul. You are obliged to transport yourself back in time as you walk through the narrow streets of this city. And you will feel lost in spirituality after witnessing the sacred aarthis of the gates of the river, which are performed ceremoniously every day.

5. Experience and Life in the History of the Indian Heritage – The Land of the Ruins, Hampi

  5. Living and Living in the History of the Indian Heritage - The Land of the Ruins, Hampi


Whether you are a lover of history or not, you will still love this land of ruins from the time of the Vijayanagar empire dating back to 14 century . This place is a must in the list of tourist trips! You will witness the ruins of the Empire that you have once been and you will be mesmerized by its historical significance. It is said that Hampi, set against the backdrop of the Tungabadra River, is home to one of the most magical sunsets.

4. Experience and learn more about spirituality – Go through the Sikkim Monasteries

  4. Try and learn more about spirituality - go through the monasteries in Sikkim


It is true that not all of us have a propensity for spirituality. But if you ever want to experience adventures interwoven with peace, think of a single trip to Sikkim. Go through the mountains and monasteries here and we guarantee that you will rediscover your inner being and find many reasons to appreciate the life you live in. Monks in the monasteries organize exchange programs where you can teach them in English or on computers and in return they will give you a glimpse into their spiritual world.

3. Enjoy the Color Festival – The Hollidays in Vrindavan

  3. The Experience of the Color Festival - The Holidays of the Living in Vrndavan


You have to experience it because the words do not matter here, these are the colors that play a part in their lives. Vrindavan, considered a playground for the dear god of India, Lord Krishna, testifies to a rebellion of colors during the Holly Festival. Krishna's pilgrims from around the world gather here to celebrate this holiday and draw one another in the hall colors. The whole city is painted in colors and you will find an echo of Bura na mano Holi hai "(No insult, this is Holly! 🙂 in every corner and corner.

2, The Experience of the Royal and the Dessert Life – The Land of the Royal Families, Rajasthan

  2. The experience of royalty and dessert life - the land of the royal families, Rajasthan


Rajasthan is considered a royal house in India. The name itself has Raj in it, meaning it reigns or ruled. This place boasts picturesque desserts, magnificent palaces and mansions, and not forgetting the rich culture that is known all over the world. If you want to feel royal and do things like camping in a dessert, then you have to plan a trip with a tourist trip here. This will surely be remembered as one of the most unique experiences in your life!

1. Enjoy the beach, sand and tranquility – the paths of the Gokarna beaches

  1. Enjoy the beach, the sand and the tranquility - the paths of the Gokarna beach trail


If you want to rest from the noise of urban life and live a nomadic life cut off from all secular, then Gokarna is the right place. This is the only place in India where you can stroll through pristine beaches and the camp under the stars. Take this guitar or notebook to sing and feel the feelings of your heart, because nature and you will be the only source of entertainment here.

These were our best experience packages in India. Is there an upcoming long weekend or summer vacation? Book your tickets for these destinations as the most surreal tourist experience awaits you.

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