7 Saree Draping Tips And Styles For Slim Women To Look Curvy

Sari are recognized as the most attractive Indian outfit all over the world. Women of all ages look wonderful in them. This is the lightest dress that promises to look the best. When worn, women can look gorgeous, sensual and elegant, while the sausage is considered the most flattering apparel (at least in our eyes). However, when it comes to draping sari, these are less distorted girls who are at a loss. Carrying sari can make the thin woman appear even thinner. While this is fine, some of us like the curved view. So if you want to look crooked when you cover yourself with sars around you, we have a list of fixes for you. All you have to do is carry your sari in the right way, so you look curvy and beautiful. Now read and help yourself. Choose the right material

  Choose the right material


How to wear sari? You dress him around your body, do not you? Therefore, when choosing sari for yourself, choose a material that does not stick to your body and gives you an elegant look. Instead, go for materials that will add volume to your body after the sari is draped. You can check for South Indian ducks and silks like Kanjivaram, Tussar, Dhakai, or you can also try hand-woven fabrics or weavers of Banarasi

2. Select bigger prints

  Select larger prints


When it comes to weak figures, wearing delicate prints is in the no-no category. Sari with large prints on it when worn by a thin woman will create an impression of volume. If you are super slim, you will definitely shake the printed sari. Even when you choose prints, there is a small catch. Higher women can wear sari with large prints on them. And small women have to choose sars that have smaller prints. Also, sari with heavy embroidery and dice compliment women with lean body.

3. Choose the right shade

  Choose the right color


Bright shades are the right thing to take here. You can also opt for colored sarees blocks. We offer colors such as bright pink, turquoise, red, yellow, orange and purple. Bright colors create an illusion of extra volume. You can also experiment with pale-pastel and neon colors. Thin women can wear these colors like wild

4. Wear pretty little clothes

If you think the fur is just a garment worn under the sari and does nothing but keep the sack in place. All this time you've been wrong. The truth is, petticoats highlight your curves. Carrying heavier, embroidered petticoats under mesh sabers will add volume to your look. Contrasting the color of the petticoat with that of the sari will also give you a unique look.

5. Blouse Design Experiment

Choosing the right design of the blouse is an important step when you choose to wear sari. If you are skinny then design your blouse with a high neck. Alternatively, you can choose the bell with heavy embroidery on it. Wearing blouses (like those of the housewife) are also something that are not so curved women. Wide-backed blouses should be avoided as this will make your more noticeable figure

6. Drape It Right

Fashion continues to develop and we know there is no end. Even with our desires, this is the same case. One can find different styles of draping sara, unlike earlier times when we had very few draping techniques for sari. You will need to choose one that will focus on your curves and make you look the best.

For the slim women there, try these – the classic way to drape the sari under the waist. You can seal it in style Legend Gujarati or even the style dhoti. All these styles suit you best because they make you look bold and add volume to your figure as an illusion that you are not so weak after all.

7. Wear belt ” width=”500″ height=”603″ />

Wear belt ” width=”500″ height=”603″ />


You must have found women wearing a sari belt, especially if it is a South Indian household. They do it because it draws attention to their curves and helps them maintain the right posture in sari. From the traditional camarandh to the metal that has been stoned, there are different belt variants that are available nowadays. And if you want this modern factor, then connect your neglected sari with a matching leather belt.

With the above tips, we are sure you will forget about your skinny figure and completely kill the Sari Game. Also experiment with your hairstyles when wearing sari. You see, sari is a piece of clothing that can make any woman, regardless of her age or curves, beautiful. Do you want to add any tips here? Let him know in the comments below.

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