7 Amazing And Inspirational Indian Women From Different Fields Who Make Us All Proud

India is a side of mizogenie and no woman can deny it. If you were born a girl, you would have experienced it at least once in your life, either because of your parents or the community you are part of. There are cases when the girl is killed before her birth and the mother is a woman, it is hardly ever said in this – she does not even have the right to protect her own baby! When it comes to education, we have often seen many families deny their formal education to their girls because they either do not want to invest in it or just want it to remain illiterate in order to have no own thoughts. As for marriage, girls are sold as cats, which is ironic because there are so many goddesses in the temples as the gods and nobody ever cares about the sexes.

Even if you are an educated and industrious woman with you, you have always been told or made to feel that you are not good enough to stand where men are in society. However, there are some women who have fought with all odds and have become a real inspiration for those who feel they have no voice. These are the women who are the fake women for the rise of women in the coming years.

Let's take a look at some of the many amazing women who have proven that women can not be equal, but sometimes they may even be better than men.

1. Hima Das

  Hima Das

Hima_mon_jai / Instagram

Hima Das is the only singer of India on the world stage. She won a gold medal at the World IAAF (International Athletics Athletics Association), also known as the World Junior Championships. She currently holds the national record of 400 meters with a flash time of 50.70 seconds, which she placed during the Asian Games 2018, which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia.

2. Instagram

The 35-year-old boxer became world boxing champion for the sixth time after defeating his opponent with the Greatest Ease in 2018 Coming from a small village in Manipur, Mary literally sheds blood and sweat to get to where she is today. There is no doubt that her success is open to those who think that women are not as good as men.

3. Instagram

The national award-winning actress made us very proud of her magnificent performance in films such as Badhai Ho and Mulk . ” width=”500″ height=”625″ />

Neena Gupta ” width=”500″ height=”625″ />

In Badhai Ho she plays the role of mother of 25-year-old pregnant songs. As depicted in the film, something like a woman who gets pregnant at the age when her son is ready to get married is not easily accepted into our society and takes a lot of boldness to give life to such characters as Nena. We are proud of it!

4. Mittal Raj

Menaka is one of those lawyers who are fighting for the removal of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, and Section 377 states that any man or woman committing a sexual act against the" nature of nature "with another man, woman or animal, will be punished.The punishment includes imprisonment for life imprisonment or imprisonment for at least 10 years with a fine.This is the law that makes homosexual ties illegal and we are glad that now it is only a painful memory

6. The INSV Tarini crew of all women

  INSV Tarini of all women

insvtarini / Instagram

The crew of the Indian Navy traveled around the world for only nine months! A group of six female police officers sailed into a ship named INSV (Indian naval vessel) Tarini. The expedition, called Navika Sagar Parikrama, is an expedition that is the first of its kind conducted by the Indians with a team of women. Who said that women can not travel alone?

7. Rome Rocks

  Рима Дас

Римадас / Instagram

Рома е режисьор на филма Village Rockers The film won the National Best Film Award, although it could not get through the Oscars. Rima also won the Best Film Editor Award at the national level. The 37-year-old director is among the many talented female directors who prove that women can do much more than simply dance under the sounds of songs and play the weak secondary roles in the film industry.

These are just a few of the many women who make us proud. There are also many female superheroes we still do not know about. They all prove that strong determination and hard work can never go wrong. What is your model for the role of a woman? Let him know in the comments below.

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