6 Indian Print Ads And TV Commercials That Landed Into Controversy

David Ogilvy, the father of modern advertising, once told the future copywriters and advertisers, "Y our role is to sell, do not let anything abduct you from the sole purpose of advertising

Ogilvy, viewed as a god of advertising, perceives it as a business skill and actively discourages people from viewing it from an art point of view, but how can you expect to discover new things and innovate if they do not push the boundaries of their field? 19659003] Again and again, Indian copywriters and r inventors have pressed the envelope to create a memorable ad Campaigns that firmly seal the brand in the minds of consumers Whether these are the cartoons of Amul or Cadbury Dairy Milk's advertising campaigns, these advertisements always make consumers look at products with tenderness, but there were those that were not so good.

Today we decided to look at some of those Indian print and TV ads that turned out too much for the audience to rework them. Here they are:

1. This print ad for tufi that led to a legal battle (1995)

This black and white advertisement created a lot of excitement time The naked bodies of supermodels Madhu Sappe and Milinda Somman interwoven into erotic positions with nothing but a python wrapped around them and a pair of shoes that covered their legs upset many people. So much that has led to a lawsuit for obscene behavior against court models. Advertising has also been withdrawn by the court of wildlife authorities for the illicit use of the snake.
In the end, advertising was banned.

2. Amul Macho, starring Sana Khan (2007)

If you accidentally watch this ad with your mother or father on your side, you would certainly be turning to the TV's remote to skip the channel. This sexual attitude, this advertisement was beyond the pale of Indian audiences. Soon, the Indian Ministry of Broadcasting banned advertising from being vulgar and indecent. Sunny Leones seductive call for Manforce condoms 2017 ” width=”700″ height=”431″ />


It makes sense for a condom brand to bind to a former adult star turning the country into a favorite element girl product. But this decision was highly worthwhile by Manforce when they tried to release their ad, taking advantage of Navratri's contribution (the 9-night festival celebrating the various incarnations of the goddess Durga). The replica, which translates as "This Naveri plays, but with love," drew attention to the play of Garba (a popular folk ritual of Gujarati Navratri). She attracted the wrath of the All India Confederation of Traders. Eventually, Manforce had to withdraw the ad and make an apology.

4. This Motorola advertisement, which was never available on our TV screens (2008)

Now that you looked at it, we are sure you agree that this is a good reason. This ad, which may have been trying to prove that Motorola's new phone is an exquisite little gadget with its amazing camera, eventually advertises it as an instrument of every voyeur's dreams. Not surprisingly, she never went out on TV.

5. This advertisement for a Swiss Indoor Apparel Company Starring Bipasha Basu (1998)

Although the domestic export company for which it was made this ad has disappeared from radar people very soon, advertising has been able to attract a lot of controversy. In print advertising, the then couple Dino More and Bipasha Basu were spotted to indulge in some intimate moments in which Dino was caught pulling Biathaj's teeth with his teeth.

Advertising is banned after several women's organizations have protested against it. Later, Bepasha said these photos had captured some private moments between the couple and should never be used or shot.

6. The wild stone advertisement, which was considered too steep (2007)

Even while reviewing this list, you would have realized that the open presentation of sexuality and religion is never a good combo. This Set Wet deo ad ignores this unspoken rule by putting its spicy advertisement in the context of Durga Puja, much to the horror of the pure Indian customer base. This advertisement, along with other commercials for deodorants who took advantage of sexuality, was banned by the Indian Ministry of Women's Broadcasting as a "thirst for men under the influence of such deodorants" (19459020) 1 ). It turns out that sex is not always sold in our country.

Creative. Yes. But were these ads able to hit the nail head? We are not sure.

What do you think about these ads? Share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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