5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship

BFF is a real blessing! You can share everything and everything you want – when you want! – without fear of judgment or uncertainty. Add to them the confidence that they will always be there for you and your life seems much easier than without your best friend.

One of the hot topics for a conversation between two best friends is always your love life! The excitement of crushing and new love makes you feel comfortable about your phone and tell your best friend everything that has happened, as it happened!

Now you can think that this is a harmless and rather a strengthening feature of your friendship, but it can cause a disaster for your relationship. Honestly, you should not share anything about your relationship with your BFF. And there is a good reason for this

Explore the five things you should never let your friends know about your relationship and why!

1. Fighting Your Link

  1. Battles in your relationship


It's really tempting to pick up the phone and cry your heart to your boyfriend as soon as you fight with you and your boyfriend. But resist the desire to do this. Especially when it comes to all the little arguments you have every day. Your friend really does not need to know every little detail of your relationship

One main reason not to call your friend as soon as you and your man fight because your friend can hold abuse of your boy for a long time. You can forgive and forget and continue with your significant other, but your friend may not forget so easily

2. Love

  2. The Lovemaking


These days, sharing the details of the bedroom life with your friends, are almost considered cool. Who does not like to show how great it is for them the fun below it? But from a logical point of view, discussing what is happening (good or bad) when you and your partner are between the sheets is wrong. What is happening there must be there forever

This is because love is something that is very private and is only meant for two people who are dealing with it. So, although you may have felt comfortable digging up the wild hours you have, your partner may not feel the same. And as their own, it is your duty to protect and respect the privacy of your partner. Besides, does your friend really need to know all the graphic details?

3. Comparing Your Present With Your Past

  3. Comparing Your Present to Your Past


Not only do you compare your partner with your former ex, it is worse to bring these comparisons to your friends. And yes, this includes all the situations in which you feel your partner has ravaged and hurt you badly.

By constantly comparing your present with your past, you cast your partner in a bad light. Your friends will eventually think badly about your partner and your choice. Why do you want to be with this guy if there's nothing good about him? So, if you do not want to damage your reputation or your friend, deviate completely from any comparisons. They lead to unrealistic expectations that in the long run can seriously damage your relationships.

4. Financial Issues

  4. Financial Issues


Just as love is a personal thing, financial problems are also too much. It's good to discuss your money problems with your friends because it's your thing. But if your partner experiences some financial problems, you should not go on and tell all your friends about it. That is why:

Money is quite sensitive, and if your partner has put enough faith in you to tell you about them, you should not distrust their trust by repeating what you have taught your friends. This is a breach of trust and quite honest and disrespectful of the trust your partner has placed in you.

5. Secrets of your partner

  5. Secrets of your partner


Again, your partner will trust you because you have succeeded in gaining their trust. Secrets, after all, are a very personal thing. Something you will never say to the soul and take to your grave if you never find a reliable enough man. So why would you want to harm the faith that your partner has in you by being a rattle and sharing these secrets with your friends? You would not want your partner to do the same, will you? Sharing secrets is a sign that your relationship is getting stronger. So, do not ruin it by doing something stupid. In addition, always keep secrets for yourself. Even becoming a former

Your relationship is something that only you and your partner know the truth about. Everything you share can be interpreted in a different way than what you intend to say, which can cause confusion in your relationship. So, no matter how close you and your baby are, some things always have to be personal

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