5 Beauty Secrets That Are Actually Genius

Who does not want to look beautiful here? Everybody does it! Under beautiful, we mean beautiful in our own skin. We definitely do not recommend any procedures for laser justice. We all have days when you look at our impeccable best and in some days we look as if we have not bathed for weeks. Whether it's a good day for hair or a make-up day, would not you ever want to look like this? Just as our Instagram invaders look so perfect. No, it's not magic, it's not even a photo or other filters. These are just some tricks in the sleeve.

So we decided to invade some Instagram accounts and dig out some beauty secrets that are nothing but genius. Let's look at them.

1. Use Moleskin to repair a busty undercoat

   Use Moleskin to repair a busty undercoat

hadmidow / Instagram

bras are designed for you. These bras provide the much needed support for your heavy breasts and also keep them in place. However, the problem with insurers is that wires cause a lot of discomfort and pain. Imagine a wire stuck to your body for most of the day. Will not it hurt? A simple wound to solve this problem is to grab some moleskin stains. Cut them accordingly and cover the brass wrist band with them. This will provide you with enough comfort to survive in a lingerie bra all day long. You can say goodbye to rashes or bruises caused by wire. Is not this the best hack to keep you look beautiful? We can fully see you women who nod your head!

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Hair styling has become a daily beauty ritual for most women out there. The days that you would like to tie your hair in a horse's tail or in a basket are gone. Soft curls, straight hair, braids, etc. seem to be the hairstyle of the millennial world. And we know that in a polluted environment like ours, we can not load our hair with more heat and stress than hairstyle tools. Heat will give us more bad days of hair. So, how can we tame our hair? DIY hairstyles are considered the best. For curls you can soften your hair lightly and curl your hair curtains and then tie it with a hair straightener. Leave it for about 45-50 minutes and remove the hair strap and release it. You will notice that your hair has natural wavy curls.

3. Make your small eyes look bigger and bigger to appear smaller

but underestimated assets with which we are all blessed. They are the mirrors of our personalities and reflect the power and love. If you think your eyes look too small or too large you will definitely not want to get new eyes because it is not possible (2019). Rather, you could create an illusion. If you have small eyes and want to look bigger, we recommend that you apply a white liner to the lower eyelids. And if you want to make your big eyes smaller, then choose the darkest shade in your eyes and apply them. Do it. It really works.

4. Your old shadows can become your new lipstick

  Your old eye shadow can become your new lipstick

glamfiniti / Instagram

Sigh! The world of cosmetics is like a bottomless vase, as well as its prices. In most cases, we buy cosmetics that we could never use, and such a cosmetics turns out to be our shadows, the right ladies? We choose different shades, colors and shadow textures, but we do not use them. But, guess what we can put these unused prices on makeup for some use, we can actually turn them into lipstick. How are you doing it? All you have to do is scrape the eye shadows and mix them with some Vaseline. This will give a smooth, almost lipstick-like consistency. Take advantage of a lip brush and bring your lipstick and go to conquer the world there women

5. Do not drink just coffee. Delete it too much

  Do not just drink coffee. Delete it too much


Who does not like to start a day with a coffee note? It turns out that this awakening drink can do much more than just wake us up from sleep. Coffee can also be used as a body scrub. By rubbing the coffee on your body, you will increase the blood flow in the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. This will give your skin even tone and make it fresh. Do not just delete the coffee. Mix it with a little coconut oil and crystal sugar. This is the easiest body scrub from which you can achieve maximum beauty benefits.

You'll find many such beauty hacks in Instagram and other social media channels that are pure genius. Try everything and see how the miracles of your appearance work. Do you follow any such beauty? Let him know in the comments below.

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