A Guide To Ultherapy: What It Does To Your Skin And Treatment Process

A Guide To Ultherapy: What It Does To Your Skin And Treatment Process

Gone are the days when you need elaborate cosmetic surgery to make small tweaks to your appearance. This is the era of non-invasive cosmetic procedures that have become immensely popular thanks to their instant and noticeable results. Ultherapy® is one such non-invasive procedure that can enhance your facial features. The best thing about it is that it is approved by the FDA and considered safe ( 1 ).

 What Is Ultherapy </h2>
<div id= What Is Ultherapy


Ultherapy is a non-invasive skin procedure that is used to lift and tighten your skin. Ulthera Machine or Ulthera System is used to perform this type of Microfocused Ultrasound (MFU) treatment that boosts collagen production and makes your skin firm. It can be used to lift the sagging skin on your cheeks, neck, chin, and under your eyebrows. It is also used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the decolletage, thus making you appear more youthful 2 ), ( 3 ). you want to lift your brows a bit or tighten the sagging skin under your chin, Ultherapy is a safe option for you. How does it work?

 How Does Ultherapy Work


Ultherapy uses microfocused ultrasound energy that is focused on the tissues right under your skin (the subcutaneous tissue). When the ultrasound energy is focused on that particular area, the temperature rises above 60 ° C just for a brief period and produces small thermal coagulation points at different depths (not deeper than 5mm). This increases the production of collagen and elastic tissues in your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tighten your skin ( 2 ). In a clinical trial involving ninety-three patients, about 58.1% of patients experienced improvement in skin laxity after undergoing Ultherapy ( 4 ).

The best thing about it is that it can be customized to meet unique needs of different patients. This is done by adjusting the depth and energy of the ultrasound.

Ultherapy: How to Prepare For It And What Happens During The Procedure

 Ultherapy How to Prepare For It And What Happens During The Procedure


You do not need to take any elaborate measures to prepare your skin for Ultherapy. However, there are some things you need to do before the treatment:

1. Schedule An Appointment With The Doctor

You need to talk to your doctor about your skin concerns during a one-on-one consultation. The doctor will first assess your skin to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure or not

2. Follow Special Skin Care Regimen

During your consultation with your doctor, you may prescribe some special skin care products. They may also suggest a skin care regimen that you need to follow until the day of the treatment.

Right before the treatment, the doctor may also prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain-relieving medications to ease any discomfort during the procedure.

Once identified, the Ultherapy practitioner or the doctor will apply the ultrasound gel on the area and place the Ultherapy device on it. The doctor uses an ultrasound viewer or ultrasound imaging machine to adjust the device and look deep within your skin.

Once done everything is set, the doctor applies focused ultrasound energy to that area of ​​your skin

The FDA has approved Ultherapy on three specific areas of the face 1 ):

  • Under the chin
  • Under the eyebrows
  • Decolletage or the chest area

You will continue to see improvement in the target areas for about three months, depending on your body's ability to produce collagen. Once your body stops producing collagen, the natural aging process will start all over again. Depending on how your body responds to Ultherapy, you may undergo as many sessions as you want

Now, the big question is does Ultherapy hurt? Is there any side effects that you might experience?

Risks And Side Effects Of Ultherapy

 Risks And Side Effects Of Ultherapy </p>
<h2> You may also feel a very small amount of heat beneath your skin. These sensations are quick and intermittent. </p>
<p> That's why the doctor might give you pain-relieving medications before the treatment. So, does that mean Ultherapy hurts a lot? I would say it depends on your pain tolerance levels. If you have high pain tolerance levels, minor tingling sensations will not affect you much. However, if your pain tolerance level is low, you will need to take pain medications. </p>
<p> If news reports are to be believed, Ultherapy may also cause some complications. While this procedure does offer tighter- and firmer-looking skin, you may also have few complications afterwards. Some people have claimed that this procedure has sped up the aging process and left them with older-looking skin. These complications usually occur several weeks or months after the treatment. The most common complaints include: </p>
<li> Thinning of skin </li>
<li> Hollow cheeks and eyes </li>
<li> Loss of face volume </li>
<p> These effects are claimed to be irreversible. Several lawsuits have been filed by unhappy patients against the makers of Ulthera, a German pharmaceutical company called. However, most of them reported that they received treatment on their cheeks and cheekbones. As I mentioned earlier, the FDA does not approve using Ultherapy on any other area of ​​the face except for the three specific areas mentioned above. Therefore, faulty treatment technique is one reason for these adverse effects. One particular case has also been reported where the patient experiences pain and migraines and whose symptoms of Lyme disease resurfaced (<a href= 5 ).

The cost of this whole procedure varies from place to place. It also depends on the medical facility. As per data provided by the American Society for Plastic Surgery, in 2016, the average physician charged about $ 1,802 for Ultherapy ( 6 )

Undoubtedly, Ultherapy will give you subtle but visible results and is a great way to get instant facelift-like results. However, make sure you consult a doctor before undergoing this treatment. Also, find an experienced Ultherapy practitioner who adheres to the strict protocols and guidelines related to this treatment
Do you have any other questions about this unique cosmetic treatment?

" 510 (K) Summary ", FDA
  • " Noninvasive skin tightening .. ", ResearchGate
  • " [EvaluationofMicrofocused ", Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, ", Aesthetic Surgery Journal
  • " MAJE Adverse Event Report: ULTURA Ultherapy ", FDA
  • " 2016 Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
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    10 Best LED Light Teeth Whitening Kits To Buy In 2019

    10 Best LED Light Teeth Whitening Kits To Buy In 2019

    Do you want a beautiful smile? Do you feel embarrassed to laugh in public because of your yellow teeth? Do you want to get rid of the coffee and tea stains that make your teeth look dull? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here's the best solution to your problem – LED teeth whitening kits. Many celebrities and beauty gurus are turning to these devices to restore the color of their pearly white teeth

    While there are many teeth whitening options available on the market, this particular product is gaining tons of attention all over the world. This whitening process uses blue light, which is completely harmless and risk-free. Also, dental whitening treatments cost a bomb compared to these teeth whitening kits. To help you decide which product to purchase, we have a list of the 10 best LED light whitening teeth whitening kits

    But let's look into the mechanism of LED light whitening teeth

    How Does An LED White Teeth Whitener Work?

    The LED light teeth whitening system is a non-invasive, bleach-based treatment.

    This LED light speeds up the whitening process when it comes in contact with the activator, ie the carbamide peroxide-infused gel . During the resting time, the carbamide peroxide converts to hydrogen peroxide, which is a bleaching agent that whitens the surface of your teeth

    Wondering why should you give it a try?

     Benefits of LED Light Teeth Whitening </h2>
<div id= Benefits of LED Light Teeth Whitening


    • It removes stubborn stains that have accumulated on the enamel for years
    • It strengthens your teeth and protects them against harmful bacteria
    • It is much more affordable than dental treatments
    • The LED light used in this device is much safer than UV light whitening treatments
    • The results are quick and easy to achieve

    Amazing, right? Let's check out the 10 best LED light teeth whitening kits that you can buy

    Top 10 LED Light Teeth Whitening Kits To Buy In 2019

    1. AuraGlow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System

     AuraGlow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System

    AuraGlow Deluxe Home Teeth Whitening System offers the best teeth whitening treatment right at home without burning a hole in your pocket. The kit includes a hand-free LED whitening device and a dental-grade teeth whitening gel that cleans stains caused by tea, coffee, wine, and smoking. It makes your teeth look brighter, younger, and healthier. The 35% carbamide peroxide teeth whitening gel whitens the surface of the teeth instantly. This product claims to remove stains in just 30 minutes per day.

    • No results
    • No results
    • No results
    • No results

      Comes with a 19659030] 4.7 / 5 [196590029] Buy it here!
    2. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Kit

     Active Wow Teeth Whitening Kit

    Active Wow Teeth Whitening Kit contains whitening syringes, remineralization gel, professional trays, and whitening accelerator light. Since no two sets of teeth are the same, this kit comes with 3 customizable mouth trays to ensure a perfect fit. Use this treatment once a day for 15 minutes to eliminate the stains

    Easy to use
    • Contains a retainer case
    • Quick results
    • No pain or sensitivity


    4.7 / 5

    Buy it here! MagicBrite Complete Teeth Whitening Kit

     MagicBrite Complete Teeth Whitening Kit

    MagicBrite Complete Teeth Whitening Kit The kit includes two whitening gel syringes, two vitamin E swabs, an LED teeth whitening device, two trays, and a shade guide. It removes the hardest of stains without causing pain.

    • Safe and effective
    • Affordable
    • This is a modern technology device designed to deliver dental-grade professional results. Device made of uncomfortably hard plastic

    4.6 / 5

    Buy it here! Cali White Deluxe Whitening System ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

    Cali White Deluxe Whitening System

     Cali White Deluxe Whitening System This product claims to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades within 10 treatments. The kit comes with an enamel-safe 35% carbamide peroxide formula with low sensitivity serum. Just place the tray in your mouth, hit the light button, and wait for 20 minutes. </h5>
<li> Custom-fit tray </li>
<li> Vegan and gluten-free gel </li>
<li> No side effects </li>
<h5> Cons </h5>
<li> Expensive </li>
<h5> Ratings </h5>
<p> 4.6 / 5 </p>
<p> <a href= Buy it here! MySmile Professional Teeth Whitening System

     MySmile Professional Teeth Whitening System

    MySmile Professional Teeth Whitening System This kit is ideal for people with sensitive teeth. It claims to whiten your teeth in just 15 minutes. Also, this whitening kit comes with an LED light accelerator that speeds up the whitening process and a timer that automatically shuts off the device after 15 minutes

    • Soft and comfortable mold
    • Quick visible results
    • ] 19659029] Ratings

      4.5 / 5

      Buy it here!

    6. Grace & Stella Co. Pearl Teeth Whitening Kit

     Grace & Stella Co. Pearl Teeth Whitening Kit

    Grace & Stella Co. Pearl Teeth Whitening Kit contains a remineralization gel that strengthens the enamel and reduces the sensitivity of your teeth by replenishing primary minerals. It uses a professional dental-grade whitening gel that helps remove stubborn stains quickly. The gel is made with 44% carbamide peroxide for effective teeth whitening.

      • Removes years of worth of stains
      • This kit contains 2 trays, 3 gel syringes, ] Cons
        • Fragile device

        4.4 / 5

        Buy it here! Starlite Smile LED Light Teeth Whitener ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

        With 16 blue LEDs, Starlite Smile LED Light Teeth Whitener is one of the brightest devices on the market right now. This device includes three adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB charging. It is a high-tech, easy-to-use device.

        Easy to maintain
      • Flexible mouthpiece
      • No discomfort
      • Easy to maintain
      • Work with any teeth whitening gel
      • Poorly designed USB port

      4.3 / 5

      Buy it here! Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

      Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device It whitens your teeth in just 8 minutes. This clinically proven product makes your teeth 5 shades whiter in just 5 days
      It is also safe for use on veneers, bridges, and crowns

      Hands-free design
    • Quick results
    • No sensitivity or pain
    • No runny gel
    • Automatic shut-off
    • Expensive

    4.3 / 5

    Buy it here! Snow Teeth Whitening System [19691200]

    This teeth whitening system is an all-in-one kit that includes whitening wands and a desensitizing serum, an LED activating light and a detailed teeth -whitening guide. Its enamel-safe formula does not harm your teeth even after multiple uses. It is free of harsh chemicals and guarantees zero sensitivity

    • 5x faster than whitening stripes
      • Immediate results
      • 5 years warranty

        19659029] Ratings

        4.2 / 5

        Buy it here! Bright White Smiles Teeth Whitening Accelerator ” width=”700″ height=”362″ />

        Bright White Smiles Teeth Whitening Accelerator

         Bright White Smiles Teeth Whitening Accelerator is a lightweight, 5 LED light and tray combo. It works with any teeth whitening gel or strip and whitens your teeth in 10 minutes. Its soft silicone tray helps keep the gel in place. </h5>
<li> Easy to use </h5>
<li> Safe for gums and teeth </li>
<li> Available in 5 colors </li>
<h5> Cons </h5>
<li> This is a unique design that allows you to relax, The switch button flickers </li>
<h5> Ratings </h5>
<p> 4.1 / 5 </p>
<p> <a href=

        Now that you know what the 10 best LED light teeth whitening kits are, let's learn about side effects of these devices

        Side Effects of LED Light Teeth Whitener

        As long as you follow the instructions, these devices are completely safe to use. (19659152) If you have sensitive teeth, avoid using and high-dose whitening gel as it can worsen the sensitivity

      • If the gel does not spread evenly across the tray, it may harm your gums and cause inflammation, burning, or redness.

      Flash and bright smile with the help of these amazing LED teeth whitening kits.

      Expert's Answers For Readers' Questions

      Is LED light safe?

      Yes. LED light, unlike UV light, does not cause ionization. In fact, the LED light helps kill the bacteria that plague your teeth The post 10 Best LED Light Teeth Whitening Kits To Buy In 2019 appeared first on STYLECRAZE

    Women With This Zodiac Sign Are The Most Extraordinary: Everyone Gets Easily Addicted To Them

    Women With This Zodiac Sign Are The Most Extraordinary: Everyone Gets Easily Addicted To Them

    Almost all of us have at one point looked up to the horoscopes of our zodiacs, to add an element of fun to a depressingly dull day. Sometimes we have done that to determine whether our bad day is because we did not finish our work on time or because we are cosmically cursed

    The zodiacs, with their cosmic explanation of why we are the way we are, often offer themselves as helping hands to those of us who are cosmically damned. We seek solitude in them when they can easily explain our particular characteristics as the influence of the celestial entities.

    And, we know the title of this article, you must have hoped that maybe it was your particular zodiac sign, that I I'm alluding it. Unless you are a Piscean woman I am sorry to inform you that you are not the one we are talking about.

    The Most Enigmatic Zodiac

     The Most Enigmatic Zodiac


    Denied by the fecund symbols of the fish, the zodiac Pisces is truly one of a kind. Have you ever come across a person in your life, who was an incredibly kind soul, who was ready to help anyone and everyone at the drop of a hat? If you are already picturing someone in your mind, check out their zodiac, chances are they would be a Piscean.

    Said to belong to those who are born between February 19-March 20, this sign is majorly influenced by the mystical planet , Neptune. It is a mutable sign . The zodiac has been categorized into three categories – cardinal, fixed, and mutable – according to their inherent qualities. A mutable sign is one that ends a season, just as the season of Pisces is marked by the end of Spring. You can think of mutable signs pretty much as the most adaptable of all zodiac signs. They are the ones who are most comfortable with change and can easily fit into any situation. The Spiritual Soul

     The Spiritual Soul


    Piscean: The Spiritual Soul (19659010) The Spiritual Soul ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

    ] Pisces is also a and derives features such as sensitivity intuitiveness from the element. They are also emotional creatures who are very much in touch with their spiritual side.

    and the artists .

    Always Happy-Go-Lucky

     Shutterstock </p>
<p> Shutterstock [19659007] As a mutable sign, Pisceans are <strong> at home anywhere in the world </strong>. Piscean: The Giver </strong></p>
<div id= The </strong></p>
<div id= The Giver </strong></p>
<div id= The Giver </strong></p>
<div id= The The Giver </strong></p>
<div id= The Giver


    One of the most generous zodiacs, Pisceans always strive to share their good fortune with everyone else. They are giving to a fault. They would even give the shirt on their backs to you, if they saw you needed it.

    We are sure that reading about these great qualities would have made you appreciate the Pisceans in your lives, but like every cloud has a shade of so they do the Pisceans

    They are incredibly competitive which is something you would not expect in them. Also, they can be pretty indecisive at times, just because they want to make the right decision in the first place

    Now that you know all about Pisceans, let's see how Piscean women are different from [196590029] What Sets Piscean Women Apart [196590029] What Sets Piscean Women Apart ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    As explained above, Piscean women can be called as the true romantics Their affections are not trivial. They completely devote themselves to their beloved They are also very giving and empathetic in nature, which makes them the most sought after partners

    Their intensely inward-looking nature also contributes to their feminine grace and charm. They are also very sensual creatures and carry an enigmatic air about them, which can be the reason why everyone flocks to them.

    If you read this, you are getting the impression that perhaps the Piscean woman is an emotional and vulnerable creature, then this is where you are wrong. Their emotional awareness also allows them to draw from their reserve of secret strength, so if you have a Piscean woman in your life, be sure that she will always have your back

    At a glance this description does not like it, perfect woman, does not it? And this is probably why these alluring creatures have been the cynosure of many eyes

    Do you have a Piscean woman in your life? How does she compare to the description given here? The Post The Post The Post With The Zodiac Sign ]

    8 Effortless Ways To Keep A Guy Interested In You

    This is a story as old as time. You met him, the love of your life, and you both fell in love. You fell quite hard. You have made it the center of your universe. You even neglected your friends and family to spend a little more time with him. And first of all, this animal attraction was mutual. He also wanted to spend every moment with you. You, guys, will be in touch constantly. Having to deal with the virtual presence of others when we meet with IRL (in real life) seemed impossible.

    But lately, he seems to be withdrawing from you, and no matter what you do, you can not make him engage in your night conversations as enthusiastically as you did before.

    Each relationship goes through these stages, the initial one when you climb like a house into a fire, and later passion sublimates into a comfortable stasis. So how can this spark come back? To solve this puzzle, we've compiled a list of eight easy ways to make sure he has eyes for you only. Read on to learn more!

    1. Take interest in his interests

    Through GIPHY

    We know you want to listen to your conversations and keep a close eye on every thread. We also know you want him to be so interested in Downton Abbey as your best friend. But have you ever thought of returning the service? If you want it to be around for a long time, we suggest you start listening to the next time you explain the difference between your two favorite gaming laptops. Trust us that this will make him talk to you. A little price to pay for love, do not you think?

    2. Rate it open

    Through GIPHY

    While women were socially conditioned to be those donating, caring creatures, the concept of the sensitive person who actually helps at home and beyond is quite new , and is therefore in constant need of validation. And hey, who does not need some confirmation from time to time? So, if you see that your man is kind and attentive, evaluate him in a way so that he can know that his efforts are recognized. Give Him Space

    Through GIPHY

    We all need a day between meetings and social responsibilities when we can just go back with a little wine and catch up with our girls, we? Your man too. Like it, he also needs some time for himself to recover from the efforts of the week. Trick to keep him on hook: Take a weekend, separate. No text messages except to register, right?

    4. Developing your own social circle

    If you spend most of your time with your husband, and if he is your subordinate to every walk and occasion, it may be a little overwhelming for him. As a result, he may want to see less of you. So it's important to develop your own social circle so you do not have to bring it along with you anywhere and as they say, the distance makes the heart grow better!

    5. Do not worry about engagement

    By GIPHY

    If you just started meeting or if it was only a few months since you started dating, then that's for you. Do not worry about the status of your link (unless you see red flags that take you anywhere). Just go with the stream and enjoy things as they are.

    6. Do not play Mind Games

    One of the most popular advice and the most unwarranted that people often receive is this: everything is related to the persecution. This encourages people to play games with each other in order to create a mystery around their relationship. Avoid these tips. Men appreciate the correct conversation, not passive-aggressive texts.

    t Be Spontaneous

    through GIPHY

    Do not let the child inside die. Not only men, we all appreciate the fun, the people in our lives who spread joy wherever they go. So, follow the example. Make spontaneous plans. An evening game of badminton is every day better than the one to decide what to eat. If you have a plan for something fun, follow it.

    8. Meet his friends

    via GIPHY

    This is quite simple, but still works pretty well. Make an effort to get to know his friends better. Be interested when he puts them in a conversation. You will see that you always get paid to impress your best friend!

    If you feel we put the burden on you to do things interesting for you, that's because we are (wink). You must make every effort to be able to do so, and if it is not, it may not have been intended.

    Try these tips and tell us who worked for you. If you have any other comments, observations, share them with us in the comments section.

    The Ways The 8 Ways the Man Wants You appears first in .

    The Story of Laxmi Agarwal: The Acid Attack Survivor Portrayed By Deepika Padukone

    The Story of Laxmi Agarwal: The Acid Attack Survivor Portrayed By Deepika Padukone

    It is said that art mirrors life, and finds inspiration in it. So, when recently Deepika Padukone put her on social media, revealing her look for her upcoming movie, she made an arresting piece of art, which forced spectators to look for her real-life inspiration. And when the inspiration itself is bigger than life, then it's no wonder that the artwork it inspired is generating such waves.

    A Childhood That Was Taken Away Too Soon

     A Childhood That Was Taken Away Too Soon

    thelaxmiagarwal ] / Instagram

    Imagine yourself at 15. What were your concerns then? Probably the classmate you had a crush on, or the pimple that surfaced at every inopportunity opportunity, or perhaps the board exams you had to take.

    Lakshmi too had similar concerns, but more than that she wanted to devote herself to world of art. Sharing her story with a newspaper, she said "I always wanted to be a singer or a Kathak dancer, but my father was a cook and we did not have enough money for lessons. When I took the job, I thought I'd put some money aside to learn music. The day before the incident, I had spoken to the didi who conducted the music classes. I was supposed to attend my first lesson the next day. That day never came. ( 1 ) "


    This is because some men decided her life was inconsequential. She was on her way to the bookshop, where she worked part-time, when a man, who was more than twice her age, accosted her along with two of his companions and threw a large beer bottle filled with acid at her for refusing his proposal. That was in 2005. But this was not the end for Lakshmi.

     The Struggle That Yielded A Leader

    Thelaggmiagarwal / Instagram

    While She Was Still and she needed seven medical surgeries to reduce the severity of her burns and reconstruct her face, which had become badly deformed as a result of the burning of acid

    In 2006 she filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court asking for an amendment to the law meting out punishment for her. such offenses, together with compensation for the victims. She also asked the court to ban the sale of acid across the country citing the increasing incidence of such crimes all over the country. 2 )

    The Laurels That Followed 19659015] The Laurels That Followed ” width=”500″ height=”370″ />


    Lakshmi went on to work as a coordinator for the Stop Acid Attacks Foundation, where she met the love of her life, Alok Dixit, a social activist. Joined by a cause greater than them, the dynamic duo founded the Chhanv Foundation, an NGO dedicated to the rehabilitation of acid-attack victims. She even went on to co-own two cafes, called Sheroes, in Agra and Lucknow, along with Dixit.

    Lakshmi went on to win laurels such as International Women Of Courage Award, presented to her by Michelle Obama, in 2014, and NDTV Indian of the Year which was presented to her by Ranbir Kapoor. She was even given the opportunity to be a TV presenter, when she was asked to host a show called Udaan, on New Express. A dream, which she nurtured since childhood, became true in the unlikeliest of circumstances (19459019) 3 ).


    Thelaxmiagarwal 19659005] Perhaps, the biggest laurel among these was when Lakshmi got the chance to have her own family. She got into a live-in relationship with Dixit and was blessed with a daughter, Pihu ( 4 ). Lakshmi was in good stead. (19659023) Like A Phoenix, She Rose From The Ashes

     Theaxmiagarwal </a> </strong> / <strong> Instagram </strong></p>
<p> ] In 2018, the leading daily, Hindustan Times, published a report that detailed how Lakshmi had fallen on hard times. Separated from her live-in partner, Alok Dixit, over some differences, she was struggling to make her livelihood and was on the verge of eviction from her residence <a href= 4 )

    Following this, a wave of support online and offline came to her rescue, with the likes of famous actors such as Akshay Kumar and other private citizens coming to her aid, with offers of financial assistance and job opportunities (19459025) 5 ). This is soon followed by a biopic, on her life, directed by the famous director, Meghna Gulzar.

    Today, she can be seen pursuing her cause with her renewed vigor, her own project "Stop Sale Acid" . One only has to look at her social media profile to see a flurry of posts where she can be seen actively urging her followers to support her cause, which also won her International Women Empowerment Award for 2019, given by IWES, UNICEF, Ministry of Women and Child Development, and the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation. Needless to say, for Lakshmi, picture of abhi baaki hai 6 ).

    Lakshmi has consistently proven that she is no victim. The Post The Story of Laxmi Agarwal: The Acid Attack Survivor appeared first on STYLECRAZE


    8 Clothing Hacks That’ll Make You Look Like A Million Dollars

    8 Clothing Hacks That’ll Make You Look Like A Million Dollars

    If you're cash with money, then fashion is something that will naturally come to you. We are not trying to say that rich peeps are automatically blessed with a good sense of fashion. We underline how the rich gives the luxury to afford the best of the industry stylists who can make you look like fashion icons. After hiring the perfect stylists, it is no surprise when Richie's wealthy people leave home perfectly.

    With us, normal people and middle-class people, our individual budget is what dictates what goes into our wardrobe, is not it? But do not worry now, you do not have to be a millionaire to look like this. There are many fashion trends there that are definitely budget-minded and yet have the power to improve their outlook. These hacks are pretty simple and will make you look like a million dollars without burning a hole in your pocket. Let's look at them and get ready to mingle with those of the world instead of those who are not.

    1. Go For Animal Prints ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    You will know how royalties around the world like our Maharajas here, they loved to decorate not only their palaces but also their animal skins. Therefore, to get this regal look, try to find printed animals for yourself. You know, those that look like pure imitations of fur or the animal prints they decorated. But make sure you do not make your clothes for animals. Wear them in neutral ways, like accessories like a scarf, shoes or bag.

    2. Wear LBD

      Wear LBD (Little Black Dress)


    If there is some elegant, cheeky and elegant dress that should make it up to every woman's wardrobe, be LBD! Wearing a small black dress immediately makes you look sophisticated and extremely appealing. When you choose a small black dress, make sure it is not decorated, but a little spark is pleasant. Try to keep it simple and choose deep, dark black. You do not want to wear a dress that looks faded, is not it?

    3. Take a flattering decollete

      Take flattering decals


    Look, this is absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong with showing your body and being proud of it. But if you want to look royal, you should avoid wearing tops or dresses that have a deep neck. Try to keep it simple with the styles of your clothes. And if you ever want to wear something bold and still look like an elite community, then you wear something that is modest and still makes you look attractive.

    4. Wear suitable high heels

      Wear suitably high heels


    You definitely can not go around with shoes like Lady Gaga. You'll probably mock about it. No matter how crazy the trends in your shoes surround you, those who see themselves as millionaires remain good old classics. Please avoid heels and platforms that are very high. We think that the heels are the surest bet when it comes to elegant shoes. You get points from Browne from us if you can find one of them with good print!

    5. Get the right fit

      Take the right one


    One thing that makes the rich to stay away is their convenient, comfortable clothing. So make sure that when you buy clothes for yourself, you will get the right shape! Do not buy a free top because it will make you look sloppy. Also do not wear tight clothing because it may look lightweight. If you are not able to find your right fit in the shops, we suggest you make your clothes custom. This will make you look like you own your own clothing line.

    6. Wear neon flowers but thin

      Wear neon flowers but thin


    Yes, the neon colors will make you look rich. Make sure you do not carry all the elements of your look in a neon shade. This will make you look like a carnival. Wear neon shoes or heels with a monotone dress. Or team your jeans and a white shirt with a jacket in a neon shade. It will be more like an adult trying to entertain with his clothes.

    7. Attach the Right Way

      Accessorize the Right Way


    Do not go out with clusters with your necklaces. Keep it minimal. If you want to wear a holster for a statement, skip the earrings. Or just wear simple, elegant chains. You can put two or three such simple chains and look hot and cheeky!

    8. Bag It Right

      Bag It Right


    Have you seen the purses of the first-class brands whose names we can never say? What is so common in them? These are their fine lines, clear colors and simple colors. If you want your bags to look as if they're bought in a modern boutique, go for simple things, do not buy oversized or over-decorated ones. They are so feasible that it is surprising. Try these for yourself and see how effective they are. If you have such easy tips, leave them in the comments section below. .

    Survival Tips And Self Defense Techniques You Must Know

    Survival Tips And Self Defense Techniques You Must Know

    As we enter adult life, we come to assume a lot of responsibilities that we were not even aware of before. As a newbie adult, you learn that you have a financial responsibility now where you need not just support yourself, but your parents as well. But what about the responsibility that you have towards yourself? It's one that should be your topmost priority: it's about keeping you safe as you face the outside world.

    These days, there are a lot of weird psychopaths walking among normal people or rather wearing the mask of normal people. They are demons in disguise, and we know that there are mechanisms in place such as the law and order wing of the government who would handle such people for us. But, when you are faced with a demon, you can not rely on a group of designated officers sitting out of the distance, can you?

    Therefore, it's up to us to keep ourselves safe. We suggest that the first step that you take to start prepping yourself up for adult life is by learning simple self-defense techniques. It will keep you and those around you, safe. Here's a list of survival tips and self-defense techniques that one should and should know about:




    This too is a self-defense technique peeps! The best way to use this self-defense technique is to make sure you do not enter such a situation where you would be in danger, first. Here is a few tips for this:

    • When you approach your house or your car and you are alone, look around for a few seconds.
    • Make it a point to not wear any precious jewelry while you're traveling alone
    • Make it a habit to park your car in a well-lit area. And you have the keys in your hand. (19659009) We never know who is stalking
    • We never know who is stalking
    • We never know who is stalking us. Therefore, do not make your commute routes predictable. (19659013) Basic Techniques You Need To Be Aware Of
       Basic Techniques You Need To Be Aware Of


      Remember that an attacker is an attacker. It can be an aged man or even a woman. If you sense direct danger, defend yourself. Do not think twice about it. [196590018] The Eyes ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    Any harm, when done to the eyes, can leave the attacker disoriented, giving you enough time to escape. Take your eyes with your knuckles or fingers. Do not do a trial and error here. [196590022] The Nose ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    If you are someone with long arms or if you have the confidence that you can reach the nasal bones, go ahead! With the help of your palm's heel, hit the nose in the upward direction. The Ears

     The Ears


    You may not be aware of this, but supposedly, the ears are one

    • of the weakest points of the human body. Do an ear clap. Make a strong move by hitting the attacker right in his ears. This will force him to bend later. Throat And Neck:
     Throat And Neck


    Have you ever seen in movies how hitting the veins

    • around the neck can make a person collapse? It's true you see, a lot of our main veins (the carotid and the jugular) are located at the side of our neck. Hit the neck with your hand as if you were to break a brick. [196590034] Torso


    The center part of the torso is another place where you can attack the demon you're facing. It's the part that's under the rib region but right above your tummy. The Legs And Knees

     Legs And Knees


    You can successfully incapacitate the attacker by giving him / games and hard kick in the shin or the knee region. These two areas are the safest areas where the attacker can not grab your foot
    Your body parts can be used as weapons.

    Setting Strong Verbal Boundaries

     Setting Strong Verbal Boundaries


    Verbal skills are an excellent form of self-defense . If the predator starts talking dirty to you, he's probably just interviewing you to gauge if you're a easy mark for them or not. After all, words are capable of inducing fear. So, the next time someone is very offensive to you, in a threatening manner, show them you are strong by responding in a very confident and calm way. This will make the attacker think that he would not be successful in his mission with you

    These techniques are useful for both children and adults. Make sure you enlighten your friends and family about these easy self-defense techniques.

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    How The Worst Tragedy Of Her Life Turned Arunima Sinha Into A World Champion

    I have always been inspired by female characters who have proven their value to the world over and over despite all their disabilities. And when I came across the story of Arunimah Sincha, I had this tide of emotions; I experienced feelings of love, anger, hatred, inspiration, woven into one.

    Every woman has her own struggle to deal with this and Arunima. But her struggle made her pursue a practically impossible dream; the dream of being the first female amputated in the world to climb Mount Everest. Do you want to know how she has achieved this impossible dream? Read to find out.

    The incident that changed her life forever ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

    The incident that changed her life forever ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    In 2011, Arunima is on its way to Delhi from Ambeckargarh, a small area outside of Lucknow. She was about to make a mistake on DOB (the date of birth) on the letter she received from CSIF. He entered the General Department of Padmaw Express. The train was crowded, and she was traveling alone, but somehow managed to sit in the corner. Suddenly, four or five bandits approached her, pulling a gold chain that she wore. It was something her mother gave her. She struggled with all her strength; it was even at the winning edge. But in all her struggle she was alone. No one in the crowded room helped her.

    What happened after that changed the course of Arunima's life. The robbers grabbed her and threw her out of the moving train.

    The result? She fell on the opposite paths, and even before she could move, only a few seconds later the train crossed her left foot. She screamed in pain and fainted. She lay all night until the next morning when the peasants saw her and took her to the nearest hospital. Her left foot had to be amputated to prevent gangrene. She even lost a lot of blood.

    While she was fighting for her life, her story spread like a forest fire and became a media sensation. Of course, it helped her to be admitted to a hospital with better conditions (thanks to the then sports minister Ajaj Macken). But then politicians and state authorities started the game with the dirty guilt. When they failed to settle the guilt on each other, they made Arunima a victim of it. The rumors began to reflect that she must have committed suicide or that she had traveled without a train ticket and chose to jump off the moving train.

    छाती (सीने) में दर्द के 10 घरेलू उपाय – Home Remedies for Chest Pain In Hindi

    छाती (सीने) में दर्द के 10 घरेलू उपाय – Home Remedies for Chest Pain In Hindi

    जब भी किसी को अचानक सीने में दर्द होता, तो उसे हार्ट अटैक का डर सताने लगता है. यहाँ के लिए करने के लिए करने के लिए गर्नुहोस्, के बार के लिए करने के लिए करने है. यह सामान्य दर्द भी हो सकता है, जिसके कई कारण हो सकते हैं. ऐसे में सवाल यह उठता है कि आखिर चेस्ट पेन किन-किन कारणों से होता है और इसका इलाज क्या है.

    अगर आपके मन में भी छाती में दर्द को लेकर इसी तरह के सवाल आते हैं, तो यह लेख खास आपके लिए है . इस लेख में हम आपको चेस्ट पेन के कारण बताएंगे. साथ ही आपको छाती में दर्द के उपाय भी बताएंगे.

    विषय सूची

    अन्य कारण
    • दाद जैसी चिकित्सीय स्थिति
    • पेन अटैक, जिससे तेज डर लगता है.

    आप चेस्ट पेन के साथ-साथ अन्य लक्षण भी महसूस कर सकते हैं, जैसे:

    छाती में दर्द के लक्षण – Signs And Symptoms Of Chest Pain In Hindi

    हृदय संबंधी लक्षण
    • सीने में जकड़न और दबाव
    • जबड़े, पीठ या हाथ में दर्द 59012] थकान और कमजोरी [19659012] सिर चकराना [19659012] पेट में दर्द [19659012] थकावट के दौरान दर्द [19659012] सांस लेने में तकलीफ [19659012] जी मिचलाना [19659017] अन्य लक्षण [19659011] मुंह में अम्लीय / खट्टा स्वाद [19659012] निगलने या खाने पर दर्द
    • निगलने में कठिनाई
    • शरीर की मुद्रा बदलने पर ज्यादा दर्द होना या ठीक महसूस करना
    • गहरी सांस लेने या खांसने पर दर्द
    • बुखार और ठंड लगना
    • घबराहट या चिंता

    छाती में दर्द होने पर सिर्फ आपको तकली होती है, बल्कि आपको रोजाना के काम करने में भी कठिनाई हो सकती है. इसलिए, जरूरी है कि इसका सही समय पर इलाज करा लिया जाए. 10 घरेलू उपाय – Home Remedies To Treat Chest Pain In Hindi

    1 घरेलू उपाय – Home Remedies To Treat Chest Pain द्वारा के लिए 10 घरेलू उपाय बता रहे हैं

    1 दिलाने के लिए 10 घरेलू उपाय बता रहे हैं. लहसुन



    • एक चम्मच लहसुन का रस
    • एक कप गुनगुना पानी
    क्या करें?
    • एक कप गुनगुने पानी में एक चम्मच लहसुन का रस डालें.
    • इसे अच्छी तरह मिलाएं और रोजाना पिएं.
    • आप रोज सुबह लहसुन के दो टुकड़े चबा भी सकते हैं.
    ऐसा कब-कब करें?

    इस प्रक्रिया को दिन में एक या दो बार दोहराएं. [19659010] यह कैसे काम करता है?

    हृदय में रक्त प्रवाह बिगड़ने के कारण हृदय संबंधी सम ्याएं हो सकती है. इस कारण सीने में दर्द का खता बढ़ जाता है. इसलिए, रोजाना लहसुन का इस्तेमाल सीने में दर्द से बचाता है. 1 ), ( 2 ). छाती में दर्द के उपाय में यह बेहतरीन नुस्खा है.


    Aloe vera ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    कप एलोवेरा जूस
    क्या करें
    • फलोवेरा जूस को पी लें
    यह कैसे काम करता है?

    एलोवेरा एक चमत्कारी पौधा है, जो कई प्रकार के स्वास्थ्य लाभ प्रदान करता है. यह आपके कार्डियोवस्कुलर सिस्टम को मजबूत करने, अच्छे कोलेस्ट्रॉल को नियमित करने, आपके ट्राइग्लिसराइड के स्तर को कम करने और रक्तचाप को कम करने में भी मदद कर सकता है ( 3 ). ये सभी छाती के दर्द से राहत दिलाने में मदद करते हैं.

    3. विटामिन



    अध्ययन करें यहां तक ​​कि इससे मायोकार्डियल इंफार्कशन या हार्ट अटैक भी हो सकता है ( 4 ), 5 ). इसलिए, अगर आप चेस्ट पेन से पीड़ित हैं, तो अपने खानपान पर ध्यान दें. आप पौष्टिक खाना खाएं, जिसमें भरपूर रूप से विटामिन हों.

    आप मछली, चीज] अंडे की जर्दी, अनाज, सोया उत्पाद and मीट अपने खानपान में शामिल करें. आप डॉक्टर की सलाह से विटामिन के जरूरी अनुपूरक भी ले सकते हैं.

    4. सेब का सिरका

     Apple vinegar


    • एक चम्मच सेब का सिरका
    • एक गिलास पानी
    क्या करें?
    • एक गिलास पानी में एक चम्मच सेब का सिरका डालकर अच्छी तरह मिला लें.
    • फिर इस पानी को पी लें.
    ऐसा कब-कब करें?

    आप खाना खाने से पहले या जब भी चेस्ट पेन हो, तो इस मिश्रण को पिएं.

    यह कैसे काम करता है?

    सेब के सिरके में एंटी-इंफ्लेमेटरी गुण होता है, जो हार्टबर्न और एसिड रिफ्लक्स से ाहत दिलाने में मदद करता है. इन्हीं के कारण सीने में दर्द की शिकायत होने लगती है ( 6 ). छाती में दर्द के उपाय में यह जाना-माना उपचार माना जाता है.

    5. गर्म पेय

     Hot drinks


    एक को गर्म हर्बल चाय या कुछ भी गर्म पीने से अपच या ब्लोटिंग के कारण सीने में होने वाले दर्द से राहत मिल सकती है. गर्म पेय ब्लोटिंग व अपच को कम कर हृदय को स्वस्थ रखता है.

    6. हल्दी और दूध

     Turmeric and milk


    • ½ चम्मच हल्दी पाउडर
    • एक गिलास गर्म दूध
    क्या करें?
    • एक गिलास दूध में आधा चम्मच हल्दी पाउडर मिलाएं .
    • हल्दी वाले इस दूध को पी लें.
    ऐसा कब-कब करें?

    आप रोजाना रात को सोने से पहले हल्दी वाला दूध पिएं.

    यह कैसे काम करता है?

    हल्दी करक्यूमिन का बेहतरीन स्रोत है. यह कोलेस्ट्रॉल ऑक्सिडेशन, क्लोट फॉर्मेशन व धमनी में थक्के को बनने से रोकता है. ( 7 ), ( 8 ). करक्यूमिन में एंटी-इंफ्लेमेटरी गुण होता है, जो सीने में देखें की तीव्रता को करने में मदद करता है.

    7. तुलसी



    • आठ से दस तुलसी के पत्ते
    क्या करें?
    • तुलसी के पत्तों को चबा लें.
    • इसके अलावा, आप तुलसी की चाय भी पी सकते हैं.
    • आप तुलसी के पत्तों का रस निकालकर इसमें शहद मिलाकर खा सकते हैं.
    ऐसा कब-कब करें?

    बेहतर परिणाम के लिए आप रोजाना इसका सेवन करें.

    यह कैसे काम करता है?

    तुलसी में प्रचुर मात्रा में विटामिन-के और मैग्नीशियम होता है. सफेद मैग्नीशियम हृदय तक रक्त प्रवाह को दुरुस्त करता है and रक्त वाहिकाओं को आराम देता है. वहीं, वाहिकाओं की दीवारों पर कोलेस्ट्रॉल के निर्माण को रोकता है ( 9 ), ( 10 ). यह हृदय संबंधी विकारों के साथ-साथ सीने में द्वारा के उपचार में मदद करता है.

    8. लाल मिर्च

     Red chilly


    • एक चम्मच लाल मिर्च पाउडर
    • किसी भी फल का एक गिलास जूस
    क्या करें?
    • फल के एक गिलास जूस में एक चम्मच लाल मिर्च पाउडर मिलाएं.
    • इस जूस को पी लें.
    ऐसा कब-कब करें?

    आप इस जूस को दिन में एक बार पिएं.

    यह कैसे काम करता है?

    इस मिर्च में कैप्सैसिन होता है, जिसमें एंटी-इंफ्लेमेटरी गुण होता है. यह आपके सीने में दर्द की तीव्रता को करने में मदद करता है ( 11 ). यह देखें के लिए करने के लिए सकते है, जिससे हृदय रोगों को रोका जा सकता है.

    9. मेथी के दाने

     Fenugreek seeds


    • एक चम्मच मेथी के दाने
    क्या करें?
    • एक रात पहले मेथी दानों को पानी में भिगोकर रख दें और अगली सुबह इन्हें खाएं.
    • इसके अलावा, आप एक चम्मच मेथी दानों को पांच मिनट के लिए पानी में उबाल लें. फिर इस पानी को छानकर पिएं.
    ऐसा कब-कब करें?

    आप इस पानी को दिन में एक से दो बार पिएं.

    यह कैसे काम करता है?

    मेथी के बीज में एंटी-इंफ्लेमेटरी You can also enjoy the sunset and sunbathing on the sunset, and enjoy the sunset views of the sun. 12 ). हृदय में रक्त के प्रवाह को बढ़ावा देते हैं और कोलेस्ट्रॉल के स्तर को कम करते हैं.

    10. बादाम



    • मुट्ठी भर बादाम
    क्या करें?
    • कुछ घंटों के लिए बादाम को पानी में भिगो दें.
    • फिर इसके छिल्के हटाकर बादाम खा लें .
    • आप तुरंत राहत के लिए बादाम के तेल और गुलाब के तेल को बराबर मात्रा में मिलाकर अपने सीने पर लगा सकते हैं.
    ऐसा कब-कब करें?

    आप ऐसा रोजाना करें.

    यह कैसे काम करता है?

    बादाम पॉलीअनसेचुरेटेड फैटी एसिड का समृद्ध स्रोत है. यह केवल हृदय के स्वास्थ्य को बढ़ावा देता है, बल्कि कोलेस्ट्रॉल के स्तर को कम करने में भी मदद करता है ( 13 ). यह हृदय रोग और सीने में दर्द के उपचार में मदद कर सकता है.

    ये थे सीने में दर्द के घरेलू उपाय. आइए, अब इससे जुड़े कुछ टिप्स जान लेते हैं.


    ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप कैसे करें – Makeup Tips for Oily Skin in Hindi

    ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप कैसे करें – Makeup Tips for Oily Skin in Hindi

    मेकअप क्षेत्र गर्नुहोस्, जिसे सही ढंग से किया जाए, तो व्यक्तित्व में निखार आ जाता है. यूं तो है लड़की अपने आप में खास और खूबसूरत होती है, लेकिन अगर वो ठीक तरीके से मेकअप करे, तो उसकी खूबसबरती कई गुना बढ़ जाती है. इसलिए, जब भी आप मेकअप करें, तो अपनी त्वचा की प्रकृति को ध्यान में रखना जरूरी है. कई बार देखा गया है कि लोग अपनी त्वचा का टेक्सचर समझे बिना ही मेकअप कर लेते हैं, जिससे निखार आने की जगह चेहरे का हुलिया बिगड़ जाता है. अगर आपकी त्वचा ऑयली है, तो जरूरी है कि ऑयली त्वचा के हिसाब से ही मेकअप किया जाए.

    स्टाइलक्रेज के इस लेख में हम आपको ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप करने का तरीका बताएंगे. इसके अलावा, ऑयली स्किन के लिए कुछ खास टिप्स भी देंगे.

    विषय सूची

    .tocnew a {color: # 424242;} # toc {background: # f5f5f5; padding: 10px;} # toc ul {margin: 0; padding: 0} #toc ul: {padding: 5px; margin: 0; list-style-position: inside;} ########################################################################################################### {padding-left: 15px; list-style-position: inside;} # toc ul-li ul ul> li {padding-left: 40px; list-style-position: inside;} # toc ul ul u ul ul> li {padding-left: 60px; list-style-position: inside;}

    लेख के शुरुआत में हम जानेंगे कि मेकअप से पहले क्या करें.

    मेकअप से पहले अपनी ऑयली त्वचा को तैयार कैसे करें?

    आपका मेकअप अच्छा दिखे और देर तक टिका रहे, इसके लिए आपको मेकअप से पहले अपनी त्वचा पर काम करने की जरूरत होती है. नीचे हम बैाने जा रहे हैं कि मेकअप से पहले आप किस अपनी स्किन को तैयार करें:

    1. क्लींजिंग, टोनिंग और मॉइस्चराइज

    ऑयली स्किन को सूट करता हुआ क्लींजर लें, जिसमें सैलिसिलिक एसिड फार्मूला हो. यह आपकी त्वचा को बिना रूखा बनाए एक्सफोलिएट करने में मदद करता है. इसके बाद टोनर लगाएं. फिर चेहरे पर ऑयल-फ्री क्रीम या लोशन लगाएं.

    2. गुलाब जल का स्प्रे

    गुलाब जल आपकी त्वचा को दिनभर तरोताजा बनाए रखने में मदद करता है. Check out the availability of a wide range of hotel and restaurant options and enjoy great views of the surrounding countryside. आप चाहें तो, मेकअप से पहले सेटिंग स्प्रे भी लगा सकती है. यह आपके चेहरे पर पतली परत बना देगा और अतिरिक्त तेल के कारण मेकअप को फैलने से बचाएगा.

    3. प्राइमर जरूर लगाएं

    चेहरे पर निकलने वाले सीबम (अतिरिक्त तेल) को नियंत्रित रखने के लिए प्राइमर लगाना जरूरी है. यह नियंत्रित रखता है, बल्कि मेकअप को लंबे समय को नियंत्रित रखता है. इसके अलावा, इसे लगाने से आपका फाउंडेशन भी टिका रहेगा.

    आइए, अब जानते हैं तैलीय त्वचा पर मेकअप कैसे किया जाता है.

    ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप कैसे करें?

    आप मेकअप के लिए हमेशा ऑयल- फ्री मेकअप प्रोडक्ट का ही इस्तेमाल करें.

    ऑयली स्किन पर मेकअप के लिए आपको चाहिए:

    • प्राइमर
    • फाउंडेशन
    • ब्लेंडिंग स्पॉन्ज
    • सेटिंग पाउडर
    • सेटिंग स्प्रेनीचे हम स्टेप बाई स्टेप मेकअप करने केआसान तरीके बता रहे हैं. ऑयली स्किन पर मेकअप करने के लिए इन तरीकों को फॉलो करें:

    1. फाउंडेशन लगाएं

     Apply Your Foundation

    प्राइमर लगाने के बाद जब आपकी त्वचा मेकअप के लिए तैयार हो जाएना, तो सबसे पहले फाउंडेशन लगाएं. फाउंडेशन का चुनाव अपनी स्किन टोन के हिसाब से करें. ध्यान रहे कि फाउंडेशन का रंग के लिए, जो आपकी रंग को सूट न करें. अपने रंग के अनुरूप अच्छी गुणवत्ता वाला फाउंडेशन इस्तेमाल करें. बेहतर परिणाम के लिए आप फाउंडेशन में थोड़ा-सा मॉइस्चराइजर मिलाएं और इसे अपने चेहरे से लेकर गर्दन तक अच्छी तरह लगा लें. इसे लगाकर ब्लेंडिंग स्पॉन्ज के हल्के दबाव के साथ फैलाएं.

    2. Go In With Concealer ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />

    कंसीलर आपके चेहरे पर मौजूद दाग-धब्बों को कवर करने में मदद करता है. ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />  इसके अलावा, अगर आपकी आंखों के नीचे काले घेरे हैं, तो कंसीलर की मदद से इन्हें दबाया जा सकता है. फाउंडेशन लगाने के बाद आप कंसीलर लगाएं. इसे आप ब्रश या उंगली की मदद से भी लगा सकती हैं. ध्यान रहे कि आपका कंसीलर आपके स्किन टोन से मैच करता हुआ हो. </p>
<h3> 3. पाउडर की मदद से सेट करें </h3>
<p> <a href=  Set With A Powder

    फाउंडेशन और कंसीलर लगाने के बाद ट्रांसलूसेंट पाउडर को स्पॉन्ज से लगाते हुए मेकअप को सेट करें. इससे ऑयली स्किन ऑयल फ्री दिखती है और मेकअप काफी देर तक टिका रहता है.

    4. ” width=”500″ height=”331″ /> ” width=”500″ height=”331″ />

    Spritz On Some Spray ” width=”500″ height=”331″ />

    अंग्रेजी सेटिंग स्प्रे से मेकअप सेट करना. अच्छी तरह फाउंडेशन, कंसीलर और ट्रांसलूसेंट पाउडर लगाने के बाद आप चेहरे पर सेटिंग स्प्रे करें. ध्यान रहे कि आप ज्यादा स्प्रे न करें. इसकी एक पतली परत ही काफी है. इसकी मदद से आपका मेकअप लंबे समय तक टिका रहेगा

    5. अब करें बाकी का मेकअप

    आपके चेहरे का बेसिक मेकअप हो गया है, अब जरूरत है इंक के लिए निखार लाने की. अब आप मैट ब्लश, थाड़ा-सा आई शैडो, आईलाइनर, काजल and लिपस्टिक लगाकर अपने मेकअप को पूरा करें. इसके लिए आप अपनी रंग के हिसाब से लिपस्टिक व आईशैडो का कलर चुन सकते हैं.

     Finish The Rest Of Your Makeup

    स्पेट-बाय-स्टेप मेकअप करने से आपको भी इस फोटो की तरह फाइनल लुक मिल जाएगा.

    ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप टिप्स – Makeup Tips for Oily Skin in Hindi

    अब आपको आइडिया हो गया होगा कि ऑयली स्किन का मेकअप कैसे करते हैं. ब्राइल गर्नुहोस् के लिए हैं, बल्कि यह लंबे समय तक टिका भी रहेगा. ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप का तरीका जानने के बाद नीचे हम कुछ टिप्स दे रहे हैं, जो आपकी मदद करेंगे.

    • ऑयली स्किन वालों को न सिर्फ अपनी त्वचा को नियमित रूप से मॉइस्चराइज करना चाहिए, बल्कि इसे हाइड्रेट भी रखना चाहिए. इसके लिए जरूरी है कि आप प्रचुर मात्रा में पानी पिएंं.
    • अगर आप मेकअप के दौरान कॉम्पैक्ट का इस्तेमाल करती हैं, तो इसका चुनाव सावधानी से करना चाहिए. बहुत से ब्रांड बेस्ट होने का दावा करते हैं, लेकिन इसके बावजूद त्वचा के रोमछिद्रों को पूरी तरह बंद कर देते हैं, जिससे चेहरा बदसूरत दिख सकता है.
    • अगर आपको लगे कि मेकअप करते समय अतिरिक्त तेल निकल रहा है, तो ब्लोटिंग पेपर से इसे सेट करते रहें. ब्लोटिंग पेपर त्वचा से अतिरिक्त तेल हटाने में मदद करता है.
    • पाउडर लगाना जरूरी है, लेकिन इसका अत्यधिक इस्तेमाल बुरा असर डाल सकता है. इसलिए, पाउडर को थोड़ी मात्रा में ही लगाएं.
    • ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप करते समय ऐसे उत्पाद का इस्तेमाल करना चाहिए, जो खास ऑयली स्किन के लिए बने हों.

    संभव है कि ऑयली स्किन के लिए आपने कई उपाय किए होंगे के लिए आपने कई उपाय किए होंगे. हो सकता है कुछ असरदार साबित हुए हों या कुछ से नुकसान हुआ हो. ऐ े े े े े े र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै ै. हम उम्मीद करते हैं कि ऑयली स्किन के लिए मेकअप करना आपको आ गया होगा. अब आपको जहां भी जाना हो और मेकअप करना हो, तो ऊपर बताए गए तरीके को अपनाएं और हर पार्टी में छा जाएं.

    संबंधित आलेख

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