Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Cut Crease Makeup Tutorial

Cutting crease technique is one of the most popular makeup trends for a while. He took the social media, so whether you love it or hate it, the reduced fold falls into the history of makeup as a legitimate look. This technique involves the use of differently colored shadows to cross the eyelid and create a sharp contrast in the colors.

The incision is not mixed, forming a clear crease on the eyelid. This is especially great for anyone with deep, small or hooded eyes because it makes them look bigger and brighter.

Creating a cut is not so complicated, but some practice is certainly needed. He also needs understanding the location of the shadows, some assassination skills, and the ability to scrape a crease from nothing but a flat shadow brush and a corrector. Do you think you have what it takes? Well, even if you're new to the shadow game, you can still do it.

How to create the perfect cut

You are responsible for the colors you choose to create this type. You can use neutral tones to make them look more open. Or, you can go for bold shades to create a more dramatic look.

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeliner
  •   Cut Makeup Makeup Tutorial

    Kaushal Beauty Want to make makeup for your eyes really last, you have to make serious efforts in preparation. First, use a primer to make the eyelids as smooth as possible. Then place the primer with some dust.

    Step 2: Build the crease

    Choose a shade shade from the shadow palette. Take a small amount of eye shadow with your brush and work it well in the crease. You can also pull it out slightly to create a fake wings.

    Step 3: Deepening the folds

    Work in the crease in small movements of windscreen wipers to deepen it. Then take a clean mixing brush and move it over your forehead for a finer finish.

    Step 4: Cut the folds

    Take some corrector on the back of your hand. Then place it on your eyelid with a flat lip brush. Create a clean, clean line of the fold, and unfold it lightly on the corners. Make sure both eyes look as close as possible.

    Step 5: Decorate the cut crease

    Eye-vision with reduced fold is ideal for almost everyone. It can make any shape of the eyes more open. It allows you to create a whole ton of depth by adding a definition to your eyes. It was our idea to create the perfect cut crease in five simple steps. Do you expect to try to make this makeup?

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  • Bridal Beauty Treatments That You Can Do At Home

    Bridal Beauty Treatments That You Can Do At Home

    The woman's wife is to marry the man of their dreams. And if you were lucky enough to find someone with whom to spend the rest of your life, there is definitely nothing like that. On your wedding day, as a bride, you would definitely want to look the most beautiful or rather look like an embodiment of beauty and be the center of attraction. You'll find hundreds or even thousands of beauty care modes to choose from. And of course, none of these treatments is easy in the pocket, in fact, they will certainly burn enough holes in it.

    So, what's the next best solution here? Do it home! Yes, we know your wedding is coming, not just a dinner date, for which you can just wear a "Do It Yourself" mask to make you look pretty. But trust us that wonders will work on your skin. All you need is to be patient and follow the regime regularly. We have left some bridal cosmetic procedures that you can start doing home before your day. Here they are –

    1. Face Procedures

      Face Procedures


    Each skin of the bride will be different. Some may also have hypersensitive skin. So choose a person that is useful for your skin type. Choose ingredients such as rose water, sandalwood powder, chick peas and put them in your face to get this natural, pleasant glow on your face. We can take advantage of multiple benefits of face procedures. They instantly give our skin a boost, restart the bloodstream in our face and keep the skin hydrated. They also restore the natural balance in our skin, and all this makes the skin luminous like a pearl. Search the web and discover your favorite skin that will pamper your skin. Make your face in the comfort of your home at least once a week, in the months preceding the wedding.

    2. Haldi Packs

      Haldi Packs


    Have you ever wondered why Indian weddings have hald ceremonies? It's not just fun to play Holly or to bother the bride or groom. Curcuma is considered genuine leather. And it not only lightens your skin, it even relieves the defects or scars on your skin (if any). It also helps remove tan. Contains curcumin that enhances the secretion of melanin in our skin ( 1 ).

    To pamper your skin before the wedding, mix some powder with any of these ingredients – milk, curd, honey or cream and add a little rose water to it. Apply this mixture to the areas of your face where you think skin repair is needed. Rinse your face after keeping the pack for 10-15 minutes.

    3. Roses for winning face

       Roses for winning face


    Rose water is the most colorful facial correction! The rose, which is a symbol of romance and love, will help your skin look wonderful. You will naturally get pink, pink blush on your face if you apply rose water on your face. You can use rose water available in your nearest stores, or grind pink leaves, add water to it, along with a few drops of whiskey. This rose will make your skin pink, pink, rounded and stretched. If you do not want to do so much hard work, just wipe your face with cotton dipped in rose water after you wash your face. It will relax your skin.

    4. Magical Multani Mitti

       Magical Multani Mitti


    Also called a fuller earth, this natural ingredient makes wonders of our skin. If you have oily skin, it will help reduce the secretion of the oil on your face, close the pores, purify and purify the skin.

    Squeeze the mixture of myth and rose water on your face. Allow the mixture to dry and then wash it off your face and wipe it. Watch your skin get rid of oil clutter and achieve natural shine.

    5. Luscious Chocolate For Luscious Protects

      Luscious Chocolate For Luscious Protective


    If rich cocoa chocolate can turn your splendid mood into a relaxed wool, it can also help your hair look brilliant. Cocoa is rich in magnesium, tannins, vitamins, minerals and proteins that are great for reducing hair loss ( 2 ). cocoa butter (if you can not find cocoa butter, use coconut oil) and add a spoonful of honey to it. Massage this mixture on your head. You can spread it on your hair if you want to get rid of divisions.

    These are 5 of our most beloved bridal cosmetic procedures. Simple cosmetic procedures such as these will help you look like an enchanting bride, the natural way. What is your favorite beauty treatment you would offer to the bride's future? Let him know in the comments below.

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    11 Comics On How Much Today’s Childhood Differs From Ours

    11 Comics On How Much Today’s Childhood Differs From Ours

    If you are a child of the 1990s, then there must have been more than one case when you looked at the children of today and said, "We did not have that when we were kids," or you just gave yourself a 2-time overwrite of your innocent childhood.

    Childhood was much simpler in the 1990s, was not it? The television had less than a hundred channels, unlike the endless list of channels in our set-top box today. We had only two of our favorite ice creams to choose from when an ice-cream wafer was used to ring the bell, as opposed to the variety of sunflowers available to young people today. Then even dating was much simpler. No gray areas and almost ties. You have been unmarried or in relationships.

    The children of the 90's are very proud. They have witnessed the transformation from cassette recorders to walkman to mp3 players. They are here for the introduction of multiculturalism and are witnessing the dense impact of pop culture. So how different is today's childhood from ours? Come on, let's go on the corridor of memory:

    11. The games have to be more than PubG and play Fifa

      Games means more than PubG and Fifa play

    The day I say it like I'm oldie but we had games that were real We do not just arm and do not kill people on a device, or we score goals on a football pitch through our virtual clones, we play the noise, Kabbadi, Denner and thief, Burning building, lock and key, lemon and spoon, ah, the list is infinite ! Well, if you are a child from the 90s (or a child from the 80s), you will know what these games are. And for those of you who are not, please play these games at least once in your life! You'll thank us later.

    12. Different penalties

      Different penalties

    Well, what happens when we get into the house and have no connection to the internet or the internet? Sounds like an apocalypse? Let me remind you that the children of the 90s lived. But these days it looks like a punishment, and this is the first thing that happens when our parents find us on the wrong side of the road. Penalties vary a few years ago. We were forced to make a sediment-byte!

    10. Everything is now online

      Everything is now online

    Today is easier to find out what others are doing from the comfort of your home. Thanks to social media, children have begun to document every aspect of their lives – from the womb to the tomb.

    9. There is no need to censure things ” width=”720″ height=”480″ />

    The 90 children saw two flowers swinging each other when the films wanted to show an intimate scene. Today is outdoors. Children do not deviate from this knowledge.

    8. Communication is not the same

    <img class = "aligncenter size-full wp-image-501789" src = " (19459011)

    Do you remember when we had landline and cordless phones? We had to wait for our friends to call us and even to say, "What's going on?" The conversations were meaningful: Children of today have the ease with text messages, so much that they have forgotten what the conversation with the people is on the phone

    7. Children these days are more sought after [19659017]  Children these days are more in demand In the past, everything that was needed to satisfy the child is an orange candy or an eclipse, and now children want what they want, even if you have to go to Mars to get it get what you want to be when you grow up The reason we have so many doctors, engineers and scientists is because our elders believed that they were the only fields of success. But now it is not. Creative and liberal arts are the place where today's children find their vocation. For more writers, animators, illustrators, directors and more. </p>
<h2>  5. The character animated character V / S New Age Cartoons ” width=”720″ height=”480″ /> </a> </p>
<p>  From the days of Popey, Tom and Jerry, Reactive Girls, Flingstones of Pepa and Oggy and Clovers , we have gone a long way. Do you think the new cartoons can beat the old ones? </p>
<h2>  4. Our favorite activity </h2>
<p><a href=  Our favorite activity

    Many of the youngsters would now be unaware of this rectangular device called a cartridge. But for the children of the 1990s it was a moment of time. There was no more joy than pulling the tape and then rolled it back. Now this place has been taken out of unstable constraints.

    3. ” width=”720″ height=”480″ />

    Earlier our parents would have taken us back to our homes because we never wanted to leave the children's playground. landing. But now we have children's playgrounds in our living quarters.

    2. Children's fashion ” width=”720″ height=”480″ />

    The walking of the dog in the park was a lethargic act that we gave ourselves as a hoop in the 90s. Now finding teenagers or youngsters who are not dressed or harvested is close to a rare observation. Some things remain the same ” width=”720″ height=”480″ /> ” width=”720″ height=”480″ /> ” width=”720″ height=”480″ />

    Well, some things do not change, some things are the same [Exceptforthesizeofthescreenemotionsassociatedwithemblematicfilmssuchas"KingLion"remainthesameAttheveryleastweareonthesamepage

    While our childhood memories are picnic, hopscotch, Uncle Chips and cycles, it's not what childhood looks like for General H. Happy or not, we can not decide, but the emergence of technology makes kids miss this, which we perceive as real moments of life. Do you think the 90s is better for kids to grow up, or do you think it's the best time now? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Three Types Of Night Creams With Almond Oil And Aloe Vera Gel

    Three Types Of Night Creams With Almond Oil And Aloe Vera Gel

    One of the most important stages of skin care is the use of a nutritious night cream that will allow nutrients to permeate back into the skin at night while we rest.

    Taking advantage of this new concept, the major cosmetics companies have produced a number of night creams that claim to rejuvenate our skin at night with the help of their "secret" exotic ingredients. Since most of us have not heard of these ingredients before, we really do not know whether they are really going to work on our skin or not. In addition, these night creams also come with a heavy price. But what if I tell you that you can make your own night cream and that too, with purely natural ingredients. Yes, read this right. We've collected a list of medicines that will help you create home-made night creams that can help you treat various skin problems. Here they are:

    1. For oily skin ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

    For oily skin ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    To make a night cream suitable for this particular skin type, you will need the following ingredients:

    • One tablespoon almond oil
    • One tablespoon Aloe Vera gel
    • Teaspoon yoghurt
    Preparation and use
    • To prepare this cream, you need a fresh Aloe Vera gel. You can extract it by cutting the aloe leaf. Leave the extracted gel in a container
    • Now add the remaining ingredients to the container and mix well to form a paste
    • Wash your face with warm water to remove dust and dirt. Also remove makeup if you are wearing. This will also open the pores of your skin.
    • Now apply the paste on your face. Be careful to apply it evenly. Leave it overnight. Cover your pillow with an old garment so it does not smear with the cream while you sleep on it.
    • Rinse the pasta in the morning with plain tap water. Use this cream twice a week to get rid of oily skin.

    Yogurt is a rich source of vitamin C and is known to absorb excess oil from the skin. Almond oil and aloe vera help for a smoother and inferior skin.

  • To make a night cream to treat this skin problem, you'll need the following ingredients:

    • One Tumble Almond Oil
    • One Tissue Spoon of Aloe Gel vera
    • 3-4 drops of lavender essential oil
    Preparation and use
    • Take a small bowl or cup and pour all the ingredients into it. Now prepare a hot water bath and put this cup in it
    • Mix the ingredients in the glass until the Aloe Vera gel melts completely. Mix the ingredients to form a paste
    • Take the glass from the water bath, let the paste cool down. Now apply the paste on your face.
    • Leave the paste overnight so it penetrates your skin and works efficiently.
    • The next morning use a damp cloth to remove the dry paste from your face. Put a little humectant afterwards. Repeat this procedure twice a week to get rid of defects on your skin.

    A blend of almond oil and aloe vera gel helps remove defects and make the skin clearer. Use this cream for a few weeks to get noticeable results.

    3. For Depigmentation of the Skin

      For Depigmentation of the Skin


    To prepare a night cream to treat this skin problem, you will need the following ingredients:

    • One tablespoon of almond oil
    • of Aloe Vera Gel
    • Teaspoon of Turmeric Powder
    • Teaspoon of Lemon Juice
    Preparation and Use
    • To prepare this cream, use a clean, organic, non-edible Aloe Vera Gel squeezed lemon juice
    • Pour all ingredients into a glass and mix them. Now place the glass in a hot water bath until you get a yellow paste with a thick consistency. Then remove the paste from the bath and let it cool at room temperature
    • After cooling down. enough, put the paste on your face by gently massaging it with your hands in circular motion.
    • Keep it overnight. Be careful to cover your pillow with an old cloth to prevent coloring.
    • Next morning wash your face with warm water and a mild detergent to remove the paste. Use this medicine twice or three times a week to get relief from depigmented skin.

    Curcuma and lemon juice have skin bleaching and skin clarification properties, so the continued use of this night cream can make you skin clear. Vera and almond oil are very useful ingredients when it comes to skin care, and the best part is not only these ingredients are quite cheap but they are natural so they are quite gentle on the skin as well. So, try these night creams and tell us if they worked for you or not.

    Do you know about any other home made creams? If you do, please share it with us in the comments section.

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  • These 5 Books Will Change Your Life In 2019

    These 5 Books Will Change Your Life In 2019

    "Reading is a conversation. All books speak. But a good book listens. "This quotation by author Mark Hadden correctly summarizes the relationship between a reader and a book. Long before the emergence of technology and the Internet, these folk miracles served as a source of entertainment and education for the world as a whole.

    Although they could not be as popular as they once were, the books still govern respect for a large proportion of the population. Even today, when the Internet produces content that is easy to consume and absorb, and from time to time comes a book that captures the imagination of the world and continues to become a phenomenon. in the transforming power of the books, be it Bhagavad Gita Qur'an or Das Capital . That's why we've devised a list of several books that will mark the right note this year and help you turn to your life. Curious to know what they are? Here:

    1. The Fine Art Does Not Give F * ck – Mark Manson

      The Fine Art Does Not Give Fck - Mark Manson

    Source: Amazon

    Initially a little misleading as a self-help guide, which will ultimately mark an important milestone in defining our generation.

    In this book, Manson puts a new spin on the desire to be happy. Speaking of the global desire to be happy, the book advises against the idea of ​​constantly seeking happiness. Instead, he urges readers and the world as a whole to accept their reality so that they can achieve their own version of happiness rather than the one created by pop culture and the media.

    does not make a wonderful reading for someone who wants to see the notion of happiness in this opaque, postmodern world

    2. Abundance: The Future Is Better Than Thinking – Diamandes and Kotler

      Abundance The Future Is Better Than You Think - Diamandis and Kotler


    If worse meteorological weather, desperate news makes you cynical about the world and its future, then this book is obligatory in your reading list. The book, which claims to be an antidote to pessimism, introduces its readers to innovators and researchers from different fields who work to make "abundance" a reality. And at that moment a very close reality.

    So, world hunger, no more! And I say goodbye to the potential world war led to water. And this is not a treatise written in a vacuum, all the statements in the book are supported by comprehensive research. This is the book that will help you sleep better at night.

    3. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humanity – Yuval Noah Harari

      A Brief History of Humanity - Yuval Noah Harari

    Amazon dishonest account "of mankind. If you are ever tortured by the questions of who we are and where we will be for thousands of years, this is the book you need to read. Informative and engaging, the book covers a vast part of the history of mankind with an alternative view.

    As an overview of the human condition from the time it existed on this planet, the book does a good job of explaining historical events in our contemporary context. He also tells you that the Industrial Revolution is where everything has gone wrong (meditating, is not it?). If you've always found the story about snoozefest, then this book will make you want to come back with it.

    4. The Tribe of the Tutors: The Short Council for Life of the Best in the World – Tim Ferris

      The Tribe of the Teachers Brief Tips for Life of the Best in the World - Tim Ferris

    Source: Amazon 19659007] It is traded as the book of "The Best Choice of Your Own Adventure" created by Best Selling Artist Tim Ferris of Glory 4-Hour Work Week This Book is Final Self-Help

    compilation of tips, tricks, habits and wisdom from a very wide and eclectic range of icons, including professional athletes, for artists and artists who can help you realize your own life. The advice varies from how to spend your money to get the most out of it to the best early morning routine on how to make your loss in victory.

    If you need a morning (or day or night) this is the best source for it.

    5. The universe has its back – Gabriel Bernstein

      The universe has a back - Gabriel Bernstein

    Source: Amazon

    This is the popular self- Junkie ) the latest offer in the genre. Even if spirituality is not your cup of tea, this book will motivate you to be more receptive to the love of the universe and open to its innumerable possibilities.

    She gives advice on cultivating compassion for your fellows. meditating and rejecting their fears. This book has great delays even for the most skeptical of readers.

    Let these books be the perfect tools to do this year, your year. Whether you choose one or all that we leave you.

    Tell us which of these books you read and what your views are about them. If you have other additions to the list, share them with us in the comments section.

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    How To Drink Water: Stay Hydrated The Ayurvedic Way

    How To Drink Water: Stay Hydrated The Ayurvedic Way

    Okay. If you scratch your head, thinking that how you can have the right way to drink water, we are here to tell you that there is.

    Drink more water, everyone asks you to do this – your mother, your colleague, your doctor and even your spouse. And you are trying to do this too, according to your abilities, but this health condition lasts only a few weeks or months. In addition, who would like these frequent travel to the toilet, think of yourself as you return to your older ways.

    It is clear there must be a better way to be hydrated by these rare moisturizers and we are here to say. you have. Read on to get a complete Hydrating Guide, Ayurvedic Path.

    Water is essential to a well-functioning body

      Water is essential to a well-functioning body


    The main component of our bodies is water. It is stored both inside and outside the cells, and helps transport the nutrients to different organs of the body by dissolving them in it. It also performs the function of waste transportation, body temperature regulation, joint lubrication, mouth tissue humidification and prevention of constipation ( 1 ). Clearly, water is a basic requirement for a healthy body. However, we lose a lot of it every day through other bodily functions such as breathing, sweating (even if you do not work), urination and defecation. This leaves us with no option except to fill it up.

    These signs can tell if you need more water

      These signs can tell you if you need more water


    1. Your lips, skin or hair
    2. You get frequent rash on skin or acne due to clogged pores.
    3. The color of your moth is dark yellow ( 2 ).

    Why Do We Have To Drink A Water The Ayurvedic Way ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

    Why Do We Have To Drink Water [19659506] Why Do We Have To Drink Water [19659906] Shutterstock

    which still exists. Now, in this scenario, most of us would have liked to drink more water to eliminate the symptoms, or we would turn to sports drinks, which is a more delicious way to rehydrate. But if we do, it is more likely that we will drink this water in a short period of time, we will hand it over in the form of pure singing. This means that we have not been able to take that water into our bodies.

    Ayurveda says that in order to be healthy, we must re-absorb the same amount of water as we lose in the fulfillment of our bodily functions. So we have to find a different way of rehydration that will allow us to take that water into our bodies, and Ayurveda has an answer. These steps will allow your body to absorb water in an effective way

      The steps will allow your body to absorb water in an efficient way


    1. Discard cold water and go to lukewarm or warm water. This is because when you drink ice-cold water, it cools the enzymes in the digestive system, which prevents the digestive process, which in turn leads to the accumulation of toxins 3 ). It also causes a blood vessel contraction, which prevents toxins from being drawn through the lymph nodes. This contraction also prevents the blood from traveling easily to the organs, thus depriving them of nutrients. On the other hand, hot water fumes the lymphatic system to clear the toxins. Drink water by adding these ingredients – teaspoon of unrefined mineral salt, or salt (for 1 liter of water) or lemon juice, pre-soaked chia seeds, or small ginger. All these ingredients (but not together) help our body absorb water better.
    1. Drink about 500 ml of warm water at the moment you wake up. Measurement is approximate, you can also drink a tall cup of it and it will work the same way. We ask you to do this because as we sleep, our body is working to pack the waste from the previous day, so we feel the desire to go to the bathroom as soon as we wake up. To help the body expel the toxins properly, we need to drink hot water immediately after awakening.
    1. Do not drink water at once, especially if you eat it with food. Instead, take it. This hasty crushing of water prevents your body from absorbing it, and instead you pass it into the urine. In addition, when you drink the water in large sips while eating, extinguish Agni (the digestive fire) that works for the absorption of this food. Therefore, instead of having water with food, we will advise you to take it half an hour before eating.

    If you follow these ayurvedic principles while you are moisturizing, you will certainly keep your body well hydrated and pink to its health. Follow these principles and let us know if you notice any changes in your health. If you have any other questions about hydration, share them with us in the comments section.

    The Celebrity Weddings That Made Headlines

    The Celebrity Weddings That Made Headlines

    It is quite often said and believed that when it comes to celebrities, what you see is definitely not what you get. It is often alleged that their relationships, including budding romances, are all just one big PR stunt.

    But in the year 2018, the world saw a rush of celebrity weddings taking place, from the hush-hush nuptials of Neha Dhupia to the bigger-than-life Isha-Anand wedding. These celebrities declared their love for their partners in a grand fashion by recognizing it in front of the whole world

    Now that the world is getting ready for another Ambani wedding, we decided to take a walk down the memory lane to capture the highlights of the year that Cupid worked overtime in the tinsel town! Here are highlights of 5 such grand celebrity weddings that made headlines in the past year:

    1. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Anand Ahuja

     1. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja And Anand Ahuja

    Source: Instagram

    You know that when the resident fashionist of Bollywood decided to bid farewell to her bachelor days, she would do that in her own unique style. And Sonam fulfilled these expectations with her ultra-glam wedding. From the coining of unique hashtags such as #EverydayPhenomenal, #SonamkiShaadi to sharing the images of the ceremonies, having a Sangeet ceremony that saw all the stars of Bollywood having a gala time, Sonam's wedding generated quite a bit of media frenzy and rightly so!

    The wedding pictures that were showcased in the Vogue magazine only go on to prove the grandness of the affair by giving us a peek at the spectacular visuals of the day. Neha Dhupia And Angad Bedi

    We were still recovering from the after-effects of Sonam's dazzling May madness when the news came that the uber cool Ms. Dhupia has tied the knot with her long-time friend, son of cricketer Bishan Singh Bedi, and model, Angad Bedi

    The actor announced the marriage by posting a picture of the nuptials with the caption "Best decision of my life … today, I married my best friend. Hello there, husband. "

    Needless to say, speculations on the cause of this hush-hush affair made the scribes work extra hard! Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone

    There's a lot of sizzling chemistry already given enough fodder to the gossip hounds but when Deepika admitted to dating Ranveer on the popular talk show , Koffee With Karan the rumor mills went berserk. And when finally, Deepika posted the official invitation to her wedding on her official Twitter handle, they lost their collective minds

    Sadly, their wedding was a strictly no-paparazzi affair, but they posted a couple of pictures of their grand wedding on popular demand. The wedding, which took place in the idyllic locales of Lake Como, was an amalgamation of both actors' heritage as it involved a Sindhi ceremony as well as a Konkani ceremony. This was followed by a couple of receptions in the various metropolis of the country. Needless to say, the whole nation kept refreshing their browser just to get a closer look at the wedding of their heartthrobs

    4. Priyanka Chopra Jonas And Nick Jonas

    Our desi Nick Jonas. And true to her megastar status, everything about her wedding was larger than life, whether it was her 75-foot-long wedding veil or the fact that the wedding ceremonies were held in a palace

    It should come as no surprise that this wedding with its many multi-cultural ceremonies and horde of celebrity guests, including the Prime Minister of the country, was one of the most-googled weddings of the year. And if we are honest, looking at the gorgeous pictures of the affair, we can not deny that it deserved to be.

    5. Isha Ambani And Anand Piramal

    What Is It Happening To The World? multi-ceremony wedding taking place in different cities? Well, the dictionary has not come up with the term to describe this phenomenon that took place last year, when Isha Ambani, daughter of business magnate, Mukesh Ambani, married her long-time boyfriend, Anand Piramal

    The wedding who saw the Bollywood stars serving dinner to the guests of the Ambanis was attended by Hillary Clinton and also included a performance by the pop-goddess, Beyoncé. Let that sink in for a minute. And you thought India was a third-world country! Now that the next Ambani sibling is preparing to tie the knot, we can only expect the affair to be more grandiose


    Source: Instagram

    While these celeb-weddings were making news in our country, there were other celebs in the other parts of the world who were following the suit, such as Kit Harrington and Leslie Rose, or the British royalty, Prince Harry and the American actress, Meghan Markle

    The year 2018 was certainly loaded with these celeb weddings, and here's hope that 2019 too, follow suit

    Do you have any other add-ons to make to this list? Let's Know In The Comments Section

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    6 Common Bedtime Habits That Can Ruin Your Love Life

    6 Common Bedtime Habits That Can Ruin Your Love Life

    When things go wrong, very often, our attitudes and behavior must be blamed. These attitudes can relate to everything, your working life, your social circle, and even your sleeping habits. Yes, sleeping habits.

    In a perfect world, the bedroom should function as the couple's sanctuary in which they leave the outside world at its doors. But that rarely happens. Life with its constant demands finds a way to enter the bedroom, which should actually be a sacred area for you and your partner. Whether you respond to a few urgent emails for work, or children who insist on a bed with you, or a pet that simply will not accept a "no" answer – your bedroom becomes a territory of a military zone rather than a heavenly garden.

    And although you may not realize it, it affects your life. To warn you of such self-destructive behaviors that could fatally damage your relationship with your partner, we've produced a list of six such usual bedtime habits that can kill your love life

    Here they are:

    1. As a daily schedule with her partner before bed

    via GIPHY

    The Buddha is not the place where you are discussing who should take the children after school or who has to pay the bills. In fact, these meetings, which are meant to discuss the logistics of your everyday life, spell your romance if they often find their way to the bedroom.

    We understand that in order to function seamlessly as a unit, you need to squeeze such details, but can we offer you to leave aside 20 minutes before or after dinner to do it? This way you can plan your day without extinguishing the romantic time.

    2. Spend more time on your phone than with your partner

    There is nothing more repulsive than when your partner refuses to recognize your presence in bed because they are so submerged in playing on their phone or because they are too busy surfing in Instagram. This also has the opposite effect when you want to spend some time with them between the sheets. Instead, we recommend that you keep your phone out of the bedroom or if you use it as an alarm, then turn on the airplane mode to avoid distraction.

    3. Letting your bedroom become your playground or playground for your pet

    It's good to let your kids get into bed with you if they feel worried or just want a good squeeze from time to time. After all, they are children. But it does not make a habit. And as far as resolving your pet in bed, you are not only an irresponsible partner, but you are also an irresponsible pet. Make the bedroom zone without pets.

    4. Making the bedroom in your private office

    via GIPHY

    Your partner is not a roommate and you want to connect your bedroom, the place that is meant to be just for you, with ideas for romance and intimacy. If you start answering emails on your laptop every night or decide to make your presentations in bed, then that aura no longer exists. If you need, respond to the emails in another room, but try to leave your work at the door.

    5. Leave the bedroom to become overcrowded

    While this is certainly not a sermon on cleanliness, if you have piles of laundry, dirty dishes stacked in the corner of the bedroom, it is unlikely to set the mood, right?
    Forget about luck, this can actually lead to controversy with your partner about why you're not co-operating with housework. You would do good by cleaning your act in the bedroom. Now, this can definitely make you write a few points for your home!

    6. Catching News in Bed

    Through GIPHY

    We all feel the desire to catch the stories of the day and see what we have missed, but our habit does not make any service to our partners. Your bedtime is your time for a "couple" where you can spend a few minutes in relaxed intimacy. Reading disturbing events may upset you and this may interfere with this quality time.
    If you want to feel close to your partner, we suggest that you try to catch up with the news in the morning.

    These seemingly harmless habits can put a softener to your love life. Now that we have created this primer for you, keep these habits in mind and do not let them interfere with your love life. We do not have to write it, but we will certainly pay for it in the bedroom.

    through GIPHY

    Can you think of other sleeping habits that are destructive to the couple's love life? Share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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    Reasons You Should Start Using Rice Water In Your Beauty Routine

    Reasons You Should Start Using Rice Water In Your Beauty Routine

    We are always looking for natural magic potions that can make wonders of our skin and hair. We do not mind throwing a huge sum for the same. But what we do not do is look for cheaper and safer alternatives to get beautiful hair and skin. What if we tell you that your kitchen is hidden for you?

    Is not rice a major food for most countries in the world? (Especially for Asians) What do you do with rice water when you cook rice? Do you throw it, do not you? Have you ever thought of using this water for your skin and hair? Talking about the city is this modest basic food, which is actually a secret of beauty. So, the next time you make rice, be sure not to throw out the rice water because it can give you the shining skin and the shiny hair you have longed for.

    If you browse a few pages of history and follow the evolution of cosmetic procedures, you will learn that Asians have for centuries used rice water to keep their skin young and their hair stronger.In the country of bots, Japan, the rice-growing women, are used to cleanse in rice water, even in China there is a village called Huanglu where women have extremely thick, long and strong hair and claim that the credit for this is that they use watt rice water to cleanse your hair.
    Rice water is considered a container full of minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are essential for healthy hair and skin. Rice water contains ferulic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Preparation of Rice Water

    There are many methods for making rice water. You can use any kind of rice for that – brown, jasmine, long grain or whatever you use every day.

    Boiling Method ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    This method is the most convenient one. All you have to do is cook rice in the usual way. Just add 2-3 times more water than usual. Once the rice has been prepared, drain the water and use it to wash your hair or clean the face. This drained water contains high nutrient content, so you need to dilute it and then use it. For a glass of water, add 2-3 tablespoons of rice water and reap its beauty benefits.

    The Quick-Method ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    If you're too lazy or you're quick to use the above method, then just soak the rice in water for 10-15 minutes. Remove the rice from the water and use the translucent water obtained to wash your hair and face. Fermentation Method ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

    This method is considered to be the most effective of all due to the change in pH levels due to fermentation. The fermentation process releases a chemical called the poultry that stimulates the regeneration of the cells. This is basically an extended version of the rapid method of producing rice water. The only difference here is that you have to soak rice in water for at least two days. You will know that the rice water is fermented when it starts to smell sour. Dilute it and use it. Keep the remainder in the refrigerator for further use.

    Beauty Benefits Using Rice Water

    1. Healing Dermatitis and Acne



    Rice water can be used to soothe skin inflammation and treat all types of rashes. A Belgian university study found that when patients who had had dermatitis had been using rice water for 15 minutes to clean, their condition improved within 15 days (1). The application of rice water also helps in the treatment of acne and reduces irritation. It tightens the pores because it is also considered to be tightening. Just dip a cotton swab into the diluted rice water and apply it on the affected areas of the skin.

    2. Healing sunburns and aging skin

      Healing-sunburns-and-aging skin


    Rice water can help alleviate these dark spots caused by aging and also helps treat radical damage caused by the sun's rays. The presence of vitamin A, vitamin C, phenolic compounds and flavonoids make it a great tool for burning the skin and dealing with aging. If used regularly, the results can be seen for another week. It smooths the structure of the skin, fights with hyperpigmentation, reduces the size of the pores and leaves the skin like porcelain finishes. Apply rice water to your face as toner after washing your face in the morning and in the evening. See the amazing results for yourself.

    3. Helps Achieve Healthier, Smoother and More Managed Hair

      Helps-Achieve Healthier


    A study published in 2010 in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science shows the benefits of using rice water to maintain healthy skin and hair (2). This treatment has even a term and is known as Yu-Su-Ru. The rice water increases the elasticity of the hair and makes it stronger, thus preventing it from breaking. To use it on your hair, wash your hair with shampoo and balm as always. But instead of using plain water to rinse the shampoo and container, use rice water. This will leave your hair smooth, silky and beautiful.

    4. Rejuvenates and Relaxes the Body

      Rejuvenates-and-Relaxes the Body


    The best way for your body to take advantage of the rice water is to bathe it. One way to do this is to add some water with rice to the hot tub. Or just put a cup of rice in a sack and put it in the bath with hot water and let the body soak in all the healthy supplements from the rice water.

    These are some of the biggest benefits of popular basic rice food. Have you ever used rice water in cosmetic procedures? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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    Daniel Radcliffe just opened up about turning to alcohol to forget his HP fame

    Daniel Radcliffe just opened up about turning to alcohol to forget his HP fame

    ‘I really struggled’

    daniel radcliffe

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows may have come out over a decade ago, but that doesn’t mean that we’ve moved on from the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

    In fact, us millennials are probably still as hooked as we were when the series was actually still going.

    Too many of us own wands, chocolate frogs and clothes emblazoned with our Hogwarts House crest (we’re ALL Gryffindor, OK?) and we can all admit to having debated HP theories deep into the night.

    It’s hard therefore to remember that the actors have their own lives, with the three leading stars speaking openly about the realities of having fame thrust upon them at such a young age.

    This is something that lead actor Daniel Radcliffe spoke out about this week during an appearance on Off Camera With Sam Jones.

    Describing his fame, the 29-year-old recalled: ‘I really struggled with particularly in my late teens when I was going out to places for the first time where you would feel – again it could have largely been in my head but – you would feel watched when you went into a bar, when you went into a pub.

    ‘Then, in my case, the quickest way of forgetting about the fact that you were being watched was to get very drunk and then as you get very drunk, you become aware that, “oh people are watching more now because now I’m getting very drunk, so I should probably drink more to ignore that more.”’

    Hermione big front teeth

    Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson

    He continued: ’Part of the thing is the expectation that you should just be delighted all the time. You have a great job, you’re wealthy, you don’t have a right to not be excited about the thing all the time. I think that’s a pressure as well. You suddenly start to feel, “Man, if I am just feeling some human emotion of sadness, does that mean I’m doing this wrong? Am I not good at being famous?”‘

    How did he get through it? ‘I have been unbelievably lucky with the people I had around me at certain times in my life,’ he explained. ‘I met some really key people, some actors some of them not, who just gave me great advice and really cared for me. Ultimately it was just my own decision. I woke up one morning after a night, going, “This is probably not good.”‘

    Harry Potter fans are coming out in force to praise Daniel for speaking out on the subject.

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