The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Cutting Calories

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Cutting Calories

Are you exercising-phobe or are you a lazy girl / boy who feels the thought of going to the gym or sticking to restrictive diets? Whatever the case, we feel you, my friend! For all those who want to lose weight and cut calories from their diet without spending extra money in the spin class or carrying organic and healthy food (read: dear), here's the perfect guide for you. And if you feel too lazy to read even this article, just scroll to the last point to get the essence of this guide.

7. Say goodbye to these comfortable pants

  Shut upstood


Everything starts with a single step and the first step towards reducing calories is to realize what your body calories are doing. When you walk through the streets in these comfortable sports pants, you will definitely calculate your odds, but you do not realize that these pants have a hand in fattening. They are the most forgiving apparel, and that's why you come to them in the days when you feel inflated or a little out of shape. But if you give these comfortable pants a pass and start wearing slightly comfortable trousers, you will be aware not only of your appearance but also with your tight grip on your waist when you happily marvel at a plush restaurant.

Or leave it

  Take a walk or leave it


You do not have to spend all of your time working. As much as you hate to hit the gym or even think about it, you have to find clever ways to keep your body on the move. I love to move it, move it – this should be your mantra. For example, if you have to go to several floors, take the stairs. If you need food, go to the nearest store. If you need to nourish your belly, take it one step to go a few steps before moving away to glory.

5. Say "Do not drink calories"

  Say "Do not drink calories"


This is one of those mistakes that we are all to blame for doing. Every time we decide to go on a diet, the first thing that can be done is detoxification of the juice. We live in fruit juices and we assume it will help us reduce calories. But, guess what, we're all just guilty about this theory. Drinking fruit juices adds empty calories to your weight. The calories of your morning juice, soft drinks, or the innocent glass of wine can really make you gain weight, instead of separating some of them. If you want to reduce your calories, go to a citrus infusion or add some fresh ingredients such as cucumber to plain water and drink it.

4. Do not eat in front of an idiot box

  Do not eat in front of an idiot box


When did you last eat while watching TV? Now, can you remember how many portions you have on your plate? Usually, when we are distracted and ignore the food on our plate, we end up consuming more calories than we demand. Even if you chew a bucket of popcorn or a few mosaics, keep in mind how much you eat. Watch your calorie intake to avoid unnecessarily adding extra pounds.

3. Use smaller tiles

  Use smaller tiles


Regular control can be tricky but nevertheless profitable. But how can you reduce the amount of food you serve? Start with small plates. If you like to eat outside the bag, you need to stop it and start measuring your snacks and meals. If you eat breakfast snacks, make sure you restrict it to a handful. In the same way, watch how much you eat for every meal of the day. Using smaller plates will make you think that everything on your plate is enough to satisfy your hunger.

2. Get More Sleep

  Get More Sleep


As loyalist to the lazy gang, like all of you, I also love to sleep. Studies have repeatedly shown that inappropriate patterns of sleep and inadequate sleep can adversely affect human weight 1 ). Think of it as a credit card debt, the more you accumulate debt in your sleep, the more your body will need the valuable restorative sleep. When you do not get enough sleep, your daily routine is affected, and to stay awake during the day, you end up consuming caffeine and indulging in unhealthy food and eventually you are again deprived of sleep! Oh, good! This is a vicious circle. It's easy to get out of this circle, just hit the wound early and leave your gadgets on the door.

1. Eat more

  Eat more


Wait before you get excited and start biting on any edgy things you find, remember the rule of thumb – whether lunch, dinner or breakfast time, always choose foods that are rich in water, protein or fiber. Before you scratch your head what foods can fit into these categories, do a quick search in your kitchen. Provide fruit and vegetables (water-rich foods), lean meat, chicken, fish and tofu (protein rich foods), cinnamon, lentils, sweet potatoes, and more. (Foods rich in fiber). Eat a balanced meal made up of these foods to keep fit and lose calories in a healthy way. To stay away from temptation, get rid of all unhealthy, fried and processed foods in your kitchen.

So if we're lazy, we're still capable of staying healthy and healthy. All we have to do is remember what's going on in our stomach, make sure our body does not become potatoes in natural size and control our parts. What are your hacks to reduce your calorie intake? Let him know in the comments below.

  So what if we're lazy, we're still able to stay fit and healthy


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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Curling Iron Size

A Guide To Finding The Perfect Curling Iron Size

Have you ever bought a curling iron to style your hair in waves, but nothing worked out like you imagined? Or maybe it happened when you wanted to go for a kinky curly look? If you think this is because you lack proper hairstyling skills, stop right there. This is probably what happened – you chose the wrong curling iron! Are you aware that curling irons are available in different barrel sizes for different hairstyles and hair lengths? If you do not, you should read this article to find the right curling iron barrel for you.


Relationship Between Barrel Size, Hairstyle, And Hair Length

This barrel size is mostly recommended for styling thin, short, or medium-length hair. If you want spiral, kinky, or bouncy curls, you should lay your hands on a curling iron of this barrel size. It works great on thin and curly tresses, adding more volume to the hair. However, styling straight hair with this barrel may take a lot of time.

  • 1/2 Inch


Do you have a short hair? Then, you should probably opt for this barrel size to create ringlet or tight curls. Long tresses will not be able to hold this kind of curls for a long time, and thick locks do not go well with tight curls. Therefore, this barrel size is ideal for getting tight, ringlet or spiral curls on thin, short or bobbed hair. They add more volume to your hair

  • 5/8 Inch
 58 Inch


This barrel size is perfect for creating springy spiral curls on thin, medium or shoulder-length hair. It is popularly recommended for styling straight hair. This barrel size also helps in adding volume to your hair, and it works great on natural curly tresses.

  • 3/4 Inch

If you want these perfect vintage curls, you have to use a curling iron with this barrel size . It can be used on thin or thick hair and is highly recommended for shoulder-length hair. This barrel size is the right choice for getting loose, polished, vintage, or corkscrew curls.

  • 1 Inch [196590027] 1 Inch ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


Considered as the king among all curling irons, this barrel size is suitable for all hair lengths and for creating almost all types of curls. It is not too small nor too large. Besides tight curls, this barrel size is also perfect for reaching the messy beach waves and glamorous full-bodied waves

  • 1 1/4 Inches

This barrel size is recommended for long, medium or shoulder-length hair. It can be used to create almost all types of curls and waves.

  • 1 1/2 Inches
 12 Inches


As bigger barrels create bigger curls, this barrel size is best suited for styling long and thick hair.

  • 1 3/4 Inches

Often rare and difficult to find on the market, this barrel size is worth having if you want to style your long hair in loose, soft waves.

  • 2 Inches
 2 Inches


Widely known as 'The Bumper,' this is the only barrel size that works incredibly well on short hair to add volume and create soft curls. barrel size is the perfect choice for longer hair lengths. Be it loose waves, beach waves, or defined waves, this curling iron barrel can do it all. It also adds a little volume to straight hair

So, what are you waiting for? Follow this guide to buy the perfect curling iron for your hair. If you have any further questions, drop them in the comments section below, and we'll get back to you.

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35 Captivating Peekaboo Highlights

35 Captivating Peekaboo Highlights

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Is your Insta-feed flooded with images of hidden hair colors? If yes, you have been affected by the peekaboo highlights. When you think you know some hair color, but when you move the top layer of hair, it reveals a completely different color. Well, this trend of hair color is called accents of peekaboo.

You can choose from a classic red pickup to a stunning multicolor.

What exactly is Peekaboo Highlights?

Why the name peekaboo?

Have you played a child with a child? You close your eyes, then suddenly you open them and say, "Pick-a-bu!" The sound of laughter from this child is invaluable. This is a kind of joy that you will feel when you get the most important moments. Peekaboo highlights are color accents that are hidden under the top of the hair. Most often they are done at the back of the head. The best in this style is that you do not have to restrict yourself to just one or two colors. You can attract these lights in as many colors as you want.

Out of the bat, I'll ask you to go to a hairdresser to get the perfect visuals. It takes a lot of experience to get these sophisticated patterns and colors right. Therefore, arrange a meeting with a professional hairdresser to avoid hair damage. See the next section to find out how to do it.

How to Get Peekaboo Highlights

  • Decide which colors and patterns of accents you want to show. Take into account your natural hair color, skin color and eye color. You can look for advice from a professional hairdresser to do it.
  • Tell the stylist how you usually divide your hair to help them figure out where to put the backs. layer of your hair, untouched, to hide the backs of the eye. They begin to color over, about an inch from the separation and move down. They use foil to keep the hair color to spread to the parts of the hair you do not want to color.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how much damage you'll be on your hair. Do not worry, you can protect and nurture your hair by following the simple maintenance tips listed in the next section. Check them out!

How to keep Peekaboo highlights

  • Use a color shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair coloring away for as long as possible. These products will also nourish your hair, which is left dry and damaged by bleaching.
  • Use shampoo for safe colors along with moisturizing conditioner to take care of all the needs of your hair.
  • to dry and damage it, which can cause hair loss and fracture. Use a moisturizing hair mask to add protein and hydration to your hair and get rejuvenated and healthy hair.
  • Lubricate your hair twice a week. Massage warm oil in the scalp and hair to nourish. This not only prevents damage to your hair but also gives your hair a shine.
  • For two to three weeks as soon as you have colored your hair, do not tie your hair in narrow horse tails or braids. Your hair is already fragile, and its tightening can cause a lot of fracture. Instead of tight hooves and updates, choose loose buns and loose braids.
  • Clean your hair carefully. Start from the end and move up. Do not pull your brush into the knot; cut them carefully. This may seem tense, but it is good for your handles in the long run – colored or not.
  • To keep your shining accents fresh, make regular touches. Ask your stylist how often you need to do it and keep it. You will have perfect accents that do not look washed or faded. Your grown roots can also be colored during touch so your game is in place.

Now that you know how to get and maintain visualizations, let's check out the 35 best ways you can shape them.

35 The Stunning Styles of Peekaboo Accents

1. Chocolate Brown and Lilac

Well, first of all, that the asymmetric bean is on the point! Chocolate brown hair acts like a curtain for light purple hair in this type. This style is perfect for the fall. Brown and lilac surprisingly fit well and look great on light skin.

2. Pop on purple

View this post in Instagram

New glaze and look-purple. Thanks @leecestylz for the arrival of @hamaholicstudio!

Posted by Hair + makeup (@hamaholicstudio) on October 14, 2018 at 7:22 pm PDT

Were you waiting as impatiently as I was to see what color are the pixels? Only a popcorn made of accentuated purple creates a look that you have to die for. It adds 3D effect to this blonde and brunette color combination

3. Monochrome

Sinatra or Martin? Marvel or DC? Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network? These are emblematic choices just like the old black or white. But sometimes black and white can combine their efforts to create a surreal haircut. Denim

The jealousy has been around for many years and nowhere. Not surprisingly, it's made in the color of the hair. This color is deep but bright, making it great for women who want only a fine color.

5. Purple and blue

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Peekaboo Fun! # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ########################################### ######## ] Have you ever seen the stunning flowers of sage and lithodor? They are the most beautiful shades of purple and blue you will ever see. Purple symbolizes feminine fire, and blue means tranquility, making the perfect combination of femininity

6. Burned accents

] The highlights of Peekaboo are not always hidden. Look at this beautiful chestnut hue that blends well with the brown hair in the back. You can see a brilliant burning hint on all her brown locks. This is the perfect hair color for the winter.

7. Wino Mix

When the world seems to shine like you have too much wine, it's amore. Famous singer Dean Martin is known for having a glass of alcohol in his hand while he sings. But did you know that the majority of the drink is apple wine? Returning to the subject, wine winegrows look wonderful and give a mysterious feeling.

8. Woody Composition

Have you ever cut your initials on a tree? If you are not, I'm sure you have at least seen a movie in which it's done. The dark brown reveals a pale white inside when it is carved. This winter vision points out that it reminds me of that.

9. Blonde Peekaboo

Black hair that ends in a burnt orange ombre with a blonde peekaboo highlights – this hair color is all the heat and fire. It is ideal for those autumn and winter nights when it is cold and cozy outside. The curls on the edges give a beautiful look.

10. Unicorn Blend

Hello, Unicorns ! I have not tried the one-legged frappe, but these moments of vision make me want to take something right now. My mind immediately went to Avril Lavigne, exploding to "Sk8er Boi" thanks to the blonde, purple and pink mix. Purple adds a rich depth to this species. And do not forget the blue that pulls you like the ocean.

11. Pink Pop

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Now you see me … 🙈🙉. @pulpriothair jam. , A post shared by Ashley Moore | Northern stylist [@ (@ashlandishcolors) on October 7, 2018 at 2:13 pm PDT

Imagine binding this hair with a high tail – it would completely blind! The brightness of the pink sharply stands out from the darkness of the black hair. This is ideal for children, adolescents and young people.

12. Mermaid Tales ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


Mermaids are fierce mythical creatures. I'm sure that after seeing Ariel in The Little Mermaid, you wanted to become a mermaid. She had this sleek blue-green fish that was the inspiration for this visual accent.

13. Intense Purple

If you have brown hair, look for an intense shade like this dark-purple color. I took a photo of a purple flower back, which was placed in brown leaves. It reminds me of that kind of hair. Purple adds great vibration to its brown latches.

14. Neutral Blend

Dark blue, bright purple, and notes of pink come together to give us this wonderful mixture of hair colors. These three colors create a beautiful look. Black hair strengthens the whole look.

15. Chocolate-Strawberry Mix

Deep pink lights on brown hair make me think of chocolate and strawberry cake. Rich chocolate mixed with the freshness of a strawberry is all I need to spend the day. Excuse me as I travel quickly to the bakery!

16. Beachy Vibes

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Color blue wool for my guest today as a reminder of your voice! Posted by Jessica Corder (@hairbyjesscorder) on October 4th, 2018 at 19:35 PDT

Gold sand and blue waves – this is the perfect vacation. I almost feel the soft sand sink under my feet and hear the waves of waves when I look at those moments.

17. The Forest Mix

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Post shared by Mel ✨🤟🏼 | Miami hairstylist (@miamihairmel) on October 4, 2018 at 11:32 am PDT

Green leaves, brown marsh sands and bluish-green streams – this is the best hair color I've ever seen . These dirty blond locks with burned orange and blue violet spoons look perfect for the hot summers.

18. Phoenix Rising

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orCurled or not? 🌅 // Backlighting // Joico Creative Color Application // Full Balancing // Cut #allinadayswork Thank you @em_and_tonks to spend the day with me! #joico #goldwell #colorist #cocotype #sunsethair #peekaboohighlights #redhair #coppergold #blonde #balayage #fallcolors #highs #hairpicoftheay #hairpainting #warmblonde #kevinmurphy #bedroomhair #hairstyles #haircut #style #love #hairstyles #haircut #style #love #bronde

This post reminds me of the phoenix that spreads the wings

  • and flew to save Harry Potter from the Chamber of Secrets. And I have to say I love that full accent. Red and orange add tons of spices and "flaba-ah" to these light ginger tits

    19. Cherry Cola Pops

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    Post by Brooke Gillon (@hairby_cookie) on September 30, 2018 at 5:22 PDT

    winter and get some intense cherry car pop peekaboo accents. You will surely warm the cold, snowy days and nights. Black hair makes the color of the cherry appear brown from some angles, which is profitable in my book.

    20. Shock Purple

    Shocking purple shades look vibrant with black locks. If you like emo and grunge vibe, this kind of hair is for you. Lubricate your black hair with some metallic shine to make a purple pop even bigger.

    21. Color Mermaid

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    Peek-a-boo 👻 This is an official ghost szn • • • • #picoftheday # scruples #peekaboohighlights # balayage

    Posted by [CheyenneSellards (@cheyennebeautyy_) on September 28, 2018 at 15:49 PDT

    Some women believe the mermaid's colors are blue and green, but others say they are pink and purple. Well, why do you fight when you can get both mixes? Let's be mermaids with these magnificent accents, ladies!

    22. Magenta

    Bright backlights like these magnets look amazing on black locks. If you have an exquisite personality but still enjoy girls moments, you should take this accent!

    23. Blond Dimension

    When you have dark hair, you need to use bright colors to create contrast. This blonde saw accents look exactly that. Try this view if you do not want to go through this autumn.

    24. Dirty Blonde Cover

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    You still love my little coach 👀💗

    Posted by on September 26, 2018 at 11:16 PDT [19659045] Dirty blond hair reveals bright pink accents in this form. This playful color blend is ideal for every season. After all, you never need a reason to color your pink hair.

    25. Rainbow

    Somewhere over the rainbow … is a layer of black hair. This combination of hair colors is incredible. I can describe it only as supercalipigilistapialidosis! I think anyone who deals with this combination of colors wakes up, feeling fresh and ready to take over the world.

    26. Platinum Mix With Lilac

    View this entry in Instagram

    #peekaboocolor #lilac #lilacandsilver #bubbleswhitemarsh #bubblesontheavenue #bubblesbesties #bubblessalons #peekaboohighlights

    Posted by Tawnya (@tawnyacolors) 2018 at 15:16 PDT

    Purple and platinum hair colors are right now. Both colors are a super glossy and great way to make a dramatic transformation. Add some nice silver accents to platinum blondes to add a dimension to your hair.

    27. Fiery Highlights

    Your hair is dry and lifeless? Revive it with this fiery look. It will add texture and dimension to your hair. Return your hair back to life and draw it like never before!

    28. Fall Blend

    Champagne or hot chocolate – what is your favorite drink? И което е по-важно, защо да избирате, когато и двете правят за зашеметяващи цветове на косата? Вековното съперничество между блондинка или брюнетки никога не е намерило по-добра обща основа от този цветен микс. Къдричките добавят ума и обем към външния вид.

    30. Candy Crush

    Candy Crush! Играта, която привлече цялото ни внимание и ни накара още по-пристрастени към нашите телефони. Все пак кой може да устои на тези сини, розови и червени желе? Е, вземете тази бонбонска мания към косата си и я направете вкусна!

    31. Ярки пастели

    Пастели и ярки цветове могат да бъдат смесени, за да се създаде страхотна смес. Ако можете да отидете за няколко цвята, защо да не излезете и да го направите един от най-добрите миксове? Ако не се страхувате да бъдете силни и живи, направете го!

    32. Червено

    Преместете кафявата си коса, за да покажете червените си ключалки. Изглежда вълшебно и загадъчно. Никога не може да се обърка с класическото червено. N-E-V-E-R!

    33. Гъстали виолетови акценти

    Дълбоки джинджифилни ключалки с виолетови визуални лъчи изглеждат ултра модерни и остри. Вълните и тъпите краища добавят обем и помагат в оформянето на лицето ви. Тупите краища обтекават челюстта и я правят изваяна.

    34. Акценти от пауна

    Пауни са зеленикаво-сини и имат розов намек. Това е зашеметяваща комбинация и е правилно някой да е приел този страхотен цвят на косата им. Какъв по-добър начин да го направите, отколкото с подсветките на кафявата коса?

    35. Тюркоаз

    Женственост, спокойствие, креативност и мъдрост – това са някои от нещата, които цветното тюркоаз представя. Той създава завладяващ цвят на косата, особено когато е свързан с блондинка. Сюрреалистично!

    И така, какво мислите за моята листа? Надявам се, че съм ви убедил да се потопите в света! Коментирайте по-долу и ми кажете кой цвят искате да опитате. Убий, дами!

    Постът 35 Зашеметяващите акценти на Peekaboo се появиха първо на STYLECRAZE .

  • 5 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Eat More Bamboo Shoots

    5 Science-Backed Reasons You Should Eat More Bamboo Shoots

    Bamboo shoots are edible shoots of several types of bamboo plants. They are also called bamboo sprouts. Predominantly in Asian countries, they add texture and bulk to the vessels without the accumulation of extra fat or calories. Interestingly, the shoots are a multitude of benefits they offer. You will know what they are as you read this article.

    Table of Contents

    How bamboo shoots healthy?

    Bamboo shoots have a high content of proteins, vitamins, minerals and fibers and very low fat content. Freshly harvested bamboo shoots have a good amount of thiamin, niacin and vitamins A, B6 and E. They contain high fiber and phytosterols that help reduce fat and cholesterol levels. These dietary fiber also regulate blood pressure and help treat obesity and some forms of cancer (19459014) 1 ). We'll look at them now.

    Back to TOC

    How can bamboo get you?

    1. Can Help With Weight Loss

    <img class = "size-full wp-image-487431" src = " Studies show that bamboo shoots can suppress effective high-fat obesity Bamboo shoots have prebiotic properties – they modulate intestinal microbiosis and improve metabolism ( 2 [Alsobambooshootsaremoreeffectiveinsuppressingweightgainthanotherfiberscanhelptopreventcancer[00595] Lignins (19459026) 3 .) Shoots also have phenolic compounds that exhibit antioxidant properties – they also contribute to cancer prevention 4 It can improve bowel function in individuals

    3. May Stimulate Heart Health

    Bamboo shoots are rich in potassium, a robust mineral that regulates blood pressure levels ( ] 6 ).

    Studies have shown that pharmaceutical preparations today use bamboo extracts to control cholesterol ( 7 ).

    Studies have shown that potassium in bamboo shoots can strengthen your heart – further improving the health of your heart 8 )

    4. Help wound healing

    Bamboo shoots are used to clean wounds and wounds. Studies also show that bamboo leaves can help to heal skin wounds ( 9 ). Treat Menstrual Problems

      Treat Menstrual Problems


    It has been found that regular admission of bamboo shoots reduces problems associated with reproductive health in women. The buds are used by various native tribes to treat irregular menstrual cycles and infertility problems and reduce severe post-natal bleeding and birth pain 10 ). They are low in saturated fat and sodium – two major threats to human health today. Back to TOC

    What is the nutritional profile of bamboo shoots

    Calories information
    Amounts for selected portion % DV
    Calories 40.8 (171 kJ) From Carbohydrates 27.4 (115 kJ) From Fat 3.8 (15.9 kJ) 19659027] Carbohydrate % % % fiber 3.3 g 13%
    starch 0.0 g sugars 4.5 g
    4] Quantity for selected portion
    % DV
    Total Fat 0.5 g 1%
    Total Trans-Mono-Fatty Acids Total Trans-Polyne Fatty Acids Total Total Fatty Acids Omega-3 Fatty Acids 30.2 mg Total Omega-6 Fatty Acids 172 mg ] Protein 3.9 g 8%
    What Vitamin D Vitamin A Vitamin A Vitamin A Vitamin A 30.2 IU ] ~ Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol) 1.5 mg 8% Vitamin K 0.0 mcg 0%
    0,19 mg 0,19 mg 0,1 mg 6% 6% 10.6 mc g 3% 0%
    Pantothenic Acid 0.2 mg Minerals
    Quantity for selected portion 19659027] Iron 0.8 mg ] 4% Magnesium 4.5 mg 1% mg 23 mg 23% 23% sodium 19659036] 6.0 mg 0% This is a nutritious one, is not it? Do not you want to include it in your diet? But how?

    Back to TOC

    The Best Bamboo Recipes for You

  • 1lb fresh spinach
  • 1/2 cup of peanut or vegetable oil
  • 1 ½ tablespoons of salt
  • Spicy bamboo shoots
  • ] 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • Directions for use
    1. Wash the spinach leaves well under cold water and dry thoroughly.
    2. Heat the butter on a medium-high flame pan. Bamboo twigs are cooked for about 45 minutes, stirring continuously.
    3. Add spinach and stir until they dry
    4. Add salt and sugar. Cook and stir for another 2 minutes
    5. Transfer to a hot plate. Do not add liquid to the tray.

  • 3 tbsp fish sauce
  • 3 tbsp Thai Green Tea
  • 1 tbsp of coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon of green curry sauce fresh grated ginger
  • 5-ounce box of bamboo shoots
  • ¾ cup of cut mushrooms Honshimeji
  • 10 grape tomatoes, cut in half
  • A salmon fillet of salmon
  • On request

    On low heat, in medium saucepan, add coconut milk, green paste with curry, grated indzhifil and fish sauce. Stir properly
  • Add bamboo drops, grape tomatoes, lemon strain and mushrooms. Simmer for about 25 minutes
  • Put the salmon fillet correctly with salt and pepper
  • Remove the skin of the fish from the fish in the middle for 3 minutes in medium medium. Turn off the heat and turn the fish to prepare the other side. Do this for about 2 minutes.
  • You can serve the fish in a sauce dish.
  • Just, but tempting, are not they! This means you can include bamboo shoots in your routine every day. But keep in mind – pregnant or lactating women and individuals with a thyroid state may have to stay away from bamboo shoots. Please consult your doctor before consuming it


    With almost no fat and sodium, bamboo shoots can be one of the planet's healthiest foods. Why not start them on your diet today?

    Back to TOC

    Before You Eat Bamboo shoots? How did you like it? Tell us by commenting on the box below! Literature

    1. " Food facts about bamboo shoots and … ". International Scientific Research Reports, American National Library of Medicine. Scientific Reports, American National Library of Medicine. 3 Biotech, US National Library of Medicine.
    2. " Nutritional properties of bamboo shoots … ". Horticulture International, Ministry of Horticulture and Science. Journal of Nutrition and Vitamics Science
    3. " Bamboo shoots ". Government of Victoria, Channel for Better Health. Critical Comments in the Science of Food and Nutrition
    4. " What are Bamboo shoots ". University of Washington.
    5. " Preliminary investigation of wound healing … ". Ayurvedic Journal and Integrative Medicine, American National Library of Medicine. International Scientific Notes, American National Library of Medicine

      10 Things You Should Leave Behind In 2018 To Kickstart The New Year

      10 Things You Should Leave Behind In 2018 To Kickstart The New Year

      Нека си отиде, нека отиде
      Вече не може да я задържиш
      Остави го, пусни го
      Обърни се и затръшвай вратата
      Не ме интересува какво са те Ще кажа

      Елза го направи правилно. Ако нещо те задържи, за да бъдеш щастлив, трябва да го оставиш. На тази нота, как е 2018 за вас? Ако беше сюрреалистична година, ние ви завиждаме, ако не беше нищо друго освен разхвърлян и хаотичен изблик на емоции, ние ви чувстваме, момчета! Добър или лош, свърши. И тъй като ние сме на последния етап от годината, добра идея е да погледнем назад и да се сбогуваме с онези неща, които са наистина безсмислени и ненужни, нали? Ако ви е трудно да ограничите списъка си, ето нищо, което трябва да оставите след 2018 г.

      1. Вашите неуспехи

       Вашите неуспехи


      Дали това е вашият неправилен опит да си осигурите най-висок ранг в университета или разочарованието, че не сте получили тази оценка по време на работа, това е част от растежа ви. Огледайте се и ще видите, че повечето изпълнителни директори на света се издигнаха от пепелта като феникс, за да бъдат там, където са днес. Затова приемете поражението си и се подгответе за следващия си ход, не дръжте неуспехите си толкова близо до вас, че в крайна сметка ще се задушите от тях. Тъй като популярното парченце върви, не се изпотявайте. Направете мир с неуспехите си и не ги оставяйте да ви притискат. Март напред в следващата година с по-голяма мотивация, увереност и постоянство, защото, приятелю, светът е вашата стрида, от вас зависи да намерите бисерите.

      2. Вашите оправдания

       Вашите извинения


      Намерете нови! Хайде, Нова година е, и не можете да задържите старите си извинения. Използвали сте ги за 365 дни и най-вероятно няма да работи следващата година. Ако искате да се освободите от отговорности и обещания, тогава или трябва да започнете да новите извинения, или просто трябва да ги спрете . Извиненията са просто още един начин за отлагане, само че той се отлага за неопределено време. Не правете оправдания за нещата и хората, които имат значение. Тази нова година, оставете вашите оправдания.

      3. Твоето обсебване с хора

       Твоето обсебване с хора


      Дали бившият ти, твоята любов или твоята детска любов ще се научиш да се отпускаш. Добре е да бъдеш съкрушен и да се натъкнеш на някой, когото някога обичаше. Но научете се да се лекувате и да продължите напред. Не се придържайте към нещо, защото не сте си представяли свят без присъствието на това лице. Спрете да напоявате мъртва растение, вместо това отидете да си градите нови растения. Ако нещата са предназначени да бъдат, те ще бъдат. Не се притеснявай от идеята за несъществуваща връзка до степен, в която губиш самочувствието си и самочувствието си. Задръжте връзката си такава, каквато бихте държали пясък в затворен юмрук – не прекалено стегнат, не прекалено хлабав, а след това е добре. Вашата Десетилетна Гардеробна Колекция

       Вашата Десетилетна Гардеробна Колекция


      "Ще отслабна и ще нося това", "Това е любимата ми тениска и мога да я нося в леглото поне ”,“ Ще дам тези рокли на децата си ”. Мислиш ли по същия начин, когато гледаш гардероба си, който прилича на гигантска купчина дрехи, която просто събира прах? Ако го направиш, е време да кажеш сбогом на тези стари дрехи. Независимо от вечната любов към тези дрехи и непоколебимата надежда, че ще ги носите, трябва да я приемете (с тежко сърце), че е време да прекратите тази дълга, токсична връзка с дрехите си. Може би можете да си вземете чанта с нови дрехи, след като сте приключили с пролетно почистване.

      5. Членството в залата

       Членство в залата


      Спомняте ли си този епизод в Приятели, когато Чандлър е натоварен с членството си в фитнес зала, от който просто не може да се отърве? Е, всички ние сме в една или друга точка. Но нека да се разберем, просто получаването на членство няма да свърши работа. Това изисква малко повече от това, знаете ли? Като всъщност отиваш във фитнеса. Ако сте седнали на членството си и просто давате пари на фитнес, е време да им кажете, че е свършило между вас. Трябва да оставите това членство зад себе си и да се запишете за фитнес, който не е твърде взискателен или данъчен.

      6. Вашите псевдо-приятели

       Вашите псевдо-приятели


      "Трябва скоро да наваксаме", "Хей, чух, че най-накрая си намерил работа!", "Наистина ми се иска да мога да помогна, но съм в също “. Звучи ли тези изявления познати? Е, всички те идват от същото място, от което идват нашите фалшиви приятели. През годините, благодарение на нашите социални умения, в крайна сметка направихме много приятели. Но не всички са истински. Някои от тях са тук само заради предимствата на приятелството. Може да не сте наясно с това, но има много приятели, които не се интересуват от вас. Вероятно са тук за лукса, който предлагате или може би защото им давате фураж за техните клюки. Така че, не е толкова лоша идея да ги отблъскваме (онлайн и офлайн), така ли е?

      7. Вашите празни банкови сметки

       Вашите празни банкови сметки


      Не можем наистина да оставим зад банковите си сметки, но определено можем да запазим пари в тях. За дълго, сметката е видяла не повече от една стотинка или две. Въпреки, че никога не можем да отговорим на универсалния въпрос: "Къде отиват парите ми?" Определено можем да направим някои паралели между тези партии, тези вечери и тези безкрайни търговски пластове, които изглеждат мътни в нашата памет. Но е време да спрем безразсъдно и да започнем да пестим предпазливо. В края на краищата, ние трябва да предприемем това пътуване в Европа, което е веднъж в живота, нали?

      8. Вашите стари резолюции

       Вашите стари резолюции


      Един прост въпрос за интроспекция – Ако не сте успели да се придържате към резолюциите от 2018 г. през последните 365 дни, това, което ви кара да мислите, че ще да ги запазите през следващата година? Ние не искаме да бъдем снизходителни или пренебрежителни, искаме само да разширим няколко думи на мъдрост. Ако не сте го направили в рамките на 365 дни, шансовете са, че няма да правите и следващата година. Затова направете приемливи резолюции. Вместо да се реши на нещо непостижимо, реши да направи нещо, което е напълно възможно. Например, аз решавам да спечеля малко пари, а не да съм следващият Амбани.

      9. Вашите Naysayers

       Вашите Naysayers


      Помни Шарма Джи, който каза: "Tumse Na Ho payega Бета"? Е, време е да му кажем довиждане и всички онези, които те изтеглят отново и отново и се подиграват с мечтите и стремежите. Хубаво е време да се сбогуваме с всички, които щедро ни дават нежелани съвети, и че това е превъзхождано с много песимизъм. Дали това са негативни забележки за тялото, смисъла на превръзката или графиката на кариерата ви, не позволявайте никой да ви претегля. Когато часовникът удари 12 по NYE, направете си услуга и раздяла (за вечността) с негативното настроение и тяхното племе

      10. Нашата любима социална пристрастеност към медиите

       Нашата любима социална пристрастеност към медиите


      Сега това е доста силна задача да се дистанцирате от социалните медии, особено когато четете този съвет на една такава платформа. Но освен, че ни прави пристрастени към нашия виртуален живот, той също се смущава от нашата неприкосновеност. Тази година все по-популярната социална медийна платформа, Facebook, предефинира проблемите на доверието към нас. С приемането на Марк Цукърбърг за изтичане на данни и нарушаване на данните на потребителите, определено не можем да повярваме на никого отново сляпо. Можем ли? Уважаеми Марк, ние ви се доверихме с нашите снимки, нашите неудобни постове от гимназията и дори с нашия статут на връзката, как бихте могли, как? (Et tu, Brute!) Така че, определено трябва да прекарваме по-малко време онлайн и да правим сигурни връзки офлайн, какво мислиш?

       Неща, които трябва да останат зад гърба си през 2018 г. да стартират новата година

      Shutterstock Това е една година. С толкова много емоции, трансформации, ново начало и безкраен списък от сватби, 2018 година е доста години. Нека оставим зад себе си всички горчиви спомени, всички негативни вибрации и да започнем следващата година с щастлива бележка! Ето още 365 дни щастие, смях и безкрайни мания. Честита Нова Година, хора!

      Постът 10 неща, които трябва да оставите зад гърба си през 2018 г. За Kickstart Новата година се появи първо на STYLECRAZE .

      What Are Finger Coils? How To Get The Perfect Finger Coils?

      What Are Finger Coils? How To Get The Perfect Finger Coils?

      Want to wind your hair without spending a bomb? Do you have the patience to achieve this strange look? If so, we need to talk about fingers. The rings are very easy to work if you want to spend some time and effort. They are even more fun if you have a habit of turning, winding or winding your hair with your fingers. Here's a guide to creating these perfect curls using an easy method.

      First, let's talk about what are the finger coils.

      What are the finger coils?

      The rings are sticks that are made with fingers. This style is obtained by dividing the hair into several sections and rotating them around the fingers to create windings. If done perfectly, the windings can last up to two to three weeks. Scroll down to find out!

      Reasons to create your natural hair in the finger coils

      • Spool coils are easy to achieve without the use of many products.
      • This "do-it-yourself" method makes your hair great without spending big money in an expensive salon.
      • Spool windings do not require much support.
      • If done well, the finger coils can last up to three weeks. If you want to try out dreadlocks and are not sure how they might look, you can start by experimenting with coils.

      Now that you know the incredible benefits of this styling method, let's check how it's done.

    6. How to make a finger coil
      What do you need
      • Hairspray
      • Dryer with
      • diffuser attachment

      Step 1: Hair Cleaning, Moisturizing and Shattering

      • Start with Shampoo Shampoo Without Sulfate and Good Conditioner , which blocks moisture.
      • If you do not want to wash your hair, just smear it by spraying water everywhere. Make sure your hair is not dripping wet.
      • Apply a residual balm to your hair and use a comb / brush with wide teeth to remove all nodes and knots.

      Step 2 Separate Hair in Sections

        Step 2 Separate Hair into Sections


      • Divide Your Hair in Two Pieces Using a Queue
      • Divide these two sections into more subdivisions depending on how thick or thin your rods want to be) and apply a cream / gel improving the curls from the roots to the tops. Step 3: Create Coils
        • Once you apply a cream / gel improving curls, start collecting small pieces of hair at once and rotating them with your fingers roots to peaks. You can take smaller or larger pieces of hair, depending on the length and density of your hair
        • Turn your hair as close as possible to the roots and to the edges. You can apply more creamy creams if you want to add more definition.
        • Change the direction in which you turn your hair to give your coils a more natural look.
        • Continue this process until all your hair is fully wound. The time required to roll the hair varies depending on its length and density.
        • Dry your hair with a diffuser to keep the curls of the fingers curved. dividing them. Use a spray to refresh the curls to eliminate the curls. You can also use a hood dryer to dry your hair quickly.

        Was not that super easy? You just have to continue practicing this method to fix it and make it faster. Now comes the big question: how long do the finger coils go? Slide up to find out!

        How long do they have their fingers?

        With the right products and good maintenance, the finger coils can last up to three weeks. But keep in mind that during this period you can not wash your hair. So keep your favorite dry shampoo!

        Do not worry about spoiling your fingers while you sleep. See the next section to find out what to do to prevent this from happening.

        How to sleep with coils?

        To have a good night's sleep without worrying about the coils of your fingers, you have to tie your hair up in a pineapple muffin and wrap silk or a satin lid around it. You can also apply some coconut oil or olive oil to the coils to hydrate them and give them a shine. Wash the lid once a week to prevent the transfer of any product created on it.

        Refreshing the coils is extremely simple and does not require many products. Here's how you can do it …

        How to refresh coils

        If your coils look dry and ruffled and want to refresh them, you can do one of two things. You can apply moisturizing dry shampoo. Or you can mix some water and leave a balm in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair. Doing this once or twice a week can help you keep these rings for longer.

        Follow this simple method to shake those classical curls with zero labor. Do you have any more questions about fingers? Tell us on the comments section below and we'll get back to you!

        The post What are the finger coils? First appeared on STYLECRAZE .

        11 Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes

        11 Best Drugstore Makeup Brushes

        Making a makeover that is beyond impeccable requires the right products and quality makeup brushes. Even the most popular makeup artists admit they are nothing without their tools. Here's a thing: when it comes to a perfect makeup application, your makeup brushes can be an absolute player-changer.

        If you're new to the make-up scene, you need to find out how important it is to invest in good tools. To help you decide what to buy, we've taken the best makeup brushes that will not burn a hole in your pocket. You will save money without spending the quality with these babies.

        Top Brush Brushes

        1. Brush Adjustable Brush Techniques
        2. Elf Ultimate Brush Brush
        3. Brush Boot Brush Set No7 Brush
        4. Maybelline Expert Tools Brush
        5. ] Realistic Technique
        6. Wet N Brush for Wild Powder
        7. NYX Pro Double Brush Brush
        8. Real Techniques Miracle Sponge
        9. Elf Face Brush for Kabuki

        1. Real Techniques for Adjusting the Brush

          1. Real Techniques for Adjusting the Brush


        If you're hunting for a good set brush, Real Techniques is great. Because of its price, it's a complete theft! It is ideal for placing makeup in your T-zone. It also works well for mixing. This is the right amount fluffy so you can get a perfectly controlled powder dust or marker.

      • No-throw [wwwamazoncom

        Back to TOC

        2. Ultimate Blending Brush

          Ultimate Blending Brush


        Ultimate Blending Brush from Cosmetics e.l.f combines your base and contour seamlessly for less than the price of Starbucks. Its brushes are super soft and packed to provide even coverage. If you are a beginner, this brush is a must-have base for dust, liquid or mousse as it is extremely easy to use.

      • Free
      • No
      • No
      • No
      • ] Purchase Link

        Back К ТОС

        3. EcoTools Eyepiece Brush Set

          EcoTools Eyeliner Brush Kit


        If you are planning to travel, you need to check out this eye makeup brush from EcoTools, which is super useful for traveling, These brushes are two-sided and great for shading, defining, blending and smearing your makeup.

      • Versatile
      • Easy to use and clean
      • Convenient to use with all your brushes with you Travel
      • Wonderful design
      • 100% cruelty
      • Vegan
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      4. Boots No7 Concealer Brush

        Boots No7 Concealer Brush


      This correction brush is a must for every makeup lover. This is one of those comfortable brushes you can carry in your purse so you are on the go. Hides the smallest defects and is ideal for hard-to-reach areas of pigmentation.

    7. No
    8. No
    9. No
    10. No

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      5. Maybelline Expert Tools Lipstick

        Maybelline Expert Tools Lipstick


      This Maybelline Lipstick is ideal for the precise application of lipstick and gloss. This is one of the best lip brushes to lay and build your lipstick color. Because this brush is foldable, it makes a great travel companion without worrying about staining the other things in the makeup bag.

      Easy to use
      • Easy to use
      • Convenient for travel
      • Great for creating a defined, fresh spirit
      • ]

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        6. Real Techniques for Blush Brush

          Real Techniques for Blush Brush


        If you can not do without blush, you need to have this sharpened blush brush from Real Techniques. It is cut to order and outlines your cheeks for flawlessly matched results. This brush works beautifully with both cream and powder formulations.

      • No fit
      • No fit
      • No fit
      • No fit
      • No fit
      • .com

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        7. Wet N Wild Powder Brush

          Wet N Wild Powder


        The new Wet n Wild brush line is one of the best and most affordable beauty products on the market. This powder brush has soft, curved bristles that help you get the right amount of powder for even and flawless application.

      • Combines well
      • Easy to clean
      • Cheap
        • ]

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          8. NYX Pro Double Jaw Brush

            NYX Pro Double Brush Brush


          Your eyebrows are important, ladies. Very important. If you do not improve them, it's time to invest in the brush on your forehead. This double-ended NYX brush features an angular brush on one side for precise application of the product's head and spools on the other for mixing and shaping. This is the best of both worlds!

          • Easy to use
            • Easy to use
            • Easy to use
            • Convenient for travel
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              9. Real Techniques Miracle Face Sponge

                Real Techniques Miracle Sponge for Face


              If you are a beauty sponge, you should try Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques! This versatile tool provides seamless coverage of your main makeup. You can use it for blending, looping, and touching makeup. If you are looking for an alternative to the OG Beauty Blender wallet, this is definitely your best choice.

              • Excellent quality
              • Excellent quality
              • Provides natural cover
              • .com

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                10. Brush for Revlon Foundation

                  Brush for Revlon Foundation


                If you are looking for a high quality brush base that is also a reasonable price, the Revlon is a great opportunity. It gives you a polished, airy look with ease. The sharpened tip of this brush works brilliantly in hard-to-reach areas such as sides of the nose and corners of your eyes.

                • Pro
                  • Easy and even application
                  • No
                  • No Longer
                  • 19659026] Back to TOC

                    11. Kabuki Face Brush

                      Kabuki Face Brush


                    This incredibly soft camouflage brush from e.l.f is incredible to mix powder on your face. Its compact size allows precise and controlled application of marker and bronzer. At a super low price, this brush makes a great addition to your collection.

                    • Plants
                      • Not to be thrown
                        • Not to be thrown
                        • Thick packaging
                        • Veg


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                        The right makeup brushes bring your cosmetics to life. When shopping for them, make sure that your choice offers a soft finish along with a comfortable grip. You should also make sure that they are easy to clean.

                        This was our tour of the 11 best makeup brushes. Which of them do you expect to try?

                        The Fast 11 Best Makeup Brushes for a Pharmacy appear first on STYLECRAZE .

                        Wondering What Foods To Have When You Are Sick? Discover Our Top 8!

                        Wondering What Foods To Have When You Are Sick? Discover Our Top 8!

                        Събудихте ли се чувствате силно и слаба? Вашият корем отказва ли да приеме нещо? Дали вашата бременност ви дава трудно време сутрин?

                        Е, ако някое от гореизброените е ваше състояние, вашият ден е изчезнал. И така има апетит! Какво правите тогава? Какво ядете, за да оцелеете и да се биете с това болно чувство? Разгледайте списъка с храни, които сме подготвили за вас. Седнете, превъртете надолу и ни благодарете по-късно!

                        Храни, когато сте болни

                        1. Кокосова вода
                        2. Билков чай ​​
                        3. Пилешка супа
                        4. Костен бульон
                        5. Овес
                        6. Кисело мляко [19659010] джинджифил
                        7. чесън

                        1. Кокосова вода

                         1. Кокосова вода


                        Кокосовата вода е точно това, от което се нуждаете, когато сте дехидратирани и имате диария, треска, повръщане и главоболие. Той има достатъчно съдържание на калий и глюкоза и е по-добър от други течности за орална рехидратация ( 1 ).

                        Един кокос може да даде около 206 г кокосова вода, която е богата на магнезий, манган, витамин С, Добавяне на трапезна сол към кокосова вода може да балансира бикарбонатния, хлоридния и натриевия дефицит, ако има такъв ( 1 ). Той помага за попълване на електролитите, които губите чрез изпражненията, повръщане (гастроентерит) и изпотяване, като ви връща обратно по най-бързия начин за възстановяване

                        Обратно към TOC

                        2. Билков чай ​​

                         2.-Билкови чай


                        Чай е горивото, върху което функционират някои хора. Телата им не реагират на никакви стимули без чаша горещ чай. За щастие, не е нужно да стоите от чая, ако сте чайхоличен и нездрав.

                        Но трябва да добавите няколко лечебни билки в чая, за да облекчите запушен или течащ нос или взривно главоболие. Мента, мащерка, бял равнец, старец, кост, лайка и джинджифил са някои от обичайните добавки ( 2 )

                        Тези билки забавят разпространението на вирусната инфекция, по-ниско възпаление, намаляват образуването на газове и подуването на корема, изтласкайте храчки и облекчете кашлицата, като повишите общия си имунитет ( 2 ).


                        Съвет: Добавете чаена лъжичка мед в билковия си чай. Или, ако имате деца с тежка (остра) кашлица, дайте им малко мед

                        Медът може да намали секрецията на лигавицата и да облекчи задръстванията във въздушния проход. По този начин децата (или възрастните) могат да спят по-добре без пристъп на кашлица ( 3 )

                        Обратно към TOC

                        3. Пилешка супа

                         3.-Пилешка супа


                        В дните, когато носът ви е блокиран, и гърлото ви се превърне в сухо и пресъхнало, горещите течности са благословия. Те държат носа и въздушните пътища влажни и успокояват болки в гърлото ( 4 ).

                        Пилената супа е една от предпочитаните опции.

                        Когато приготвяте супата, аминокиселината, цистеина, се освобождава от пилето. Тази аминокиселина изтънява слузта (която се генерира като защитен механизъм) в белите дробове и ускорява процеса на оздравяване. Това се случва и защото супата може да има противовъзпалителни и имуно-стимулиращи ефекти ( 5 )

                        Също така, пилето е един от най-високите естествени източници на протеин. Тя осигурява необходимата сила на тялото ви, когато сте болни. Можете също да добавите разнообразни зеленчуци към супата си. Те помагат за изчистването на храчките и за презареждане на тялото ви 5 .

                        Веганите и вегетарианците могат да изберат гореща вода вместо пилешка супа или костен бульон.

                        Обратно към TOC

                        4 , Костен бульон

                         4. -Ботен бульон


                        Костен бульон представлява важна част от палео (или палеолитна) диета. Казва се, че костният бульон, рибата, месото, плодовете и зеленчуците са стигнали до списъка на ранен човек, който е бил ловец-събирач, докато млечни продукти, алкохол, зърно, бобови растения и кафе никога не са съществували ( 6

                        Вековният, суров костен бульон се приготвя чрез кипене на кости от говеждо или пилешко месо с подправки във вода за повече от два дни. Новият костен бульон има моркови, лук, праз, зеле, къдраво зеле и смес от билки, за да подобри вкуса и терапевтичните си свойства ( 6 ). възпалителни, храносмилателни, деконгестантни и ревитализиращи активни съставки. Можете да го консумирате като чиста супа ( 6 ). Той е лек върху корема и успокоява болките в тялото.

                        Обратно към TOC

                        5. Овес



                        Пеехме достатъчно слава за протеини. Време е за някои въглехидрати! Въглехидратите не винаги са злодеи. Те също така помагат за изграждането на силно тяло и за укрепване на имунитета. Тъй като те са лесно смилаеми, овесът е идеален източник на въглехидрати, който можете да изберете, особено в дните, в които имате проблеми с корема

                        Овесът е пълнозърнести зърна, които съдържат добри захари и бета-глюкани. Тези полизахариди повишават имунитета ви чрез активиране на имунните клетки, участващи в борбата с патогените (естествени клетки-убийци, макрофаги и др.) 7 . Това означава, че белите кръвни клетки работят по-добре и по-бързо, когато ядете овес ( 8 ). Не е ли това, което искате, когато сте с лош корем или грип?

                        Назад към TOC

                        6. Кисело мляко

                         6. - Кисело мляко


                        Киселото мляко е пълно с протеини, витамини А и В, калций, фосфор, калий, цинк, наситени мазнини и тон пробиотици. от вас се изисква да ядете кисело мляко, когато сте на антибиотици, по време на пристъп на грип, висока температура, хранително отравяне или подут корем. Той може да успокои възпалените черва и дихателните пътища с всички микро- и макро-хранителни вещества.

                        Също така, пробиотичните или живите млечнокисели бактерии в чаша кисело мляко могат да възстановят загубената или увредена чревна микрофлора (добро микробно покритие). антибиотично лечение. По този начин, каквото и малко храна да се яде, се усвоява добре и апетитът ви започва да се възстановява ( 9 ).

                        И не, няма да влоши грипа ( 10 )

                        Обратно към TOC

                        7. Джинджър

                        Джинджър е изброена като общопризната като безопасна (GRAS) за консумация от FDA на САЩ и лекарство за повръщане при бременни жени от британския билков компендиум. Той е един от най-широко използваните и изучавани билки в света.

                        Коренът от джинджифил съдържа етерични масла, които му придават характерен мирис и вкус. Зингиберолът е една от преобладаващите съставки. Той съдържа също гингероли, шогаоли, парасоли, цингерон и 30 други съединения ( 11 ).

                        Джинджифилът е антиеметик и е известно, че облекчава гаденето и повръщането. Той действа върху серотониновите и холинергичните рецептори и увеличава изпразването на стомаха, тъй като действа директно върху централната нервна система и невротрансмитерите, джинджифилът се счита за най-ефективното лекарство при различни състояния, включително диспепсия, диария, болки в тялото, треска, гадене, и повръщане. Това е особено полезно за бременни жени и такива, подложени на химиотерапия (19459051) 11

                        Кофеин е известен с това, че предизвиква бдителност, подобрява психомоторната работа и ограничава неразположението.

                      • Пиене на горещо черно кафе в регулирани количества, когато имате грип и треска, може да получите някои от предстоящите ви работи.
                      • Тъмен шоколад е известен с неговите кардиопротективни свойства.
                      • Активни съединения като теобромин и кофеин в тъмен шоколад могат да помогнат за по-бързото възстановяване от заболяване.
                      • Бананите са добър вариант, когато страдате от гастрит, киселинен рефлукс или стомашно разстройство
                      • Тези плодове предизвикват образуването на слуз от вътрешната обвивка на стомаха. Секретираната слуз защитава стомашно-чревния тракт от киселите и храносмилателни сокове, които ви дават киселини ( 13 ).

                      Обратно към TOC

                      8. Чесън



                      Чесънът има голямо историческо значение и терапевтично значение и намира място в почти всяка кухня по целия свят. Чесънът е известен с това, че работи като стимулатор на апетита, бустер за имунитет, невростимулатор, отхрачващо, противовъзпалително и антиноцицептивно средство. Черешките шушулки съдържат алицин, вещество, което има силни бактерицидни свойства. Той има изобилие от съдържащи сяра съединения, аминокиселини, етерични масла, органични киселини, минерали и витамини. Той е силен антимикотичен агент и следователно може да предотврати гъбични респираторни инфекции ( 14 ).

                      Изберете любимите си от този списък и ги запазете за дните, в които сте болни.

                      Назад към TOC

                      Какво трябва да не ядете, когато сте болни

                      Независимо дали става въпрос за грип, за страдащ корем или за влошаващ се епизод на сутрешното гадене , трябва да стоят настрана от следното:

                      • Мазна, пикантна храна
                      • Немити зеленчуци и плодове (някои може да имат червеи)
                      • Сладкиши
                      • Сладоледи
                      • Хлебни изделия и преработени храни
                      • Кисели и кисели храни
                      • Алкохол
                      • Силно солени храни
                      • Ферментирали храни и кисели краставички
                      • Неидентифицирани и диви гъби
                      • Непастеризирани, сурово мляко и млечни продукти

                      В една глава…

                      Всички можем да останем мили от грипа, стомашните инфекции и храносмилането, ако гледаме как ядем. Както винаги казвам, балансът и умереността са задължителни.

                      Ако се чувствате гадене, дехидратирани или изцедени поради различни фактори, сега знаете какво да правите!

                      След като сте избрали вашите фаворити от топ 8 списъка с храни почистете или стерилизирайте добре и след това ги консумирайте. Ако сте алергични към някоя от горепосочените храни, консултирайте се с Вашия лекар за персонализиран хранителен режим.

                      Ако имате някакви въпроси или въпроси, свързани с тази тема, можете да ги публикувате в полето по-долу. Моля, споделете вашите отзиви и предложения за това прочетете също!

                      До следващия път, яжте пътя си за възстановяване!


                      1. " Кокосова вода като рехидратираща течност " Нова Зеландия Медицински вестник, Американската национална библиотека по медицина.
                      2. “ Седем билки за подпомагане на имунитета ” Bastyr Health, Университет Бастир
                      3. “ Мед за лечение на кашлица при деца ” Колежът на семейните лекари в Канада, Американската национална библиотека по медицина.
                      4. “ Ефекти от питейна топла вода, студена вода и пилешка супа… “ Гърди, американска национална библиотека по медицина.
                      5. “ Лечебните сили на пилешка супа “ Студентски въпроси, Университет Дюк.
                      6. “ Каква е лъжичката за костна супа? Harvard Women's Health Watch, Харвардско здравно издателство, Харвардско медицинско училище.
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                      10. „ Кисело мляко » Информация за източника на храни, Център за върхови постижения на Колорадо за интегрирана безопасност на храните
                      11. “ Ефективността на джинджифила в предотвратяването на гадене и повръщане… ” Интегративна медицина Insights, US National Library of Medicine.
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                      14. “ Извлечения от историята и медицинските свойства… “ Фармакологичен преглед, Американска национална библиотека по медицина.

                      Постът Чудите се какви храни да имате, когато сте болни? Открийте нашия Топ 8! се появи първи на STYLECRAZE .

                      How Not To Marry The Wrong Guy

                      How Not To Marry The Wrong Guy

                      So, you have reached this phase of life where your friends, colleagues and many cousins ​​are united by mandap to descend. Your mother constantly asks you to meet Sharma's son and your father has taken responsibility for arranging your personal over the million wedding portals that your profile has made. Anywhere around you, you can hear millions of wedding bells both literally and metaphorically.

                      Obviously you, you, feel the pressure. You wonder if it's time to talk to your friend, "Where is this?" In case you still have to find a friend, all of you Tinder, Bumble and what not to find him as soon as possible. You're even a game to try Quora! But wait, with all this speed, you should not make a colossal mistake by marrying the wrong man. After all, you are the one who will suffer the consequences, not the hundreds of strangers who will appear at your fantastic wedding.

                      So how can you avoid stepping into a gloomy marriage future? Keeping these valuable tips in mind.

                      1. His past is the key, do not rush to dismiss him

                        His past is the key, do not hurry to dismiss him


                      Have you ever heard anything about your friend and wonder if it's true because it sounds so different from him? Of course, he looks like the perfect partner to start the next phase of life, but he does not ignore his past. If there are things in the past that are less than ideal, then you should study this. You have to ask him in advance about this, and if he says this is due to the circumstances during that time, then he is fine. With the change of circumstances he also changed. But if you had to deal with deeper questions, it's something that's hard to relate to his brain, and you know old habits die hard.

                         Be clear about your needs </h2>
<div id=   Shutterstock </p>
<p>  Women are often learning to suppress their needs and desires because obviously "pretty girls" do not do that. But all relationships are built on the basis of desires and needs, so be open to what you are looking for from a relationship. Also indicate the things you want to live with, but be perfectly aware of the qualities you think you should have in your partner. So later you do not feel unfulfilled in your relationship. </p>
<h2>  3. Concentrate on what it is and not on what it will be </h2>
<div id=  Concentrate on what it is and not what you will be


                      How most mothers or mothers present you for a future match? They do this by turning a good network of what your future will be if you do it. "He has a Master's degree in Business Administration and wants to establish himself in the United States. Imagine how happy you are with him there. "- ignore these allegations. Focus on his present. Is he a good student? Why is he still studying? What are his hopes after completing his education? These are the questions you need to ask.

                      When you meet a potential partner, take off the glasses for the cookie

                      4. Do not neglect the dynamics of his family

                        Do not ignore the dynamics of his family


                      Before you call me a spot on the image sanskaari bharatiya naari, hear me. We are all very close to our families and this is our interaction with them that form the axis of our social world. If he and you are on different pages about the participation of your family in your life, this may be a problem later on. Do not dismiss it on this basis, but talk about it. Try to compromise if you can. But if his family belongs to the Greek tragedy, you close the door.

                      5. There must be a spark or connection

                         There must be a spark or a connection


                      Even if he is the right person for you, but you do not feel a spark, then it is best to leave. This advice seems to be made by rom-com, but it is very rooted in reality. Do not forget that you have to spend a lifetime with this guy. Even when there was a lot of passion at the beginning, over time, it was replaced by genuine affection and kind of friendship. But if initially there is nothing but the fitness factor, then what are you going to do when you enter the twilight? So do not give up the spark. Do not let your biological clock harass you

                         Do not let your biological clock harass you


                      This has to be said aloud. Solutions such as marriage should not be taken under the pressure of the biological clock. We've all set our own marriage and children terms, etc., but you have to realize that you can not enter a chaotic world. No matter how you plan, life just happens. So do not bother with these terms to marry the boys you would not normally think of leaving.

                      This is your life. You and only you have to live with the consequences of your decision. Do not rush to calm down. Take time and think. Sharma's son may wait, and if he did not, then you did not need him.

                      Did these tips help you in any way? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section

                      Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Breast Reduction Surgery

                      Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Breast Reduction Surgery

                      Nowadays everyone wants to have this perfect body to make fun of and make others envy them. And when it comes to women, it's their perfect bracelet that matters most. One can not deny that even men love women who have the perfect watermelons, right? This may be a small cause, but believe us, this is one of the main reasons why women are so inclined to follow the breast reduction procedure today. For many women it feels almost like the need of an hour, literally. We mean how you would otherwise get these credible pictures, right?

                        Things I Want to Know Before Taking a Breast Reduction


                      Until our introduction to the Kardash world, most women were not even aware of the existence of such procedures. Reducing the number of breasts is very common now, and the fact that they happen in most hospitals around us makes it easier for women to do so.

                      But do not you break the natural structure of your chest here? While you can achieve the desired result, you may have some side effects. Take a look at the changes or problems you will have to face after doing a breast reduction operation. Let's read.

                      1. You will face problems with breastfeeding your child

                        Shutterstock </p>
<p>  The breast reduction surgery usually involves removing the breast tissue to move the nipple and the areola up and make the perfect lift, Removing the breast tissues or splitting them, can reduce the number of breast milk channels. Small milk channels lead to lower milk production (<a href= 1 ). This will make it difficult to breastfeed your child. Therefore, if you are planning to have children, then it is better to plan this surgery as a litter later in your life.

                      2. You may not feel your nipples anymore

                        Maybe not feel your nipples Anymore


                      Is it some kind of surgery, they all come with some risk factors – infections, allergic reactions, blood clots, scars and etc. Likewise, chest reductions come with their own set of failures. The main thing that loses the feeling of your nipples ( 2 ). Doctors say this is a temporary loss, but for some, the sensation may be gone forever. You either end up with hyperactivity in your nipples or you will not feel anything at all. Both are not good and can leave a gap in your sex life. If you find this is something that bothers you, then discuss it with your doctor and then choose the operation.

                      3. You will have scars that require a follow-up procedure

                        You will have scars that require a follow-up procedure


                      Simply put, you reduce your breasts with a significant measure, and that too, surgically. It does not take genius to understand that operations leave scars and this operation is also no exception. Scars will remain and they will remind you of your surgical procedure. Doctors can tell you that this is just one step, but that is definitely not the case. In most cases, a follow-up procedure may be necessary. Which means you will have to put in the theater not once, but twice. It's not a good idea, is it? Scary!

                      4. Recovery is another journey altogether


                      You may find that your doctor tells you that you will need to take about 3-4 weeks of college or work to recover from procedure. After surgery, many precautions should be taken. You are required not to burden your breasts, which means that you need help in doing homework or everyday tasks for a few weeks. You will always have to wear a bra after day and night surgery. After surgery, you should feel exhausted, but you will be asked to start doing simple exercises after you recover. From then on, it is up to you to take care of yourself and make sure the operation is worth it.

                      5. There is no guarantee that you will end up with the "perfect breasts"

                        There is no guarantee that you will finish the "perfect breasts"


                      Please remember that chest reduction operations are only for size reduction on your chest and nothing more. And many choose these operations to reduce the unbearable back or neck pain they face because of the weight of the chest. After surgery, you will have scars, wounds and even a loss of nerve sensation. Of course, you will feel lighter, but will you be ready to live with the consequences of that? This is something you need to ask yourself.

                      We hope you are already aware of the shortcomings of the breast reduction surgery. Whatever you decide, make sure you will not regret your decision. Be well aware of its consequences by talking to your doctor.

                      Have you ever thought about doing a breast reduction surgery? Let him know in the comments below.

                      The fast Things I'd like to be known before reducing breast surgery first appeared on STYLECRAZE .