Skin supplements that’ll tackle just about any skin concern out there

Skin supplements that’ll tackle just about any skin concern out there

Get the glowing complexion of your dreams from within

skin supplements

While the best cleanser and the best moisturiser are no-brainers when it comes to a healthy glow, sometimes the best way to fix your skin is from the inside out by taking skin supplements that actually work.

Alongside your skincare routine and eating well, these give your skin the boost it needs to leave it healthy, soft and radiant, as well as targeting specific skin concerns if necessary.

‘Even the healthiest diet cannot provide the body with everything it needs,’ says world-renowned, board certified dermatologist Dr Howard Murad. ‘Supplements ensure optimal nutrition by topping you up with the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.’

It’s safe to say that both the skin and hair supplements markets are completely saturated, though, and trying to find the ones that work is akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.

Fortunately we’ve done the hard work for you, sorting the functional from the fruitless to bring you the best skin supplements for any skin type. Your skin just got an upgrade.

Skin supplements for collagen

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Complete, £45 for 120 capsules

skin supplements Advanced Nutrition Programme

‘After age 26, the body starts to slow down and doesn’t make collagen and elastin as efficiently as it once did,’ says nutritionist Lorraine Perretta of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing. Fine lines and sagging become more apparent and the damage from free radicals can result in pigmentation and dark marks, giving the skin a more aged appearance. This duo is perfect for someone who wants to promote collagen and elastin plus a skin protector in the form of plant antioxidants, containing two pots: Skin Vit A+ to boost collagen and compact elastin, while Skin Antioxidant contains seven free radical-fighting plant antioxidants.’

Buy Now

Skin supplements for clear skin

Bodyism Omega Brilliance, £40, Fabled

skin supplements for clear skin Bodyism Omega Brilliance

Fatty acids are important for so many health reasons, but did you know they’re essential to a good complexion, too? As a natural anti-inflammatory, Omega-3 can calm particularly angry skin that’s prone to breakouts as well as being an anti-ageing substance. Bodyism’s capsules are high quality and all natural, so you know you’re getting the good stuff here.

It’s also thought that there’s a link between having acne and being zinc deficient, so it’s worth also adding one of these supplements to your routine if you’re an acne sufferer.

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Skin supplements for healthy skin

Murad Hydra Glow Supplements, £50, John Lewis

‘Diet has a huge impact on skin and skin’s health, because topical skincare products address only 20% of your skin on the surface,’ says world-renowned, board certified dermatologist Dr Howard Murad. ‘The other 80% of your skin is affected by what you eat and drink, including dietary skin supplements. A key ingredient to look out for in is Glucosamine, which helps create the ideal environment for skin to be healthy and allows it to effectively build Collagen and elastin.’

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See our edit of more top supplements (and the odd hair supplement too) below and shop your favourites for your best skin yet.

Say hello to a clearer, more radiant complexion…

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Angelina Jolie just took a leaf out of Meghan Markle’s book

Angelina Jolie just took a leaf out of Meghan Markle’s book

Call it the Markle Sparkle (it’s a thing, trust me), but everyone wants a piece of Meghan Markle’s style, and that includes Angelina Jolie.

The actor attended the Service of Commemoration and Dedication of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George in London on Thursday, in an outfit that could easily have been worn by the Duchess of Sussex herself.

First off, her custom pale grey dress was by Ralph & Russo, one of Meghan’s favourite fashion brands, and the one behind that stunning sheer engagement shoot dress.

It featured a cowl neckline, which is also a favourite style of Meghan’s, and one reminiscent of her wedding dress and Trooping the Colour dress.

angelina jolie meghan markle

Left: Getty, Right: Rex

Then there was the chic headpiece she wore, which is a must for Royal ladies attending church, plus she wore her hair in a low chignon, another one of Meghan’s trademarks – and she finished off her look with elegant gloves.

Angelina looked totally in her element as she mingled with fellow attendees, who included actual Royals btw, but that’s not surprising, as it’s not the first time she’s been in their presence.

In 2014, she met the Queen when she was made an honorary Dame Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George.

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adidas Tennis by Palace is the collab that’ll get you into Wimbledon

adidas Tennis by Palace is the collab that’ll get you into Wimbledon

Even if you’re not a big tennis fan, this collaboration between adidas and Palace might just change your mind, and get you excited for Wimbledon.

adidas tennis by Palace serves up (get it?) a full line of court-ready kit which will be worn for the first time at this summer’s all white tennis event.

Think a dress, tank top and short, tee and skirt for the women (with built-in shorts like the pros), and a series of accessories, from caps to wristbands. As for the med, there will be tracksuits, polos and graphic tees.

The kit has a nice vintage vibe to it too, as Palace actually raided the sportswear brand’s archives to create the tennis collection, which celebrates the glory days of the 70s and 80s, but with a modern twist (sportswear tech has come a long way after all).

And if you are a tennis pro yourself, rest assured that it doesn’t just look pretty. The collection has in fact been tried, tested and approved by some of the best tennis players in the world, and will be worn on court by many of this year’s Wimbledon stars.

The collection launches on 3rd July so stay tuned.

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The Queen cancelled her latest royal engagement due to health reasons

The Queen cancelled her latest royal engagement due to health reasons

Wishing her a speedy recovery!

It’s been a busy few months for the royals, from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding of the decade to Prince Philip’s hip surgery. And let’s not forget the arrival of two new royal babies, Prince Louis in April and Lena Elizabeth Tindall, just last week.

If you also take into account the Queen’s two birthdays, Royal Ascot and her recent royal tour to Cheshire with Meghan Markle, it’s hardly surprising that the monarch needs rest.

This week, it seems it all got a bit much for the 92-year-old, as she pulled out of her royal engagement yesterday due to illness.

Queen Elizabeth was scheduled to attend a service at St Paul’s Cathedral yesterday to mark the 200th anniversary of St Michael and St George – but in a very uncharacteristic move, she called in sick, represented instead by her cousin, The Duke of Kent.

‘The Queen is feeling under the weather today and has decided not to attend this morning’s service at St Paul’s Cathedral marking the 200th anniversary of the Order of St Michael and St George,’ announced a statement from Buckingham Palace.

‘Her Majesty will be represented by The Duke of Kent as Grand Master of the Order.’

While pulling out of events is very uncharacteristic for the monarch, with a jam packed schedule of engagements in Scotland next week and two impending Christenings, we’re sure she needs a rest.

Get well soon Liz!

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This celebrity broke royal protocol when meeting the Queen and it’s kind of iconic

This celebrity broke royal protocol when meeting the Queen and it’s kind of iconic

So much BDE.

susan sarandon queen elizabeth

If you’ve been on the fence about shooting your shot, count Susan Sarandon’s latest encounter with the Queen the inspiration you need today. While at a Royal Windsor Cup polo match over the weekend, the Oscar winner flouted royal etiquette and marched straight up to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to introduce herself. A ballsy move, if we do say so ourselves.

Susan was in attendance at the tournament and while the Queen and Prince Philip lounged in their wicker chairs, she walked right up to them and offered her hand to the British monarch. The Queen smiled up at her and shook her hand, after which they reportedly pleasantly chatted for a little while. Prince Philip on the other hand looked less impressed.

queen elizabeth susan sarandon


If we’re going by the royal rulebook, Susan made a big boo boo by approaching the Queen. Traditionally, you’re supposed to wait until Queen Elizabeth deems you worthy of her time and comes to you first. We don’t doubt that Susan would have made the cut based on her Oscar win for Dead Man Walking alone, but we’re 150% here for the confidence of the actress to just walk right on over to a member of the monarchy. We can barely walk over and introduce ourselves to a stranger at the bar, let alone one of Britain’s sovereign powers.

susan sarandon queen elizabeth

Nick Harvey/REX/Shutterstock

According to Express, after Susan left Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth both seemed taken aback and confused by the encounter. Whether that was down to the fact that they were surprised by the protocol breach or they didn’t know who she was, we’ll never know. In our heads though, we can hear one of the two muttering, ‘How positively American.’

In any case, if Philip and Liz haven’t seen Susan absolutely kill it in Thelma & Louise then this needs to be rectified immediately. Side note: what does a Buckingham Palace movie night look like? Do they all jump into their pyjamas and stream Netflix movies on a projector in the throne room? Never mind, don’t answer that – we’ve decided that’s the truth of the matter and nothing you say will convince us otherwise now.

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The viral raffia slippers taking over the internet

The viral raffia slippers taking over the internet

In case you hadn’t noticed, raffia is a thing this season. Whether you’re after a basket bag or a straw hat, the natural material is everywhere, and that explains why these raffia slippers have gone viral.

They are by Casablanca-based brand Zyneb, founded by designers Zineb Britel and Laura Pujol, who create shoes inspired by traditional Morrocan babouche styles. Although the brand was launched in 2016, things have started kicking off (excuse the pun) this summer thanks to fashion heavyweights sporting the slippers.

The likes of Leandra Medine, Eva Chen, Desert Mannequin and Chiara Ferragni have all opted for the natural woven Raffy style, though Zyneb also have dressier slippers in the range.

Who needs a taxi when you have mummy’s back?

A post shared by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on Jun 26, 2018 at 11:34am PDT

Shop now: ZYNE Raffy IV woven raffia slippers for £345 from Net-A-Porter

This style clearly works just as well for a casual weekend away as it does for work.

Team it with denim cut-offs and a basket bag a la Eva, or dress it up with a blazer like Desert Mannequin.

Either way, be safe in the knowledge that you’ve found the perfect summer flat.

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I’m a bit in love with this influencer-approved holiday brand

I’m a bit in love with this influencer-approved holiday brand

These days, with the thousands of fashion influencers posting #ootd holiday posts on Instagram, the pressure is on to curate the perfect vacay capsule wardrobe, so I’m constantly trawling the ‘gram to find new, niche brands that not everyone is wearing (yet).

One such digital journey took me to DONNI, a brand that I spotted on one of my fave fashion bloggers, Lucy William – who also happens to travel a lot, so I knew I could trust her to come up with the goods.

If you’re not familiar with the LA-based brand, it serves up serious Hamptons vibes.

Think essentials that you can wear several different ways. So you’ll have a headscarf that you can wear as a bandeau top, a sarong than can be worn as a cover-up, and a dress with straps that can be changed around.

They’re also known for their scrunchies with bow details which are constantly selling out, and their bandeau tops which you can layer over t-shirts for a day in the city.

oh, sun..

A post shared by Benthe Marlene Mey Liem (@bentheliem) on Apr 28, 2018 at 12:45am PDT

Shop my top picks below:

Shop now: Blossom Tube for around £73 from DONNI

Shop now: Babe top for around £60 from DONNI

Shop now: Bloom shorts for around £87 from DONNI

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How A Woman’s Body Reacts To Being With The Wrong Man

How A Woman’s Body Reacts To Being With The Wrong Man

Ignoring love is like jumping from rock. We have no idea how bad the fall will be, but just struggling, hoping the love of our lives can save us from strikes in the ground (or maybe we can just use the trampoline and get back). Analogies aside, the fact is that just loving someone is not enough. When it comes to love, you have to believe in the policy of giving and taking. If your man fails to regain the love he is battered with, your body will react – emotionally and physically. It does not matter how many times you're trying to talk about linking, No, it makes no sense to move through rough waters when you're not sure about the destination. At night you lie awake in bed, trying to find out what happened between you and you. Although you're in a relationship with each other, nothing seems right. The only thing that prevents you from calling it to give up is the thought that you are alone. You can deceive yourself, everything you want and try to do it. Or you can listen to your body and make a call. You will be surprised to know how much your body is talking to you – just have to listen!

We make things easier for you. This is how the female body reacts to the fact that it is with the sinful man:

1. You're afraid of the thought that you're around him

  You're afraid of the thought that you're around him


You know you love him, but things have changed lately. You often encounter advance planning of a conversation or dinner and you are extremely cautious with your words and actions. You just do not want to be fooled. The butterflies in your belly have already shaken your spine – and this is not a positive sign at all

2. Sharing the same bed becomes a nightmare

  Sharing the same bed becomes a nightmare


Sleep time is the happy time of the day, leaving you a calm and fresh mind. But to get into a deep sleep with your partner around you, you have to feel comfortable. If he does not understand you, he is not emotionally connected with you and just does not notice your worries, you will find that you are losing your sleep and your peace of mind. If you feel that insomnia is in the middle, it is high time to talk.

3. Clouds of anxiety continue to hold

  Shutterstock </p>
<p>  You are tormented by negative thoughts and feelings throughout the day. Being happy and carefree seems to be a task for you, and with your man around you, you feel even more frustrated. This is how your body responds to the thoughts and emotions that have blurred your mind and heart. Even a simple debate can make you drown in anxiety that makes you feel melancholy </p>
<h2>  4. [19659906] Shutterstock </p>
<p>  It's often said that to make someone fall in love with you, all you have to do is make them fall in love for yourself. So if your man points to your disadvantages by making you feel apologetic about what you are, you will find that you are questioning everything for yourself. Your body reflects this through low self-esteem and high self-esteem. Girl, you're amazing just like you are! Never let anyone tell you anything else. If they do, show them the door. </p>
<h2>  5. Conspiracy brings back </h2>
<div id=  Constipation reminds you


The human body has its own way to cope with stress. And somehow the emotional well-being of a man is reflected in his physiological processes. One such relationship is the relationship between stress levels and the gastrointestinal tract ( 1 ). Usually, when you are made and you have gone through a stressful phase, the digestion process results in a stroke leading to constipation ( 2 ). This may adversely affect your appetite.

6. [196599025] Extremely lazy and tired

  Extremely gloomy and emotionally exhausted [196590025]


It's good to shake while watching the thriller movie's culmination, but it's not good to feel uncontrollable. This is not what you need to look for. We usually start shaking our legs or getting upset when the body enters combat or flight mode. And this is definitely not the right regime when you're around someone you love. Such a reaction can land you in a state of emotional exhaustion. If your guy does not help you deal with him, you have to hint and let him go.

7. Your Smile Fades Away

  Your Smile Fades Away


Let's make a quick test – close your eyes and think about the person you love. What is your first emotion? Has she smiled? Were you happy? If your emotions belong to the negative end of the spectrum, it is time to realize that you have been struck by a dead horse. If you think of your partner do not make you happy, then something is definitely wrong. Your body refuses to smile because it knows you're unhappy.

You can lie to the world, but you can not lie to yourself. Listen to your body, get advice, and if you find yourself in love with the wrong person, go back. You waste your time. Make way for the right person to come in and wash you from the legs!

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In praise of fingering

In praise of fingering

Everyone assumes we grow out of it, but ‘manual play’ (to give fingering its grown-up name) prioritises female pleasure, reduces STI rates and doesn’t even require batteries. Daisy Buchanan revisits these teenage kicks.

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage.
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock (1604644a)
Sex And The City , Kim Cattrall
Film and Television

Words by Daisy Buchanan

According to the glow in the dark hands of my Forever Friends alarm clock, it’s 4:35am. I can’t sleep. I’m thinking of the deadlines, replaying conversations that went badly and worrying about things that I cant even articulate. I rub my nipple through the tissue-soft cotton of my pyjama T-shirt like it’s a worry bead, using my body as a big stress ball. It begins to work. My heart starts beating more quickly. I lick my fingers and then move my hand from my breast, along my stomach and under the waistband of my pyjama bottoms, where I start to stroke the soft, warm space between my legs. My thumb finds my hardening clitoris, another finger slips inside myself, its wetness finding the growing wetness of me. I stroke and rub, and my heart beats faster and faster until I gasp in the dark, feeling a surge of total, head clearing bliss. Seconds later I fall into a deep, peaceful sleep.

When I was 14, I would have thrown myself into he path of an oncoming car before I admitted that I knew how to make myself come. ‘She fingers herself’ was the worst thing you could possibly say about a classmate. My friend Lara even mocked girls who used non-applicator tampons.

‘They’re for pathetic women who cant get a man to touch them there,’ she smirked.

But a couple of years later, when I started going out with my first boyfriend, he asked me to tell him – and show him – what I did. Cheeks aflame, I demonstrated my night-time masturbation routine, and discovered that eight minutes of embarrassment was a worthwhile investment in future orgasms. Shortly afterwards, my friends and I started having penetrative sex – and the orgasms dropped off again.



My friend Stacey complained, ‘Its like fingering is a GCSE that men don’t have to think about any more, now they’re focusing on serious A levels.’

(Incidentally, ‘A level’ is a slang term for anal sex, which is another story for another day.)

In my twenties, I dated men who believed themselves to be the Oprahs of oral sex. ‘I know what you ladies like!’ they’d twinkle, before swallowing a couple of times and then trying to wear my vulva like a hat. Directions and pleas for clemency fell, literally, on deaf ears, because their heads were so far between my legs. Anecdotally, bad oral sex seemed like some kind of epidemic befalling heterosexual millennial women. A few forays into Red Tube yielded the answer – cunnilingus was now appearing in porn. After years of threesomes and fisting and forcing things into people’s anal cavities, female-focused pleasure was no longer the last taboo. Yet porn still wasn’t necessarily an asset to our sex lives.

Sociologist and sex coach Dr Tasmin Pine explains; ‘Porn is, obviously, a visual medium, and there’s a huge difference between what looks good and what feels good. Nearly all of my male clients are really focused on their partner’s pleasure, but they do copy what they see on screen, and they don’t understand why it isn’t effective.’


Dr Pine doesn’t think we’ll see fingering appearing in porn any time soon, but she believes it’s due a comeback in the bedroom. ‘Manual play is overlooked, partly because we rarely see stroking and touching in porn, and partly because people think its something we grow out of. But all my female clients are overwhelmingly positive about it, and sometimes even nostalgic. It brings so many benefits; it really puts women in touch with their own bodies, it helps them bond with their partners because they can be specific about what feels good, and it’s a really effective route to orgasm.’

Nurse and safer-sex educator Alannah Hall says that when she’s leading sex-education classes, she always talks about manual play. ‘Increasingly, its becoming a really important part of the safer sex conversation. In the past we’ve spent so much time focusing on the dangers and risks that come with sex, so its really important t tell young people that you can pleasure your partner and be intimate in a way that limits the chance of pregnancy and infection. Obviously there are still rules to follow – hygiene is very important.’

My friend Nima, 29, reveals that she fell back in love with fingering by accident. ‘Before I’d have said my sex life was good. I have orgasms through penetrative sex, my partner likes oral – basically, and I’ve got no complaints. But a few weeks ago, we were out with some friends in a bar, and he had his hand on my bare knee – I was wearing boots, a midi skirt, no tights. He was absent-mindedly stroking my thigh with his thumb, and it triggered something primal. I gasped, he registered that something was happening and started stroking further up. I don’t remember the last time I felt so horny, and this was just because of the prospect of some fingering. He ordered an Uber with his other hand, and then made me come four times on the way home.’


For Nima, the teenage nostalgia factor is all part of the appeal. ‘We’ve lived together for three years, we have a joint account and probably have sex, in bed, three or four times a week. I’ve always had a vague idea that we should be investing in sex toys or doing something a bit wild – but going back to fingering, which is the most basic, adolescent sexual thing you can do, has turned me into some kind of nymphomaniac! Its made penetrative sex even better, and my boyfriend loves making me come – he says that its even hotter than oral because he can really see and hear me reacting to his touch.’

That’s not to say that all fingering is good fingering – sadly it doesn’t come naturally to everyone with hands. Sarah, 32, reveals: ‘I was seeing this guy, and the only way I can describe his technique is “Whoops! I seem to have dropped my keys behind the radiator, if I jam my arm up it and wave it about I might be able to dislodge them.” I’m sympathetic to a point, – he was trying really hard and he doesn’t have the same sort of body as me, so why should he know how it works? But also, I’m in my thirties! Surely by now I should be meeting men who know how to make me come without too much assistance?’

The feminist, female-pleasure focused aspect of fingering is my favourite part. But what’s in it for the boys – and if they’re not getting anything out of it, why should they bother?


Eye Candy/REX/Shutterstock

My friend Andrew, 30, says that he’s, erm, up for it. ‘Of course, men – well, straight men – want to make women come! I watch porn, but I’m pretty sure that my friends and I are grown up enough to tell the difference between sex in screen and flesh and blood women, and its much hotter to bring a hot woman to orgasm than to watch a porn star screaming her head off. If anything has put me off fingering, it’s the idea that it’s a bit old-fashioned and not very sophisticated. It’s hard to admit, but I feel a lot of pressure in the bedroom, especially as a single man. I worry about my oral technique, because my friends and I believe that’s what women want. I’ve never got over that scene in American Pie where one of the guys makes up with Tara Reid by giving her amazing oral. And I know that it’s relatively easy for a man to have an orgasm, but women’s bodies are more complicated in that respect. If fingering is what women really want, I’m going to start practising. And if the next woman I hook up with wanted to give me some tips, I’d be delighted.’

At 30, I still finger myself in order to fix a bout of insomnia. And I don’t think ‘she fingers herself’ is an insult – if you know how to give yourself an orgasm, it’s a sign you’re a smart woman and you’re in touch with your own body. I’m certainly smart enough to have married a man who wants his wife to come first and is happy to be hands on about it.

As Hall says, ‘Ultimately, we want to re-educate everyone and show them that “sex” doesn’t just mean the heterosexual, penetrative kind – pleasure and connection come from many different kinds of touch. Hopefully, the next generation won’t ever have to “rediscover” fingering – because safer, fulfilling, female-focused sex isn’t something that should ever get forgotten about.’

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This corrector is the only product that will hide my dark circles

This corrector is the only product that will hide my dark circles

‘I’ve relied on the same corrector for over 10 years’

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had dark circles under my eyes.

The whole surrounding area is slightly darker than the rest of my face, and there is a fingerprint’s worth of purplish shadow under each eye. It doesn’t matter whether I’ve had three or 12 hours of sleep, they’re always there.

As my natural skin tone is very fair (my specialist subject is the best foundation for pale skin), my dark circles stand out all the more against such a light backdrop.

Alright, so there are worse problems to have – but it does mean I look tired all the time IRL. That’s why I’ve relied on the same corrector for over 10 years.

I do my make-up on the train to work every day, and am often asked for the name of the magical product I’m using under my eyes; my favourite was the woman who described it as ‘the thing that made you look so awake just now’.

The product in question is Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Corrector, described by the brand as one of her ‘secrets of the universe’ (I’ll say). If I was allowed to wear only one make-up item for the rest of my life, it’d be this.

The shade-matched formula has a hint of pink or peach, depending on your skin’s undertones, to neutralise and correct any darker blue or purple patches.

And with a huge spectrum of more than 20 shades on offer, both very fair and dark skin tones are catered for.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Corrector, £19.50, Fabled

Buy now

The brand recommends you follow up with their concealer to cover up the pink pigment, but there is so little in the fairest shade that I usually skip it. Skin tones darker than mine should probably follow this step, though.

I go through a pot of this about every three months, which means my corrector useage works out as 21p a day, so this is truly a worthwhile investment if you have dark circles like mine.

Other correctors are out there, but I’m yet to find one that’s tempted me to stray.

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