13 of the best mineral make-up brands

13 of the best mineral make-up brands

Achieve a flawless finish while giving your skin exactly what it needs with the best mineral make-up available

Mineral make-up is changing the face of beauty, and it’s not just a phase. In fact, according to a lot of experts in the industry, mineral foundation is the best foundation to combat a slew of skin problems. Not only is it kind to sensitive skin, it’s also non-comodegenic. This means it doesn’t clog pores and lead to blemishes like others. It absorbs excess oil too. So, if you have oily skin, mineral foundation will be your saviour.

Over the years people have been drawn to the idea that mineral make-up is more natural and therefore kinder to and more comfortable on your skin. Hence its rise in popularity. And although many people think mineral make-up only includes powders, liquid formulas can be mineral too. If you have dry skin, but still want the goodness of a mineral foundation, get a liquid formula. Your skin will feel hydrated and dewy.

Theres’ also a range of beneficial properties to many of the formulations found today. If you suffer from redness or sallow skin, try a colour correcting mineral foundation. These also help combat sallowness and hyper-pigmentation. And if you’re looking for something that can battle fine lines, invest in one of the anti-ageing formulations.

Plus, there’s one to suit every budget. From purse-friendly options like M&S and the classic Lily Lo to more luxurious products on the market, like bareMinerals.

The Pressed Base compact from GloMinerals, £31, is another one we’ve saved space in our cosmetic cases for. Used by stars including Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Dunst, it’s touted as the best foundation, concealer and powder all-in-one. Give your face a quick swirl with it and you’ll see why. Similarly, Young Blood’s Mineral Liquid Foundation covers and protects in one. Dab it where needed and blend outwards for a natural finish. You’ll never turn back.

These foundations also make a great base for special occasions. Heading down the aisle soon and not sure what the best foundation for your wedding is? We recommend stocking up on Jane Ireland’s Pure Pressed Base. Thanks to its ability to give skin a smooth matte finish, it’s become a real favourite among brides. Apply full coverage in the morning and then touch-up throughout the day. Or is you fancy a personalised recommendation, you can’t beat Powder’s foundation quiz.

Shop our round-up of the best mineral make-up and find your perfect foundation…

Mineral Foundation MAC

MAC Mineralize SPF15 Cream Compact Foundation

mineral make-up

If you’re looking for a foundation that’s not too heavy, this lightweight cream compact from MAC really does the job.

Priced at £26.10, available at John Lewis

Buy now

bareMineral Foundation

bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation


mineral make-up

If powder seems too heavy for you, try bareMinerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation. It’s ultra lightweight and doubles up as a serum. Apply with fingers for a dewy look or use a face brush and buff it into your skin. This ultra-thin, skin-perfecting fluid provides seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish and the look and feel of beautiful skin. Plus, the shade spectrum is amazing!

Priced at £27, available Fabled.com

Buy now

L’Oreal Mineral Foundation

L’oreal Paris True Match Minerals Powder Foundation

mineral make-upWith its dinky in-the-lid brush and small pot, L’Oréal’s True Match Minerals is a great option for on-the-go touch-ups. Put it in your hand bag to use on your morning commute. Then once you’re on the train, simply dip the brush in the pot and apply to your face using circular motions.

Priced at £14.99, available at Boots

Buy now

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A millennial guide to Japan in 72 hours Moxy-style

A millennial guide to Japan in 72 hours Moxy-style

From hedgehog cafes and dining with cuddly toys to having a Gwen Stefani Harajuku Girls moment…

While poolside cocktails and tanned, sandy manicured feet used to be all the rage on our Instagram feeds, the social media crowd now seem to be forgoing the beach aesthetic and opting for cool city breaks for their holiday shots.

What’s getting all the likes in 2018? Japan – from the kawaii food (we’re talking teddy bear shaped rice) and cool animal cafe pop-ups, to city skylines and very eccentric fashion parties.


All the influencers are doing it – and reaping the rewards, so I boarded a 12 hour flight and flew 6,000 miles to the Land of the Rising Sun to see what the fuss was about.

The verdict? My favourite country I’ve ever been to – and as a result, my Instagram feed has never looked better.

I started my Japanese adventure in Osaka, home to the humble pot noodle, before riding the bullet train east to the bright lights of Tokyo.

But with 72 hours to fill and two cities to co-ordinate, where should I stay? I went with the Moxy – Osaka Honmachi and Tokyo Kinshicho.


While there are Moxy hotels in most capital cities (there are three in London alone), each hotel is a different homage to its location, with Japan’s Moxy hotels offering down to earth but efficient on-trend central accommodation, with traditional Japanese hospitality – at a very manageable price.

Moxy London

The rooms are minimalist in pink and grey tones, with optional fold down furniture hung on hooks on the walls to open up the space and make it customisable. What else would you expect? This is the country that brought us Marie Kondo after all.

From the Pimp My Noodles breakfast bar where you can legit eat emojis and the USB ports built into every furnishing imaginable, to the personalised welcome message graffitied on each visitor’s mirror, it is truly a millennial’s dream – not to mention, an Instagram goldmine.

Known to surprise its visitors, Moxy guests can be unexpectedly met on arrival by anything from a basket of Japanese junk food on their beds (the Taiyaki is the best – it’s essentially a giant fish-shaped custard cream) to having a cocktail created and named after them at the downstairs bar. This writer was even met by some Japanese arcade games and a record player. #hotelgoals.

Moxy London

I quickly found out that Japan can be whatever you make it, but personally wanting the full ‘Kawaii’ Instagram experience I headed straight for Osaka’s Owl Cafe, a cosy room where your hot chocolate comes with a side of 20 owls and half a dozen staff eager to take photos of you with each bird balancing on your head.

People watching is best in downtown Namba, and Shinsaibishi is an essential stop to invest in some sheet masks (everything from snail slime to black sesame).

Then onto the Shinsekai area or ‘new world’ as it is known for a Kushikatsu and some peach rice wine at Yokozuna, sat Japanese style (shoes off) on the floor. For lunch however, head to Bodejyu for some DIY Okonomiyaki (a cabbage and batter seafood pancake that makes a great Instagram video).

My second stop was Tokyo – a short and very speedy bullet train away. Pick up a bento box for the journey – eating sushi rolls wrapped in banana leaves is apparently all the rage onboard, and tucking in as we shot past Kyoto and Nagoya, I wasn’t alone.

My arrival in the capital coincided with the opening of Moxy Tokyo, and if the launch party was anything to go by, I was going to love Japan. Temporary tattoos, giant pastel coloured teddy bears, harajuku girls, cap customisation stations and cocktails in blood bags – one of Japan’s latest party trends. I could have done without the fish marshmallow to be honest, but still, it made a great story.

In Tokyo there were plenty of foodie recommendations from the Monster Cafe to the Robot Restaurant, both offering multicoloured spaghetti and fluoro shakes. But while having one out-there kawaii meal is a must – I went for a fish curry shaped like a pink teddy bear – I would recommend heading off the beaten track once in a while for something a little less touristy.

The DIY bars were for me the best food finds – head to Chanko Kirishima for Chanko broth – the sumo wrestler diet or ‘weight gain diet’ as it has become known. Plus if you’re lucky you can catch a wrestling match afterwards over a cone of matcha ice cream.

Coffee-wise, you’d do well to forgo the commercial chains and go down the side streets where making a coffee is done with scientific precision. Head to Koffee Mameya, a hidden coffee lab off the beaten track, known by locals and coffee addicts alone. It gives Shoreditch coffee houses a run for their money, Instagram-wise.

Or if you want a uniquely Japanese experience (and Instagram opportunity), I would definitely recommend the Moomin cafe. Dubbed the ‘loneliness cafe’, single coffee drinkers are sat opposite giant cuddly moomin toys as they tuck into pancake stacks. Top tip: bring a book so unlike this writer, it doesn’t look like you’re actually on a date with a stuffed toy.

Then for a final dose of Japan’s eccentricities, the hedgehog cafe is an obligatory stop, named ‘Harry’s – a play on the Japanese word for ‘hedgehog’, harinezumi.

Drink your coffee in protective gloves as you play with the miniature spiked animals and feed them dried worms with tweezers. As far as Tokyo’s Instagram opportunities go, this is your goldmine, but top tip: don’t go late in the day – the hedgehogs get very bored of human contact as the day goes on, so make it a morning stop.

After just a couple of days in Japan, your Instagram account will be thriving, and you definitely won’t want to go home.

How to book:

You can book a room at the Moxy via the Marriott website, with the standard room rates starting at 12,000 Japanese Yen (£82) a night.

Moxy Osaka Honmachi:
2-2-9 Kawaramachi, Osaka, Japan
Phone +81-6-6204-5200

Moxy Tokyo Kinshicho:
3-4-2 Kotobashi, Tokyo, Japan
Phone +81-3-5423-4090

And if you’ve caught the Moxy bug, you’re in luck as you don’t just have to travel all the way to Japan for it. First launching in Milan in 2014, there are currently 20 Moxy hotels across Europe, Asia and North America, with nearly 90 more in the works.

So wherever you are, you should be able to find a Moxy, for great service, on-trend food, Instagrammable interiors and an endless supply of USB ports to ensure you can upload to social media from wherever you are in the world.

See you there.

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When it comes to liquid lipstick, this one really does not budge

When it comes to liquid lipstick, this one really does not budge

‘Every time I have a sip of coffee, I’m amazed that some hasn’t come off’

A love of the best lipstick can be tricky to manage, namely because it takes several reapplications throughout the day to sustain the colour.

Sure, that’s not the end of the world, but it’s definitely one of the main reasons most of us avoid bold shades like a classic red on a day-to-day basis.

Fortunately, it’s 2018, and lipstick’s staying power is better than ever before.

Allow me to introduce you to my favourite, colour-rich liquid formula. It’s incredibly pigmented and dries down nicely, without making your lips look dry and horrible, and doesn’t feel chalky while you’re wearing it.

Plus, it’s got serious staying power: Every time I have a sip of coffee, I’m amazed that some hasn’t come off, and it’ll last right the way through dinner and drinks without the need for touch-ups in between.

Promising hours of long wear, it’s NARS’ reasonably new Powermatte Lip Pigment.

Nars Powermatte Pigment, £23, Fabled

Buy now

One of my favourites is a rich, slightly purple-toned nude, ‘American Woman’, but to be honest it’s hard to pick just one stand out from the 20-shade line-up.

I’ve tried a lot of great lipsticks, but these are perfect for long days or nights you need your colour to stay in place.

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Psoriasis: How to deal with the frustrating, flaky skin condition

Psoriasis: How to deal with the frustrating, flaky skin condition

Plus where to get the help and support you need to manage your condition


Counting eczema among its unsightly friends, psoriasis is another uncomfortable skin condition that can leave its sufferers feeling incredibly self-conscious.

It’s estimated that some 125 million people have psoriasis worldwide, according to the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations.

But you may not be 100% sure if you have it, or what exactly it is (we’re guessing that’s why you’re here, anyway).

We asked Dr Justine Kluk, Harley Street dermatologist, to answer the most common questions about the skin ailment below.

What is psoriasis?

‘Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition of the skin that affects approximately 2% of the population,’ Dr Kluk explains. ‘The outer layer of our skin is constantly generating new skin cells and replacing old ones.

‘But in psoriasis, this process is sped up significantly and occurs over days rather than weeks. This increase in cell turnover leads to the typical symptoms that we see.’

What are the symptoms of psoriasis?

‘Psoriasis causes salmon pink patches to appear on the skin. These often have silvery scale on the surface. Sometimes, they cause soreness, discomfort or itching and sometimes they don’t,’ explains Justine.

‘Any part of the skin can be affected, however the elbows, knees, belly button, scalp and ears are some of the most frequently affected sites. Psoriasis can occur on genital skin, between the buttocks and in the armpits, where the patches are typically smooth, red and shiny rather than flaky.

‘If the nails are affected, pits or ridges can appear on the surface, or the nails can become thickened and discoloured. In certain individuals, psoriasis can also affect the joints by causing swelling, pain and stiffness and this is known as psoriatic arthritis.’


What causes psoriasis?

There are a fair few factors that can contribute to a person developing and having the condition.

‘Your genes play an important role, meaning that if one or more of your parents or siblings has psoriasis you will have an increased chance of developing it compared to someone who doesn’t have any affected family members,’ Dr Kluk tells us.

‘Environmental factors, such as stress, smoking, infection and certain medication, such as beta blockers, can also act as triggers.’

Are there psoriasis treatments?

Unfortunately, like a lot of skin conditions, there is no ‘cure’ per se for psoriasis. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to keep its prevalence under control

‘The choice of treatment really depends on how severely you are affected and includes creams containing a steroid or vitamin D, tablets and injections that modify the immune system, and phototherapy, which is a form of outpatient light treatment carried out in hospital Dermatology Departments,’ our doctor explains.

‘Most psoriasis sufferers will benefit from frequent and liberal application of a moisturising cream or ointment, and scalp symptoms can improve with the regular use of a coal tar-based shampoo or scalp lotion containing coconut oil,’ she adds.

‘If you are suffering with psoriasis and are finding it difficult to put your feelings into words and get the right support from friends, family or even your doctor, charities like The Psoriasis Association or the website skinsupport.org.uk from the British Association of Dermatologists are a good place to start.’

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So what’s in the new Lush egg foundation?

So what’s in the new Lush egg foundation?

It’s not as scary as it sounds…

The Slap Stick from Lush is completely plastic free

Words by Katherine Benson 

 You can now get your perfect foundation match with the latest environmentally friendly, vegan foundation sticks from Lush.

The new ‘egg’ foundation – The Slap Stick – is the latest beauty trial to come to Lush. But don’t worry, the egg-shape is purely aesthetical as the product is 100% vegan!

The Slap Stick is cruelty-free, packaged in wax instead of harmful plastic and comes with its own recyclable cardboard box that can be re-sealed to protect your product in-between uses.

Following in the steps of Fenty Beauty, Lush is expanding the variety of inclusive beauty products. The Slap Stick will come in forty different shades – including warm, cool and neutral undertones. Each ’egg’ is also packed with a combination of skin loving ingredients – amazingly 45% Indonesian coconut oil, and Moroccan argan oil to provide glowing moisture that blends effortlessly.

The handy solid ‘egg’ form means a little goes a long way. It can be built up for your desired coverage. Or, for a lighter feel it can be applied with sponges or fingers for any blemishes. The ingredients are rich but the result isn’t heavy, making it perfect for every day use.

But the best part is that Lush is giving 10% of its profits from the coconut oil to funding literary classes and a dentist on the island of Nias in Indonesia. The argan oil it uses is also harvested by a women’s co-operative in Morocco. So you can apply your makeup guilt free!

Rowena Bird, Lush Co-founder and product inventor, explained the motivations for this environmentally friendly product, ‘Making foundation, a staple in many people’s daily routine, solid, is a major leap forward to reducing plastic packaging without compromising on quality or effect’.

The sticks are set to launch on June 29, but you’ll need to grab them quick! The range will only be available to purchase online in the space of a one-month bracket at £16.95.

Be right back – off to form an orderly queue.

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Love Island’s Rosie has a lot to say about Zara’s shock exit

Love Island’s Rosie has a lot to say about Zara’s shock exit

And we don’t know what to think.


We’re one month into Love Island 2018, and the past week has seen more drama than we thought possible.

The weekend ahead will see the boys and girls split into two separate villas filled with islanders of the opposite sex, to test their affections for each other, but even that doesn’t sound dramatic compared to the events that occurred on Wednesday.

The show saw a shock double elimination, with the islanders packing their bag determined by their fellow contestants. While the girls chose to eliminate Eyal for the simple reason that he hadn’t been in a couple for long, the boys selected Zara to pack her bags, despite being in a seemingly solid couple with Adam.

Adam was then faced with the decision of leaving the house with her – something Zara stressed that she wanted – or staying on the island with the chance of recoupling, eventually choosing the latter.

‘I will wait for [Adam]’ said Zara as she left the villa, going on to explain that she feels that she has found ‘love’, something that viewers were quick to question on Twitter, predicting that ‘playboy’ Adam would soon stray – especially now that he’s in Casa Amor with six new female arrivals.

Adam and Zara. Credit: REX

Unsurprisingly, former Islander, Rosie Williams, has a lot to say about the matter, getting eliminated from the island after Adam chose to end his romance with her in order to start a relationship with Zara.

Their break up was so dramatic in fact that even domestic abuse charity, Women’s Aid, got involved, using Adam’s ‘manipulative’ behaviour as a warning.


So how did Rosie take the news that Zara was packing her bags? According to the 26-year-old solicitor, it was a strong reaction.

‘I was actually dancing around the hotel room,’ Rosie explained to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning. ‘Hayley was trying to catch it on camera.’

She continued: ‘I think a lot of what Zara did to me wasn’t actually shown and it was just nice to see she didn’t stay in there too long.’


‘It sort of upset me when I watched it back,’ Rosie explained of her friendship with Zara. ‘Because I did make friends with her in there and I watched it back and just sort of saw what she was saying behind my back and when I was walking over to Adam and I was like “oh charming, so I didn’t actually blame you for it all but now maybe it was a bit your fault”.’

But will Adam stay faithful to the Zara while he’s in the villa? Rosie certainly doesn’t seem to think so, explaining her prediction to Capital FM this week.

‘For Zara’s sake I hope he does [stay faithful] but I really don’t see it. There are three fit brunettes in that line-up so… you know…’

We get you, Rosie.

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Zara sale hacks you never knew about from former employees

Zara sale hacks you never knew about from former employees

You’re most welcome

zara shopping hacks

Hands up, who’s already spent half their pay check in the Zara sale going on at the moment? Well, before you dole out any more cash – we’ve got the dirt on some amazing Zara shopping hacks from ex-employees.

Zara notoriously never do discounts, just sales, but we’ve got a few shopping hacks for you that could save you a bit of £££. These aren’t new, but you might have missed them as they’re not mega obvious. The girls over at The Devil Wears Zara and Who What Wear also scored some major tips from over a hundred ex-employees which we’ve included below as well – bring on the wardrobe updates.

Zara limited edition collections

Pretty much the only annoying thing about Zara is that it’s so popular that everyone ends up wearing the same stuff (yeah, like that Zara jacket that had its own feed). Which is where Zara’s limited edition collections come in handy, as there are fewer pieces.

These are generally marked as ‘new’ in the dropdown of the woman and TRF sections, so it’s worth checking in weekly. However, if you’re after something a little more classic, then try the Timeless collection, which is pretty much what it says on the tin: classic pieces which will see you through the seasons.

zara hacks

A Zara employee told Who What Wear, ‘Special pieces like a statement summer dress or coat that stand out from the rest of the products are probably only available in limited quantity and won’t be reproduced for sale, so definitely grab it.’

Zara special prices

Under the ‘woman’ section on the Zara homepage, you’ll see a dropdown appear. Scroll right to the bottom of that, and just after ‘fragrances’ you’ll see ‘special prices’.

In there, you’ll find a veritable treasure trove of bargains. This is basically Zara’s more affordable pieces, and you’ll find anything from £12.99 chinos and sweaters, to tops for under a tenner. There are even coats for under £50, which for Zara is pretty good.

Beyond the special prices category, there’s another hack if you happen to be going on a Eurotrip. An employee revealed, ‘Zara is obviously the cheapest in Spain and Portugal since most of it is produced there. So stock up whenever you find yourself in those countries!’ 

Zara most popular pieces

Zara recently added a new section to the site called ‘Trending Now’, which essentially tells you what everyone else is buying right now, so you won’t have to wait to see a dress on a blogger to find out what’s hot right now.

zara shopping hacks

An employee revealed that even if it looks like your favourite piece is out of stock, just hold out hope. They said, ‘Save the link of the product you want, even if its sold out—they always restock. This is very useful during sales because you can get literally anything. During sale season, there are a lot of returns, and as soon as something gets back to the warehouse, the stock is refreshed, and if you’re quick enough, you can get that T-shirt for half price or even more discounted.’ 

If you’re looking for a timeless classic though, there’s a bit of strategy involved if you want to score a bargain. Another employee said, ‘Basics like trench coats, puffers, denim, plain sweaters and cardigans, camisoles—things like that—they remake every year, so we (Zara employees) would always buy those on sale and no one would know it was from the previous season.’ 

Zara discount codes

Sadly, Zara famously don’t do discount codes (I mean they don’t need to, do they?), nor do they offer student discounts, so if you’re after a bargain, you’ll have to wait for the sales.

Zara sales

zara shopping hacks

Zara sales tend to fall in line with the major winter sale and summer sale periods, so Boxing Day and June. However, if you want to find out about sales early, then do sign up to the newsletter, because you will usually get notified in advance. Zara employees also shared their insight as to how to figure out when the big day would be coming below.

One said, ‘The biggest sign that a sale is coming is when the clothing gets all turned horizontally and packed onto the racks. Usually, the merchandisers are grouping together everything by the same price point and will have as much inventory on the floor as possible. This basically means don’t buy anything because in a couple of days it will all be on sale.’

Another revealed that the key was when old pieces began popping up on the racks again. They said, ‘When it comes to the U.S., right before Zara starts their sale they try to sell everything at regular pricing. You’ll see most of the old collections back in stores and only the new clothing is labeled with signs that say ‘new collection’. So I would recommend not buying those older clothes because they will be on sale two weeks later.’ 

As far as bossing the sale goes? Well, the ex-employees had people sorted.

The first week of the sale, we are most likely going to discount 10% to 25%. The second week, we price the sale at 40% or even 50%. During the third week, you can get items for up to 70% to 75% off because everything has to go. It’s better to wait two to three weeks for the best sale prices,’ one explained.

The best days to shop at Zara

zara shopping hacks

The best days to shop online are usually Monday and Thursday for the main drops (great start of the week pick-me-up!), but there are odd new pieces added on most days.

Zara free delivery

The cheapest way to get your Zara order delivered is to get it sent direct to a store of your choice, for free. But if you’re spending over £50 (which let’s be honest, is pretty easy to do at Zara), then it’s free anyway.

Zara home hack

This tip doesn’t actually involve the main site, but Zara home. Did you know that as well as homeware, it sells some amazing loungewear too? It’s not all cheap but there are some great pieces like trousers and tunics for under £30.

Zara sizing

If you can’t stand shopping in store but worry that if you shop online it won’t fit, rest assured. Zara just made shopping easier by introducing a new online sizing tool, which lets you input all your measurements so it can tell you which size to shop which product in. Genius.

Now excuse us while we do a bit of shopping…

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The psychological reason Meghan Markle has been wearing so much pink lately

The psychological reason Meghan Markle has been wearing so much pink lately

Another reason to blush

meghan markle pink
Utrecht Robin/action press/REX/Shutterstock

It’s been really interesting watching Meghan Markle’s style evolution since she married into the royal family, moving away from her laid back California vibe for a more polished, sophisticated look befitting a Duchess. We love both looks and think she looks fantastic, however it turns out that there’s a lot of thought that goes into Meghan’s new wardrobe from meaningful Princess Diana tributes, royal protocol and now even the exact colours she wears.

A colour expert broke down why Meghan’s previously minimal colour palette has started to expand for the Mail Online – more specifically, in the pale pink direction.

meghan markle pink


Expert Karen Haller explained, ‘She’s sub-consciously communicating through colour that she’s clearly in love. Soft pinks communicate the nurturing, compassionate, caring side of love. I’m not at all surprised she is feeling this way given the body language between her and Prince Harry – and she is reflecting this in picking the softer pinks.’

Given that the actress has only really started wearing pink following the Royal Wedding, it seems like the couple are very much loved up. In fact, she’s worn pink a couple of times since the ceremony and we’ve been 150% here for every single look.

meghan markle pink

Getty Images

She wore a blush pink double-breasted Prada suit at a recent Young Leaders Awards event, which gave us major First Lady vibes (even if people nitpicked about the fact she crossed her legs at the ceremony). Her off the shoulder pale pink Carolina Herrera dress at Trooping the Colour was also a vision, matched perfectly to the shade of her hat. If Meghan does one thing well, it’s nailing monochromatic looks with style and sophistication.

Although Meghan has been opting for pink recently, at Trooping the Colour royal experts speculated about why many of the women in the family instead chose to go with a pale blue. They indicated that it might be down to the fact that they wanted to show their unity as a royal family, but also read into the fact that the colour is associated with loyalty, trust and wisdom.

Odds on Meghan wearing another pink dress at her next function? We can’t wait to see what she pulls out next.

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The next Game of Thrones series will be ‘bloodier’, have ‘more death’ and be ‘more emotionally torturous’ than before

The next Game of Thrones series will be ‘bloodier’, have ‘more death’ and be ‘more emotionally torturous’ than before

Okay then.

game of thrones season 8
Game of Thrones. Credit: HBO

Cue the theme song and grab the tissues, apparently the next series of Game of Thrones is going to be a bloodbath. Okay sure, if you’re a fan of the show then that doesn’t come as a real surprise but Sophie Turner’s revealed that there’s going to be more blood, death and devastation than ever before. And we are so nervous.

In an interview with Gold Derby, the Sansa Stark actress was careful not to spill too much about the new season but did give us some clues.

She said, ‘I can tell you that there’s definitely a coming together of people. Everyone is coming together to fight the impending doom. There’s a lot of tension between these little groups, battling for what they think is right.’

Game of Thrones Carpool Karaoke

If you can cast your mind back to the last series, the war and political strife has hit an almost catastrophic level as Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow have joined forces while the Lannisters have fractured – all as the terrifying White Walkers begin their ruthless slaughter of anyone who comes in their path. All the pieces are in place for an all out annihilation of the characters we’ve grown to love (and hate) over the years and Sophie’s ominous words haven’t done much to allay our fears.

She put the final nail in the coffin, saying, ‘It’s Game of Thrones so it’s going to bloodier and more death and more emotionally tortuous than all the years before!’

game of thrones

©2017 Home Box Office, Inc. All

WELL THEN. We’re already anticipating that we’ll need to take a day off after the Game of Thrones series 8 finale.

Sophie Turner also took time to clear up the rumours surrounding her Game of Thrones tattoo, which some believed was a spoiler for the end of the show. The minimal tattoo was of a direwolf, the sigil of House Stark, accompanied by the phrase ‘The pack survives’ underneath it.

Unsurprisingly, people went wild believing it meant that her character would survive the next series.

She clarified in the interview, ‘It’s just a quote from last season, but everyone figures that the pack really does survive. But it’s just a moral I like to live by.’

Hmmm. If Sansa and the Starks do survive though, we doubt she’d go around announcing it to the world. Given HBO’s strict Game of Thrones security measures, we’re pretty convinced HBO has a Faceless Man or Woman somewhere hovering over each of the cast’s interviews – ready to nip any spoilers and cast members in the bud.

In any case, we’ll have to wait a little while until the next series of the show hits our screens again. The cast has only just started wrapping up their scenes for the six episode epic and is slated to be released in April 2019.

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This is the one royal greeting rule that Meghan Markle ignores

This is the one royal greeting rule that Meghan Markle ignores

And we hadn’t even noticed it till now…


Meghan Markle has fitted seamlessly into the royal family from the moment she started dating Prince Harry, from bonding with the Queen’s corgis to getting an early invite to spend Christmas at Sandringham with the Windsors.

And now that the couple have tied the knot, Meghan is officially a royal, with the Queen giving Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the titles, Duke and Duchess of Sussex, as a wedding present.

Since becoming a royal, Meghan has made some noticeable changes, deleting her social media pages, wearing tights to public engagements, changing her handwriting and curtsying to both the Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth on the regular.

meghan markle trooping the colour dress


According to recent reports she will even be following new travel rules on her first royal tour next month, not eating garlic or shellfish, a family ban, imposed to ensure that the royals avoid food poisoning risks – and bad breath for royal banquets!

There is however one royal rule that the public has noticed Meghan doesn’t follow, and it’s all to do with greetings – a key part of a royal job.

At a recent reception in honour of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award, the new Duchess of Sussex was seen greeting guests alongside her husband and grandmother-in-law, the Queen.


But while the formal royal greeting is ‘How do you do’, the 36-year-old was heard saying ‘pleased to meet you’, as she frequented the room – something that according to biographers, is a big royal no-no.

‘Americans always say pleased to meet you. It’s a sort of transatlantic divide,’ Royal biographer Ingrid Seward told Fabulous Online. ‘It probably is a royal faux pas. But she’s American and that’s how Americans address each other. I don’t think a member of the royal family would say pleased to meet you. It goes along with “toilet” – it’s just one of those things you don’t say. It’s considered far more polite to say how do you do.’

We have a feeling this will be coming up in Meghan’s princess lessons.

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