Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom just had the weirdest date ever

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom just had the weirdest date ever

We couldn’t have predicted this.

katy perry
Credit: REX

After splitting in 2016, it looks like Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have rekindled their relationship, making their first public appearance together since the break up just yesterday.

And to say it’s an expected date choice is an understatement.

Katy and Orlando jetted off to Rome this weekend, but it wasn’t the ice cream or the Italian architecture that made it the destination of choice, instead it was a meeting with the Pope.

Yes, really. The couple attended a Unite the Cure conference in Vatican City, stopping for a meeting with Pope Francis, both dressed in black with Katy wearing a veil – protocol when meeting the Pope.

‘Happy Saturday everyone, I’m here in Rome at the Vatican, to speak on meditation,’ Katy Perry announced in a video that she posted on her Instagram Stories. ‘I’m with my momma, my darling [Orlando], and my manager, Steve! It’s a great day! I am so excited!’

She later posted a photo of her and Orlando meeting the Pope, captioning the snap: ‘Honored to be in the presence of His Holiness @franciscus’ compassionate heart and inclusivity. Thank you to @meditationbob and #TheCuraFoundation for making it all possible.’

‘I’m inspired and encouraged today, and grateful to share how meaningful transcendental meditation has been for me,’ she captioned a later post. ‘I hope you’ll choose to learn more about The Cure Foundation and how the newest technologies and cutting edge therapies are bringing hope to the world.’

We hope they had a lovely time in Rome, but as far as dates go, this is definitely a curveball choice.

Maybe they’ll opt for pizza and a film for date number two.

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This A-list celebrity might be the first to turn down an invite to the royal wedding

This A-list celebrity might be the first to turn down an invite to the royal wedding

And everyone’s surprised.

prince harry meghan markle outing

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is less than a month away, with the couple set to tie the knot on May 19th at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle.

With the nuptials fast approaching, speculation is building around every aspect of the royal wedding day, from Meghan Markle’s wedding dress designer to who will be giving speeches at the reception.

Now that the bridal party has reportedly been confirmed – with it only announced last week that Prince William would be his brother’s best man, the focus has turned to the guest list, with a host of famous faces expected to be in attendance.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s ceremony boasted a star-studded guest list, from Victoria and David Beckham to Ellie Goulding. But with 33-year-old Harry running in celebrity circles and Meghan being a former Hollywood actress, their wedding guest list is set to be even more impressive, with the Beckhams, Priyanka Chopra and Elton John rumoured to be in attendance.

Serena Williams' baby


One A-list celebrity hinted that she might be turning down the invite however, with Grand Slam champion Serena Williams opening up about the wedding in a recent interview on Good Morning America.

Despite being a close friend of the bride, the tennis star explained about how the wedding might actually clash with work, telling the Good Morning America presenters that she was unsure if she would be able to attend.

‘I don’t know,’ she explained when asked if she’d be at the royal wedding. ‘I think it’s during one of the tournaments, I’ll see if I can make it.’

‘I’m obviously super happy for her,’ Williams explained of her friend. ‘She’s such a great girl and she is incredibly nice and I couldn’t be happier for her.’

Going on to impart some advice from her own wedding, she continued: ‘I just think it’s so important to enjoy the moment. And eat the cake – I didn’t get to eat mine at the wedding. We were just having so much fun.’

If there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s that the royal wedding is definitely going to be fun.

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Here’s everything to know about Amber Rudd’s resignation as Home Secretary

Here’s everything to know about Amber Rudd’s resignation as Home Secretary

And who is going to replace her…

Amber Rudd

Amber Rudd has officially resigned as Home Secretary, a decision which has reportedly left Prime Minister Theresa May ‘very sad’ to see her go.

The decision came after significant pressure for Rudd to step down, prompted by her handling of the Windrush scandal, with claims that she misled Parliament over targets for removing illegal immigrants.

‘It is with great regret that I am resigning as home secretary,’ Amber Rudd wrote in her resignation letter to PM Theresa May. ‘I feel it is necessary to do so because I inadvertently misled the Home Affairs Select Committee over targets for removal of illegal immigrants during their questions on Windrush.’

She continued: ‘Since appearing before the select committee, I have reviewed the advice I was given on this issue and become aware of information provided to my office which makes mention of targets. I should have been aware of this, and I take full responsibility for the fact that I was not.


The Windrush scandal has rightly shone a light on an important issue for our country. As so often, the instincts of the British people are right. They want people who have a right to live here to be treated fairly and humanely, which has sometimes not been the case. But they also want the government to remove those who don’t have the right to be here. I had hoped in coming months to devise a policy that would allow the government to meet both these vital objectives – including bringing forward urgent legislation to ensure the rights of the Windrush generation are protected. The task force is working well, the residence cards are being issued well within the two weeks promised, and the design of the compensation scheme is making good progress.The Home Office is one of the great offices of state and its job is to keep people safe. It comes with the responsibility to fight terrorism, support and challenge the police and protect people against the abuse, as well as manage migration.’

‘It has been a great privilege to serve as your home secretary,’ she concluded. ‘I have seen first-hand the second to none commitment and bravery of our police, fire and intelligence services, they truly are the best in the world and we should rightly be extremely proud of them.’

‘Thank you for your letter of this evening tendering your resignation as home secretary,’ Theresa May replied. ‘I was very sorry to receive it, but understand your reasons for doing so’, before adding later, ‘I am very sorry to see you leaving the Home Office.’


What is a Home Secretary?

Home secretary is a British Cabinet level position, predominantly responsible for the internal affairs of England and Wales, and overseeing citizenship of the UK.

Who is replacing Amber Rudd as Home Secretary?

Theresa May accepted Amber Rudd’s resignation last night, already appointing Communities Secretary Sajid Javid as her replacement this morning, with Javid, whose parents are Pakistani, becoming the first ever Home Secretary from an ethnic minority background.

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Cult London brand RIXO has some very exciting news for you

Cult London brand RIXO has some very exciting news for you

You heard it here first

Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky need no introduction. Their brand RIXO has only been going just over two years, yet their names get dropped just as often, if not more, than veteran designers amongst the fashion crowd.

Their story goes a bit like this: the friends went to the London College of Fashion together, were buyers at ASOS before spotting a gap in the market for vintage-inspired designs at a reasonable price. Fast forward a little and their feminine silk blouses, skirts and dresses are a go-to for celebs like Kylie Minogue and Margot Robbie, have a cult following on Instagram and have been picked up by the likes of Liberty and Net-A-Porter.

Suffice to say they’ve re-ignited our love for prints. Henrietta very kindly took a pause from taking over the world to talk us through the brand’s upcoming projects.

What was the inspiration behind Rixo?

RIXO is very much based on Orlagh and myself’s personal style and vintage pieces that we love. Inspiration for our collections comes form vintage fairs and flea markets that we go to – we are always on the hunt! Charity shops are also amazing to find great pieces. The inspiration for RIXO is quite bohemian and we love the 70s. Most importantly for us though is that we want to ensure we create shapes that flatter the woman’s body and use great quality materials. We are obsessed with our own personal silk vintage Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell dresses.

Shop now: RIXO LONDON Jade printed chiffon midi dress for £265 from Net-A-Porter

Your designs are very vintage-inspired, yet modern and wearable. How do you hit that balance?

It is a mixture of elements – firstly the print is key and it is also crucial that the correct print is put onto the correct shape. Not all prints suit all shapes so it’s getting the balance just right. The scale and colour of the print also has a huge impact on making sure each RIXO pieces has a modern appeal while still being vintage inspired. Then there is the material used… this is also key to ensure RIXO garment are wearable and flattering when worn. All three elements need to come together to make the perfectly vintage-inspired, yet modern and wearable piece.

You were one of the first ‘mid-range designers’ alongside STAUD and Ganni that are championing affordable luxury. How did you go about setting prices?

Pricing of RIXO is fundamental to us. We are constantly told that we could get double for our silk printed dresses – however we feel strongly about creating a product that is true value for money. We don’t have any investors and a benefit of that is that we don’t have margins to hit and we can be more flexible in following a path that we truly believe in and will pay off in the long run. We simply want to create something that girls our age could also afford and save up for and get something really special. It’s such a shame when as a fashion fan and customer you fall in love with something but you know it is completely out of your reach and unattainable. We want RIXO to be affordable and reasonable.

Shop now: RIXO LONDON Katie floral-print crepe midi dress for £275 from Net-A-Porter

Many people don’t know that you are a small company. What does a typical day look like for you?

RIXO couldn’t be more hands on – we set up what we call ‘our baby’ from our living room and for the first two years only had one employee help us. When it comes to wholesale sales (to our retailers such as Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Harvey Nichols) we do all this ourselves, press is something we are very keen to also keep in house, design and pretty much everything else RIXO.

We don’t really have a typical day – we are still a very reactive company and find it hard to say no to any opportunity. Weekends haven’t really existed for a long time – this weekend just gone we moved all our stock into a new office space… But every day is very different, it can be setting up a pop-up shop, meeting with our retailers about new in-store concept, painting and creating new designs, range building collections, critical path meetings with our supplier, finance meetings (tackling the more boring elements of running your own business such as VAT), press appointments, styling and shooting the product, sending our new collections to retailers worldwide… No rest for the wicked ha!

Shop now: RIXO LONDON Esther polka-dot crepe midi dress for £265 from Net-A-Porter

How long does it take from concept to retail?

It’s a long process with many stages – we are still getting our heads around it, but at the moment we are working on SS19 so almost a year… someone once said to us there is no industry like the fashion industry for wishing your time away and it’s so true. It’s hard to be in the present as you always have to be looking ahead and planning a year in advance or even more!

What was the inspiration for your latest collection?

SS18, which is available now is very much ‘Under the Sea’ inspired – we spent hours painting, sketching and creating beautiful sea life elements – think coral, seahorses, crabs. Shells have been scaled up to create our aquamarine psychedelic shell print and as always we haven’t been afraid of colour so you will see vivid coral colours starfish immersed onto black and pink. Then for AW18 we have complete U-turn and our collections for winter are inspired by Disco and Studio 54 – it is heavily party-influenced and there are some fabulous sequin numbers!

You’ve had celebs like Kylie Minogue and Pandora Sykes wearing your designs, who else would you love see in them?

We recently had Margot Robbie in RIXO so that was a pinch-me moment. Personally, Kate Moss, I’d love to see her in RIXO, we are big fan girls of her as she just pulls off effortless style so naturally. In all honestly though it means more to us to see a random girl in the street wearing RIXO – as we know she has parted with her own money and that is one of the best things to see and is still pretty unreal to us.

Shop now: RIXO LONDON Imogen polka-dot crepe top for £165 from Net-A-Porter

You’ve been credited for making us fall in love with print again, and for highly Instagrammable dresses. Was the Insta following quite organic?

Completely organic and I think our naivety has worked in our favour, we have no marketing plan or social strategy (I wish we were that organised!) we literally make it up daily and I post an image I like… there is no science to the RIXO IG and we will keep it this way no matter how big the brand gowns. I think it is so important to have a natural communication with your audience and really be truthful with all your followers.

What’s next for Rixo?

Ahh – so much! We are launching in Harrods very soon which is a dream come true for us. We also are introducing accessories so you will be able to shop this full RIXO look – think bags, belts, jewellery, swimwear etc.… we are really focusing on increasing our categories. We have a very exciting collaboration with Laura Jackson that we will be unveiling during fashion week in September in London at our own and first LFW personation…. A busy few months ahead.

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You Need To Eat This If You Have Hair Loss, Brittle Nails Or Insomnia

You Need To Eat This If You Have Hair Loss, Brittle Nails Or Insomnia

We all have our own ideas about what is healthy and what is not what has passed through us over the centuries. Ayurveda defines health as a perfect balance between mind, body and soul. How we treat our body and perceive our environment has an impact on our health and well-being. It is necessary to understand the cause of the disease and then to deal with it. What you eat affects your body a lot. This article refers to the general problem of hair loss, brittle nails and irregular sleep that can be controlled by adding certain regimens.


When faced with problems with hair loss, men and women want to understand the cause so they can know how to deal with it. The main causes of hair loss include a huge fluctuation of hormones (such as during menopause or as seen in PCOS) or, on the other hand, may be due to genetic causes (19459009) 1 ). The hormone, which is closely related to hair loss, is "cortisol" that is produced by the adrenal gland. Cortisol is excreted in response to stressful situations and actually helps convert sugar and fat into energy in response to stress 2 ).

Studies have shown that excess stress over a long period of time leads to high levels of cortisol that can lead to more harm than long-term benefit. This is because as long as our adrenal glands produce cortisol, they ultimately produce fewer other hormones that are essential for healthy hair growth

” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


which are easily broken. Or nails are split vertically, or they can be peeled in the corners. Although there are several environmental reasons, brittle nails are caused primarily by hormonal imbalances. This is most prevalent in women who reach menopause, which leads to lower estrogen secretion in the body

Estrogen imbalance can also occur in the female body during excessive tension. Therefore, it is important to keep yourself away from stressful triggers and participate in exercise exercises such as yoga or writing magazines. [196590012] Insomnia (you can not sleep)

<img class = "size-full wp-image-446936" src = "http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/ When comes the question of sleep, there is a question that doctors never fail to ask: "Can not you fall fall asleep or fall asleep? you are not able to stay asleep? "

A common cause of sleep problems is mild to moderate hypoglycaemia (see: low blood sugar). In the case of hypoglycemia, the body is not correct the amount of glycogen and at night begins to consume its own muscle through the process of "glycosis." This cycle leads to tingling of the adrenal glands

Therefore, the adrenal glands reduce production of cortisol and are exclusively managed by another hormone – "epinephrine" also known as adrenaline.) When adrenaline accumulates in the body, our appetite is suppressed. In order to cure this, the cycle must be broken and more protein should be added to our daily foods [19659902] What is the root cause

The biological evidence that seems to be a common thread in all three problems points to the adrenal gland . Adrenal glands are located above each kidney and release different hormones that are responsible for many functions in the human body. The imbalance of hormonal secretion from the glands can be a cause of various health problems. [19659905] You can prevent hair loss, handle these brittle nails and sleep comfortably with this easy natural remedy, which includes the use of

  • Pure, natural honey x 2-4 tablespoons
  • Dried leaves parsley x 3-4 tablespoons

First add the Brazil nuts and parsley to the mixer and mix.

  • Brazil nuts x 2-4. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix them until they are evenly distributed. Store in a clean and dry glass container. Beware of Sunlight

    To get the best results, consume 2 tablespoons of this organic recipe on an empty stomach. By taking this medicine two to three times a week, you can increase the overall functioning of the endocrine system, primarily the adrenal gland.

    While the above method helps to increase adrenal function, other natural medicines may also be able to fight the three problems separately. Hibiscus flowers and leaves along with onion juice and black castor oil can help reduce hair fall. Fragile nails can be strengthened by taking iron and calcium supplements. Exercise and nutrition at the right time can help reduce sleep problems. You should not overlook these symptoms as they may be symptoms of other processes that are internally flowing in the body. Simple drugs can cure these problems naturally and in a healthy way. All that is required is a little will and patience!


  • Everyone was convinced the royal family accidentally published the new baby’s name early

    Everyone was convinced the royal family accidentally published the new baby’s name early

    Maybe they were playing us all along…

    royal scottish holiday

    Prince William and Kate Middleton certainly made us play the waiting name when it came to finding out the name of their third child.

    It was revealed just after 11am on Friday that the prince’s full name is Louis Arthur Charles, a whole four days after the little one was born.

    The public spent almost four days debating the new royal baby’s moniker – despite the couple announcing Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s names only two days after they were born.

    Ahead of the announcements, royal enthusiasts reckoned the name was already revealed on the Royal Family website by accident, and was in fact Albert.

    On the royal family’s official web page, there are specific pages about each member of the royal family, including Prince Harry and the Duke of Cambridge, featuring biographies and details about their work.

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte also have pages, but at the moment visiting ‘royal.uk/prince-george‘ or ‘princess-charlotte‘ takes you to a page reading ‘Access Denied – You are not authorized to access this page’.

    Here’s where things got interesting.

    kate middleton royal wedding role

    If you follow the same format with one of the bookies’ top choices for the new baby’s moniker, Prince Albert, you are given the same ‘Access Denied’ message.

    Do the same thing with other favourites, like Prince Arthur, Prince Alexander or Prince James for example, and you just get ‘Page Not Found’. Head to the royal family’s website to see for yourself.

    Now that the baby name has been announced though, a Prince Louis page is live with all the details of his birth.

    This was probably all just an honest mistake, but we can’t help wondering if the royals were having us on this whole time.

    We can just picture them all sat there laughing now…

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    9 Common Pains That Can Link With Other Health Problems

    9 Common Pains That Can Link With Other Health Problems

    Having a busy, busy life does not give us time to visit small pains and wounds, even when they are repeated periodically. We simply treat them with home-made or non-prescription medicines by a local pharmacist. But how would you know that they are not early symptoms of diseases that, if untreated, can lead to severe injuries or require surgical treatment? Read to find out what health problems can be related to the pain you suffer.

    1. Breast pain

      Chest pain


    Breast pain is scary, whether it causes general discomfort or pain in pain. According to the 19459011 American Heart Association they may be caused by heart problems such as blockage or reduction of blood to the heart, rupture of a blood vessel or even pericarditis 1 ). A wide range of non-cardiac diseases can also cause chest pain. Burning chest pain can be caused by acid reflux. Abdominal pain caused by pancreatitis can reach the chest. Chest pain may also indicate that a blood clot has traveled to the lungs and blocked blood circulation.

    2. Abdominal pain

    Inflammation of the appendix is ​​the most important cause of excruciating pain in the lower abdomen. But it can also be due to irritable bowels, according to medical specialists ( 2 ). Ovarian cyst, kidney stones, or abnormal tissue growth outside the uterus may also cause mild to severe pain in the abdomen.

    3. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    Often caused by pulled muscles or ligaments, lower back pain can also indicate serious disorders such as spinal cord cancer, infected kidney and nerve damage, also known as cauda equine syndrome.

    4. Upper abdominal pain

    It can be life-threatening like a heart attack or even may be due to stones that form in your bladder. Liver disease or infection in the lungs that leads to pneumonia can also cause discomfort and upper abdominal pain.

    5. Pelvic pain

      Pelvic pain


    Every woman is familiar with the location of this pain as she suffers from spasms during her monthly period. But if she is pregnant, it can mean a miscarriage. This pain can also be due to abnormalities in the uterus or ovaries, such as fibroids, abnormal tissue growth and cysts that cause pelvic pain. But this pain can occur regardless of sex if it is caused by hernia, colon cancer, kidney stone or Crohn's disease, which is an inflammatory bowel disease. [61959002] 6. Warning Pain on the Left Top of the Body

    The symbol of a heart attack, known as myocardial infarction, this pain begins as discomfort in the left shoulder and radiates to the left shoulder

    7. Headaches [196590021] Shutterstock

    They may be caused by exhaustion or tension and easy to treat, according to the National Health Service of the United Kingdom (19459015) 3 ). But the lab test for sudden, severe pain may reveal a brain aneurism in which a weakened artery has become larger. Alternatively, doctors in the National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke in the United States warn that intense headaches, along with numbness, weakness or dizziness may be the first sign of a stroke 4 . Prolonged headache may mean that there is a tumor in the brain. Occasionally, light ear infections can cause headaches and side effects of some prescription drugs

    8. Leg pain

    If you resume physical exercise after a break or workout, you are bound to suffer from leg pain. The right break will make you prepare for the final feta for the next session in the gym. But if that does not help, then you can study the true cause of the pain, which may be arthritis or vein injury. Deep venous thrombosis or a blood clot in a vein that is deep within your body can also cause you a lot of pain. Usually painless varicose veins, which look twisted and large, can sometimes be the cause of leg pain.

    9. Painful breasts

      Painful chest


    Bleeding hormones can cause it most of the time. This is not a symptom of breast cancer, as indicated by the National Breast Cancer Foundation ( 5 ). Mothers who breastfeed their babies may experience this pain due to fibrotic changes in the mammary glands. When it affects the cartilage that connects the sternum to the chest, a painful condition called a "costochondritis" occurs. Also, fibromyalgia, which is associated with all the muscles in the body, can also cause pain to the chest muscles.

    Painful muscle or sore limb are not warning signs of serious health problems. They could go away with a little relaxation. But if you are not sure what is happening with your body or that of your close and dear, a check with the doctor will clarify your doubts whether you should be treated for a more complicated condition or not

    The Fast 9 General Pain That Can Link To Other Health Problems The first posts of this pointer: 19459023

    These are the world’s most hipster neighborhoods, apparently

    These are the world’s most hipster neighborhoods, apparently

    Is your hometown one of them?

    Beards, tattoos, man buns and coffee art galore, the world is slowly being taken over by hipsters.

    But some areas of the world are much more hipster-populous than others, new research has shown. MoveHub has published a list of the top 50 hipster cities in the world, calculated by a ‘Hipster Index.’

    While the majority of the top 20 are US cities, Brighton and Hove has been ranked as the most hipster place in the world.

    ‘Because hipsters have such specific tastes like tattoos and artisan coffee and prefer less bustling city locations, we can map themaround the world quite accurately, which is really interesting,’ said Fred O’Brien, who oversaw the research for MoveHub.

    ‘You would struggle to find any other group that changes cities at the rate that hipsters do – once a city has been chosen as a trendy area, the hipsters bring in all sorts of new independent businesses and this injection of consumers can really transform these cities.’

    Keep scrolling to find out if your hometown made the hipster cut…

    The world’s most hipster cities

    1. Brighton and Hove, UK

    2. Portland, USA

    3. Salt Lake City, USA

    4. Seattle, USA

    5. Lisbon, Portugal

    6. Fort Lauderdale, USA

    7. Miami, USA

    8. Orlando, USA

    9. Helsinki, Finland

    10. Spokane, USA

    11. Tampa, USA

    12. Eugene, USA

    13. Minneapolis, USA

    14. Atlanta, USA

    15. San Francisco, USA

    16. Rochester, USA

    17. Bordeaux, France

    18. Pittsburgh, USA

    19. Las Vegas, USA

    20. Richmond, USA

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    10 Aromas That Fight Off Mosquitoes

    10 Aromas That Fight Off Mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes are difficult to cope with and the effects of mosquito bites are even more difficult to cope with. Now that the summer season has begun to spread hot waves around, most of us feel like hibernating. Interestingly, the mosquitoes around us are ball and they thrive more with rising mercury levels. Before we become a victim of the risk of mosquito bites, we need to take swift action to protect them. Do you want simple ways to keep them? Read on.

    1. Vanilla

      1. Vanilla


    The vanilla flavor is so appealing, especially when baking. But did you know that the same flavor could act as a mosquito repellent? Mix vanilla essence with baby cream in a 1:10 ratio. Apply this mixture anywhere on your body to protect mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can mix vanilla essence with water and use it for spraying all over your body. While enjoying the divine scent, mosquitoes will have a difficult time!

    2. Anise, Carnation, and Essential Oils from Basil

    A mixture of anise, cloves and essential basil oils work great to remove these mosquitoes. They can be mixed with water in a ratio of 5:10 and this can be sprayed all over the body. This mix can be stored near the fire, barbecue or grill to protect mosquitoes. One can even dip a towel in this essential oil solution and keep it on the window, which will ensure that the mosquitoes will not come into your home at all

    3. Branches of blueberries

      3. Elderberry Branches


    The barley branch has a strong smell that can be difficult for humans too. It is best to keep on the window of your child's bedroom and bedroom to keep these mosquitoes from the window!

    4. Clove

    Carnation is a well-known, ubiquitous spice in the Indian household. Apart from the fact that adding spices and flavor to the food, it is also known to store cavities in the bay. But he also plays the role of mosquito repellent. To use it to repel mosquitoes, you first need to brew 2-3 cloves with water for about 15 minutes. After cooling, use it as a spray on the areas of the body that are exposed.

    5. Juniper Branches

      Juniper Branches


    While camping, make sure you throw juniper branches in your camp. This will ensure that you only have beautiful memories of the picturesque journey, not the mosquitoes!

    6. Cedar Oil

    Cedar oil works as a magic not only for those stupid mosquitoes, but also for those irritating flies that are constantly carried around, as well as those nasty cockroaches that can scare us to death!

    7. Chamomile

      7. Laughter


    We've all heard about the health benefits of drinking chamomile tea, right? But we may have missed the fact that chamomile has been used to fight mosquitoes and this is an age-old practice! How does chamomile keep mosquitoes? Well, the chamomile flavor is so strong that it can affect nerve cells of the mosquito by pouring a stiffening effect. That way, making them move from your home!

    8. Basil leaves

    Basil leaves occupy an important place in the Indian household, whether in the kitchen or in the prayer room, they are obligatory. Basil leaves can also do miracles when mosquitoes are frightened. All you have to do is rub them on the exposed parts of the body. Alternatively, a couple of branches of basil can be hung on the bedroom window to prevent any small, uninvited creatures from destroying your sleep.

    9. Butter, Shampoo and Vinegar

      9. Butter, shampoo and vinegar


    I'm sure most of us do not know the combination of butter, shampoo and vinegar, but it's a great mosquito repellent! Well, all you have to do is mix these three magical ingredients to form a white sparkling mixture. Apply this to the exposed parts of your body or even keep this mixture in a container and keep it in your home. By adopting these measures, you will surely manage the threat called mosquitoes.

    I'm sure you know from now on simple but very effective ways to fight the army of mosquitoes that fly around you. Most of these are natural and have minimal (or even zero) side effects plus many benefits. Imagine it smells the divine aroma of vanilla or a combination of exotic herbs that make you feel great and work like insect repellents. (19659030) So take caution to the wind, make outdoor plans, wear those sturdy gowns and keep open windows to leave the warm, summer breeze without worrying little about the mosquitoes invading your space. On this note, I wish you a summer full of high cups of cold coffee (Yes, we need coffee or tea, even if it's summer, right?), Relaxing on the beach and unforgettable moments at home!

    Post 10 Fragrances Looks first on page Стийлцей

    More proof that THIS is the only print to be wearing this summer

    More proof that THIS is the only print to be wearing this summer

    And just in time for payday

    Polka dots may have been everywhere on the ‘gram and on celebs like Emily Rata and Margot Robbie, but if you’re getting a bit bored of it, then you’ll be pleased to here that floral is still king this summer. And in case you were in any doubt, Amazon find. have just dropped THE perfect dress, and we predict a sell-out.

    Part of the brand’s SS18 drop, it comes in two gorge colours: green and black, though our money is on the green, which has already been a hit with influencers Emma Hill, Jacqueline Mikuta, Ludovica Frasca, Ellie Nesmon and Emelie Natascha, who feature in the campaign.

    Shop now: FIND Women’s Floral High Split Midi Dress for £37 from Amazon

    Naturally, it features cute floral print on a silky background, but it’s so subtle it’s perfect for those with reservations. Go for the trendy option and wear yours with a puffa jacket and trainers, though it’s perfectly acceptable to team it with a white blazer and sling-backs too, don’t worry.

    Other key items featured include a soft suiting in pink and a red checked print pleated skirt, both of which can be layered with other colourful pieces.

    Oh, and did we mention it’s under £40? You’re welcome.

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