20 Stylish Androgynous Hairstyles You Need To Know About

Traditionally, women were praised for their lovely long locks. But during the Second World War, women were celebrating their short hair.

Since then, long hair or short hair has ceased to be the decision that changes the life that has ever been. Gendered neutrality has become a common cry throughout the world. It has led to the trend of an androgynous (half point between male and female) clothes and hairstyles. If you think they are a blah, think again! Explore these 20 stunning and stylish androgynous hairstyles.

20 Stylish Androgynous Hairstyles You Need To Know About

1. Clean Pinus



A clean pixe might sound boring, but do not underestimate it. A neatly trimmed pin with side separation seems incredibly young. He has a boyish charm and a glamorous glamor!

2. Pixie

Whether it's a break or just a change, we all thought of chopping off our locks. We all can treat Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday ) when she makes an incentive for the instant solution and gets her hair cut. Fortunately, the pixie cut turns out to be chic and stylish. Many women continue to sport this way to this day after watching the movie.

3. Brown Disconnected Gradually Bob

Natalie Portman shaves her hair for V for Vendetta . But how do you come back from your shaved head? Of course, with an elegant layered pixe!

5. Slicked Back

  Slicked Back


Sanded back is perfect for beautifying the cheekbones, jaw and eyes. If you have a big forehead, let your bangs fall on it and glue the other locks back. Put this hair with some soft make-up and you are welcome.

6. Although we say that fashion is now greater than ever, the truth is that the uber-style cuts-like the cut wedge-were around the 1920s. This A-line cut angle with a deep line of hair can take your hair to the perfect ten and then!

7. The Messy Pixie

  Dead Pixels


M-E-S-S-Y! That's what makes the world upside down. For years we have heard that our parents tell us that we should not be confused, but now the scattered hair is all the rage. Choose a chic scattered pixie – similar to Posh Spice.

8. Platinum Pixie

  Platinum Pixie


Platinum meets Pixie in this hairstyle. I love that the bang is short, so the cut does not look too elven. At the same time he is sharp but sweet. This hairstyle would be perfect for the summer.

9. Soft Blonde Mohawk

  Soft Blonde Mohawk


Model and actress Agyness Deyn sports rock chick looks like boss. If you have a rough personal style, this hairstyle is for you. Choose sharp, soft edges that add the edge and style to this mouwak. Connect it with a leather jacket to make it #GALS!

10. Dark-Rooted Pixie ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


This blonde and brunette pixie shows us that we can get the best of both worlds. Keep your roots dark as it helps the frame of your face. Choose a contrasting pale shade – one that matches the tone of your skin and the pad – for the rest of your hair.

11. Spike Faux-hawk

  Spiky Faux-hawk


An inappropriate artificial hawk is a great way to season your regular pikes. Row on your sides and push the hair in the center with your fingers and hair gel. I like how the edges are distorted – they give the hair a fine devilish call. Full Bangs

  Full Bangs


If you have thick, dark brown hair and brown eyes, you need a full bang. Not only do you celebrate your hair volume but also give your eye color. It is also an easy and chic way to cover a large brow. Exquisite Mohawk Pixie

  Smooth Mohawk Pixie


Ruby Rose looks like a bad guy with this pixies. Smash the sides and the back of your hair with a strong gel. To achieve this daring look, smooth back the front and crown sections of your hair and spray on some hairspray.

14. Contrast layers

  Contrast layers


Contrast layers look very attractive. They show their hair beautifully while adding depth to it. Keep your roots dark and choose a blonde in a similar shade for the rest of your hair. Adjust your hair to waves to add the texture to it.

15. The Curly Felicity [19659906] Shutterstock

It was a huge surprise when Kerry Russell cut his long, expensive curls. Although very funny, Russell loved him.

Just run your fingers through your short curly hair with some gel to imitate that look. Pix with twist

  Pix with twist


Who does not like the twist and then? Apply a gel on your buckles and smooth them. Cut your brethren together, turn them with your finger at the end, and twist your forehead. It looks stylish, is not it?

17. Instagram

Deep hairline was great in the early 19th century. It was an inspiration for graduated beans. I love that style returning with a modern twist. It connects with subways and patterns. Amazing!

18. Gel-Reverse Hair

  Gel-Reverse Hair


The desired back pins should not be flat. When adding styling, add some combs to your buckles with a comb. By adding height to the buckles, you can make your face thin and draw your attention to your jaw. Black Edgy Bob

  Black Edgy Bob

The black bean looks sharp and mysterious. Add a layer on the back layer to give it a gradually curved shape. Keep the hair line at an angle to add a larger dimensional style. Generally, this black bean is a cool cat!

20. Short TWA Pixie

  Short TWA Pixie


Who says that you need a length to show the texture of your hair is wrong. Perverse hair looks amazing when it's shortened. So it's not surprising that one of the most fashionable TWA (teeny weeny afro) styles is Pixie. Style it with a slight pruning to highlight your perverse curls and make yourself a killer look!

Androgynous hairstyles are ideal for anyone who walks in the rhythm of his own drummer and always experiments with new styles. If you always wanted to try, I hope this list has given you inspiration in style. Which of these androgynous hairstyles die to try? Comment below to let us know. 20 Stylish androgynous hairstyles you need to know about appeared first on STYLECRAZE .

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