17 Small Changes That Helped Real People Lose Weight

Losing weight does not always have to be for diets and enjoyable fitness workouts. This may also be about adopting new habits and small changes in your lifestyle that can make a significant contribution to your weight loss plan

Here are 17 minor changes made by people in their lives who actually helped them throw pounds! 1.


Buzzfeed's assistant, caitlina4c00b0abb swears by this rule! She says she lost more than 45 pounds in less than a year by changing her meals from the couch in the kitchen. She made her take more care of what she ate.

2. Do not weigh too often

Yordan Panza, a Facebook user, recommends not to turn to weight loss. She says she lost weight when she moved her focus on healthier than checking the weighting scale to see if she had lost someone. Or check yourself in the mirror

  or check yourself in the mirror


Buzzfeed Associate, Brittat2 says that what works in your weight loss journey has not looked into the mirror , which saved her from being disappointed and discouraged by the lack of instantly visible results. That helped her to shed 18 pounds of cool!

4. Choose a healthy meal to satisfy your desires

A Facebook user, the secret mistress of Ellis Miller is to embark on her desire. The only catch? It replaces unhealthy foods with much healthier products!

5. Instead of "Boredom Feeding," Get a Hobby

  Instead of "Boredom Boredom," Get a Hobby


Heavy people eat when they're boring and also Buzzfeed Fellow, ellielillie . To overcome her habits, she has embraced a new hobby for painting and actually lost a lot. She says she is now rewarded with a new nail polish every time she can make a healthier decision!

6. Buy your own meals

Ariel Calderon, a Facebook user, blames food and home delivery supplies. Only when he stopped and started cooking his own dishes, she lost 38 pounds!

7. Ditch The Elevator

  Ditch The Elevator


And the escalator too! And take the stairs up and down, recommends Daniel Rose, a Facebook user. By making this little change in her way of life she grew 18 kg lighter for the first 8 months of that!

8. Skip the walking step before you hit the gym

This is if you go to the gym after working time. Shannon Ireland, a Facebook user, did the same and she said she had helped lose 20 pounds! Without going home, she helped her resist the urge to hit her bed and look at Netflix

9. Do not be fooled into hitting the gym if you hate it

  Do not surrender to hit the gym if you hate it


Instead, find the physically strenuous activity you really enjoy, says Buzzfeed Importer. – X810. Instead of going to the gym, she walked, swam, yoga and cycling, and lost 13 pounds! All because he enjoyed what he did.

10. Do not Accumulate on Unhealthy Snacks

Even if you turn to them when you're down, says Stephanie Butter, a Facebook user. She only supplies her kitchen with healthy snacks that force her to eat healthily when she feels the need for breakfast

11. [19659905] Shutterstock

A very easy way to reduce some extra sugars and calories in your diet is to eradicate your normal cream and sugar and instead have the black version. Or at least it was what Molly Smith, a Facebook user, did to get back into shape.

12. Stop with Soda

Brittany Escobar, a Facebook user, offers to give up all of the soda! That's because when she did, she lost nearly 4 pounds in just two weeks. Plus, her desire for it died, giving way to a whole healthier lifestyle.

13. Alcohol also

  And alcohol also


If you have beer belly, proud to boast, it's a sign that you really need to reduce your alcohol. In fact, stop drinking it completely and observe the difference in weight, suggests Buzzfeed Associate, carolinez449d1eb41 . Give Awesome Attitude

Do not Fear. It only prevents itself from losing weight and leads to stress eating. Instead, be gentle on yourself, just like a Facebook user, James Wade, and in the long run it will be much easier to follow a healthier diet

15. You have lots of fluids

  You have lots of fluids


Your workouts will make it much easier if you have at least 1.8 liters of water every day, as you will no longer be dehydrated. So, get Buzzfeed Associate, natalieh4723cfd35's advice and drink!

16. Limit the intake of foods with added sugar

If you limit your consumption of foods such as desserts, syrups and soda, you may lose a lot of weight. Daniel P. Murphy, a Facebook user, did the same and lost 9 pounds without regular training!

17. Never Try Flavor Diet

  Never Try Fad Diet


Or leave if you have one. Buzzfeed, megans4bc939b86 is a Dukan diet that has helped her lose weight, but she regains her lost weight once she gets out of her. So, she just started to eat healthily and achieve constant weight loss!

You do not have to make radical changes to your lifestyle to be healthier. Even small steps can make you move in the right direction

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