16 Feelings Every Woman Has While Wearing Heels

If dogs are the best friend of a person, they definitely occupy this position in the feminine life. Yes, they say diamonds are the woman's best friend, but how often can you put your most precious jewels on display and go along the way? Not always, is it? On the other hand, the heels can take your confidence high (literally!), Turning the bad day into good almost immediately

But as every woman throws herself in her beloved couple, her thoughts play countless thoughts. Here are 16 feelings the woman feels while wearing heels!

1. OMG, New Dress + Electricity Straight Match Made in Paradise

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Words can not express the feeling you get when you accidentally stumble upon a sweet dress that perfectly matches the pair of heels that you bought as a pulse,! It is bliss.

2. When you lose it because it's a whole day


As much as you love wearing heels, the thought of having them all day is enough to regret your legs and suffering) must pass.

3. The moment you enter the party as a diva

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The heads turn to you like a magnet when you walk in those expensive heels with which you broke the bank! Now this is well deserved and deserved attention.

4. The pride you see in your collection of heels

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From knees heels to styles, from Jimmy Choo to Manolo Blahnik, your collection is so great that you can make a museum! And every time you pull out a pair of this collection, you can not help, but with pride.

5. Look at me, I'm so damn tall!

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For us ladies who are not vertically blessed as some of our friends, heels are an incredible savior! Nothing else protects better than "damn you are a short" mocking of your heels.

6. When you look in the mirror and go to "Wow!"


You just can not believe how good you look in those currents! Investing in a new pair of high fashion heels really gets paid when you look like which . When you go out and make the fashion podium

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What's the point of wearing heels if you do not make a podium? Nothing can stop you from being brilliant in the show you are when you are on the heels!

8. Night outside? No problem, you have your heels

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You are always ready for Friday after your working parties at your heels. In fact, you are so experienced a professional that high heels dance is for you!

9. But still be careful not to damage them

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Against the background of the sweet dance film, care is still taken to keep your heels from being damaged by the ruthless immersion. If you could, you would put your heels to sleep every night in a soft swing

10. And you are ready to take them if necessary

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The great thing about the brilliant pair of heels is that they not only look good on your feet but look good when you take them off and carry them on your hand! That's why they're your best friend.

11. When you feel like you have to make wearing heels a daily affair

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Inspired in a class pair for this important workshop? Now you can not help but feel that you have to wear heels to work every day because they make you look so elegant and elegant!

12. Immediate trust increases


You know it will be a long day of work, your love life is a mess, and your best friend has no time to hear you. But that's good. Your life does not seem half as bad when you go to your heels.

13. But by the end of the day, this feeling goes away

When you have stumbled on the stairs ten times and twisted your leg by accident for about 20 times, you can see that your confidence amplifier turns into a nightmare and you can not wait to end!

14. So then book, bringing it to the boys

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Hey, sometimes we all need little attention from this cute / hot guy at the bar. And the best way to get that attention is to work with some high-energy spells and look hot as a devil!

15. When you walk in Slo-mo, because everyone can be more deadly

While the tiles and the sneakers give you the freedom to descend like a marathon runner, your heels will turn you into a delicate maid who has to walk slowly. It does not matter what.

16. Okay, that's it. No more heels. More.

When the day ends and your feet are finally released from your shiny fur, you are vowing not to wear heels again. But then comes the weekend and you hit again impulsively!

Who ever knew heels could cause so many emotions? Despite the high and low values ​​that translate to you, you know you'll be back to your heels every time you want to look good!

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