15 Incredible Chunky Highlights

Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Simpson – All these stunning women shared strong accents when they were great in the 1990s. Now they are back again thanks to the zebra accents that take Instagram from a storm.

If you're wondering what the buzz is, stay around!

What are the chunk? are just that – lump! They are usually designed to create a sharp contrast with your natural hair color and are made on large pieces of hair. They are made using many lighting or lighting techniques to give you this lush look.

Thick accents are more suitable for women with large facial features in women with delicate traits. If you have delicate features, these accents will look too harsh for you. On the other hand, these accents emphasize the large features of the face and complement them beautifully.

Fragile accents can simply be used as a statement about style or as a technique for framing the face. The colors you choose for illumination depend on your preference. Here's how you can do it yourself at home. How to make fragile accents

  How to make fragile accents </h2>
<div id=  How to make fragile accents </h2>
<div id=  What you need </h5>
<li>  Hair coloring kit </li>
<li>  T-Shirt </li>
<li>  Vazelin </li>
<li>  Hair Color Brush </li>
<li>  Developer and Activator Mixer </li>
<h5>  How to Make </h5>
<li>  Decide which shade of accents will suit the surface of your skin and nuance. Grab the cool shade if you have a cool shade and a warm subtle warmth. </li>
<ol start=
  • Put an old T-shirt and cover the old cloth around your shoulders to prevent the appearance of paint spots. Also, apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your hairline to avoid skin coloring.
    1. Mix the paint in a bowl according to the instructions given in the box.
    1. You will only highlight the tip of your head, Divide your hair aside and take a thin, horizontal piece of hair.
    1. Put a foil of paper under the cross section and apply paint to that part of your hair.
    1. Fold the foil onto the hair to prevent the paint from getting. on other parts of the hair.
    1. Keep highlighting the cut pieces of hair in the same way.
    1. After you finish, leave the dye for the recommended amount of time indicated on the box. Use a timer to help you read or finish your work.
    1. Keep checking your hair every 5-10 minutes.
    1. Wash the paint after the recommended time. Use a toning shampoo as it will remove the brass tones from your hair.

    Now that you know how to make lump, see 15 amazing styles that you can try out! 19659032] 1.

       Root Cutting Accents


    If you have thin hair, fragile accents can make it thicker and more bulky. Give up on toning hair tones that fit well in the color of the skin and the color of the hair. This will make your hair thick and will be beautiful on your face.

    2. Size blonde

      Blonde blonde


    Blond hair can really make you feel like a queen. But, you can take it one degree by adding some different blond shades to your locks. This will make your hair thicker and deeper.

    3. Champagne Blonde

      Champagne Blonde


    A champagne blonde has taken the whole world and seems to be here to stay. If you have dirty blond hair with a golden tint, choose a champagne blonde to give you a bigger dimension.

    4. Bronde Mix

      Bronde Mix


    If you have brown or olive skin, you need to be twice as careful when choosing the colors of your hair. Go down the JLo path and get a bronze shade. This is a blend of blond and brown that looks stunning in darker skin. Note that the blonde shade that JLo has chosen works well with her brown hair. Choose a pale shade to suit your skin and hair color.

    5. Light Caramel Twirls

       Light Caramel Twirls


    Get that muddy goodness and shine of caramel to your hair. It will instantly brighten your face and remove your natural hair color. Adjust your hair with curls to give a little more style and volume.

    6. Glossy Brown Accents

      Glossy Brown Accents


    If you have blonde hair and sharp jaw, add a few brown lights near your face. This will attract attention to your jaw. If you have a wide forehead, lights and bangs will cover it.

    7. Highlights for Ombre

      Highlights for Ombre


    Let's be honest, there's something about this hairstyle that gives a romantic look. You can not put a finger on it, but it's there. Simply add clumsy accents to the top and drag them out until you reach the tips. Leaving roots a little darker, it helps to shape your face. Strawberry and Blonde Combo

       Blonde and Blonde


    Two tones accentuate awesome blond hair. Take advantage of the blonde tint, which is darker than your hair color, and then – a catchy shade of strawberry. This will make your hair thicker.

    9. Accents on the beach

      Beach accents


    Who does not want the perfect hairstyle on the beach? The sunny hair colors that remind you of all the fun that you had over the break will surely make everyone jealous. Take this look at the next level by shaping your hair in beach waves.

    10. Golden accents

      Gold accents


    Kelly Clarkson was a great ambassador to the clumps that seemed a long time. He tried them with lots of shades, and with all honesty shaken them. Who else could draw these wonderful golden accents?

    11. Blonde HIghlights

      Blonde HIghlights


    I'll be honest with you. If you are a brunette, getting a blonde is a great solution. This may make you look younger or a few years older. Remember that the backlight, the color of the hair, the makeup style, and the colors of the dress are in the shine of the blonde to make you stand out.

    12. Zebra Highlights

       Zebra Highlights


    This is the trend that started all over again! Zebra highlights are made in contrasting colors to give your style a look. They help shape your face. If you feel particularly bold, you can try this black-and-white look shared by Christina Aguilera

    13. Front lights

      Front lights


    Front lights are used for framing the face (unless you are Rogue from X-Men and they are just for style). Avril Lavigne has made us all want to be rebels with these pink accents. So, try it this time!

    14. Defining Highlights

       Defining Highlights


    Highlighting is used to focus on facets. So, get some lumps highlighted that will make your eyes pop. Make sure they attract attention to the eyes, mouth and jaw

    15. Front Frame

       Santa Highlights


    Highlights are used primarily for framing your face. This means you can make your face longer, thinner, or both simply by adding accents. Sarah Jessica Parker made it perfect by choosing some light blonde lumps to inspire you to try the thick accents to help you highlight your features. Which of these styles do you want to try? Comment below to let us know. 15 Incredible Chunky Highlights first appeared on STYLECRAZE .

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