15 Exercises And Stretches For Instant Relief From Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects about 31 million Americans at any time ( 1 ). According to the WHO and Global Pain Management, lower back pain is the leading cause of global disability (19459004] 2 ), 3 ). It can affect everyone and is caused due to poor posture, obesity, age and depression. The worst part is that it limits activity and can lead to economic and social burdens. And the best way to reduce this painful pain is by Exercise and Stretching . Read to know which exercises are best suited for you, depending on the severity of the back pain.

Level 1 – Acute Back Pain

Sudden injury or sitting or standing for prolonged periods can cause tears and muscles to support the lower back. Spinal stenosis, herniated disc, sciatica or fracture can also cause severe back pain 4 ). In such cases, besides seeking medical help, you can also do the following exercises / stretching

1. Cat / Cow Pose

  1. CatCow Pose


How to make a cat / cow Pose

  1. Start with the knees on the mat
  2. Take the Pose table by placing your palms on the floor. Keep your back straight, your shoulders relax, look at the uterus, and keep your fingers pointed. Also make sure your elbows are right under your shoulders and your knees are right under your thighs.
  3. Inhale and push your thighs upwards, bend your spine down and look up at the ceiling. This is the cow.
  4. Exhale and curl your belly and move your spine to the ceiling. Lower your thighs and neck.

    3 sets of 8 reps

    Tip: Be light and slow when doing this stretching [19659905] 2. The Child's Position

      2. The Child of Pose


    How to Make a Child's Polo

    1. Kneel on the mat and spread his knees wide. Your fingers should point. Unfold your hands in front and bend down. Your forehead should rest on the uterus.
    2. 3 series of 2 repetitions [19659905] 3. Hip flexing stretching


      How to make a knee on a hip boom

      1. Place straight and take a step forward with your right foot. Take a take off, but instead of going up, put your left glow on the floor. Your left fingers should point. Keep your shoulders back, your spine straight and your hands on your waist.
      2. Squeeze your glutes and abs. Move the top of the body forward. Hold this post for 10 seconds
      3. Toggle your legs and repeat

      Sets and reps

      3 sets of 4 reps

      4. Ring with drooping torso

      How to make the neat torso Twist

      1. Start by lying on the mat. (19659010) Exhale and bend the lower part of your body to the left to pull your feet to the floor. Let your knees fall to the left. Keep the upper body stationary and look to the right. Hold this post for 10 seconds.
      2. Breathe in and knees back. Exhale and turn your body to the left. Look in the opposite direction.

      Sets and Repeats

      3 series of 3 reps

      5. Seated torso Twist

      <img class = "size-full wp-image-450803" src = "http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/5.-Seated-Torso-
      1. Sit on a pad with your right foot right and your left foot bends and leans to the right leg. Keep your spine straight
      2. Turn left, place your left hand behind you on the floor and your right elbow on your left knee Look back on your left hand Hold this section for 20 seconds and release it
      3. Keep your left foot straight, bend your right foot and put it on your left foot. left, put your right hand on (19659012) Sets and repeats

        3 sets of 2 reps

        6. Shell Stretch

      Shell Stretch [19659043] 6. Shell Stretch [19650029] Youtube

      How to Make Shell Stretch

      1. Take the Table Pose and sit on your heels [19659909] repeat

        These are Level 1 plots

      2. Inhale and exhale, feel the area at the bottom of the back and relax. or severe lower back pain. Now, let's move on to level 2 training.

        Level 2 – Less severe lower back pain

        Here are some exercises and stretches you can do when you feel a little tightening in the lower back and flexors .

        1. Wall Sits

          1. Wall Sits


        How to make a wall sitting

        1. Put your back on the wall. Keep your shoulders back, your legs shoulder to shoulder and your legs out.
        2. Go down slowly and reach the dwarf. Hold this post for 20 seconds
        3. Fold upright

        Sets and repeats

        3 sets of 2 reps


        <img class = "size-full wp-image-450806" src = "http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/2.-Lower- 19659007]

How to Make the Lower Backrest [19659909] Back-Flexion-Stretch.jpg " Lie on a backrest, bend your knees and put your feet on the floor, lift your right foot and grab the back of your right thigh with both your hands, pull your thigh so your knee is very close to your chest. seconds
  • Do this with the other foot
  • Raise both your legs, grab (19659026) 3 sets of 3 reps

    3. Back extension

  • 3 sets of 3 reps [19659000] 3. Back extension [19659070] 3. Back Extension ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


    How to make a back

    1. Lie on the mat, facing the floor. Bend your elbows and put your palms on the floor right beside your chest. Your elbows should point to your feet.
    2. Inhale, push your trash down and lift your shoulders and your chest from the floor. Make sure the lower ribs are placed on the uterus. Look at the floor when you forgive
    3. Exhale and lower your chest and shoulders on the floor

    Sets and reps

    3 sets of 3 reps

    4. Laying pelvic grass

    How to make a lying tablet

    1. Lie on the floor. Keep your legs shoulder to shoulders, your hands off, knees bend and feet on the floor.
    2. Turn on your deep inner muscles and insert the abdominal button inward toward your spine.

      3 series of 5 repetitions

      These exercises (19659013) Hold this post in 3 seconds and then relax are great to get immediate relief Now, let's learn which exercises or stretches are most suitable for back pain at level 3.

      Level 3 – Build Backbone and Mobility

      It's always good to give your spine a long way to release all the strain from the muscles and joints that hold it. 19659004] 1. Foam movable for the lower back

      How to make foam for the floor

      1. Sit on a mattress Take a foam roll and put it right behind.Lift your thighs while keeping your body on your feet Put your lower back on the foam and the two palms on the floor behind you Turn your right foot to the left to stabilize your body
      2. Move forward and downward by turning the foam roll on the floor, do this for about 20 seconds.

      Sets and reps

      2 series of 2 reps

      2. Down Dog Pose


      Raise your hips to the ceiling and move the upper back to your feet. Keep your palms and legs on the floor (if possible). Try to touch the floor with your forehead. Hold this post for 5 seconds.

    3. Glue your toes and go back to the board position

    3 sets of 2 reps

    3. Bird Dog Post

    <img class = "size-full wp-image-450811" src = "http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/3.-Bird-Dog- Pose
    1. Raise the table Pose
    2. Lift (19659013) Keep this post in 5 seconds and release it
    3. 4. Hip Thrust
    4. 4. Hip Thrust ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


    How to Make a Hip

    1. Place the Top part of your back against a bench Hold your knees bent and the feet on the floor Place your hands (fully extended) on the bench. 659009] Lift your thighs and get to a position where your thighs coincide with your spine. Look up to the ceiling
    2. Slowly return to the starting position by lowering your thighs

    Sets and repeats

    3 sets of 5 repetitions

    5. Piriformis muscular stretching

    How to Make Piriformis Muscle Stretching

    1. Lie on Mat. Bend your knees and keep your feet on the floor
    2. Place your right foot on the left. Your right ankle should rest on your left knee
    3. Place your right hand on your right knee and your left hand on the right ankle.
    4. Slowly pull the right knee to the left shoulder. Hold this section for 30 seconds
    5. Release the stretch and do the same with the other leg

    Sets and Reps

    3 Series of 3 Reprints

    These are stretches and exercises that will help relieve and prevent pain Bottom Below is a list of precautions you should take before starting with stretching.

      Precautions </h4>
<li>  Consult your doctor before starting any exercise or stretching </li>
<li>  If you are pregnant, it is best for you </li>
<li>  If you have severe problems with lower backs, you have to do the simple ones with caution. In conclusion, doing these exercises and stretching regularly will definitely help relieve the lower back pain. You should also undergo regular examinations and physiotherapy and take your medication to cure and restore the muscles of the lower back. If you have any questions, you can post them in the box below. Take care! </p>
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