15 Benefits Of Lifting Weights For Women – A Beginner’s Guide

Your training mode is incomplete without strength training. But many women think that lifting weights will make them muscular as men. Not true! Women do not produce as much testosterone, a hormone that stimulates muscle growth, like men. The fact is that the strength of the workout will help tone your body and make you look and feel 10-15 years younger. And I do not do that! Research shows that older women feel great and are more energetic when they are weighing up (19459002] 1 ), (19459004] 2 ), 3 . It also offers many benefits to physical and mental health, which you should take full advantage of 4 ). So if you are skeptical about lifting weights, there are 15 reasons that will change you. Go up!

15 Causes Women to Raise Weights

1. Burn More Fat And Calories

  1. Burning More Fat And Calories


Strength training or lifting weights should be added to your workout because cardio with a diet can lead to both fat and muscle loss. By weight training you will only burn fat and you can burn more calories for a short period of time than cardio. In addition, when you power the train, your body stays in fat burning mode long after you have left the gym. This is known as an excessive impact on the consumption of oxygen after use (EPOC). This does not happen when you are doing low-intensity cardio ( 5 ).

2. Body Tones

Lifting weights can help you get a toned and elegant body. And with "toned" I mean building lean muscle mass. American scientists have found that by conducting a mixed workout that includes training in cardio and strength, experimental participants are able to burn more fat and build up muscle mass 6 ). When you build a lean muscle mass, no matter what the shape of your body, you will look great and fit. For example, the original Queen of Curves, Jennifer Lopez mixes cardio workouts and strength training in their training. And that's why she has the right amount of fat and muscle according to her body, shape and age.

3. Reduces the risk of muscle loss

  3. Reduces Risk Of Losing Muscles


Your body begins to lose muscle mass immediately after the age of 30. And when this happens, your skin relaxes, and the back of your abdomen, abdomen, chin, arms, shoulders and chest. Unless you start taking precautions by the end of the 20s, I can tell you that you will carry a lot of unwanted luggage. And the only way to prevent this is by lifting weights. A report published in Science Daily shows that muscle loss is greater in people who have had only cardio, but those who mix cardio workout and strength burn more fat and are able to prevent muscle loss 7 4. Reduces the risk of injuries

Strength training or weight lifting can also help to prevent injuries. The muscles, bones, tendons and tendons are fortified when the power of the train. In fact, the production of collagen, the core fiber of connective tissue, increases when lifting weights. As a result, your bones are less brittle and muscles strong, preventing the risk of injury (19459021) 8 ). Increases Metabolism

  5. Boosts Metabolism


Your metabolism will slow as you age. And as a result you will gain weight and it will be very difficult for you to lose the extra pounds. And in order to recover / prevent this, weighing is strongly recommended. Why? Because there is a direct link between metabolism and muscle mass. Your muscles have mitochondria that make glucose a usable form of energy. In the case of muscle loss, the number of mitochondria will decrease, which will lead to slow metabolism. Since health training builds muscle mass and prevents muscle mass loss, the number of mitochondria in the cells will not decrease (19459023) 9 ). And your metabolism will remain perfect.

6. Reduces Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of those diseases that have crippled everyone, regardless of their age. And guess what can keep you from this fatal illness and go to a dull, limiting diet for the rest of your life? Yeah! Power training. A team of scientists led by Dr. José D. Botezelli conducted an experiment on participants in a high-fructose diet. They found that those who included strength training exercises showed greater glucose tolerance, increased insulin sensitivity, decreased inflammation and improved lipid profile (19459024) 10 . Helps protect the heart

  7. Helps Protect the Heart


Cardio may not be your first choice if you have heart disease. But scientists have shown that by lifting patients, patients can improve and protect their hearts 11 ), ( 12 ). In fact, patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) can improve heart rate variability (HRV), cardiac muscle strength and endurance 13 ). Correct Bad Situation

Bad posture is something most of us are guilty of. But you can improve your posture by lifting weights and following the right path to the strong train. Lifting weights will help you build bone and muscle strength. As a result, stripping and bending will be canceled

9. Improves muscle strength and strength

  9. Improves muscle strength and power


Your muscle strength and muscle strength improve when you lift the weight or power of the train. Scientists at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro find that older women improve their muscular capacity and strength by making resistance or strength training 14 ). In another study by Brazilian scientists, a three-day weekly circuit training program helped participants lose fat and improve their functional performance 15 ). Effective Power Booster

When lifting weights in the gym or at home, you will notice a huge difference in energy levels throughout the day. And this is because every fiber of your muscles will wake up and work efficiently to use the food in the form of energy. This helps you get rid of fat and reduce the inflammation in the body, which will help you lose weight and feel light and flexible

11. Helps you get curves

  11. Helps You Get Curves


This is the best part of lifting weights. No workout can give you curves like strength training. Since lifting weights can help you build lean muscle mass, you can spread fat and add toned curves to certain parts of your body. Use dumbbells, barbs, resistors, or body weight. By exercising the whole body you will get the right amount of curves in the right area. Nothing like that, is it?

12. Increases Flexibility

Lifting weights can improve the flexibility of the muscles. And this is because re-stretching and shrinking movements not only help build strong muscles and bones but also improves flexibility. So, target different parts of the body with a strong workout along with other stretching exercises to increase the benefits of lifting weights

13. Improves sports fitness

  13. Improves Fitness Sports


Sports Fitness Depends on Muscle And Bone Strength, Muscle Strength, Endurance And Rapid Reflex. If you are trying to become fit in a particular sport, you should do a strong training along with cardio to improve your performance. Weight lifting has a positive impact on the health of the heart and connective tissue and will help improve endurance, reflex and muscle strength

14. Relieves stress

Overall, exercise has a positive effect on mental health. When lifting weights at least two days a week, your whole focus is to do the right repetitions without hurting. And when your mind does not think about work or at home, it will reduce anxiety, relieve depression and have a stress-relieving effect. Moreover, when you build your muscles and slowly see your body changing from hip to tissue, you will feel pumped and you will be ready to worry and focus more on the positives of your life 16 17 ).

15. Improves Sleep Quality

  15. Improving Sleep Quality


After spending so much time in your body fitness, of course, you will sleep as a baby! And while you sleep, your muscles will recover and rejuvenate. American scientists have also reported that older men and women who usually have difficulty falling asleep report a better sleep after strength training 18 ). So if you are willing to fall asleep late and wake up late, you need to lift weight.

These are the 15 benefits of lifting weights. Get rid of the word "I am a woman, I do not have to lift weights" and kick my ass in the gym. There is not much improvement in improving physical and mental fitness over a certain period of time. This is your time NOW. Because tomorrow is too late.

Answers of Experts on Readers' Questions

Can I lose belly by lifting weights? But you need to include the cardio to help raise the fat

Is it good to lift weights every day?

It is best to lift weights every two days. Your muscles need time to recover. If you lift weight each day, you will have to hurt yourself.

How many days a week do I have to lift

You can lift weights 2-3 times a week. Advantages of Weightlifting for Women – Beginner's Guide selected first on STYLECRAZE .

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