12 Tattoo Designs That Will Be The Perfect Addition To Your Bracelet Stack

Just last week, we gave you plenty of tattoo inspiration with our post on the upcoming trend of watercolor tattoos . However, the idea for this one came as we sat with a group of friends, discussing the most exposed yet least conspicuous body part to get a tattoo on. With a mutual agreement, we all decided that it was the wrist

But since body art is not an exercise in meaning-making, and it also doubles up as a cool accessory, some of our friends argued that any tattoo on the wrist is bound to either clash with the accessory that we wear daily such as a watch or a bracelet, or get covered under it. So there was no point in getting a tattoo on your wrist

We could not help but think differently and therefore decided to look for various tattoo ideas that would go amazingly well with typical wrist accessories such as bracelets and watches, and They also work great on their own. So this is some new inspiration for all you ink lovers! Here are some new ideas for your tat fam:

1. These Birds Sitting On These Straight Lines Will Be The Perfect Companions For Your Bracelets

for those who need some emo quotient in their lives. Done in traditional blank ink, it should perfectly complement all manners of wrist accessories

2. This Lone Warrior

Dainty? Check. Stylish? Check. Goes well with bracelets? Check

This little fellow proudly stands his ground making her teeny-weeny presence felt even in the crowd of those bracelets. Perfect for those who want something that is minimalist

3. One That Reminds You Of Your Little Sidekick

Do you have a pet? If you have or if you had one before, this would be the perfect homage to your little friend. You were the perfect hooman and getting a tattoo like this would be the best way to declare your love for them. And it pairs very well with a watch too. Get creative and customize it to your heart's content

4. This One That Will Give You A Boho Vibe

A little different from the traditional, minimalist designs, this one has a more bohe chic vibe. Done in a traditional way, this tattoo manages to look modern while still retaining its traditional element.

5. And This One That Is The Perfect Choice For A Dreamer

A little hybrid version of traditional ink and watercolor, this minimalist design packs in quite a bit of punch design-wise. Not very conventional, it makes for a perfect fit for those who sway to the beat of their own drums

6. This One Makes The Perfect Accessory

Ah! What can I say about this one? Just look at this and tell me that you do not want to get inked with this one, right this minute. Not a very dainty or minimalist tattoo, but it manages to be not very in-your-face

7. This Lone Blossom That Revels In Its Beauty

No tattoo inspiration list can be complete without a floral addition, and this is ours. Unlike the more conventional lavender sprig or rose, this one has an ethereal beauty that can not be matched. Perfect for those who want a mix of tradition with individual flavor

8. (19659034) This is what adds value to your stack with its beauty ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


What is a better addition to your jewelry stash? A new expensive bracelet that you will always have to keep track of or this floral one that lends you its quiet charm. Our pick: the floral wrist band tattoo. You can not lose this one anywhere.

9. (19659038) Pinterest

The verdant green four-leaf clover not only adds a much-needed dash of color to this one, which will bring you the Luck of the Irish your living canvas but also makes for a very unique addition to your bracelet stack


Another floral addition There is something about its dignified poise that draws your eyes towards it. And we're pretty sure it will make your own effusive charm

12. And Finally, This One To Bring Some Whimsy Into Your Life

A perfect ode to the man who created the happiest place on earth. This one is for all the dreamers, who breathe life into every day's banal and monotonous life. Also, it can double up as a great conversation piece for your next date

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