11 Ways To Wear The Jelly Nail Trend

What is the most prominent beauty accessory that a woman can wear? No, these are not the artificial suede heels, nor the set of rings of crystals, nor the charming canvas necklace. Keep on, suppose. These are the nails!


Yes, you read correctly, you have the power in your nails to make even a dull suit look chic and chic. Nails are an extremely underprivile beauty accessory that can be made to look like art. Although, unlike lipstick or hair color, nails are not the first thing that has been noticed, they can be used as secret mysterious humor that can be associated with multiple ensembles. Plus, nobody will get you to repeat it!

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There are so many things that nails can do. They offer little insight into our personality if we pay attention. Bare colors for the exquisite among you, bold black for Gothic vibration, a colorful palette for the games and the list goes on. Thousands of shades, abundant designs and nail patterns, and innovative nail shapes offer an unlimited range of nail designs. So what's new in this season? Well, this is something that buys a curious question on my face.

Iron nails are the new trend in the block. Yes, they are actually called gems and before you ask me, they are not edible, ladies! Sweet or not, it's up to you to decide, but they're definitely new to the world of nail art. Before we show you the different experiences of jelly nails, let's tell you who started this trend. [19659907] Instagram

Beauty Trend Leader, Kylie Jenner, joined the social media to share a photo of her fresh hands on her and her friends. Should we say more? The fashion moderator inspired nail artists around the world to recreate this colorful art.

Here's a list of some of the best gelling arts. If you have not heard of this trend before, this article will serve as the ending course. Let's see who pinned him, what would he say?


Vibgyor, the colors of the rainbow, is for those who love many colors in their lives. If you are a person who sports a lot of white or loves to add color to your eyes, this option is for you! You can choose from bold bright or softer pastels. Given this, jelly manicure uses all the basic colors in the color palette, so take your manicure for the summer.


  True flowers to go with jelly

nailsbymei / Instagram

We understand that some of you do not like multicolored things. For you, guys, we present au naturel a look that uses real flowers. This is an elegant magnificent manicure by Mei Kawajiri of Nails by Mei. This manicure has copied the gilded nails with a natural twist. Use clear lacquer and adhesive flowers.

4. Pop Jelly Colors

  Pop Jelly Colors

yukitokyostore / Instagram

This is the most basic version of the trend. For someone who is skeptical to go down the path of jelly, this may be a good start. Not too bold, not too sober, the exact amount of color and length for your nails.

5. The perfect blend of glamor and color

Do you remember the good old childhood when we defeated the hot summer heat with bright colored candies? Now that we are no longer children and candy are old-fashioned, we can draw nostalgia on our nails. That's the way fashion is, is not it? – returning updated versions of the story!

7. For those who like a bit extra

) What do you want to have with your nails? The iron lacquer? Check out. Stones? Check out. Gems? Check it out? The Color of the Universe? Check out. This nail art is all unstable and above all. If you give me authority, I would say this piece of work is stuck!

Underwear for stamping animals with animal print dresses, we have seen everything. Now it's time for animal nails! Do not worry, PETA will not sue you for it! You can pair these nails with rough clothing or look at the red carpet whatever you choose, nails printed with animals will obey.

9. Glitz, Glamor and Jelly

  Glitz, Glamor and Jelly

Nailsbychiina / Instagram

If you are someone like me who gets bored with one color, There is a perfect alternation of bare color, brilliance and marble effect. You can practice three different styles in a manicure, now it's a great offer, is not it?

10. For the Love of Au Naturel Look

  For Au Naturel's Love Look

Creativenailsii / Instagram

This nail polish gets big fingers to combine love to French manicure and love of naked in one . The double toned natural shade of nails gives your nails a natural look while paying great attention to your nails!


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