11 Body Language Mistakes Many of Us Make At Work

Picture of this: In the last three months, you have watched this promotion. So, you can go for extra mile, add extra hours to work, deliver first-class services, conquer certain goals and much more. There is no reason not to be rewarded with a promotion.

But when your boss announced your promotions, you are confused that you went to your colleague instead. In the end, do you think – what could be wrong? The ugly truth is that it has nothing to do with the quality or quantity of the work you have cast out. The answer is in you – this is your body language.

The correct body language is very important in the workplace. This is because a significant part of our communication is accomplished through non-verbal behavior and sharp expressions. In fact, 55% of our message is reported by non-verbal signs 1 .

Here are some common mistakes in body language that you should avoid in order to be more confident: 1. Sitting serenely as you were in your home



We all love to take care of our beloved chair or sofa so we are so used to doing so so we too we lie in the workplace, which, my friend, is a bad idea! A calm and lazy posture in the workplace can tell you that you are lean and you have no This is something that colleagues or the boss would have frowned on.

Moreover, sitting upright actually strengthens the back muscles (and also keeps your boss thinking you are focused.)

2. Moving Eyes

  2. Rolling Your Eyes


Life can present us with countless people who make us throw our eyes, but while doing it in our head, everything is fine. Moving your eyes at work or at home will land you in trouble. I will introduce you as a rough person. Your friends may laugh, but if you look at your work, you may have to offend your colleagues and bosses. Mark this body language with a symbol of danger in your head. This is strictly no-no!

3. Getting too close

  3. Getting Close Close


One of the most important aspects of good body language is to keep your colleagues away from you, so you both have a personal border that is not interrupted. The penetration of another person's privacy and his sense of inconvenience is a bad idea.

4. Entering the office

  4. Entering your office


Entering your workplace without greeting anyone is an uncompromising thing to do. Never venture in an attempt to avoid any interaction with your colleagues. Instead, respect them and acknowledge them, for only then will you be respected.

5. Bear your boredom

  5. Wearing boredom on your face


We understand that it's very natural to feel bored from time to time, especially when you feel under time. But then we also offer you the best to hide your emotions while you're at work, especially when the emotion blame boredom. Otherwise, your boss will give you a much more active person.

6. Isolation at work

  6. Isolate the workplace


Always remember that working as a team is easier and more useful than working alone. Make an effort to talk to your colleagues and establish a positive relationship with them. Staying aside will only make them feel that you lack interest in the job.

7. Continuous Tilting at Work

  7. Permanently inclined at work


The body language and posture of the body tell a lot. In fact, when you are at work, you are constantly watching and nothing you do is left unnoticed. So, if you often find yourself on walls, tables, chairs, etc., you have to stop. The slope is interpreted as a sign of weakness. On the other hand, standing or sitting upright is taken as a sign of confidence and strength

8. The Hands Behind Your Back

  8. Hands Behind


Hand gesture is important, especially when it comes to work. Keeping your hands behind and removing any hand gestures in communication suggests that the individual is unreliable. Being trusted is crucial in the job. We do not require to gesture all day, but just try to hold your palms and arms open most of the time

9. Looking at your attention very often



The most rude behavior is constantly checking the time on your mobile phone or watching while talking to your colleagues. This will make the other person feel that you are bored or just want to leave.

10. No attention is paid to the conversation

  10. Do not pay attention to the conversation


No matter how uninterested you are at a meeting or conversation involving your accomplices, you should pay attention to this. Engage with him not only with your eyes but also with your ears and contribute to the conversation with your opinion. Stop throwing convulsions in the workplace!

11. Do not Smile

  11. Not Smiling


The smile is infectious and smiling at the workplace creates a positive aura. Frowning will not only give you wrinkles, but also discomfort the people who surround you. If you smile, you can unlock the mirror neurons in the other person, used to smile at you.

When you enter a room, the language of your body is the first thing you noticed. That is why it is important to cultivate the positive postures of the body. Did you find an error? Or do you have a colleague whose body language at work affects you? Share Your Experience in the Comments Below

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