11 Beauty Hacks Models Don’t Want You To Know

It is strange how the view of a model that runs along the ramp causes both a sense of admiration and jealousy. While you are ashamed of their posture and carefree grace, you can not feel jealous of how beautiful they look! And try as you may, although you have followed all the advice given at Cosmo, you still can not answer their impeccability. Perhaps it is because you do not know their true secrets of beauty, do you?

Well, do not worry. We've covered you! Spread the beans of 11 beauty models that follow religiously but never share:

1. Using Gold Masks

  Using Gold Masks


Wondering how Victoria's secret light is so bright when you're on the track? This is not the light. This is actually a simple beauty! The night before each fashion show, the models feature a 24-carat golden face mask that helps to give a natural, glamorous glow to their faces. This is the simplest way to look like a goddess!

2. Believing

Yes, their sexy figures are the result of the great genes. But that's a little over that. Besides exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, the models are also committed to "deceptive days", knowing completely how important they are! Deceptive dishes are great stress booters and keep you motivated to stick to your goal because you have a delicious meal to expect. So instead of acting too hard, give yourself to your delicious buds from time to time.

3. [196590010] Shutterstock

The secret behind the glowing pattern of the model is not the layers of makeup but actually the lack of makeup. When not on the track, patterns allow their skin to breathe without making up. Even the lightest layer of cosmetics can damage your skin in the long run and lead to the early signs of aging. So if you want to look impeccably like a model, go without makeup!

4. Maintain Hydrated

The secret of the great skin remains hydrated, and the models really swear in this mantra. But that does not mean that every day they go down with a gallon of water or do what the book says. Instead, they drink as much water as they need the body. You can also calculate the right amount of water for your body! You just need to divide the total body weight (in kilograms) by 30 to find out ( 1 )

5. You are entitled to supplements



Sometimes it is not possible to get all the necessary nutrients from your diet. This may be due to allergies or heavy schedules or even dietary restrictions. The models are confronted with almost the same, so they include supplements in their diet to stay healthy. To find out which supplements you need, contact a professional nutritionist.

6. After Fixed Shave Time

Scraping Your Head That Way? they do not. There is a reason why the model's legs look as sweet as they are. And this is because they shave them at a certain time! You will not get the closest shave if you have a razor running on your skin as soon as you wake up while your skin is swollen. The right time to shave is in the afternoon or hour after you get out of bed

7. Without a Workout Workout

  Without a Workout Workout


If you hit the gym straight after one business day, there is a chance you will not wash your makeup before you go out. Well, this is something you will never find models! Even while gymnastics, they care a lot for their skin. They know that makeup and sweat mixed together can create a lethal combination that can cause a breakthrough! Therefore, they always remove makeup before exercises.

8. Face Ice Massage

Jasmine Tookes, the famous Victoria's Secret, uses a simple trick to keep your face fresh. She gently massages her face with an ice cube to keep her skin firm and stretched

9. Using Glasses for Sunglasses

  Using Bottles for Eye Bags


Victoria Britto, another Victoria's Victoria's model vases from potatoes as a quick fix for eye bags. It cuts the potatoes in wedges and puts them under their eyes to reduce the puffy

10. Understanding Eye with Makeup

If you look closely at each model, you will find the best-kept secret for fashion in open industry! The reason the models look so stunning on the ramp with minimal makeup is because the whole cosmetics goes into the eye. Tom Pechex, a famous makeup artist, in seconds. He says the best way to look glamorous is to go natural with some eyewitness drama.

11. Do not blur [196590032] Shutterstock

Continuing with the point of highlighting, Tom Pecheux says you have to be very careful with eye makeup if you want to create maximum effect. This means leaving your dry mask, not just the eyeliner. He recommends using a credit card as an eye shield so your spiral does not blur.

The patterns will never tell you about it, but we wanted to let you know about the secrets of the beauty of the fashion industry, so you (19459007)

11 The patterns of the beauty of hacking do not want to know

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