10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Gemini

Moody, a double person and a constant quest for adventure – these are just some of the distinctive features of Gemini. Born May 21 and by June 20 th Geminis are often misunderstood by their non-Gemini friends because of their wild variety. However, they are not so difficult to understand if you just pay attention to them

Geminis are a very interesting batch and know each other better than anyone else ever does or will ever want. In this spirit, there are 10 things that only the "real" Twins will get!

1. Your exact opposite is also by GIPHY

Many people think that the Geminists falsify it or are hypocritical when acting in a contradictory way. But as Gemini you know this is not true. You can swallow up a few personalities and each of them is as real as it gets, instead of being just a pretense!

2. You are not as extroverted as you have done

Read every article on the Geminis website and they will mention extrovert as a key personality of this sun sign. This makes people believe that your friend comes naturally to you. In reality, however, you need to work out sometimes when leaving. You are selectively extrovert. Which means that you are super friendly with fun people, not with those who turn out to be negative!

3. You are extremely unique

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Since you are friendly and gentle with people, most can not see how unique you really are. You have a different person, regardless – something that is very clearly reflected in your fashion sense! For example, although you are stylish, you are not the victim of trends and always manage to create your own unique style statements.

4. Find it hard to finish

Accuse it of the boring nature of secular tasks that do not allow you to finish them. This does not mean that you are not able to complete this project that you started a few weeks ago, but you just do not have the motivation to complete it. At the bottom: Nobody should expect to meet a deadline. Too cruel!

5. You do not get Hyper, you are getting bored


Geminis are known as nervousness that simply can not stand still. Others may perceive this as nervous, but you know that you are always high on energy. And the reason you hold so much is that you're bored with what's happening and can not wait to do something new now! Geminis are very enthusiastic and always ready to do something new

6. You are quite fascinating and attractive

As Gemini, you can not help but be something else. The life of every party, wherever you go, never misses the incoming people with your charisma and elegance. You have this unique quality where you can entice somebody's senses together, excite emotions, mind, and everything else. Whoever falls in love with you can never forget you. You too are great in bed and love you try new positions!

7. You are always in search of knowledge

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Geminis are intellectual. Period. You are always thirsty for knowledge and you can not wait to gather information about what caught your eye – be it places, people, cultures, discoveries or something else. This also makes you a zodiacal sign with a huge travel guide – you always travel to learn more!

8. You Can not Be Attached or Restrained

The moment you feel that someone is trying to limit or limit you in any way, you are running in the opposite direction as quickly as possible! You did not intend to be bound everywhere for a long time. For you, freedom is the most precious thing on this planet. And you will not endure it if someone tries to help you explore, learn, or experience. Unless you are gloomy. But it will not last long.

9. You are extremely socially flexible

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We told you that you are unique. And you have a very specific feature to prove it! You have the unique ability to adapt to your audience, seamlessly fitting with people, the place and the way they behave. Your flexible personality makes it easy for you to adapt to any situation.

10. You Do not Feel Uncomfortable During Conflict

Geminis are brave and they face challenges. Topics that others feel shy about to say a word are something you are not afraid of touching or expressing. You understand that conflicts are nothing more than a difference of opinion and do not easily touch such things. Unless somebody offends you. But as long as this does not happen, you will share your wisdom with the things others are afraid of.

Geminis are a blessing to be found everywhere, even when they are difficult to deal at times! This is because there is always a lot to learn from them and experience with them.

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