10 Safety Pin Tricks To Get That Dream Saree Drape In 1 Minute!

If you're like me, bring a sare and actually keep it, it's nothing but an achievement that deserves a gold medal! Some or the other fold always rises like a sore palate, destroying the sexy look he imagined in his head.

But no longer!

It's possible to bang the perfect sara. Even for our weakest! Here are 10 super easy safety tricks that can help you get your dream curtain without much effort

1. Use the correct safety pin

First, you must first use the correct safety pin. And on the right, we mean a safety pin that perfectly matches your sari. You see, camouflage is not just about animals. When dredging the sara and attaching it with a safety pin, use colored ones so that they are not visible, giving you a perfectly smooth finish!

2. Never leave the safety pin visible

Damaged hook in your favorite blouse and you have nothing to wear? The safety pen will obviously help you, but you have to be smart about it! Visible safety lines can destroy your type. So do not forget to fasten it in such a way that the thick upper and lower half of the pin are aimed at the inside of your clothes, your skin. This advice will help you even when you try to keep your style of pulling

3. Safety Pinto To Dance In The Night

The Dance in Sage is no longer giving you nightmares on a broken leg or a distorted shoulder if you try this trick! Just hold your pallet and attach it to the front of your waist as you would tie the hole and show your killers dancing movements in your sara! This works well in the household as well.

4. (19659013] Keep the coat clean and tight

<img class = "wp-image-449891 size-full" src = "http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Keep -Your-Pallu-Neat-And-Tight-Always.gif "alt =" Keep Your Coats Clean and Healthy Always
<img class = "wp-image-449891 size-full" src = "http: // cdn2 .stylecraze.com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/05 / Keep-Your-Pallu-Neat-And-Tight-Always.gif "alt =" Deep and tidy pallo is the only thing you need if you intend to run and perform all sorts of Saree chores, but the key is to keep the pallet in place so that it does not pat any, no matter what, this can be achieved by vertically (not (19659004) 5. Hide your bras

If your blouse does not have a built-in bra strap holder, the bra pocket can be attached to the back of your blazer, and it also helps to highlight your well- you can try this hack.Hide the visible straps by attaching them together with your palms by means of a safety pin! As for the other shoulder, turn the strap under your blouse with a small safety pin.


<img class = "wp-image-449892 size-full" src = "http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Make-Your-Saree-Adapt- Your-Shape.gif "alt =" Make your Siree adapted to your shape

Hard and Hard Fabrics Can Protect You from Striking, Unique! The easiest way to determine this is to collect all extra tissue near your thigh and put it inside your pet with a safety pin. In this way, your sara will hug your waist, helping you to show it in all your sexy glory

7. Do The Open Pallu Fearlessly

Open the palms are difficult to dodge if you are constantly worried about possible faults in the closet! However, you can keep your open pallet in place (yes, this is possible) and prevent it from dropping out of the shoulder by spreading and wrapping the open end of a pallet around your waist and attaching it with a safety bolt. You will look chic and confident in AF!

8. (19659025] Prevent your palli from slipping head


This pure hack can save all the brides that must be very stressful! If you want to keep your ghoonghat in place and keep it from slipping, screw the free end of the saree to your back to your blouse.You can even try this with heavy sarees and it will work the same! tighten too tightly as it can tear your sars

9. Link during the process

Do you want to know how you would look and in your desired style: When you try your barbecue, glue it around and turn the pallo and the rest of your curtain-style saree you want, which will give you an idea of ​​your appearance and also teach you something or two to ripen your saree in the right way

10. Make the fish cut in your sari

But you do not have to get a new sara to achieve this closure ! You can simply use a safety pin to get the desired look. To create fish cut in your saree, gather all the additional materials near your waist and fasten it neatly with the help of a pin. Just make sure that you hold the safety pin under the pleats for a clean look.

The quintessential sara can take you from ordinary to unusual if you stick it properly! Fortunately, the modest safety pin is always here to help you stick your favorite 6 yards in the fastest possible way

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