10 Best Dryers For Curly Hair

Curly hair is a prima donna of all hair types. Although it has its own mind, it can make you look more boring, sophisticated and elegant in any outfit. If you have curly hair, it is of paramount importance to use the right hairdryer, in the absence of which you can damage fragile strands by causing them to lose their definition over time.

Curly hair is more vulnerable to damage while wet. It can be easily tangled and forbidden if left without drying properly. Although it is easier to air dry, curls should be dried with a diffuser. The diffuser minimizes the frieze and boosts the curls. Using a hairdryer with a diffuser changes the way your curls look and feel.

In this article we have listed the 10 best hairdryers for curly hair, along with product reviews, a buying guide, and some steps to dry your hair the right way. Scroll down to read more.

Features Infrared Hair Dryer Revlon 1875 W

 Infrared Hair Dryer Revlon 1875 W [19659005] Supersonic Hair Dryer Dyson [19599002]  Dyson-2 Supersonic Hair Dryer

1. Volume Excellent Excellent
2. Shine Good excellent
3. Power 1875 W 1600 W
4. Heat settings 2 4
5. Speed ​​Settings 2 3
6. Accessories · Concentrator

· Diffuser

· 3 hair clips

· Smoothing nozzle

· Concentrator

· Diffuser

7. Cord length 6 feet 9.1 feet
8. Price Low Very high
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1. Infrared Hair Dryer Revlon 1875W

  Infrared Hair Dryer Revlon 1875W

Want to make your blowout sessions memorable? Use the Revlon infrared hair dryer. It is designed with infrared thermal technology that captures the natural moisture of the hair, prevents drying and provides long lasting shine.

The dryer is manufactured with three layers of ceramic coating to protect the hair from possible heat damage. It is designed with tourmaline ion technology that boosts airflow to instantly transfer to your hair for reduced styling time.

The voluminous finger diffuser provides maximum precision for personalized hairstyles. It has large piercings that allow for more airflow. If you want scandalous volume in less time, this is the best option for you.

Main features

  • 2 settings for heat and speed
  • 1875 W
  • Cool capture button
  • Concentrator and diffuser attachments


  • harmless airflow
  • super affordable
  • lowers frieze and dryness
  • affects shine
  • comes with salon clips




4.7 / 5

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2. Remington D3190 Hair Dryer with Ionic + Ceramic + Tourmaline Technology

  Remington D3190 Hair Dryer with Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

If you are looking for the best budget hair dryer, this product is the perfect option for you, as it offers great features at an affordable price. It combines advanced technologies such as ionic, ceramic and tourmaline to reduce friezes and static in hair. This makes your hair shinier without being damaged or dried.

The speed and heat settings of 1875 watts in combination with the diffuser dry the hair in no time. The dryer also has built-in micro-balms that soften your hair every time you dry. The device has three heat settings and two speeds to keep your curls from breaking.

Available with hub nozzle and finger diffuser. The diffuser has long fingers that help to define well the curls. A movable back filter allows you to easily clean the device.

Main Features

  • Micro air conditioners
  • 3 settings for heat and 2 speeds plus cool shooting
  • 875 W power
  • Comes with hub and diffuser
  • Movable air filter


  • Super accessible
  • Defines curls
  • Smooths dry ends
  • Dries hair quickly


None [19659002] Rating

4.6 / 5

4.6 / 5

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3. Kipozi 1875 W Hair Dryer

  Kipozi 1875 W Hair Dryer

On busy days, the last thing we want to do is spend hours blow-drying. Try the Kipozi Hair Dryer with advanced nano-ion technology that leaves your hair soft and silky in no time. This professional hair dryer provides a strong and constant airflow that can dry even the thickest wavy hair in less time.

With two speed settings and three heat settings, this hair dryer ensures that your hair is clean and dry without moisture.

The diffuser is ideal for focused airflow to help determine curls and natural waves. In addition, it has additional features such as a 6-foot cable, an ALCI safety plug, and a removable air filter.

This device has a handle that is comfortable to rest in your palms and make your styling experience blissful. Its ergonomic handle allows for comfortable use as it is extremely lightweight. Whether you have super curly hair with disrespectful windings or soft waves, this is one of the best hair dryers out there.

Key features

  • ALCL safety plug
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Cool shot button [19659055] 2 speeds and 3 heat settings
  • Movable air filter


  • no noise
  • Freeze reduction
  • Stream cleaning
  • Cheap
  • Safe use




4.6 / 5

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4. Jinri 1875 W Professional Salon Infrared Hair Dryer

  Professional Hair Dryer Jinri 1875 W

Are you looking for the best professional hair dryer at an affordable price? Try an infrared Jinri Salon hair dryer. This 1875W professional hairdryer is equipped with a high quality heavy duty variable speed motor that lasts longer than other standard hair dryers. It will quickly dry your hair without damaging or drying it.

Ionic technology generates negative ions that smooth your hair and block moisture. It delivers gentle and constant heat that makes your hair much smoother and shinier. Another interesting feature is that the device allows your hair to withstand high levels of heat without breaking it. Far infrared heat gently dries your hair from the inside out for minutes. Reduces styling time by half while protecting hair from heat damage.

The device has three settings for heat and two speeds. Use lower settings for dry fine hair and higher temperature settings for powerful drying. To lock your style, use the cool capture button, which provides cool air to keep you looking throughout the day.

Main Features

  • 8.3 feet professional cable
  • 3 heat settings and 2 speeds
  • Includes hub, diffuser and straightener nozzle
  • High quality AC motor
  • ] Ionic Technology
  • Cable Connection


  • Improves Natural Curl Model
  • Accelerates Blow Drying
  • Suitable for Thick to Extremely Fine Hair
  • Provides Uniform Air Flow
  • and the scalp both
  • Cheap Prices


  • N appropriate placement of buttons


4.5 / 5

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5. Curly Beds In Check 1875 Watt Hair Dryer With Diffuser

  Curly Beds In Check 1875 Watt Hair Dryer

Want a massive texture and bulky volume? Check out the bed curls in a hairdryer with a diffuser. This is a shiny purple hair diffuser dryer that can be used either way – without a dry hair diffuser or with a volume diffuser to enhance your curls.

This dryer is made with tourmaline ion technology and combs frizz and provides a luminous shine to the hair. It enhances your natural curls and defines silky, soft and touching volume locks.

Variable volume diffuser for changing the air flow so that it is gentle to your curls. This ensures that they do not lose their shape. Long fingers help define curls, while tourmaline technology helps fight frieze. After styling, use the cold launch button to keep a check on these curls.

Key Features

  • Tourmaline Ion Technology
  • 3 Heat and 2 Speed ​​Settings
  • Cool Launch Button
  • Mobile Diffuser [19659055] Ergonomic Design


  • larger surfaces for faster results
  • Adds bounce and shine tones
  • Suitable for hair and 4c hair types
  • Raises your hair from the roots
  • At a reasonable price


  • Warms up quickly


4,5 / 5

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6. Nition Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

  Nition Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer

Nition Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer has a new breakthrough technology in which a ceramic air outlet with air is infused with nano medium argan oil and tourmaline. This helps to keep the hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

Nano-soluble ions restore damaged hair while argan oil restores moisture to the hair. It prevents split ends, removes frieze and protects hair from UV rays. Tourmaline, on the other hand, emits negative ions and reduces static in the hair. The device emits far infrared heat, which helps it heat quickly and evenly to reduce heat damage to the hair.

This lightweight and compact device comes with three attachments – diffuser, comb and hub. The movable attachment diffuser facilitates quick drying. It is 20% faster than other diffusers. Powerful airflow helps you identify your natural curls and waves. This device also has three heat settings and two speeds and a cool shooting button to set your curls.

Main Features

  • 2-pin ALCI safety plug in USA
  • 7.5 foot cabin power cord
  • Removable air grille for easy cleaning
  • Available with 3 replaceable accessories


  • Noiseless
  • Includes ALCI safety plug
  • Repairs damaged cuticles
  • Reduces frieze and static
  • Easy to clean and store


  • The diffuser should be fixed frequently.


4.4 / 5

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7. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

  Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

This elegant and stylish hairdryer is one of the most coherent styling tools on the market. It is designed to protect hair from extreme heat damage with its ultra-fast drying and controlled styling function. It helps to increase smoothness by 75% and shine by up to 132% and reduce frieze by up to 61%.

The device disperses the air evenly around each strand and stimulates drying to improve the definition of curls. The compact but powerful Dyson V9 digital engine produces high-speed controlled air jet for an incredibly fast experience. This prevents heat damage as the thermal control controls the air temperature above 40 times per second to prevent overheating.

Another interesting feature is that this dryer has a motor included in the handle to balance its weight. Its unique magnetic attachments allow you to adjust the heat quickly and easily. Unlike other dryers, this unit comes with four heat settings (212 ° F quick drying and styling, regular drying 176 ° F, gentle drying 140 ° F and constant cold) and three speed settings (quick drying, regular drying) and styling).

Main features

  • Magnetic attachments
  • 4 heat settings and 3 speeds
  • Air multiplier technology
  • Intelligent heat management
  • Cold shooting


  • Suitable for different hair textures and lengths
  • Helps to create curls of a natural appearance
  • Reduces hair style
  • Noiseless
  • Pleasant to travel
  • No damage


  • Expensive


4.3 / 5

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8. Devadryer And Devafuser

  Devadryer And Devafuser

This cult favorite DevaCurl hairdryer is a curly hair styling tool. If you want to create huge curls with a huge bounce, this is the tool for you.

It comes with an innovative and ergonomically designed DevaFuser that provides 360-degree airflow to fully cover your curls for quick drying. It targets even the most inaccessible areas, especially in the roots.

The patented diffuser design enhances your natural curls while creating body tone. At the end of each drying session, your curls will look more defined. Insert the end of DevaDryer into DevaFuser and make sure they are firmly attached.

Main features

  • 3 heat settings and 2 speeds
  • Patented DevaFuser
  • Professional motor with 1600Watt / AC power
  • Easy wrapping of storage cable


  • Slightly
  • Shapes your curls
  • Appropriate for natural (curly and flirty) curls
  • Conditions and gives radiant shine to your hair
  • Raises your hair from the roots


  • Expensive

    • 4.2 / 5

      Buy it here!

      9. Infinitipro By Conair® Lightweight Motor Hair Dryer

        Infinitipro By Conair Motorized Light Hair Dryer

      This travel-friendly hair dryer is one of the lightest hair dryers on the market. Its powerful variable engine makes drying and styling quick and convenient.

      It is designed with ceramic ion technology that protects your hair from heat damage and reduces frizz by up to 75% to make hair smooth, silky and shiny. The dryer has three settings for heat and two speeds for universal style. Use a combination of these settings to match the length and texture of your hair.

      You can finish styling your hair with a blast of cold air to put your curls in place. In addition to its efficient function, this dryer also stands out for its aesthetics.

      Key Features

      • Lightweight Professional AC Motor
      • Ionic Ceramic Technology
      • Available with Diffuser and Concentrator
      • 3 Heat and Customized 2 Speed ​​Settings
      • Cool Shooting Button


      • Precision Shaping
      • Helps create textured waves and curls
      • Lightweight and compact
      • Affordable prices


      • Availability issues [19659058] Rating

        [1965450001] ] 4.1 / 5

        Buy it here!

        10. Joyyum Professional Hair Dryer

          Joyyum Professional Hair Dryer

        Joyyum Professional Hair Dryer is designed with tourmaline ion technology. It provides universal styling without damaging your shoes. Negative ions help maintain a neutral charge to reduce frizz and static in the hair. This way, while drying your curls, your device provides you with smooth, shiny, silky and healthy hair.

        The ceramic coating ensures even heat distribution, and tourmaline helps seal the hair cuticles to minimize heat damage. With three heat settings and two speeds and a high-power motor, this device dries your hair incredibly fast. Whether you want regular blowouts or well-defined curls, this dryer does a great job.

        Key Features

        • Standard American Protective Cap ALCI
        • Cool Launch Button
        • Mobile Filter Network
        • 125mm Big Finger Diffuser


        • Light
        • Dries your hair fast
        • Cheap Prices
        • Easy Storage


        • Availability Issues



        Buy it here!

        Use the right kind of hairdryer for curly hair and see the difference. Here are some steps to follow before using a hairdryer.

        How To Prepare Your Curls Before Drying

        1. Begin by drying with a cloth of hair after shampooing and rinsing.
        2. Apply each styling product and distribute it. evenly over your curls.
        3. Използвайте четка за гребла, за да премахнете заплитанията.
        4. За къдравите типове коса най-доброто е четките с четка, с необработен глиган.
        5. Започнете да изсушавате косата си, като прикрепите дифузьор към устройството.

        Ето как трябва да използвате сешоара по правилния начин.

        Как да използвате сешоар – Насоки стъпка по стъпка

        Стъпка 1 – Подгответе инструментите

        Сушилня: Използвайте керамични или турмалинови сушилни за издухване, тъй като те предотвратяват зацапването и статиката в косата ви и осигуряват по-блясък. За къдравите типове коса е достатъчна сушилня, която предлага мощност от 1600-1800 W.

        Дифузер: Това е най-жизненоважният инструмент за стилизиране в този процес. Помага ви да създавате меки, без фризове и дефинирани къдрици. Потърсете дифузьор, който е вдлъбнат в средата, тъй като позволява на къдриците ви да почиват и да приемат естествена форма. Можете да разгледате някои от най-добрите дифузори за къдрава коса.

        Стъпка 2 – Изберете вашите стилизиращи продукти

        Балсам: Нанесете балсам за отпускане, за да овлажните косата си.

        Гел: Използвайте гел, за да определите къдриците си и ги поставете на място. Това е важно, тъй като гелът също може да предотврати фриза. Опитайте да го използвате върху мокра коса за максимални ефекти.
        Серум за коса: Завършете с прилагане на всеки серум за коса. Това прави къдриците ви да изглеждат гладки и блестящи.

        Стъпка 3 – Нанесете оставящ се обем балсам

        След като нанесете балсама, обърнете косата си настрани и обработете гела върху нишките от корените до върховете. Задръжте краищата и ги опънете надолу. Освободете къдриците и ги оставете да се върнат назад.

        Стъпка 4 – Разпръснете корените

        Настройте сушилнята на ниска или средна топлина и средна скорост. Поставете дифузора в близост до корените и го дръжте там, докато зоната изсъхне. Масажирайте косата си близо до скалпа с кръгови движения, за да постигнете обем. Използвайте дифузора, за да избутате къдриците си, за да получите обемна визия.

        За да използвате максимално добре вашата сешоар, трябва да притежавате правилното устройство със следните функции. Обърнете внимание.

        7 Характеристики, които трябва да имате предвид при закупуването на сешоар

        1. Мощност / мощност

        Ефективността на сешоар се определя от неговата мощност, т.е. мощността. Колкото по-висока е мощността, толкова по-висока е ефективността на сешоара. Обикновено мощността на сешоарите варира от 1000-3600 W. За къдрав тип коса 1000-1800 W е идеално. Но ако имате изключително груба, гъста и хрупкава коса, се препоръчват сешоари за коса над 1800 W.

        Сушилните за коса над 1800 W са скъпи, тъй като осигуряват професионално покритие в салон. Въпреки това, високата мощност осигурява висока температура, която не е подходяща за фини и чупливи нишки. Следователно, ако току-що сте започнали да използвате сешоар, изберете този със среден мощност, т.е. 1875 W.

        2. Технологии

        На пазара има много видове сешоари и всеки тип използва специфична технология. Йонните сешоари за коса използват йонна технология, при която се отделят отрицателни йони. Тези йони реагират с положително заредени водни молекули и премахват статиката в косата. Това ви помага да постигнете копринена, блестяща и овлажнена коса. Най-добрата част от йонните сешоари за коса е, че те са подходящи за всички типове коса.

        Друга нововъведена технология, наречена нано технология, излъчва заредени частици с нано размер, които фиксират кожичките, за да ви осигурят здрава, копринена и блестяща коса. [19659279] 3. Тегло и размер

        Тъй като сешоарите за коса са ръчни устройства, теглото и размерът им имат значение. Ако имате дълга, гъста и изключително фризирана коса, сешоари за тежки коса само ще допринесат за вашите проблеми, тъй като тези типове коса изискват повече време за изсушаване. Носенето им за дълго време може да причини болка в китката и ръката ви. Ако пътувате често, потърсете компактна и сгъваема сешоар, която можете да я носите в чантата си.

        4. Приставки

        Сушилни за коса се доставят с набор от приставки, като дифузьор, накрайник за концентратор и гребен. Целта на тези прикачени файлове е да ви помогнат да създадете различни стилове. Обикновено сешоари за коса се използват с приставки за гъста и фризирана коса. Дифузорът се използва специално за къдрава коса, тъй като помага да изсушите косата си отдолу. Обикновено тези приставки се предлагат заедно със сушилнята. Можете също да ги купите отделно.

        5. Настройки на топлината

        Настройките за контрол на топлината са много важни в сешоара. Обикновено сушилните се предлагат с три нива на настройка на топлината – високо, средно и ниско. Ако търсите сешоар за професионално качество, изберете един с повече от три настройки за топлина и висока мощност. Но ако искате сешоар за редовна употреба, изберете един с три настройки за топлина.

        6. Cool Shot Button

        Тази функция осигурява взрив на хладен въздух след изсушаване на косата. Той помага на косата да изстине и това ще ви помогне да зададете стила на мястото си.

        7. Cord

        Дългите шнурове осигуряват максимална гъвкавост на движението според вашите изисквания.

        Вече можете да убиете в къдравата си коса с тези невероятни сешоари за коса. Вземете своя избор от списъка, изпробвайте го и ни уведомете за вашия опит в полето за коментари по-долу.

        Отговори на експертите за въпроси на читателите

        Подходяща ли е сешоарът за естествена коса?

        Сешоари за коса с множество настройки за топлина и скорост са безопасни за естествената коса. Използването на сушилнята на ниска скорост и топлина позволява бързо изсушаване с минимални повреди.

        Колко дълго трябва да дифузирам къдриците си?

        Зависи от дължината на косата ви, но може да отнеме около 10-15 минути за дълго и гъста коса.

        Постът 10 най-добри сушилни за къдрава коса се появява първо на STYLECRAZE .

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