10 Aromas That Fight Off Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are difficult to cope with and the effects of mosquito bites are even more difficult to cope with. Now that the summer season has begun to spread hot waves around, most of us feel like hibernating. Interestingly, the mosquitoes around us are ball and they thrive more with rising mercury levels. Before we become a victim of the risk of mosquito bites, we need to take swift action to protect them. Do you want simple ways to keep them? Read on.

1. Vanilla

  1. Vanilla


The vanilla flavor is so appealing, especially when baking. But did you know that the same flavor could act as a mosquito repellent? Mix vanilla essence with baby cream in a 1:10 ratio. Apply this mixture anywhere on your body to protect mosquitoes. Alternatively, you can mix vanilla essence with water and use it for spraying all over your body. While enjoying the divine scent, mosquitoes will have a difficult time!

2. Anise, Carnation, and Essential Oils from Basil

A mixture of anise, cloves and essential basil oils work great to remove these mosquitoes. They can be mixed with water in a ratio of 5:10 and this can be sprayed all over the body. This mix can be stored near the fire, barbecue or grill to protect mosquitoes. One can even dip a towel in this essential oil solution and keep it on the window, which will ensure that the mosquitoes will not come into your home at all

3. Branches of blueberries

  3. Elderberry Branches


The barley branch has a strong smell that can be difficult for humans too. It is best to keep on the window of your child's bedroom and bedroom to keep these mosquitoes from the window!

4. Clove

Carnation is a well-known, ubiquitous spice in the Indian household. Apart from the fact that adding spices and flavor to the food, it is also known to store cavities in the bay. But he also plays the role of mosquito repellent. To use it to repel mosquitoes, you first need to brew 2-3 cloves with water for about 15 minutes. After cooling, use it as a spray on the areas of the body that are exposed.

5. Juniper Branches

  Juniper Branches


While camping, make sure you throw juniper branches in your camp. This will ensure that you only have beautiful memories of the picturesque journey, not the mosquitoes!

6. Cedar Oil

Cedar oil works as a magic not only for those stupid mosquitoes, but also for those irritating flies that are constantly carried around, as well as those nasty cockroaches that can scare us to death!

7. Chamomile

  7. Laughter


We've all heard about the health benefits of drinking chamomile tea, right? But we may have missed the fact that chamomile has been used to fight mosquitoes and this is an age-old practice! How does chamomile keep mosquitoes? Well, the chamomile flavor is so strong that it can affect nerve cells of the mosquito by pouring a stiffening effect. That way, making them move from your home!

8. Basil leaves

Basil leaves occupy an important place in the Indian household, whether in the kitchen or in the prayer room, they are obligatory. Basil leaves can also do miracles when mosquitoes are frightened. All you have to do is rub them on the exposed parts of the body. Alternatively, a couple of branches of basil can be hung on the bedroom window to prevent any small, uninvited creatures from destroying your sleep.

9. Butter, Shampoo and Vinegar

  9. Butter, shampoo and vinegar


I'm sure most of us do not know the combination of butter, shampoo and vinegar, but it's a great mosquito repellent! Well, all you have to do is mix these three magical ingredients to form a white sparkling mixture. Apply this to the exposed parts of your body or even keep this mixture in a container and keep it in your home. By adopting these measures, you will surely manage the threat called mosquitoes.

I'm sure you know from now on simple but very effective ways to fight the army of mosquitoes that fly around you. Most of these are natural and have minimal (or even zero) side effects plus many benefits. Imagine it smells the divine aroma of vanilla or a combination of exotic herbs that make you feel great and work like insect repellents. (19659030) So take caution to the wind, make outdoor plans, wear those sturdy gowns and keep open windows to leave the warm, summer breeze without worrying little about the mosquitoes invading your space. On this note, I wish you a summer full of high cups of cold coffee (Yes, we need coffee or tea, even if it's summer, right?), Relaxing on the beach and unforgettable moments at home!

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