फिटकरी के 11 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Alum (Fitkari) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

Many people use alum in the form of shaving lotions. It is an effective antiseptic that has been used for skin and health for centuries. It seems to be a sparkling stone, but has hidden many healing properties in it. You will now ask if it can be used to get rid of other body problems. So the answer is yes. Through this article, know how alum is useful for physical health and what are the ways to use it. Before that you know what is alum?

What is alum? – What is alpine Hindi

Altitude is a colorless chemical that is like a castle. Its chemical name is potassium aluminum sulphate. This is called a scholarship in English. The importance of this common substance is important in the medical field.

Types of alum – Types of Hindu alum

Making the right choice of alum may be a big issue for you. To make the right choice, you need to be aware of its different forms. Let us know about the different types of alum.

  1. Potassium alum: Potassium sphagnum is also known as potash alum and potassium alum sulfate. Used for a long time. This form of alum is believed to have been used to clean water contaminations around 1500 BC Neon Ammonium alum: Ammonium alum is a white crystalline solid. This type of alum is used in cosmetics and personal care products such as shaving lotion and hand-related products.
  1. Chrome Alam: Chromium Alum is also a kind of alum, known as chromium potassium sulphate. Also known by name. This is Potassium Chromium Sulphate (chemical element) used in the preparation of the skin.
  1. Aluminum Sulphate: This compound is also known as alumina of the paper carrier.
  1. Sodium Alem: This is an inorganic compound, also known as soda. This white concrete is used as a baking powder and as a food additive.
  1. Selenet Elm: The type of alum in which selenium is present at the site of sulfur.

Knowledge of alum species

Benefits of alum – benefits of alum in Hindi

1. Dental Health

  1. Dental Health


The benefits of alum have a lot to do with teeth. According to a report, if a mistletoe is found, then the problem of tooth decay and caries can be found. For this you can use a light bulb such as mouthwash ( 1 )

2. Body odor

If you are worried about body smell, you can use alum. According to a report, alum can be used to remove the stench of the feet ( 2 ). According to another report, alum is used in aftershave, deodorant and body lotion to remove the odor of the skin ( 3 ). Mouthwash

Altitude is also an effective mouthwash. According to the report, the daily use of homemade water for the mouth can be released from the plaque. Especially the alkali may play an important role in child oral health ( 4 )

4. Muscle spasms

The benefits of alum are not eliminated here. You can also use it to relieve muscle spasms. According to a study, muscle contraction of potassium alum can be removed ( 5 ). Fever, cough and asthma

  5. Fever, cough and asthma


There are many advantages of alkali for physical problems like fever and cough. According to one study, the use of alkyls can be relieved by diseases such as fever (seasonal allergies) (19459029) 6 ). However, it can also be beneficial for coughing and asthma, but it needs further research. Urinary tract infection

Electrodynamics can also play an important role in problems associated with urinary tract infection. According to a report, alumina can work to prevent severe bleeding caused by the bladder that can be caused by any infection. Altitude is an effective clamping agent that effectively acts on the bleeding portion ( 7 ). To Kill Yoga

There are many benefits to hair care alum. Youngerness is a common hair problem that can affect everyone. Young people are mostly focused on baby hair and can easily move from the hair of the affected person to the hair of the other. They may have scabs and head problems. You can use alum to get rid of the joints. Alumina paste can easily be released from the yoke ( 8 ). For cutting and winding

  8. Cutting and Injury


There are numerous advantages of alum also for cutting and injuring. It is rich in alienating and hemostatic properties that work to fill body ulcers, cuts and ulcers in the mouth 9 ). About Acne

If you are worried about acne, then alum can be of benefit to you. Alum is rich in clamping properties and, according to a report, Astringent can work to fix acne (19459034) 9 ), (19459035) 10 ). To get relief from acne, you can apply the paste paste to the affected area.

10. Wrinkles and Aging

The altitude is used in many cosmetic products. There are anti-foaming properties that work to tighten the skin ( 9 ), ( 11 ). To reduce the effect of wrinkles and aging, you can use alum. The color is pure

  11. The color is clear


As we have explained above, alum is rich in firming properties, and the firming action works to tone the skin along with removing dirt from the skin. It helps to color the skin ( 9 ), ( 11 )

Once you know the benefits of body arithmetic, know below, use it for the body. For Cough and Asthma: You grind 10 grams of alum and 10 grams of sugar Make the powder and divide it into 14 parts . Now take some of this powder with a glass of hot milk before you sleep every night. Altitude may be useful for coughing and asthma, but requires further scientific research.

Note – [1 9459008] Get a medical advice before using cough alkali. For teeth and mouth: To remove plaque and cavity from teeth, you can use alum as mouthwash. For this purpose, you will have a glass of water and filter it with a pinch of salt and a small spoon of alum dust. On cooling you can use this water for use

For the young: Take alum tree alum dust using jute and mix it with water. Add a little bit of oil to this mixture. Now put the mixture on the scalp and massage for 10 minutes, then wash the hair with cold water.

For cramps: Take an equal amount of turmeric and alum dust and make a paste and put it in the affected area. Be careful not to put them, but let them dry and then wash your skin with lukewarm lukewarm water. Taking this medicine for a few days a day, you will get relief from the pain.

For injury or wounds: [1 9459008] Mix one teaspoon of alum powder in a glass of hot water and keep it cool. Now wash the wound or wound with this water two to three times a day.

After Shaving: After shaving, you can rub a few pieces of water on your face and rub alum. For the wrinkles and antioxidants: Sprinkle clean water on the face and put all faces (except the eyes and lips) onto a piece of alum,

After the benefits, types and use of alum, let me now we know about some losses caused by this. This is Darth scholarship, which you can use for many body problems but can not deny his country with the benefits of alum. Guess some of the losses ( 12 )

) [1 9659057] Scenting alum can cause nausea and irritation of the throat, coughing, wheezing affecting the lungs and breathing.
  • The eyes may be severely affected by exposure to alumina mixed in water.
  • You may now have known that a normal look How beneficial is this substance. You can use alums in different ways for the problems described in the article. It's very easy to use and you do not need to do more. Some of these side effects may occur, but do not panic in such a situation, rather contact the doctor directly. I hope you like this article. Your suggestions and questions can be contacted by the comment box below.

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