पत्ता गोभी के 12 फायदे, उपयोग और नुकसान – Cabbage (Patta Gobhi) Benefits, Uses and Side Effects in Hindi

The leaf cabbage in different colors and shapes is a curative vegetable. It is used in many different types of gourmet meals all over the world. Let's tell you that the benefits of cabbage are not limited to recipes, but this simple vegetable can be a blessing to lose heart. Do you want to know which cabbage can be used for body problems? Share with us the benefits of cabbage for physical health and the various ways of using it.

Why is the cabbage leaf useful for your health?

Leaf cabbage with antioxidant properties as collector, beta-carotene and lutein Enriched ( 1 ). According to scientific reports, colin can help in the development of the brain. It can also work to reduce inflammation. In addition, collectors can reduce neural tube defects in pregnant women ( 2 ). At the same time, beta-carotene may work to reduce the side effects of smoking ( 3 ). Leaf kale available in cauliflower can work to remove eye weakness with age ( 4 ). Know how the cabbage leaf can work for various body-related problems.

List Benefits – Benefits of Cabbage (Patta Gobhi) to Hindi


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<p>  The benefits of the cabbage can be seen in the digestive tract. According to the report, cabbage is found in a special element called anthocyanin, which can work to promote digestion (<a href= 5 ). In addition, cabbage is rich in nutrients such as fiber and is considered the most useful element for fiber digestion. Fiber also stimulates digestion and softens stools to relieve problems such as constipation (19459017) 6 ), 7 ). For eyesight

Eyes can also be seen eating cabbages. According to scientific reports, lutein-rich and fool-rich foods can work to keep the eyes healthy. Sheep cabbage is rich in these two nutrients, which is why its vital role can be seen here ( 8 ), 9 ). In addition, the cabbage is rich in vitamin E, which can work effectively in eye-related diseases (19459017) 6 ), (19459021) 10 ). 3. Cancer Prevention

The benefits of leaf cabbage can also be seen in the prevention of a lethal disease such as cancer. As mentioned above, cabbage is rich in vitamin E and vitamin E can play an effective role in preventing cancer. According to a report, cancer can be caused by the formation of free radicals in the body. Thus, Vitamin-E is an effective antioxidant that can act to maintain free radicals in the body ( 6 ), ( 10 ). According to another report, cabbage has anticancer properties that can play a protective role against cancer 11 ). In the cabbage leaf, an element called brassinin is detected which can show a chemotherapeutic effect against cancer ( 12 ). The Immune System of the Body

The advantages of leaf cabbage can be seen in the strengthening of the immune system of the body. The leaf cabbage is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is an effective antioxidant that acts to increase immune system immunity (19459017) 6 ), (19459024) 13 ). Vitamin A is also rich, and therefore can help combat disease by promoting immunity (19459017) 6 ), (19459025) 14 ). , Remaining Controlled Weight

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The advantage of leaf cabbage can also be seen in overcoming body weight. It is rich in fiber and works to control the weight of the fiber ( 6 ), ( 10 ). In fact, fiber-rich foods work to keep your stomach full for a long time so you do not feel hungry again.

6. Ulcer

Cauliflower leaves can help you get rid of stomach ulcers. According to the report, cabbage has antioxidant properties that can work effectively in ulcers. Leavened cabbage juice will be beneficial for stomach ulcers ( 15 ). If attention is paid to proper nutrition, then problems such as ulcers can be avoided. The cabbage is rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin A, C, folic acid, iron, zinc, fiber and proteins that can help you cure ulcers earlier 6 ), 16 ). Muscle pain

For the problems of muscle pain, you can also see the benefits of cabbage. According to one scientific study, the pain in female breasts can be reduced by using cabbage leaves ( 17 ). In addition, cabbage is rich in vitamin C, and therefore can act as an effective painkiller (19459017) 6 ), (19459032) 18 )

8. , Health of the heart

The benefits of the cabbage leaf do not end here. Sheep cabbage can help the heart to be healthy. According to the scientific study, cabbage is rich in a special element called anthocyanin. Anti-cancer properties have been observed in the anthocyanin which can help prevent cancer (19459016) 4 ), (19459033) 19 ). It can play a role in maintaining heart health. According to one study, rising cholesterol levels may pose a risk to the heart (19459017) 6 ), 20 ). Relieving Inflammation

  Relieving Inflammation


Foliar sprouts may be a cure for swelling. According to the report, cabbage has foliar anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve swelling ( 21 ). Diabetes mellitus

Leaf cabbage can also be an effective means of preventing diabetes. Research shows that red cabbage has antidiabetic properties that can play an important role in the treatment of diabetes 22 ). According to another study, leafy cabbage extraction can reduce the risk of diabetes by reducing blood sugar ( 23 ). For the skin

In addition to internal health, the benefits of eating cabbage can also be seen for the skin. Leaf cabbage is rich in vitamin C, which works on wrinkles as well as on collagen enhancement. It is an effective antioxidant that also protects the skin from harmful sun rays (19459017) 6 ), 24 ). In addition, cabbage is rich in vitamin-E and vitamin-E works to hydrate the skin ( 25 ). Hair

  Hair Loss Inflammation


Besides health and skin, the cabbage cabbage properties are also seen for hair. The green cabbage also contains an element called quercetin that can work effectively on the problem of allopathic aorta (sudden hair loss) associated with hair ( 26 ). Once you know the benefits of cabbage, let's find out now about the nutrients present in the cabbage leaves

The nutritional elements of cabbage – the nutritional value of cabbage in Hindi

Through the table below you know that the cabbage Who is Nutrient Elements present ( 6 ). 100 grams of volume 100 grams of volume Water 92.18 g Energy 25 kacl 0.10 g Optical, General Diet 5.80 g Sugar, total 3.20 g Phosphor 26 mg 26 mg 19659033] 0.034 mg 0.034 mg 0.034 mg 0.234 mg 0.234 mg Vitamin-B6 0.124 mg 98IU Vitamin-D Vitamin-D (D2 + D3) 0.0μg Vitamin D Vitamin-K (Fileoconucleosis) 19659031] Lipid Fatty Acid, Total Saturated 0.034 g 0.034 g Fatty Acids, total monounsaturated 0.017 g 0.000 g Cholesterol 0

Foliar Use – How to Use Horseradish Pattaya (1966) 19659903] The cabbage is a tasty food that you can eat in a variety of forms. The cabbage can be eaten raw, boiled, steamed or roasted. Find out how you can add cabbage to your diet –

  • You can eat cabbage by making your own vegetable.
  • You can drink the cabbage soup by making the soup.
  • You can also use fast food restaurants like noodles and macaroni.
  • You can drink cabbage juice for better health and beverages.

Once you know the quality of cabbage, nutrients and use, let us know further. About the loss of cabbage

Cabbage damage – Side effects of cabbage on hindi

Leaves cauliflower is a curative vegetable that can work to get rid of many body problems, but excessive intake can cause the following problems – Leaf cabbage is considered a good source of potassium, but high levels of potassium can cause hyperhaliaemia. This is a medical condition that is the cause of high potassium levels in the body. There may be problems such as breathing, nausea, vomiting and chest pain due to hyperhaliaemia 6 ), ( 27 ). The source is, but excessive fiber consumption can cause inflammation in the stomach and abdominal cramps ( 7 ), ( 28 ). Know the benefits of eating cabbage. It is a curative vegetable that can be found in the daily diet and find different physical benefits. However, the serious side effects of its consumption have not been observed, but if there is any problem with taking, contact your doctor. I hope this article, written on cabbage, will prove useful to you. For any suggestions or questions related to the article, please contact us through the comments box below.

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