डार्क सर्कल के लिए 10 सबसे अच्छे क्रीम – Best Creams for Dark Circles in Hindi

Everyone looks beautiful and looks good when someone boasts. At the same time some people have problems with the dark circles, which makes the brightness of the beautiful face shaking. Some women hide them from makeup, then the men behind dark glasses Some people also use cream to remove dark circles, but many times the dark circles make a mistake when choosing a cream. However, there are many types of creams on the market, but this is the best, which is a bit difficult to choose. In this article, we tell about the 10 best dark cream creams. Therefore, knowing immediately, know who the cream is.

Dark Circle Cream – Best Creams for Dark Circles of Hindu

1. Clinic All About Eyes Rich

  Clinic All About Eyes Rich

The cream of the "All About Eyes" Clinic is brightening and makes the skin around the eyes soft and nourishing. Moisturizes the skin and reduces dark circles and fine lines and gives a quick shine to the skin. It helps to stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

  • Make the skin around the eyes shining.
  • Decreases the dark circle.
  • The skin is soft and hydrated.
  • This is very expensive


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2. Cream Forrest Essential I Intensive I with enough

  • This cream is specially made for delicate skin under the eyes. It not only reduces the dark circles under the eyes but also tones the skin several times. This vegetable product has papaya and potato starch and they help to hydrate the skin.

    • There are no parabens in it.
    • You will begin to see results within a few days after use.
    • Works as Primer.
    • A small amount of it is enough.
      • Other creams Dear
      • It comes in a glass of jars, and then it can be a little hard to wear in the journey.
      • After long-term use, its effect is visible. That is why it must be used with patience.
      • It may look a little sticky for a few minutes and it will take a few minutes to dry, but in a few minutes it will not look completely oily or sticky.

        ] 4.5 / 5

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        3. Eye drop under eyes

          Khadi Under eye gel

        Today people like shampoo, cream and body wash are very similar to khadi. Its products are ayurveda and natural. Khadi Under I Gel is the cream of this brand. This cream acts on your delicate skin under the eyes. Its application reduces dark circles of the skin and swelling under the eyes.

        • Moisturizes the skin well.
        • It has a cold effect on the skin.
        • Easily absorbed into the skin.
        • There is no scent in it.
        • This is in the budget.
        • This makes your eyes feel refreshing.
        • Tired eyes provide comfort.
        • It's not sticky or greasy. 19659011] Uncertainty
          • It takes some time to show its effect.

          4.5 / 5

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          4. Enhisphire Green Eye Sieve Cream

            Enhisphire Green Sieve Eye Cream

          This cream is rich in antioxidant that protects the skin from all kinds of damage. It helps keep your skin healthy under your eyes. Contains green tea seeds that moisturize and nourish the skin under the eyes. There are also many minerals, amino acids and antioxidants

          • There are natural ingredients in it.
          • Only a small amount is enough.
          • Easily absorbed by spreading on the skin. There is no odor in it.
          • This cream is expensive
          • Its bath packaging is unhygienic.

          Buy Now [19659016] 5. VLCC Skin Protection Almond Rejuvenated Spice

            VLCC Skin Protection Almond Rejuvenated Spice

          Creams, Lotions, Shampoos and many other products The VLCCs are quite popular on the market today. One of them is the skin protection of VLCC Almond under I Cream. She can take good care of the skin around your eyes. This cream contains chamomile, olive oil and vitamin E. It relaxes and moisturises your skin.

          • Reduces fine lines.
          • Decreases dark circles and inflammation of the eyes.
          • It is very light and easily absorbed in the skin.
          • Moisturizes the tender skin around the eyes.
          • Which is not hygienic.
          Rating [19659014] 4/5

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          6. Laurial Paris White Perfect White White Whitening Eye Cream

            L 'Oreal Paris White Perfect White Eye Cream

          This cream boasts a reduction in the skin inside and a dark circle reduction. This makes the skin around the eyes shiny. Within a few days after using it you will see the difference. It helps to prevent the production of melanin, which helps to control the problems of pigmentation.

          Properties disseminate well in the skin and is absorbed.
        • His skin makes the skin glossy.
        • Its tubular packaging can take anywhere easily.
        • This cream is in the budget.
        • His small amount is enough. [19659907] After you apply it, you may feel numbness.


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        7. Lotus Herbs Nutrition Resuscitting and Eye Gel

          Lotus Herb's Neutri Resuscitting and Binding Eye Gel

        Lotus Herbs products have been popular in the market for many years. Recently he brought this cream to the market. It claims to have a good effect on the skin around the eyes due to the skin's skin properties. It claims to reduce dark circles, swelling, subtle lines and wrinkles under the eyes

        • This cream is light and absorbed by spreading easily on the skin.
        • This cream comes in the tube and can be worn during the trip.
        • is slightly sticky.


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        8. Himalayan herbal cream under the eyes

          Himalayan herbs under the eyes

        Himalayan cream under the eyes claims to reduce pigmentation, dark circles and stains. This makes the skin around the eyes shiny and soft. This cream requires a blackout of up to 80% within four weeks. Not only that, it claims to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by 28%.

        • It is very light and easily absorbed by spreading on the skin.
        • This testifies to your statement.
        • The packaging is good and you can easily carry it with you during the trip.
        • It has Paraben


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        9. Biotic Bio-Seaview Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

          Biotic Bio-Seaview Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

        This Bio-Seaview Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream helps reduce inflammation and dark circles under the eyes. Biotky claims that only a small part of it is sufficient. Contains algae, i. sea ​​grass, almond oil, honey and nutmeg. It is full of lipids, minerals, proteins, vitamins and other Danish elements.

        • It spreads well on the skin and absorbs it.
        • It contains natural ingredients.
        • She is not too expensive.
        • Moisturizes the skin under the eyes.
        • Only a small part of it is sufficient.
        • Hides dark circles
        • His packaging is not hygienic. Maybe the smell does not look good at all

        3.5 / 5

        Buy It Here [19659016] 10. Shahnaz Hussein Vedic Solution Shammud Plus Almond Almond Cream

          Shammooth plus almond under the eyes

        Sheenaj Hussain's make-up and its product market are quite popular. Many women use Shahnaz Hussein's products. If you are talking about dark circles under the eyes, this Shahnaz Hussein cream is a good choice. Using this may greatly reduce eye inflammation.

        • The dark circles under the eyes are a little less and the skin under the eyes is healthy.
        • Inflammation of the eyes may be less swollen.
        • Easily dissolves in the skin.
        • After application, you may feel oily skin and viscous skin Some people have a strong scent or
        • It is more expensive than other creams, and any cream of Shanaz Hussein.


        Note: Before using any of the above creams, you should do a patch test once because not all of them are the same.

        Tips on Using Dark Circle Cream – Tips on Using Creams in Dark Circles Hindi

        A dark circular cream is made over you Ekin will adjust the impact and benefit when you use it the right way. Below we tell you how to use the cream in the right way.

        • First, set a certain amount of time to remove the cream to remove the black circles.
        • Before you put the cream, Wash your face thoroughly. Wash your face with clean water before applying any cream, but not just on the cream itself.
        • Wash your face with lukewarm or cold water using a detergent
        • Keep in mind that water should not be too hot. If the water is too hot, then your face can not burn, but your skin may also be moist.
        • Then wipe your face with a soft cloth.
        • If you wash your face after toner or If you use something else, put it on the face. Keep in mind that you put the cream on the last end.
        • Also, when you put the cream, then wash your hands before.
        • Then take a little cream on your fingers because I cream The cream is a little thicker than the cream.
        • Massage a cream with circular movements by putting a cream on the delicate skin around the eyes as a point
        • If you use a cream during the day, you can wear sunglasses Wear and b Do not forget every exit.
        • Always, if it takes time to get out, then apply eye cream a day before. At the same time, if you apply the night, apply it even after a night's sleep so that the skin breaks well in the skin.

        The dark circles take away the face of the face, so take the time to focus on these dark circular cream creams. in the elections. If you use the cream correctly described in this article, then the problem with your dark circle can be very good. Also, once you've used them, share your experience with us. Also, if you know or use cream to remove dark circles, be sure to share the name with us in the comment box below.

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