Face Mites: Causes And How To Treat Them

Face Mites: Causes And How To Treat Them

Do you think your face is clean? Do you know that there are thousands of eight-pointed microscopic creatures crawling on your skin right now?

They are called mites. They are constantly feeding on your skin oils, collecting and producing offspring. These parasites thrive on human skin. But do they cause harm? If so, what can you do about it?

Facial mite or Demodex mites: what is it?

  Facial mite or Demodex mites


Demodex mites or mites are obligatory ectoparasites (parasites living outside the host skin that cannot complete its host life cycle) found on human skin .

In any healthy adult, Demodex infection is between 23 and 100%. These mites remain on your skin without showing any symptoms. However, an imbalance in the number of these mites can cause some skin problems ( 1 ).

There are about 65 species of Demodex, but only two of these have been found on human skin. These are:

  • Demodex folliculorum (D. folliculorum): They are found in the hair follicles and on the face. They feed on dead skin cells and sebum. Excess D. folliculorum on your skin can enlarge the skin cells in your hair follicles, making your skin look rough and flaky.
  • Demodex brevis (D. brevis): Unlike D. folliculorum, D. brevis is not limited to the face alone. These mites are more common around the neck and chest and are more common in your body. They penetrate deeper into your sebaceous glands and ducts and feed on your gland cells.

These mites were first identified in 1841-42. Infection of D. folliuculorum is more common in humans. These infections increase with advancing age.

Infection with facial mites is highest in individuals between the ages of 20 and 30 years . This may be due to increased sebum secretion. Compared to females (13%), the infection with facial mites is much higher in males (23%) ( 1 ).

These mites can be transferred between hosts through physical contact (through nose, hair, eyebrows, etc.). They are the most harmless and do not cause any symptoms. However, several external and / or internal factors (such as hereditary defects in T cells and the immune system) can cause colonization of the person's mites, leading to certain skin conditions.

Active mites: Causes, symptoms and complications [19659015] Face mites cause ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


You cannot get rid of mites on the face. They are always present on your skin. However, if increased, they can cause several complications. Here are the symptoms of both types of mites on the face.

D. folliculorum

If your skin is infected with D. folliculorum it will become rough and flaky. D. folliculorum increases the number of skin cells in your hair follicles. Other symptoms of this infection include:

  • Skin redness
  • Itching of the skin
  • Burning sensation
  • Eczema
  • Coarse texture
  • Skin sensitivity

These symptoms are common. Several factors may increase the risk of D. folliculorum infection:

  • Alopecia
  • Weak immune system
  • Dermatitis
  • Skin infections
  • Rosacea (loss of eyelashes)

still investigating the relationship between D. follicular infection and several other skin conditions. Some studies could establish a possible link between D. folliculorum and rosacea. Skin condition may be a risk factor for contamination with Demodex eyelashes ( 2 ).

D. brevis

If your skin is infected with D. brevis, it may appear red with rough patches. The most common symptoms of D. Brevis infection are:

  • Skin burning sensation
  • Redness
  • Roughness
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Changes in skin color
  • Peeling

Several factors may aggravate your risk of developing D. brevis infection. These are:

  • Rosacea
  • Oily skin
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Weak immune system
  • Hair loss

Finding facial mites or Demodex is not easy. Most of us are unaware of these parasites until they cause symptoms, and we get tested on our skin.

Diagnosis and treatment of facial mites

  Diagnosis and treatment of facial mites


Skin biopsy can help diagnose the presence of facial mites or Demodex. Doctors perform cyanoacrylic adhesion along with a biopsy to determine the density of mites on your face on your skin surface ( 1 ). They take a sample of your skin and examine it under a microscope.

This biopsy is necessary if you have serious complications caused by severe infection with mites on the face. Your doctor may suggest the following medicines that can help minimize infection.

Medical Treatments for Facial Mites

Keeping your skin clean is the first step to minimizing the infection of mites on the face (as they feed on your sebum and dead cells). The following medicines may also prescribe you:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Ivermectin
  • Benzyl benzoate
  • Crotamiton
  • Permethrin
  • Sulfur sulfide
  • Sulfur
  • Metronidazole
  • Metronidazole
  • suggest topical or oral medications, depending on the severity of your infection. If the underlying condition triggers the infection (such as rosacea and eczema), you will need separate treatment.

    If the infection is mild, you can treat it with simple home remedies.

    Home remedies for the treatment of facial mites

    ] 1. Tea tree oil

    The study tested several ingredients of Demodex. Tea tree oil has been found to be the most powerful means of eradicating mites on the face due to the presence of terpinen-4-ol ( 3 ).

    How to use

    1. Mix two to three drops of tea tree oil with each carrier oil and massage your face.
    2. Leave it on for 30 minutes and then wash with plain water.
    3. Repeat two to three times a week.

    The same study found that dill weed and dill oil also help kill mites on the face. You can use these oils instead of tea tree oil.

    2. Alcohol

    Research finds that 100% alcohol can kill mites in just 43.9 minutes ( 4 ). However, be careful while using 100% alcohol on your skin as it can cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis. Consult a doctor before using alcohol on your skin.

    3. Neem

    Research is limited here. However, it has been found that neem can kill two other variants of Demodex found in dogs ( 5 ). You can try it and see if it works for you.

    How to use

    1. Boil the leaves of water in water for a few minutes.
    2. Strain the water and store the decoction in a spray bottle.
    3. Apply it to your face from time to time.
    4. You can also massage neem oil (mixed with any other oil) on your face.

    In addition to these agents, take care of your skin and keep it clean, minimize contamination. Follow these steps every day:

    • While washing your face and bathing every day, also wash your hair and keep your scalp clean.
    • Use a non-soapy and mild cleanser to clean your face. Focus on eyelashes and eyebrows.
    • Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells and other impurities.
    • Avoid using creams, gels or lotions that make your skin oily.

    Facial mites have a short life span of only two weeks. They do not crack because they do not have anus (fortunately). However, they explode and die, spreading all the waste in your skin.

    They thrive lively in the most oily parts of your skin, usually thickened in your pores. When you sleep, they crawl to mate and then return to the pores again to lay eggs.

    When their population is under control, these mites help to remove (or eat) dead skin cells from your skin. You can only control their excess growth.

    We know that everything sounds awful to them. However, these microscopic guests remaining on your skin do not really pose a potential threat unless for some major reason they trigger their growth.

    Have other questions about facial mites? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

    5 sources

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विटामिन K की कमी के कारण, लक्षण और घरेलू इलाज – Vitamin K Deficiency in Hindi

विटामिन K की कमी के कारण, लक्षण और घरेलू इलाज – Vitamin K Deficiency in Hindi

The body needs many nutrients to maintain and develop its health. Vitamin K is one of these nutrients. It is a vitamin that is fat soluble. It is thought to aid in blood coagulation and protein absorption. It is also thought to be useful for the absorption and activation of calcium from foods used. In this Stylecrase article, we will give you detailed information about the benefits, types and problems of Vitamin K. Also, the article will tell you about some foods rich in it.

The first thing we will talk about in the article is about the benefits of Vitamin K.

The Benefits of Vitamin K – The Benefits of Vitamin K in Hindi [19659004] Vitamin K is beneficial to our body in many ways. Let's understand through some points the benefits of Vitamin K ( 1 ).

  • Prevents hardening of arterial walls.
  • Useful for eliminating risk factors for heart attack
  • Able to overcome cancer-related risk factors.
  • Strengthens bones and eliminates problems such as osteoporosis.
  • Provides useful assistance in enhancing insulin activation. This gives relief for the diabetic problem.

Once we know the benefits of Vitamin K, we will now talk about its type. Vitamin K Types – Vitamin K Types In Hindi

Vitamin K Types When it comes to this, it is mainly of two types. The first is Vitamin K-1 and the second is Vitamin K-2 ( 1 ).

  1. Vitamin K-1 : Vitamin K-1 is usually found in green leafy vegetables. [19659006] Vitamin K-2 : Chicken, butter, egg yolk, cottage cheese and fermented soy are considered to be the main sources of Vitamin K-2.

In the next part of the article we will talk about vitamins. About K. Deficiency

What Is Vitamin K Deficiency? – What Is Vitamin K Deficiency In Hindi

Vitamin K deficiency is mainly seen in infants. The reason is that they depend on the mother's milk and the amount of vitamin K in the mother's milk is very low. At the same time, it is rarely seen in adults, but complaints of vitamin k deficiency can be detected in adults ( 2 ) due to malnutrition, internal problems or the use of special medicines. 19659003] Causes of Vitamin K Deficiency – Causes of Vitamin K Deficiency in Hindi

There can be many causes of Vitamin K deficiency which can be understood by the following points ( 3 )

  • ] Vitamin K deficiency can occur due to malnutrition. Whether. The reason is that it is only available in certain foods.
  • Absorption of Vitamin K in the body.
  • Lack of special late-life bacteria that can cause Vitamin K-2 in the body. Absorbent.
  • At the same time, there are some special diseases such as: – Problems with the liver, intestinal inflammation and cystic fibrosis (a genetic disease associated with the lungs and digestive system). There is a risk of N.

    Now that we know the causes of vitamin K deficiency, now it is time to know its symptoms.

    Vitamin K Deficiency Symptoms – Vitamin K Deficiency Symptoms In Hindi

    The symptoms of K deficiency can be understood as follows ( 3 ):

    • Excessive bleeding due to mild injury.
    • Sudden nosebleeds.
    • Blood from gums Anemia.
    • Blood in urine.
    • Blood in stools or thick black stained stools.
    • Irregular bleeding in natural religion.

    Now that we know about the symptoms, we will now talk about foods with Vitamin K.

    Foods rich in Vitamin K – Hindi

    There are many such foods, Vitamin K deficiency can be cured by including them in regular diet. We are talking about some of them here.

    1. Pomegranate



    • Two pomegranates
    • Black salt (to taste)
    How to use:
    • First peel pomegranate and separate it from the nipples. 19659006] Now place these beans in a juicer and remove the juice from the pomegranate.
    • After the juice is completely released, pour it into a glass and drink it to taste. Black Salt
    How Useful:

    Pomegranate C Vitamin C, Thiamine, Riboflavin and Niacin Itamin was also found. For this reason, it can be said that pomegranate can be used as a source of vitamin K ( 4 ).

    2. Green beans

      Green beans


    • 200 grams of chopped green beans
    • One chopped onion
    • Cumin seeds one teaspoon
    • Ground coriander one teaspoon5
    • Half a teaspoon of ground turmeric
    • Salt to taste
    • How to use two tablespoons of mustard oil
    • First put a pan of gas and make sure there is no water in it.
    • Put two in a pan Add the spoon of oil and let it warm for a while.
    • When the oil is heated, Add a teaspoon of cumin seeds.
    • Wait for the caraway to crack.
    • When the caraway seeds start to crack, add sliced ​​onions to it.
    • Now fry the onions well until they turn red.
    • Now add the chopped beans to the pan. Add turmeric, coriander and salt to it and mix well.
    • Now fry the beans by stirring for two to three minutes.
    • Finally add half a glass of water and mix it well in the vegetable.
    • Then cover the pan with a pan and leave it there for 5 to 10 minutes.
    • During this time, you will have to keep them between them so that the beans do not stick in the embroidery.
    • When you are sure that the beans are fully cooked Take the beans to a plate.
    How useful:

    Green beans also contain good amounts of Vitamin C, along with Vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine. For this reason it is advisable to eat vitamin K deficiency ( 5 ).

    3. Spinach



    • 200 grams of sliced ​​spinach
    • Two teaspoons of mustard oil
    • 2 to 3 sliced ​​garlic cloves
    • Half teaspoon chopped ginger904599 sliced ​​green chilli
    • One sliced ​​onion
    • Two tomatoes sliced ​​
    • Half teaspoon cumin
    • Half teaspoon garam masala
    • Salt to taste
    How to use:
    • First gas and put two tablespoons of oil in it.
    • Allow the oil to warm for a while.
    • Add cumin seeds after warming.
    • When the cumin begins to burst, add sliced ​​onion, garlic and ginger and fry it until it turns red.
    • Now add sliced ​​spinach, then one by one hot peppers, tomatoes. , Add garam masala and salt and mix well.
    • Now continue to mix for two to three minutes and let all the spices mix in the spinach.
    • Now put half a glass of water in it and cover the pan with a pan. [19659006] It's like 10 to 15 minutes Skip, but keep in mind that spinach doesn't stick.
    • Finally, when the time is up, make sure the spinach is cooked well, then serve it on a plate. How useful is it:

      Vitamin A, B, C and folate, as well as Vitamin K are also present in spinach. For this reason it can be used as a source of Vitamin K ( 6 ).

      4. Cabbage



      • Three cups finely chopped cabbage
      • One cup peas
      • One tomato sliced ​​
      • Half teaspoon ground turmeric
      • вен teaspoon red pepper
      • two teaspoons mustard oil
      • one teaspoon cumin
      • a quarter teaspoon asafoetida
      • two bay leaves
      • two to three green chopped peppers
      • one teaspoon 19 per teaspoon 19 How to use:
        • First, place the pan on the gas and let it heat for a while.
        • Put two tablespoons of mustard oil in a pan and let it warm.
        • Once the oil is hot, add the cumin seeds.
        • When the caraway is baked, add asafoetida, sliced ​​chilli and turmeric and fry for two to three minutes. .
        • Now add about half a glass of water and mix well.
        • Then add the sliced ​​cabbage and peas and stir well for two to three minutes over low heat.
        • Now salt, red chilli Add the tomatoes and mix them in the vegetables
        • Then cover the pan with the pan and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.
        • Now your vegetable is fully cooked and serve it in a bowl.
        How Useful:

        Tell us that cabbage is abundant in Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin, along with iron, calcium and magnesium. Therefore, its use is considered to be helpful in reducing the risk of vitamin K deficiency ( 7 ).

        5. Broccoli



        • 200 grams of sliced ​​broccoli
        • one tablespoon sliced ​​ginger
        • half lemon
        • two sliced ​​green chilli
        • one quarter ] One quarter teaspoon caraway
        • to taste
        • One teaspoon oil
        • One teaspoon chopped coriander
        • Half a jug of water
        How to use:
        • First take water in a pan and put it on the gas and boil it.
        • When the water begins to boil, cut it Put broccoli and leave only covered sweat for 3 to 4 minutes.
        • When broccoli in the Czech Republic visit it boils well that broccoli has gone soft or not. Broccoli will turn light green when soft.
        • Now remove the broccoli with water using a sieve.
        • Then put a spoonful of oil in the pan and heat it.
        • Butter hot After adding cumin and fry it.
        • When the caraway begins to burst, add ginger, green chilli, salt and pepper and mix well.
        • Now add the sliced ​​pieces of broccoli and add it to the spices. I got A.
        • Then boil it while stirring it for two to three minutes then add lemon juice.
        • Then cover the pan for 10 to 15 minutes.
        • Make sure after the end of time Whether the broccoli is fully cooked or not.
        • Once cooked well, serve it in a pan and add sliced ​​coriander to it.
        How Useful:

        Broccoli Has Many Essentials Along with nutrients, Vitamin K is also good. Travel is available in Therefore it can be considered as a better option to deal with Vitamin K deficiency ( 8 ).

        6. Kiwi fruit

          Kiwi fruit


        • 4 kiwi fruit
        • two glasses of water
        • Chinese taste
        How to use:
        • First kiwi fruit in small pieces Cut.
        • Then grind these pieces with water and sugar in a blender.
        • After mixing, remove the prepared juice into a glass.

        Note : – You can also use kiwi fruit to eat directly if you like.

        How useful: [19659048] Kiwi fruits contain Vitamin A, B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin K along with calcium, iron and magnesium. For this reason, it can be used to supplement Vitamin K deficiency ( 9 ).

        7. Cashew nuts

          Kiwi fruit


        • 5-6 cashew
        • Milk cup
        • Honey (optional)
        • Pinch of cardamom powder (to taste)
        How to use:
        • Soak cashew nuts in milk for 10 to 15 minutes.
        • Once the time is up, you can grind it well by adding cashew nuts and milk to the grinder.
        • You can mix honey.
        • Then serve it by removing it into a glass.

        Note – In addition to shaking Interpretation You can eat nuts even when such snacks

        How useful.

        Nuts are also vitamins with Vitamin A, available in good amounts of Vitamin B. It can therefore be used as a source of Vitamin K ( 10 ).

        8. Carrots



        • 4 to 5 large grated carrots
        • milk one cup
        • half cup lost
        • half cup sugar
        • one cup gay [19659006] 5 cardamom powder
        • 8 to 10 finely chopped almonds
        • 8 to 10 cashew nuts finely chopped
        • 6 to 7 raisins
        • 4 to 5 pistachios finely chopped
        How to use:
      • Then grind the carrot properly.
      • Now place the pan on the gas and add the milk and grated carrots to it.
      • Now cook it on low flame and continue stirring continuously.
      • When all the carrot water dries and the milk begins to thicken, add sugar and melt to it.
      • When the whole milk is dry with carrots, add khoya to it.
      • Now, add carrots, almonds, raisins, pistachios and cardamom to the carrots.
      • Carrot for two to three minutes even after turning off the gas Drive so that it does not stick.
      • Time Turn off the gas when it starts and serve the prepared halvah in a pan.

      Note – Carrots can also be cut into small pieces and used as a salad.

      How Useful:

      Vitamin K is also found in good amounts in carrots along with vitamins A, B6 and E. For this reason it can be used as a source of vitamin K ( 11 ).

      9. Avocado



      • Two to three avocados
      • One quarter sliced ​​onion
      • Salt to taste
      • Ground black pepper to taste
      • Sliced, sliced cucumber, cucumber salad, cucumber, beetroot and carrots)
      How to use:
      • First cut the avocado from the middle.
      • Now remove the seeds from it using a knife.
      • Then use a spoon to use the avocado Remove the pulp.
      • Then you are the first avocado Crush the pulp well in a bowl.
      • Now add the chopped onion, lettuce, salt and chilli and mix it well.
      • Now the avocado salad is ready.
      How it is Useful:

      Also available are calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, along with vitamin C, B6, folate and vitamin K. है ( 12 ) ै

      10. मक्खन



      • 4 पीस आटा ब्रेड [19659227] दो चम्मच मक्खन [19659056] कैसे करें इस्तेमाल:
        • सबसे पहले हल्की आंच पर ब्रेड को सेक लें. [19659227] अब इस पर मक्खन को लगाएं.
        • अब इसे खाने के लिए प्लेट में सर्व करें.
        कैसे है उपयोगी:

        सोडियम, पोटैशियम, मैग्नीशियम, फास्फोरस के साथ-साथ इसमें थियामिन, राइबोफ्लेविन, नियासिन, विटामिन ई और विटामिन के पाया जाता है। इस कारण इसे विटामिन के के स्रोत के रूप में इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है ( 13 ). [19659234] विटामिन के युक्त खाद्य पदार्थों के बारे में जानकारी हासिल करने के बाद हम बात करते हैं, इसकी कमी से होने वाले रोगों के बारे में.

        विटामिन K की कमी से होने वाले रोग

        आइए कुछ बिन्दुओं के माध्यम से विटामिन के की कमी से होने वाले रोगों के बारे में जानकारी हासिल करते हैं ( 2 ) ।

        • अधिक खून बहना वि ामिन के मुख्य रूप से खून को गाढ़ा करने का काम करता है. ,हीं, इसकी कमी के कारण खून अधिक पतला हो जाता है। इस कारण जरा-सी चोट लग जाने के कारण खून अधिक बह जाने का खतरा रहता है। वहीं, बच्चों में विटामिन के की कमी के कारण अधिक खून बहने की समस्या को वीकेबीडी (Vitamin K deficiency bleeding) कहा जाता है. [19659238] हड्डियों के विकास में कमी – जैसे कि आपको लेख में पहले भी बताया जा चुका है कि विटामिन के खाद्य पदार्थों से मिलने वाले कैल्शियम को शरीर में अवशोषित करने का कार्य करता है। इस कारण इसकी कमी कैल्शियम की कमी का भी कारण बनती है। इस कारण हड्डियों के विकास में कमी और कमजोरी आ जाती है। इस कारण उनके जरा सी चोट लगने पर टूटने का खतरा बढ़ जाता है.
        • ऑस्टियोपोरोसिस – विटामिन के शरीर में कैल्शियम को अवशोषित करने में सहायक माना जाता है. इस कारण इसकी कमी ऑस्टियोपोरोसिस (हड्डियों का एक विकार) की समस्या को भी बढ़ावा देने का काम करती हैं. [19659238] ह्रदय रोग – विशेषज्ञों के मुताबिक विटामिन के की कमी के कारण ह्रदय रोग संबंधित जोखिमों के बढ़ने का खतरा रहता है .

        विटामिन के से संबंधित रोगों के बारे में जानने के बाद अब समय है इसकी कमी से बचाव के बारे में जानने का.

        विटामिन K की कमी से बचने के उपाय – Prevention Tips for Vitamin K Deficiency in Hindi [19659236] संतुल त आहार और आहार में विटामिन के युक्त खाद्य पदार्थो जैसे: – अनार, हरी सेम, पालक, पत्ता गोभी, ब्रोकली, काजू को शामिल कर इस समस्या को खुद से दूर रखा जा सकता है.

        विटामिन के हमारे स्वास्थ्य के लिए कितना जरूरी है, इस बारे में आप अब अच्छी तरह से जान ही गए होंगे। साआ ही आपको इससे संबंधित सभी समस्याओं के बारे में भी जानकारी मिल गई होगी। लेख के माध्यम से हमने आपको इसकी कमी को दूर करने वाले सभी मुमकिन उपायों के बारे में भी विस्तार से बताया है। ऐसे में अगर आप या आपका कोई भी पारिवारिक सदस्य इस समस्या से ग्रस्त है, तो बेहतर होगा कि आप पहले लेख में दी गई सभी जानकारियों को अच्छी तरह पढ़ लें। उसके बाद ही सुझाए गए विकल्पों को इस्तेमाल में लाएं। इस संबंध में किसी अन्य जानकारी या सुझाव के लिए आप नीचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स का उपयोग कर सकते हैं।

        अगर आप बहुत अधिक विटामिन K लेते हैं, तो क्या होता है?

        खाद्य पदार्थों के माध्यम से विटामिन के की अधिकता होने की संभावना काफी कम होती है। वहीं, अगर दवाओं या सप्लीमेंट्स के रूप में विटामिन के को डॉक्टर की सलाह के बिना लिया जाए, तो खून के थक्के जरूरत से ज्यादा बन सकते हैं। कारण यह है कि विटामिन के को मुख्य रूप से खून को गाढ़ा करने में सहायक माना जाता है।

        क्या विटामिन K पानी में घुलनशील है?

        नहीं, विटामिन के पानी में घुलनशील नहीं होता, बल्कि यह वसा में घुलनशील होता है।

        क्या विटामिन K और पोटैशियम एक ही है?

        पोटैशियम एक मिनरल होता है, जबकि विटामिन के विटामिन का एक प्रकार होता है।

        संबंधित आलेख

        The post विटामिन K की कमी के कारण, लक्षण और घरेलू इलाज – Vitamin K Deficiency in Hindi appeared first on STYLECRAZE.

काली खांसी (कुकर खांसी) के कारण, लक्षण और घरेलू इलाज – Whooping Cough Home Remedies in Hindi

काली खांसी (कुकर खांसी) के कारण, लक्षण और घरेलू इलाज – Whooping Cough Home Remedies in Hindi

Cough is common in colds due to changing weather and mild cold, but sometimes the cough is persistent and lasts for a long time. If you have trouble breathing while coughing and strange noises begin to occur, then these may be symptoms of whooping cough. This is a serious problem that can have many serious side effects. In this Stylecrase article, we will introduce you to all the facts related to whooping cough and will give you information on how to treat whooping cough.

Let's first know what a donkey cough is.

What Is A Donkey Cough – What Is A Donkey Cough In Hindi

A Donkey Cough Is A Bacterial Infection. This infection causes uncontrolled cough and shortness of breath. In English, whooping cough is known as whooping cough and whooping cough. While whooping cough can be passed on to anyone, the most affected are newborns and children. Coughing makes it difficult for babies to eat, drink and even breathe (1) .

Now let's know how many of the donkey cough Stages are (2) .

First Stage This stage can last from one to two weeks. It is also called catarrhal. During this time, the nose is runny nose, sneezing, low temperature and sometimes coughing. It seems like a common cold in the first stage, but the cough becomes more common later.

Second Stage This stage can last 1-2 months. This is called paroxysmal. At this point the cough is more. There is a lot of sound while you cough. Vomiting can also occur during this period and the sufferer may feel tired in the body.

Third Stage This stage can last from seven to twenty days. This is called recovery. During this time, the disease gradually improves with the help of treatment.

You already know what a donkey cough is. Now let's talk about the causes of whooping cough and the symptoms of whooping cough.

Causes of whooping cough – Causes of whooping cough in Hindi

Cough for donkeys is a contagious disease that is caused by bacteria from Bordetella whooping cough. This bacterium releases poison into the body during respiratory diseases. This damages the eyelashes (part of the upper respiratory system) and causes inflammation in the nasal passages (3) .

For the treatment of whooping cough, symptoms and other relevant information related thereto. Continue reading this article.

Symptoms of whooping cough – Symptoms of whooping cough in Hindi

Cough noise often starts with cold symptoms. Tell us in detail the symptoms of whooping cough (4) (5) .

  • runny nose
  • Watery red eyes with pain
  • Mild fever
  • Cough
  • Cough during cough
  • General malaise
  • Apnea – stagnation while breathing (in infants) [19659023] Dry cough 3 to 7 days after common cold symptoms
  • ] Vomiting during or after coughing
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Pneumonia
  • Nose, Nk or bleeding in the brain
  • Increases hernia

There is a cough at all in knowing this also requires that some babies pertussis (whooping cough). Instead, babies have trouble breathing and their color turns blue.

Once you know the symptoms of whooping cough, you now know how to cure a cough at home.

Kali Cough for reducing to Household Preparation – Home remedies for Hindi cough

1. Garlic

  1. Garlic


  • 3 to 4 buds Garlic
  • Honey (optional)
  • Garlic buds are extracted from juice.
  • Eat garlic juice later.
  • You can add honey for taste.
How useful:

The allicin compound is found in garlic, which has antibacterial properties. they. Due to the same properties of garlic, it can be used against pertussis (6) (7) .

2. Ginger

  • One or two small pieces of ginger
  • Honey to taste (optional)
Directions for use:
  • Make ginger paste.
  • Ginger paste Extract the juice and consume it daily.
  • You can add half a teaspoon of honey to taste.
How useful:

Ginger is rich in antibacterial properties. In addition, ginger works to combat gram-negative bacteria (8) . This bacterium causes whooping cough, which is why it is used for home remedies for whooping cough (9) (10) .

3. Turmeric

  • 1 teaspoon of turmeric
  • 1 cup of hot milk
Directions for use:
  • Add one teaspoon of turmeric to a cup of hot milk.
  • Using a spoon, turmeric in milk Stir well.
  • You can consume it daily for a week or until your cough is cured.
How useful:

Turmeric contains antibacterial agents. It is used for colds, colds, coughs and other breathing problems. Therefore, it can be used as a home remedy during whooping cough (11) .

4. Basil leaf

  4. Basil leaves,


Ingredients :

  • Some basil leaves
  • A few grains of black pepper
  • A few drops of honey
Usage: [19659051] Grind uniformly amount of basil and pepper together.
  • Now add some honey to this paste.
  • Now make small tablets of it.
  • Take this tablet four times a day.
  • How useful:

    Antiviral, antiprotozoal and antifungal properties in OTE basil. Also, basil has health-enhancing properties. Therefore, Tulsi is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of coughs and colds from ancient times (12) . Because of these healing properties of basil, basil and its oil can also be used to treat whooping cough (13) .

    5. Regan

    • One glass of water
    • 50 grams of oregano
    • 4 to 5 drops of oregano oil (optional)
    Directions for use:
    • Add parsley in water.
    • Then boil it well.
    • Drink yellow water from parsley.
    Alternative Methods
    • Rub a mixture of several drops of parsley oil on your chest and back.
    • Parsley in hot water Can be added to steam by adding oil to it.
    It is:

    parsley is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It can also be used to treat whooping cough because of its ability to fight bacteria (14) .

    6. Almonds

    • 6 to 7 almonds
    • 1/2 teaspoon oil
    Directions for use:
    • Soak the almonds in water overnight.
    • Water them the next morning. Separate and crush the almonds with butter.
    • Now take this mixture. You can drink it until the cough is cured. How Useful:

      The polyphenols present in the almond peel are known to have antibacterial properties. It is useful in combating gram-negative bacteria due to whooping cough (15) .

      7. Lemon

      • Half lemon
      • 1 cup water
      • Honey (optional)
      • Strain half lemon into a glass of water.
      • Dissolve it well and drink it.
      • You can also add half a teaspoon of honey to taste. How Useful:

        Lemon and honey have antibacterial properties that can act effectively in respiratory infections. Is there (16) . In addition, honey and lemon can be used in severe cough conditions, which can also have a beneficial effect on whooping cough (17) . However, further research is needed on this issue.

        8. Humidifier

        • Humidifier
        • Put a humidifier in the room.
        How to use:

        A humidifier is an electrical device that is used for humidity in the room. helps. Its use provides relief for runny nose problems. It also helps to remove mucus. Humidified can also help to relieve colds and flu (18) . For this reason, it is also used for whooping cough, because even during a whooping cough, the fever comes with cold and cold (19) .

        9. Onion



        • 1 medium onion juice or piece of onion
        • 1/4 cup honey
        Method of use:
        • eats with honey.
        • Alternatively you can add onion juice to honey.
        • Continue consuming a teaspoon of this mixture at intervals of several hours.
        How useful:

        Roast cough is treated by taking honey with onions, and mucus also comes out of the throat. Land. In fact, onions are enriched with antibiotic properties (20) so it is used to reduce whooping cough (21) .

        10. Essential oil

        • A few drops of essential oil
        • Hot steam water

        Note : You can use peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus

        Method of Use:
        • Add a few drops of essential oil to hot water.
        • Take the steam separated from hot water.
        • In addition, you can also use these oils to gently massage your back and chest. Maybe.
        How useful:

        Kali Khan To reduce material can use essential oils as aromatherapy (22) . Due to the antibacterial properties present in the essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, lemongrass and palmarose, they are used to treat whooping cough (23) .

        11. Vitamin C

        • Vitamin C Supplements
        • Vitamin C Rich Diet
        Method of Use:
        • Eat Vitamin C Supplements
        • Vitamin C Rich Diet in your diet.
        How Useful:

        Vitamin-C is considered one of the best ways to treat cough. Vitamin-C helps boost immunity. It also prevents respiratory tract infection (24) . Vitamin C content can be increased by diet. You can also take Vitamin C Supplements (25) daily.

        12. Green Tea

        • 1 teaspoon Green Tea
        • 1 cup warm water
        • Honey to taste (optional)
        • One cup for 5 to 10 minutes Soak green tea leaves in warm water.
        • Mix honey to taste.
        • Take it after the tea is ready.
        How useful:

        Antivirals and antioxidants present in green tea Properties of many types of infections, including cold and flu Helper Laz (26) . According to the study, the antibacterial properties present in it can help kill bacteria from whooping cough (27) .

        13. Elderberry syrup

        • 1 tablespoon of elderberry syrup
        • Each fruit juice or 1 cup of hot water
        Directions for use:
        • Mix one glass of fruit juice or syrup in warm water.
        • Take it daily. How Useful:

          This syrup is made from the medicinal flowering plant Eldbury. The antibacterial and chemical compounds present in it are useful for enhancing immunity, preventing coughs and colds (28) (29) .

          14. Salt water

          • 1 to 2 teaspoons salt
          • 1 cup hot water
          Directions for use:
          • Mix one teaspoon salt in one cup hot water. Gargara Use This Water
          How Useful:

          Salt is also known as sodium chloride, which has antimicrobial properties (30) . Mixing salt in hot water and rinsing it can help to get cough relief along with clearing phlegm. However, more research is needed to know the better effect of salt on whooping cough.

          15. Honey

            15. Honey


          • 1 tablespoon of organic honey
          • 1 cup of warm water
          • Mix organic honey in one glass of hot water.
          • Eat this mixture daily.
          How useful:

          Honey is used as a cough syrup to get rid of cough. In fact, honey has antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce cough-causing bacteria that can also benefit from cough (19459055] (31) (32) .


          • Some small roots of lemon balm
          • 1 glass of water
          • honey (optional)
          • Add lemongrass to a glass of water.
          • Heat this water for 5 minutes.
          • You can also add honey to it to taste.
          • Now drink this tea.
          How useful:

          by lemon balm. it can be used for a long time to fight the disease. It can also be used as a cough syrup. Indeed, the antiviral and antimicrobial actions available in it help to remove mucus from the body. (33) (34) Chamomile


          • 1 to 2 teaspoons dried chamomile herb
          • 1 glass of water
          • to taste (optional)
          • Two teaspoons herb chamomile in a glass of hot water 5 से 10 मिनट तक डुबोकर रखें।
          • स्वाद के लिए शहद डाल सकते हैं।
          • ठंडा होने से कह पिएं.
          कैसे लाभदायक है:

          कैमोमाइलल की चाय का इस्तेमाल खांसी-जुकाम का इलाज करने के लिए किया जाता है. कैमोमाइल में मौजूद बैक्टीरिसाइडल गुण शरीर में मौजूद बैक्टीरिया से लड़ने का काम कर सकते हैं (35) ऐसे में इसका सेवन काली खांसी के लिए भी प्रभावी माना जा सकता है।

          18. केसर

           18. केस92 1965 Sh 1965उ 1965 1965उउक उ 1965उ 1965क 1 192 1 1965 1965 1965 उउ 1 1965 1965 1965 1965 1 1 10 मिनट के लिए भिगो दें. [19659229] स्वाद के लिए शहद जोड़ें और इसका प्रतिदिन सेवन करें. [19659231] कैसे लाभदायक है: [19659232] केसर का उपयोग अस्थमा, खांसी, काली खांसी (पर्टुसिस) और कफ को शरीर से निकालने के लिए किया जाता है, क्योंकि यह हमारे शरीर में एक्सपेक्टोरेन्ट (बलगम को निकला े में सहायक गुण) का काम करते हैं <a href= (36) । केसर में मौजूद क्रोकिन, क्रोकेटिन और सफारी घटक शरीर को बीमारी से बचाते हैं (37) . [19659245] काली खांसी (कुकर खांसी) का इलाज – Whooping cough Treatment in Hindi

          काली खांसी का इलाज एंटीबायोटिक दवाओं के साथ ही किया जा सकता है। समह रहते ही डॉक्टर के परामर्श पर इलाज शुरू करने से कुकर खांसी का इंफेक्शन शरीर पर ज्यादा नहीं फैोरा ,हीं, पर्टुसिस यानी काली खांसी कभी-कभी बहुत गंभीर हो सकती है। काली खांसी के गंभीर होने का खतरा सबसे ज्यादा शिशुओं में होता है (38) । ऐसा होने पर आपको अस्पताल का रुख करना होगा.

          काली खांसी के जोखिम और जटिलताएं – Whooping cough Risks & Complications in Hindi

          काली खांसी व कुकर खांसी से बिना किसी जटिलताओं के उबरा जा सकता हैं , लेकिन 6 महीने से कम उम्र के शिशुओं में होने वाली काली खांसी के दौरान जटिलताओं का सामना करना पड़ सकता हड़ काली खांसी के जोखिम कारक इस प्रकार हैं (39)

          शिशुओं में –

          • निमोनिया [19659229] सांस लेने की क्षमता में कमी [19659229] धीमी सांस लेना [19659229] मस्तिष्क से जुड़ी बीमारी

          वयस्कों में-

          • मूत्राशय नियंत्रण खोना
          • वजन का घटना
          • रिब फ्रैक्चर
          • बेहोशी

          काली खांसी से बचने के उपाय – Prevention Tips for Whooping cough in Hindi

          काली खांसी से बचने के लिए अगर कुछ उपाय किए जाएं, तो हम इस बीमारी से को बचा सकते हैं। आइए जानते हैं, वो तरीके जिनकी मदद से कुकर खांसी से बचा जा सकता है (40) . [19659261] काली खांसी से बचने के लिए सबसे जरूरी से इससे संबंधित टीका लगवाना. [19659229] शिशुओं को टीका लगवाने के साथ ही काली खांसी वाले व्यक्ति से दूर रखना चाहिए.

        • सफाई का विशेष ख्याल रखना चाहिए, ताकि बैक्टीरिया न पनप सकें.

        लेख में दिए गए काली खांसी से बचने के उपाय और घरेलू इलाज की मदद से आप खुद की ही नहीं, बल्क आस- ड़ोस के लोगों को भी इस बीमारी से बचाने में मदद कर सकते हैं. बस जरूरत है सबको इस बीमारी के संबंध में जानकारी देने और जागरूक करने की। उम्मीद करते हैं कि इस लेख की मदद से आप काली खांसी के बारे में सब कुछ जान गए होंगे। नीचे दिए गए कमेंट बॉक्स में हमें अपने सुझाव भी जरूर दें। चलिए, अब आपको झटपट अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले कुछ सवालों के जवाब दे देते हैं। 

        अक्सर पूछे जाने वाले सवाल

        खांसी और काली खांसी में क्या अंतर है?

        काली खांसी और खांसी में फर्क करना आसान नहीं है, क्योंकि खांसी और काली खांसी दोनों के दौरान एक जैसे ही लक्षण नजर आते हैं (41) (42)

          • खांसी आमतौर पर गले में मौजूद बलगम की वजह से होती है। यह खांसी ज्यादा समय तक नहीं रहती है।
          • कई बार सर्दी के कारण बुखार के साथ भी खांसी होने लगती है, यह खांसी करीब दो से तीन हफ्ते तक रहती है।
          • वहीं, काली खांसी के दौरान पहले तो जुकाम व सर्दी जैसे लक्षण नजर आते हैं।
          • बाद में आपके फेफड़ों से खांसने के बाद सांस लेते वक्त कुछ खोखली-सी आवाज आने लगती है।
          • कई बार सांस लेने में तकलीफ होती है।
          • काली खांसी लंबे समय तक होती रहती है।

        प्रेग ्नेंसी में काली खांसी के टीकाकरण के फायदे और नुकसान?

        गर्भवतियों को गर्भावस्था के दौरान 27 से 36 सप्ताह के बीच काली खांसी से संबंधित टीकाकरण की सलाह दी जाती है। हालांकि, इसे गर्भावस्था के दौरान किसी भी समय लगाना सुरक्षित है। टीडेप (Tdap) का गर्भावस्था में टीकाकरण करने से गर्भस्थ शिशु को जन्म से पहले काली खांसी से बचाया जा सकता है (43)। हालांकि, गर्भावस्था में इसे सुरक्षित माना जाता है, लेकिन फिर भी इसके कुछ दुष्प्रभाव सामने आ सकते हैं। इसमें इंजेक्शन लगने वाली जगह पर लालिमा, दर्द या सूजन शामिल हैं। इसके दुष्प्रभाव आमतौर पर कुछ दिनों के भीतर दूर हो जाते हैं (44)

        संबंधित आलेख

        The post काली खांसी (कुकर खांसी) के कारण, लक्षण और घरेलू इलाज – Whooping Cough Home Remedies in Hindi appeared first on STYLECRAZE.

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    Sleep: Here’s What Happens When You Sleep Too Much And You’re Not Going To Like It

    Isn't it a little hard to believe that there is something called sleeping too much when most of us struggle to not get enough sleep? But, hey, it's true, chances are you get too much sleep and that can lead to some problems. While it is extremely difficult for someone to determine what is the "right amount" of sleep; most of us need about seven to nine hours of sleep ( 1 ).

    Sleep is more like our annoying ex, right? It comes into your life when you don't want it. And when you miss her, she is not near you! We know, it looks like canceling plans and falling asleep, while "Netflix-and-chill" -ing seems to be the favorite thing of any other millennium. The question is “is it healthy?” And the answer is obviously a big “no”. While we have all heard the harmful effects of not sleeping enough, we are here to tell you what happens to us when we fall asleep. Let's review it together.

    1. This leads to weight gain

      This leads to weight gain


    You can hit the gym for at least one hour every day and count calories. But if you sleep more than nine hours every day, you will soon notice that the numbers on the weighing scale will only increase. Studies have shown that people who sleep more than nine hours a day are 25 percent more likely to gain weight, even though they exercise and monitor their food intake ( 2 ).

    2. It Makes Way to Depression Disorders

      It Makes Way to Depression Disorders


    Depression Disorder and Sleep Disorder are somehow connected. This is an enchanted circle because long back can increase fatigue in the body, thus causing despair. You end up sleeping a lot, choosing not to leave your bed. Over time, nothing in your life excites you, negative thoughts deepen in your head and you become prey to depression.

    3. This Can Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease

      May Increase Your Risk Of Heart Disease

    It also takes away the most important organ in our body, our heart! Check all the death records and you will find that a large percentage of deaths are currently caused by heart problems. And studies say that excessive sleep increases your risk of contracting heart problems by 30 percent ( 2 ). So keep in mind that there is a close relationship between excessive sleep and heart disease.

    4. This may reduce the chances of pregnancy among women

      It may reduce the chances of pregnancy among women


    Yes, sleep disorders can also affect women's fertility health. Studies have consistently shown that there is a strong relationship between how much one sleeps and infertility. They found that the pregnancy rate was higher among women who slept well for 7-8 hours than those who slept more than 9 hours ( 3 ).

    5. It Can Harm Your Brain

      It May Harm Your Brain


    Sleep too much takes away the proper functioning of the brain. A study explains that sleeping for long hours has a negative effect on our brains ( 4 ). Too long a sleep disrupts the brain's cognitive abilities. The brain fails to remember and remember things when you slept for a long time. And it is said that the condition of the brain worsens when one is inclined to wake up in the middle of the night and return to sleep only to wake up quite late. Over-sleep is aging your brain and you start having problems doing simple daily tasks.

    6. May Have Chronic Headache And Other Pain

      May Have Chronic Headache And Other Pain

    lead to migraines ( 5 ). If you sleep regularly, you are more likely to wake up with prolonged migraines. This is the case because excessive sleep affects the neurotransmitters present in the brain and also causes an imbalance in serotonin levels ( 6 ).

    7. Insomnia



    Sounds very surprising, doesn't it? But it is true. If you are accustomed to sitting in front of a TV or computer for an extended day, you may end up sleeping because of the tension your eyes have gone through. Chances are you will remain sleepless for the next few days. In principle, the lack of sleep confuses the body clock, which is why you are very likely to become a prey to insomnia.

    How can sleep less (and better)?

    Follow these simple rules for sleep:

    • Eat properly and soundly
    • Reduce alcohol consumption
    • Exercise regularly
    • If you wake up, do not go back to sleep again
    • Do not consume excessive caffeine drinks

    So, how many hours do you sleep? Have you experienced any problems with excessive sleep? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    वजन कम करने के लिए नाश्ते में क्या खाएं – Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes in Hindi

    वजन कम करने के लिए नाश्ते में क्या खाएं – Healthy Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes in Hindi

    The filling problem can be troubling for anyone. Many people think that weight loss can be reduced by not eating a single meal. That's why some people eat breakfast, so don't eat lunch. At the same time, some people skip breakfast for lunch while it is wrong. Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. A proper and balanced breakfast not only helps control your weight, but also works to keep your body healthy and full of energy. It is believed that not having breakfast can also be a cause of obesity. Therefore, breakfast is very important for weight loss ( 1 ) ( 2 ). In this StyleCrease article, we will give you information on how to eat weight loss.

    What is a Healthy Breakfast?

      What is a Healthy Breakfast


    Breakfast is your body's first diet, First and foremost necessary. That is why it is very important to be nutritious. At the same time, if you are talking about a healthy breakfast, then it is very important to include nutritious foods. For example, low-fat or non-fat milk, fruit and vegetables ( 3 ) ( 4 ). This was just an example, in the next article we will talk about many more foods that you can control your weight by including breakfast.

    In the next part of the article we will give you breakfast for reducing obesity. Will give information about. What To Eat For Breakfast To Lose Weight – Healthy Hindi Breakfast Foods To Lose Weight

    1. Egg

      1. Anda


    You must have heard this sound of "Sunday Ho Mande Rose Khao Egg". If you want to lose weight, you can include eggs in your breakfast. Eggs are rich in protein and calcium, this will not only give you energy but also strengthen your bones. If an egg is taken with an energy-deficient diet, such as a low-calorie diet, it may be helpful to lose weight as a dietary supplement ( 5 ).

    2. Curds

    Many people do not like to drink milk. If you are one of them, then you can include curd in your breakfast. You can lose weight by eating one of your favorite fruits with low fat yogurt (low fat yogurt) ( 6 ). Be careful not to consume sugar with cottage cheese ( 7 ).

    3. Banana

      3. Banana


    Speaking of fruits, you can eat bananas in a snack for weight loss. Just like apples and berries, bananas can be useful for balancing weight. A banana is a good source of fiber and fiber that can help control weight by improving excess eating habits. However, it still needs more robust research ( 8 ).

    4. Oatmeal

    Speaking of weight loss, oatmeal is a healthy and effective diet. If you want to eat weight loss, porridge may be a good choice ( 9 ). After eating oatmeal, you will not feel hungry for a long time, as eating it will make you feel full for a long time, which can reduce the thirst for frequent eating. Therefore, you will be able to avoid eating junk food, fried foods, or more food at once ( 10 ).

    5. Green Tea

      5. Green Tea


    Breakfast Breakfast Weight loss cannot be done without the name of Green Tea. Many people prefer to include green tea in their diet instead of tea and coffee. However, according to research, the effect of catechins present in green tea is very mild when weakened, but this effect is very mild ( 11 ). If three to four cups of green tea are consumed during the day, the effect can be seen ( 12 ) ( 13 ). Although it may have a lesser effect on weight loss, drinking green tea can prevent many ailments. Keep in mind that you do not consume it excessively, otherwise it may have a bad health effect.

    6. Apple

    Fruits can be a good option if you want to lose weight or keep it balanced. If we are talking about fruits, eating apples in it can be helpful in maintaining a balanced weight. The fiber present in the apple will absorb the food slowly so that you do not want to eat again and again and do not eat excessively at once ( 14 ).

    7. Germs

      7. Germs


    Germs ie. Germs can also be useful for weight control. If you include peanut sprouts in your breakfast, it may be helpful for you. If women who have obesity problems eat germinated peanuts, their abdominal obesity can be significantly improved ( 15 ). However, if one is allergic to peanuts, one should consume it consciously or only after consulting a doctor. In addition to peanut sprouts, they can also eat chia seeds sprouts, cabbage or Brussels sprouts ( 16 ) ( 17 ).

    8. Vegetables

    In order to maintain a balanced weight, include green vegetables in your diet. The nutrients they contain not only provide energy to the body, but can also help to balance weight. You can keep your weight under control by eating more green vegetables or eating a salad for breakfast ( 18 ).

    9. Avocado

      9. Avocado


    You can also include avocado in your breakfast. There is no appetite long after consuming as this may cause a feeling of full stomach ( 19 ) ( 20 ).

    10 Nuts

    You may be surprised to know that you can include nuts such as almonds, nuts, peanuts and other similar foods for breakfast. Nuts can reduce the urge to eat again and again, which can prevent a person from overeating. So you can add some nuts to your breakfast ( 21 ) ( 22 ).

    Now you know what snacks to slim down – Which foods can be included. Now know below some effective and effective weight loss recipes that you can include in your breakfast.

    Some Morning Breakfast Recipes for Obesity Reduction – Healthy Recipes for Hindi Weight Loss Breakfast [19659008] 1. Bananas, Almonds, Cinnamon Smoothie

      1. Bananas, almonds, cinnamon puree


    • One banana
    • Four almonds
    • 200 ml milk
    • Two tablespoons yogurt
    • One fourth spoon cinnamon powder
    • Prepare the mixture by mixing all the ingredients in the mixer.
    • Now put it in a glass and it is ready for consumption.
    • If you want, fill it in a bottle and take it with you on the way to the office.
    For how many people:

    One person Scope of.

    2. Macha Smoothie

      2. Macha Smoothie


    • One teaspoon of Macha tea
    • One quarter cup of water
    • Half a glass of spinach
    • 6 almonds sliced ​​
    • Two tablespoons of chia seeds [19659046] teaspoons grated coconut
    • One teaspoon light coconut milk
    • Method of brewing some blueberries
    for pouring:
    • Heat a quarter cup of water in a saucepan, then remove it from the gas and add the match tea to him.
    • Then mix it well.
    • Now Minute Make the mixture by adding spinach, coconut milk and tea to it.
    • Remove the mixture into a bowl and garnish with grated coconut, almonds, chia seeds and blueberries.
    How many souls For:

    per person.

    3. Sunny Side, i.e. Poast and avocado toast

      3. Sunny Side, i.e. peach and avocado toast


    • One wheat toast
    • Two eggs
    • Half avocado
    • One quarter spoon of chili flakes or pepper
    • One tablespoon olive oil
    • 19659045] Salt to taste
    Method of preparation:
    • Heat olive oil in a pan and make an egg with flour in it.
    • Meanwhile, mash half of the avocados.
    • Add avocado puree Put in toast
    • Now avocado puree Put flour.
    • Then sprinkle some chilli flakes or pepper and salt over it.
    • Your toast is ready.
    • You can also add another toast on top as a sandwich. .
    Quantity for how many people:

    for one person.

    4. Germinated flax seed powder

      4. Linen Powder Salad


    • 2 cups cooked sprouted moong
    • Half cup chopped tomatoes
    • Half cup chopped cucumber
    • 2 tablespoons 1965 boiled9090 2 tablespoons flax seed powder
    • 4 tablespoons lemon juice
    • ½ teaspoon black salt
    • 2 tablespoons chopped coriander
    • Boil mong, sliced, sliced peanuts and flax seed powder.
    • Now add. Mix non-black salt, lemon juice and finely chopped coriander leaves well
    • Your protein cooked healthy snacks
    add up to many people.

    for man

    5 .. Rava Upma

      5. Rava Upma


    • 4 tablespoons semolina
    • Half finely chopped onion
    • Half finely chopped carrots
    • One spoonful of mustard seed
    • Some curry leaves
    • melted butter
    • one teaspoonful of dal gave
    • 10 peanuts
    • half teaspoon chopped green chillies
    • salt to taste
    • 1 cup water
    • 1 tablespoon chopped coriander
    • Heat a pan and add to it melting.
    • Now add curry leaves and mustard seeds to the heat.
    • Let the mustard crack.
    • Add a vat of dal and fry for a while.
    • Add the chopped onion and cook the onion for a few minutes until it changes color.
    • Then add the sliced ​​carrots and peanuts. Cook for 2 minutes.
    • Add the semolina, salt and green chillies and cook well for 2-3 minutes.
    • Then add water.
    • Stir until the water is dry.
    • ] When the water is dry, add the coriander leaves to it and eat it hot. [19659050] Quantity for how many people:

      per person.

      6. Bezan Cheela

        6. Chickpea flour


      • 4 tablespoons gram flour
      • Half chopped onion
      • Half chopped tomato
      • Two tablespoons chopped green coriander
      • 19659045] One quarter teaspoon turmeric
      • One quarter teaspoon red chilli powder
      • One or two finely chopped green chilli pepper
      • Water as needed
      • Half cup Greek yogurt
      • Take the bowl and mix it with gram flour. Pour all the ingredients.
      • Now mix the ingredients well by adding water to it and prepare the dough.
      • Now take the non-stick or plain grate and place it on the gas for heating. Add a teaspoon of olive oil.
      • When the butter is hot, spread a tablespoon of gram flour into it and spread it.
      • When steamed, serve it.
      • Make Cheese and Greek Yogurt Eat it.
      Quantity for how many people:

      For one person.

      7. Yoghurt, fruits, nuts and seeds

        7. Yoghurt, fruits, nuts and seeds


      • Half yogurt
      • Half thin sliced ​​apples
      • Half thin sliced ​​peaches (Peach)
      • One cup
      • 19659046] One teaspoon of pumpkin seeds (pepipas)
      • One teaspoon of flax seed powder
      • One tablespoon of chopped almonds
      • Beat Greek yogurt with linen yoghurt in the pile. [19659046] Now add chopped apples, chopped peaches, pomegranates, almonds and pumpkin seeds.
      • . Doors
      amount to many people.

      for face

      8. Green apple and spinach (19659185) 8. Green apple and spinach puree ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


    • One green apple
    • Half a glass of spinach
    • Half a cup of almond milk
    • One teaspoon of melon seeds How to prepare the powder
    • Make a puree by mixing all the ingredients in a mixer.
    • Now drink this smoothie in a glass.
    • You can also bring it to the office by putting it in a bottle.
    Quantity for how many people:

    For one person. [19659006] Note: It is important to take care not only of breakfast but also of breakfast as well as proper exercise, yoga, avoiding junk food and a whole-day diet.

    Breakfast for Weight Loss Once you know these easy recipes, you will no longer have the excuse for not having breakfast in no time. All you need is to store easy-to-find foods in your kitchen and refrigerator. After you try them, you will also tell everyone to have breakfast and lose weight. Now, without delay, choose your favorite recipe from them. If you like, you can enjoy it by making a recipe every day and sharing your experience with us in the comment box. Also, if you have an easy breakfast recipe for weight loss, share it with us.

    Related Articles

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    Your Sneeze: Find Out What Your Sneeze Says About You To Other People

    Your Sneeze: Find Out What Your Sneeze Says About You To Other People

    Imagine holding your hands and looking into his eyes while at the table for an incredible candlelight dinner. "Achoo!" – you just sneezed straight into his face, blowing out the candle. That would be a nightmare, wouldn't it? You don't have to be sick to sneeze. Sneezing is our body's defense mechanism against foreign elements that try to enter your nose while we breathe. Even if it's not bad, the weather, the place and the people you are with can make a sneeze a hectic holiday if you don't close your mouth in time. Also, some people sneeze so hard that the windows in the window shatter. But who really thinks anything is a sneeze? Well, after reading this article, you may start to notice the way you sneeze, as well as other sneezes, because the way you sneeze can reveal a lot about your personality (who would have thought)!

    Want to know what personality traits are in the way you sneeze? Read on.

    Controlled Sneezer

      Controlled Sneezer


    This is the person who always tries to control his sneeze but then succumbs to the intense urge to release it. As a result, the person sneezes harder than he or she expected and may become uncomfortable. If you are a controlled marathon runner, you are a person who becomes very conscious in public. You are good at planning and very enthusiastic. However, you often feel the need to please other people, resulting in personal injury. For the same reason, you have lost a lot of opportunities that you could use to grow your own.

    Foghorn's Snowman

      Sneezer Foghorn


    You are the noisiest sneakers in the world ever known. Your ears ache when you sneeze and are sure to make fun of you. Unfortunately, it is not your fault and you should not feel bad about it. Sometimes, as hard as we try, we can't sniff at low volume. It's kind of like a built-in thing. If you belong to this group, you are a very innocent person. You are intelligent and a little silly. And you are creative to the extent that you can win anyone.

    Well-Bred Sneezer

      Well-Bred Sneezer


    You are the one who sneezes in a socially accepted way in a socially accepted volume. Cover your mouth with either your hand or your tissue before sneezing and remember to add "excuse me". Even if you are a person who obeys all the rules, deep down there is a rebel who wants to break free. Also, you are a native leader. You can influence others to believe in you and your plans, which are always pretty good. However, sometimes you lose your focus and end up confusing your own plans. The best thing you can do for yourself is to leave all the fear inside and start exploring the fun side of your life. You get too stressed.

    The Chameleon Sniper

      The Chameleon Sniper


    This man doesn't really have one particular style of sneeze. You will see them sneeze in different ways at different times. These are the people who actually have some control over their sneezes. They can sneeze loud and open in the air when they are home, but they also know how to sneeze in a "well-mannered" way when out in the public. If you are a chameleon sneaker, you are a very smart person. You know how to get out of trouble, just like a chameleon, and you always get what you want. You are a good speaker and your self-esteem is solid.

    The Serial Sneezer

      The Serial Sneezer


    Have you ever seen anyone sneeze constantly? This is a serial sneaker. They simply cannot stop at one big sneeze and usually sneeze at least three to four times continuously. This person is either ill, has persistent allergy problems, or is very sensitive. If you are a serial sneaker, you are a very kind and calm person. You love your family more than anyone else in your life and you put it all in order. You have a very attractive personality and you are quite mature when it comes to decision making. Your most attractive features are your eyes and your smile. You are also quite an artist and you may be good at singing, dancing, or drawing.

    Snee Sneezer

      Snee Sneezer


    I'm sorry to say, but if you're a running sneaker, you spray your mucus and saliva everywhere when you sneeze (not good). This can not only make people around you sick, but it can also give them a very bad impression on you. You should bring a tissue or handkerchief with you and make sure you sneeze in it or at least close your mouth with your bare hands. You are a very confused person and you always get stuck in situations. It is difficult for you to make decisions and ultimately leave fate to decide. You've been hurt before, and that scares you into making decisions. But know that it is important to overcome and take on a life of your own.

    No matter how you sneeze and what your personality is, just be your own Self. But always keep hygiene and try to cover your mouth when you sneeze. Also, be sure to take this article with a pinch of salt. What is your style of sneeze? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    The Rise Of PU Chitra: How The Daughter Of Wage Laborers Became The Queen Of Asia In The Mile!

    The Rise Of PU Chitra: How The Daughter Of Wage Laborers Became The Queen Of Asia In The Mile!

    "I don't have time."
    "I have no resources."
    "I don't know what to do."
    "You have no idea what my situation is."

    These are just a handful of excuses we hear from people who have huge potential and absolutely lose it. If you really want proof, take a look at our own lives. How many of us have given up our dreams and passions in the name of practicality? How many of us have given up our "ambitious" ambition to adhere to the social norm of "normality"?

    The list is endless.

    So what does it take to beat the odds and get ahead of the curve? It's about the money? Resources? Good luck?

    Introducing the story of Palakkeezhil Unnikrishnan Chitra.

      Introducing the story

    impulsefreebird / Instagram

    PU Chitra is an Indian athlete who won gold in the Asian Athletics Championships held in Bhubaneswar in 2017. She also won the title Asia in a Mile ”with a dazzling performance at the World Championships.
    However, behind this success story and glory lies the story of sweat, pain, hunger and a poor family who struggle to make ends meet.

    Born on 9 June 1995 to agricultural workers, Unnikrishnan and Vasantha Kumari, PU Chitra is the third of four children. While most athletes received a balanced diet even for breakfast on average in the morning, Chitra's family could hardly afford regular meals. Eating meals prepared by her family with rare cases of dried fruits, the 22-year-old is faced with every chance of reaching the heights she has.

    Being agricultural workers meant that Chitra's parents had an unstable flow of work. Sometimes they were required to do simple tasks to earn money to put food on the table every day. Although they support a family of six, Chitra's parents sometimes find themselves unable to find work one day, leaving the family to survive on leftover food. Going on an empty stomach was not uncommon in the family. However, this never stopped Chitra from getting out of bed at quarter to six every morning to get to her government school for physical education classes. A student, Chitra completed her primary education at Mundur

    Higher Secondary School in the small town of Palakkad, Kerala.

      Higher Secondary School in the Little

    Source: Twitter

    As a boarding house at his government school, Chitra received $ 25 each day from the State Sports Council and Rs.600 from the Sports Authority of India . This funding was important for Chitra, meeting basic training needs.

    After practicing athletics at school, Chitra's talent and potential came to light in 2011 when she won a gold medal for three races – 1500, 3000 and 5000 meters at the 56 Indian National School Games, which took place in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. She also won the bronze medal for the 3km cross-country race in the same competition that year. This was only the beginning of the way life turned for Chitra.

    For the next two years she won gold in the same races – 1500, 3000 and 5000 m – at the Kerala state school games. After winning the Kerala event in 2013, Chitra attempted a similar feat at the Indian National School Games and brought gold in both races and the 3km cross country.


    stp_hindi / Instagram

    Climbing the ladder one step at a time, the daughter of agricultural workers won her first gold at the Asia Athletics Summit, where she finished the 3000 race in 10 minutes, 5 seconds and 22 milliseconds.

    Her list of achievements does not end there. She repeated the victory at the Indian National School Games, which took place in Ranchi, Orissa. Here, she won gold medals for her section in the middle distance races.

    At the age of 22, Chitra left the Asian Athletics Championships with a gold medal in the 1500 meters race. He noted that the time was scary 4 minutes and 17 seconds. In gratitude, the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council and the Kerala Government presented Tata Nano cars to Chitra for its remarkable achievements.

    And in the midst of all this, besides family and friends, one person stood by her and she was motivated constantly. Her trainer, Sijin N S. While choosing her athletic training at school, Sijin understood her financial background and admired her for her perseverance. He saw the fire and the driving in it, which was missing from the few children who came from much better financial backgrounds. If her coach is proud of her accomplishments, how her parents feel, it's not hard to guess. What more could they ask for their daughter, who represents their country in the world?

    So, do you think you have a hundred excuses not to go with dream or passion? Think again. Don't Wait For Luck To Hit If you don't know it already, luck is a weird way to support those who don't believe in it.

    What do you think about the history of PU Chitra? Did it inspire you to go out there and accomplish something?

    Tell us how you feel in the comments section below.

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    What Is The Daniel Fast?

    Daniel Fast is a healing therapy that helps you to take care of yourself in a physical and emotional way. He is inspired by a Bible character ( 1 ). Proponents believe that this quickly aids weight loss, emphasizing your relationship with God ( 2 ).

    This is a diet modification plan focused on simplicity and plant-based nutrition. The diet consists of a non-energy-limited choice of food from plants that are minimally processed ( 1 ).

    In this post we will discuss in detail Daniel quickly and tell you how you can successfully incorporate it into your routine.

    More about the Fast of Daniel

    The Fast of Daniel is based on Daniel, the Prophet whose eating and spiritual experiences are recorded in the Bible. This diet includes vegetables and other wholesome foods and avoids all animal-based foods.

    In other words, it is a vegan diet that prohibits the consumption of all animal products, refined foods, alcohol and caffeine. It limits calories and studies show that such a diet can improve metabolic and cardiovascular health ( 3 ).

    It has been found that the fasting of Daniel quickly improves a person's quality of life by reducing his body weight, i.e. improving their blood pressure and cholesterol levels and enhancing insulin function ( 1 ).

    Is Daniel's Diet Healthy?

    Studies have shown that a fast-paced Daniel diet can reduce body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation in the body) as well as improve insulin function. The diet also has no calorie restriction ( 3 ). But it comes with some modifications.

    What can you eat on the diet Daniel? Fast?

    Below is a list of foods you can eat while following Daniel fast.

    • Fruits: Apples, apricots, lindens, avocados, lemons, bananas, melons, blackberries, nectarines, blueberries, oranges, watermelons, papaya, cherries, peaches, coconuts, pears, pineapples, plums, prunes, dried raisins, raspberries, berries, dates, figs, grapefruit, grapes, guava, kiwi, watermelon and tangerines.
    • Vegetables: Artichoke, beet, broccoli, asparagus, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, celery, collar, corn, cucumbers, egg plans, green beans, kale, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, mustard, okra, onions , parsley, potatoes, radishes, rocks, spinach, sprouts, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, turnips, yams and zucchini. Whole grains and legumes: Amaranth, barley, brown rice, millet, quinoa, oats, black beans, black-eyed beans, beans, lentils, male beans and split beans.
    • Nuts and seeds: All nuts (raw, unsalted), pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds.
    • Liquids: Vegetable juice, coconut milk, kefir and almond milk.

    What Should You Avoid in the Day of Daniel?

    Avoid consuming any of the following foods while on a diet.

    • Iodized salt [19659025] Sweeteners
    • Meat
    • Dairy products
    • Bread, pasta, flour, crackers (unless made from sprouted ancient grains)
    • cookies and other cookies
    • oils
    • juices
    • coffee
    • Energy drinks
    • Chewing gum
    • Mint
    • Candy

    The following sample diet plan will give you a better idea.

    Sample Daniel Day Diet Plan

    • Breakfast: Oat Fruits & Nuts / Seeds OR Vegetable Puree
    • Lunch: Salad (Raw Vegetables Topped with Avocados / Nuts) Vegetables, strips ls, beans) OR lettuce wrap with humus, beans or vegetable stuffing
    • Snacks: Mix of nuts and celery with peanut butter
    • Dinner: Vegetable stir-fry or quinoa [19659022] How much can you eat at Daniel Fast?

      As you follow Daniel fast, you can eat all day long. This is a personal decision. Some people choose to eat three meals a day, while some add a breakfast or two in between. Others prefer to skip meals. There is no specific formula to follow.

      The fasting diet of Daniel has certain potential benefits.

      What are the benefits of the Daniel fasting?

      The benefits of fasting Daniel begin with spiritual beliefs and motivation.

      1. May Promote Mental and Emotional Health

      This post can enhance your inner peace. It clears your mind of all the negative thoughts and emotions you may experience. This can ultimately help you bond better and build great relationships. It can also help alleviate anxiety.

      2. May Improve Physical Health

      Fast Daniel can help detoxify your body by encouraging you to eat more nutrient dense foods. Being a plant-based diet, it can also reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic conditions ( 4 ).

      Fruits and vegetables included in the diet provide a wide variety of nutrients, including phytochemicals and flavonoids. Other essential nutrients include fiber, potassium, calcium, vitamin C and folates.

      3. May Promote Spirituality

      The Daniel fasting can help you break bad habits and addictions. It offers spiritual support and brings you closer to God. It can help you to rely on the power of God.
      Who should try Daniel Quick?

      The fast food diet promotes nutrition unlike most other diet plans. This is a healthy modification of your current diet. Therefore, anyone who intends to detoxify their body with healthy natural foods can try this diet.


      The primary purpose of Daniel's fast food is to reconnect with the Divine. You can enjoy the added benefits of better health and well-being.

      If you have a spiritual inclination, this post may help you strengthen your purpose. Try the diet today and tell us how you felt. Leave your comments in the box below.

      Expert Answers to Readers' Questions

      Can You Eat Daniel Fast Spices?

      Yes, you can have herbs and spices and make your meals delicious and delicious. However, minimize the use of salt.

      How many times a day can you eat when you are fasting Daniel?

      Depends on the individual. You can have 3 large meals or 6 small meals. You can try other combinations.

      Is the Bible Fast Biblical?

      The Bible does not tell us how to fulfill the fast of Daniel. It depends on us. Most people practice it on certain Bible days. You can practice fasting on different occasions. Some even follow fasting while repenting and confessing their sins.
      The Daniel post is biblical in the sense that a certain health benefit should not always be achieved. It is often followed for spiritual purposes ( 5 ).

      5 Sources

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    7 CHINJABI Dishes That Always Satisfy Us (Chinese + Punjabi)

    7 CHINJABI Dishes That Always Satisfy Us (Chinese + Punjabi)

    India is a diverse country and its vibrant culture sets it apart! And if you ask any soul in this world what Indians love the most, you will get this one common answer – food! It is definitely no secret how much Indians love their food, right? You visit every Indian home and you will find that welcoming you with their food is considered the best way to welcome a guest home.

    Earlier, people used to call Indians for their spicy food. However, now, in every corner of the world, you will find at least one Indian restaurant serving their authentic Indian food. The culinary world loves the importance that Indians attach to their spices. Chefs abroad draw inspiration from the Indian way of incorporating spices into their dishes. And while the whole world draws inspiration from the Indians, there is a kitchen that the Indians have woven from them and it has become the favorite comfort food for Indians – the food Chinji!

      7 CHINJABI Dishes That Always Satisfy Us 1


    Chinjabi refers here to the union of Indian and Chinese food. This comfort food has such a wide range, and the sheer capacity of Chinjabi food makes most of us start with a binge-eating trip. Hijabi dishes are loved by the Indians, you will find Chinese dishes taken and will make you a dessert to make it taste like ours. Here is a quick guide to understanding some of the most sought after dishes from Chinjabi in India.

    1. Gobi Manchurian

      Gobi Manchurian


    This dish determines the love that Indians have for all things gobi (meaning cauliflower), as well as the oily Manchurian sauce that forms the basis of most Chinese dishes. The preparation of this dish begins with making goby humility, of course, with the base of mayo and keeping it away. Then you need to take a wok, add a little desi oil, a handful of chopped garlic, onion, peppers. Throw the mixture on a high flame well and then add the basic soy sauce, tomato ketchup and chili sauce (Indians can't do without chili, you know). Garnish with freshly sliced ​​spring onions and you're ready to go.

    You can find a million street carts serving Gobby Manchu and you will find many more people who can enjoy it with a smile.

    2. Potato with honey chilli

      Potato with honey chilli


    This is a Chinjabi dish that everyone loves because it determines the taste buds of Indians – a mixture of spice, sweet and crunchy texture. Indians do not like French fries so much because of their taste. So, they chose a Chinese dish and turned it over, naming it Honey Chili potatoes. This dish looks stunning with a glaze coat over honey and the sesame seed garnish adds to that aroma.

    3. Chili Chicken

      Chili Chicken


    Those who have had this dish will know that on a monsoon night, nothing tastes better than chicken chili with a little herbal rice, right? Chinese dishes taste good enough, but Indians always like to give a little more, right? And this dish is all about it, with lots of vegetables and chicken soaked in aromatic sauce, oh, and there are peanuts! There is no doubt that this is a healthy diet in itself.

    4. Chilli Paneer

      Chilli Paneer


    If you are a vegetarian and a favorite panner, this is the Chinjiabi dish for you. Some oily smooth pan in a delicious Schezwan engraving with a good serving of fresh vegetables is the appropriate description for this dish. It is also a very good bar snack if you plan to grab a drink (wink).

    5. Chowmein



    Well, well – if there is an icon for Chinese food among the Indians, then chowmein, that's it! From having full cups with them on the street cart to making them at birthday parties and then making some healthier versions for ourselves at home, chowmein never fails to make our tongues and belly happy . And we, the Indians, went beyond the imagination of anyone else by creating self-propelled boats full of boats. Yes! You read that right.

    6. Fried wontons

      Fried wontons


    Fried wontons are a very popular appetizer; they are usually stuffed with chicken or vegetables. It is served with a sauce consisting of garlic, hot red chilli and all sorts of spicy stuff. What is Indian in this? Garam masala enters the filling. We certainly add our touch everywhere.

    7. Garlic Noodle

      Garlic Noodle


    The radiance of this fried garlic noodle is unbeatable. Pink onions, spring onions, flakes, garlic, sesame seeds, soy sauce and SO MUCH SPEED. You will probably die eating this dish, however, you will still order it every time you go to a food shop serving Chinjiabi dishes.

    Enter any restaurant anywhere – be it a beach bar in Goa or Effect with French influence in Pondicherry – you will surely find a section called Chinese food on their menus. The preparation varies from "dry to sauce." So what is your favorite dish from Chinjabi to date? Let us know in the comments below.

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    10 Types Of Friends We All Have

    Friends are the family we choose – right? Even if you are an introvert, you will still have one or two friends who will contact you. You can share anything and everything with your friends, even things you can't share with your parents or partner. Friends are the best (but not all). You eat with them, drink with them, travel with them, and make tons of memories with them that your photo album may not even contain. As we lose some of our friends over time, we earn the rest for life. We love all our friends, but are they all the same? No, each of our friends is different and some of their personality traits stand out better than the rest.

    This is probably how they get their popular nicknames – golu, diva, chotu Devdas, etc. In each circle of friends, there will always be one person with a short mood and drama, one who is too calm to qualify as a monk, and one who eats the most. We figured it would be fun to create a list of 10 types of friends we all have (or have). So here it is (most enjoyed when reading with friends)!

    1. The Liar

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    Lying is a habit for this friend. This guy comes up with ideas and storylines that even J K Rowling wouldn't have thought of. Although they may convince us that they are truly telling the truth, their innate talent to lie is always at the top of our suspicion.

    2. The gossip girl

    through GIPHY

    This person is always up to date with what is happening in other people's lives. Couples and quarrels in real life are more interesting to them than watching Netflix. If you want to know something about a popular girl / person at work or college, all you have to do is ask that person and you will receive a ten-page document with full details. And FYI, not only girls gossip, even boys do the same (they just pretend they don't).

    3. The Dukhi Aatma

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    This is your sad friend. He is not upset. They are always sad and whining. If they are sad for real reasons, they need your help. But how do you help him, they grieve for things like world hunger and actress separation. These are the people who become Devdas when they go through a breakup. We know it's difficult for them (and you), but you have to deal with them and their grief until they feel better. That's what you do, right?

    4. Party Animal

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    This Friday night friend is like a werewolf on a full moon night. They party like crazy and pull you together. If you ever feel bored or sad, this is the friend you would go to first to throw all the weight that was sitting on your head and shoulders. He / she (and some innocent martinis) will help you have fun and forget everything that bothers you.

    5. Mother hen

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    This is your protected friend. He / she is always there for you and would not mind giving you hours of advice when they feel you are on the road. They feed you, take care of you and even help you clean your apartment. This is the kind of angel friend we all need. However, you can sometimes feel that they are a little barefoot. But as the name implies, it's just a motherly feeling.

    6. The Broke Friend

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    This is the friend who spends all their money at the beginning of the month and then asks you if you could give them money. They are so bad at managing finances that borrowing money is a habit for them, not a necessity.

    7. The Destroyer of the Plan

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    When you make plans with your friends, this is the only person who is always the most excited. They help you with all the details of the plan. Chalk out when to go, where to go, what to do and for what time and then finally, Bail!

    8. The Guru of Love

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    This is your friend who is an expert at giving advice on relationships. From everything that starts from approaching your downfall to overcoming your ex, this person knows everything. Ironically, these love gurus are those who have hardly ever been in a serious relationship.

    9. Selfie Freak

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    Each group has a selfie freak that continues to click on the selfie without regard to the location and the occasion they are in. This is the friend who dares to snap a selfie with a funeral corpse.

    10. The Soul Buddy

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    This is your best friend. You can always be together and not even in the same country. But you know that when you need them, they will always be there for you.

    No matter how your friends are, they are your friends! And you chose them to be in your circle for some reason. So go ahead and make fun of them as much as you want, but always be there for them. What type of friend do you think you are? Let us know in the comments below.

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