How The Chances Of Getting Pregnant Changes Throughout Your Cycle

How The Chances Of Getting Pregnant Changes Throughout Your Cycle

How long does a woman take to get pregnant? Science says the best time to get between baby sheets is during the most fertile days; the possibility of conception is at its peak during the period of a fertile window.

What is a fertile window

This is known as the most fertile time or fertile days of a female menstrual cycle when pregnancy is possible ( 1 ). fertility varies from one woman to another, not the same for all women

To hit the baby's eyes, you need to be aware of the different phases throughout your cycle to increase your chances of landing in the world of pregnancy. you are at your time [19659006] When you are in your period ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


What exactly is menstruation? This is basically the shedding of the inner membrane of the uterus – the endometrium that occurs once a month ( 2 ). most women are between 3 and 7 days

The levels of estrogen and progesterone, female hormones, increase until the third day of your periods. And that's when these hormones begin to restore the endometrium. And on the fourth day, ripening of the follicle (development and maturation of the ovarian follicle) begins to increase. This simply means that your ovaries have begun to prepare eggs for release. This is basically known as the ovulation period where the sperm of your person will have the minimum or minimum number of eggs to work with (19459007).

And the nature of ovulation differs from woman to woman. Surely we will track the dates when it comes to our periods, right? If you are one of those who never remember dates, you should get a calculator for a period in your phone. We have to incubate the habit of keeping track of the time of ovulation also by using a body temperature chart or ovulation prediction kit 4 )

Conception chances:

Still wondering whether can you become pregnant when you are at your period? Let's say it for you – definitely not! But it is definitely not a sin to roam between the sheets with your beloved man (as long as you feel comfortable with him)

The Phase Before Ovulation

  The Phase Before Ovulation

] Shutterstock

Doctors report that after as the lady has finished with her period, it is important to make love two or three times a week to cover the pre-ovulation window ( 4 ). And we will tell you why – by the seventh day you will observe vaginal detachment, which is slightly spring by nature through touch. In a few days, this will turn into a white and creamy substance verse for the return of your fertility). This means that the ovulation phase is on the way and that cervical mucus has an ideal environment for the sperm of man.

Another important point to note is that he can become pregnant even after the period is over. This happens because the spermatozoids manage to stay alive for up to 5 whole days if they are caught in the fertile mucus of the cervix 5 )

Conception chances:

Good! But you'll have to boost your baby and try to do it.

The Phase of Ovulation

  The Phase of Ovulation


This is the "most common" phase of conception. Irrespective of the length of your period, ovulation is guaranteed to start 14 days before the next period. During this phase it is known that body temperature increases by half. But how can we determine that? You can use an ovulation prediction kit. She will tell you if you ovulate or not. When it's positive, just go ahead and love (but be quick to do it in the next 24-36 hours) ( 6 )!

Chances of conception:

High! (if you have made love within 36 hours)

The eggs that are released have a life expectancy of no more than 12 hours. Therefore, it is best for your man's swimmers to meet your eggs within 4-6 hours after their release.

The phase of post-ovulation ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

The phase of post-ovulation ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

The luteal phase among doctors, this is the last lap of the menstrual cycle (duration is 12-16 days). At this stage, progesterone levels rise, which means that no more ovaries have to be released from the ovaries. In fact, during this time, the cervical mucus dries and creates a barrier to prevent semen from entering the uterus. After ovulation, the eggs return to the uterus (minimum six days). And even if a person reaches the endometrium, the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) – a hormone that can be measured using home pregnancy kits ( 7 )

Conception chances: 19659012] Low! Since eggs have already been released, swimmers will not be able to do anything now. But, hey! There is no danger of having to partner with your partner when you are in a mood, right! [19659902] How long will it take to get pregnant?

Do not shake with tension if you are not pregnant and it's time to start your cycle again. Maybe you still need to understand how your menstrual days work or your man's swimmers have not yet done their magic (19459022) 8 ). It's no luck; everything is a trial of time. Learn to love and understand how your body and its parts really work.

If you are planning to become pregnant, happy babies, boys! If not, let's just be responsible for adults

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My Story: What Happened When I Decided To Quit Sugar (It Wasn’t Easy)

My Story: What Happened When I Decided To Quit Sugar (It Wasn’t Easy)

News Flash: Did you know that the marinade you use has sugar? We're all dipped in sugar and covered with sugar syrup. Well, from strawberry to your pasta sauce, everything is tied with added sugar. And you can not escape, unless you decide to divorce yourself with this sweet little thing called sugar. Sounds blasphemous? Well, that's what I did to myself, as I actually realized that giving up sugar was the best decision in my life.

Before I was a sweet magnet. Gifts, waffles, ice cream, Nutella (o good old friend), pancakes, chocolates, desserts, sweets and all the things with added sugar were my foods. Whether I had a long working day or an emotional day at home or just dealing with life as a whole, sugar was all I counted. Soon I realized that sugar (sweet knife) slowly kills me with outbursts of acne, weight gain, skin aging and drained energy levels. (I guess the wise people are right when they say that what we love most will someday kill us.)

Also, given the fact that diabetes has happened in my family history, I did not want to be near the diabetic radar. So, after many discussions with friends and nutritionists, I decided to take the leap of faith. I decided to do the unthinkable – I decided to give up sugar

What exactly means to give up sugar

  What exactly does it mean to clog sugar


Sugar is not just sweet – applying soluble granules. In addition to the obvious sources such as soda, cake and candy, sugar is found in salad dressings, yoghurt and even granules. So it meant a complete change in my eating habits. Every day I drink two cups of coffee and enjoy plenty of candies and sweetened drinks. This can easily reach about 10-12 teaspoons of sugar per day, which is more than what is recommended.

According to the American Heart Association, the maximum amount of sugar it can have is limited to 150 calories a day. teaspoons) and 100 calories a day for women (6 teaspoons) ( 1 ). Leaving these eating habits is difficult, but this is important.

Working with eating sugar is that makes you want more. Processed foods, junk, soft drinks and all other foods that have hidden sugars hidden in them should now be excluded from my list and so. All sugar substances disappeared. The only sugar I allowed myself was fruit and carbs

Here is what happened when I advised on sugar

The first days of the struggle

  The first days of the struggle


Did you know how do they say that the man you love is always in your mind? All the time I had sugar in my mind. Also, when you know you have no right to eat it, you want more for it. So I made several changes to my way of life. I replaced my morning coffee with a glass of green tea and apple. And when I felt I needed something sweet, I would first drink some water and then say I'm better off without sugar. If the desire was uncontrollable, I would have been doing a few dates. I switched to drinks that did not need sugar. I consumed whole foods and kept myself away from all the junk and processed food. (Even dark chocolate!) In the initial 5-6 days, I almost stabbed my boyfriend and got sick when I saw him swallow a chocolate-filled bowl [19659904] Days after his use

After days of withdrawal of the symptoms of withdrawal and disgust, I began to feel much cleaner inside. Without sugar for a week, I have made me more active. I ate only when I was hungry, not every time someone said the word "food" in four letters. Sometimes I used to say about cinnamon rolls and red velvet cupcakes. But I did not feel like a crazy beast who wanted to tear the house. I was sure I had at least two servings of two different fruits a day. And in the days when my hormones demanded sugar, I gave him some honey

Sweet sugar-free intake

6 Important Fashion Hacks That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

6 Important Fashion Hacks That Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Sometimes not only we, but our wardrobes, must be saved. A broken button or a red wine stain is enough to rain through our parade. But if we are equipped with the right fashionable knowledge and quick solutions to eliminate all fashion problems, all these fashion disasters can be easily managed.

Now, whether you are a boy or a girl, fashion is infinitely important to most of us. But yes, compared to men, these are women whose fashion is a bit more difficult to cope with (all of these varieties of bras, zips and buttons that we can not reach). And while you still can not be considered a creative person, we've actually invented some amazing tricks and tips that will turn you into a professional hockey pros. Because, hey! We definitely can not stop the misfortunes, but we can certainly prevent them from spoiling the wardrobe we built with our hard earned money. Read about the moment and you can thank us later.

1. Wearing Jeans and Boots

  1. Wear Your Jeans and Boots


We always get in touch to get a pair of boots when we have our favorite pair of skinny jeans. But here comes the problem: your jeans are a little long and they're blocking your boots. Do boots look good? Yes! Are the jeans looking good? Oh yeah! Together they look good? Um … no! (they look worn and overlapped)


The trick here is to roll your jeans 2-3 times with an inch cuff. This will make a combination of jeans, boots and you!

2. Problems with shirt shirt



Shirts make you look elegant and weird depending on what you pair with. The only problem with shirts is the stiffness of the collars. Are you planning to wear a new shirt that you bought from the store? No problem at all. But wearing a shirt you just shed is a headache. Ironing smooths the wrinkles on the shirt, but what about the perfect hard collar you want?

The tricks

Use the hair straightener here. This is the perfect weapon to straighten the collar. Try it and we bet you will thank us.

3. Your Favorite Old T-Shirt

  3. Your favorite old T-shirt


We all have a T-shirt we own from our years and we just refuse to abandon it. Your parents, your friends, your colleagues, all right, they all mocked you and asked you to get rid of him because the shirt looked old and dull. How To Fix An Old T-shirt


We have the perfect solution for this:

Take a quarter of water and a half cup of salt. Now pour your favorite T-shirt into this salt water mix for good three days. Later, the machine washed it with a dash of the preparation lying at home. Dry it. Now you and your emotional friend (your T-shirt) are ready to dig together

4. Questions about protruding legs

  4. The Stinky Feet Issues


We are born with techniques and a bath – like our beautiful but deadly legs (argh)! We need to understand a way for both to keep our feet beautiful in the same way as to make sure they do not smell. You can not get a pedicure every day or wash your shoes every day, right? So here is what you need to do:

The Trick

Poor odor from our legs can also be transferred to our shoes. While we can use a pleasant smelling leg cream to make our feet smell like strawberries, what do we do with the protruding pair of shoes (especially the shoes)? It's time to use the bags in an unusual way. Yes, you have heard this right. Put dry tea bags in your shoes to get rid of the bad smell, you can also use this trick when it comes to sweaty sports bags.

5. Problems with conductors

  5. Wired Problems


As long as the cable bras make you feel like you have everything under control, they can also be horribly irritating. If by any chance there is a small part of the wire that stands out, it becomes a nightmare for you. It is painful and can damage your skin. And now if the thought of "you have to throw this bra" comes into your mind. Again there!


Cover the bench with a piece of moleskin – heavy cotton cloth in the form of a patch. Here, this solves your problem.

6. High-heels? Which color?

I Decided To Dress Up Like A Filmstar Every Day And Here’s What Happened

I Decided To Dress Up Like A Filmstar Every Day And Here’s What Happened

Who does not like to dress here? Well, I never liked to dress up! But yes, sometimes it was, not already. There was a time when I was dealing with parties, social gatherings, family functions just for one reason – dressing. I know I'm a girl and the passion to dress and look at all the good needs to be impressive. But people, I was not born this way. I loved living a puppet. Everything I once owned was a pair of jeans, several polo shirts and a few Converse or Vans shoes that never touched me. I was thinking of hating make-up, heels, perfumes or just about anything that is considered a girl or over the top. My parents began to want to be a born boy, not a girl. But, frankly, I was wondering what it was all about. I was just myself. And I loved it.


But my best friend did not really like my arrogant attitude to the whole idea of ​​dressing. She grabbed me in the challenge of dressing up every day as a movie star. I still wonder how she has transformed me into a self-respected, clever man. However, I am always grateful for this. This is the result of this challenge that today I am confident, sophisticated and representative woman.

Here's what I wanted to do my best friend. She gave me certain traits of the characters. I had to connect them with a Bollywood celebrity and get dressed.

1. Tom May in Bollywood


It was a piece of cake. Bollywood actress Kagiol from Kuchch Kuch Huta Hai huh? In fact, it was my inspiration for going to everyone. I saved a sweet shirt with my favorite Converse shoes. I stuck my hair in a tail and put it in a cap. My friend was not impressed. He knew I would do all that completely. I felt comfortable. I felt cool, too cool.

2. Bubbly, talented, carefree in the style of dress

through GIPHY

That made me think for a while. How can a style of dressing be able to talk all that, right? I scanned all the leading moments in Bollywood in my head. My brain stopped. There was the answer – Karien Kapoor Khan from the movie "Jeb I've met". Oh yeah! She transformed these harem pants as they were from Vogue. I wore super comfortable harem pants with a fashionable t-shirt that read "girl power" and a pair Kolhapuri chappals . I felt as if I were attracting good vibes, by the way, I dressed. Whoever looked at me smiled and it made me smile wider. Eh! Lightening not only you, but the people around you are smiling.

3. Hippie India


It was an easy task (what was my baby, even thinking when I wanted to do it). What? You have not done it yet? Arei Yari, Remember Zianath Amman in Hare Krishna Hare Ram? She totally dresses up a silvery screen with hippie expression – a bag this flower porch. I dressed in the same way – he wore the kurta which was written by Om, and brought him together with a pair of pants with bell-shaped jeans and large cups that I took from my mother. My friend was impressed with it. And in college everyone treated me as the coolest in the city. No. I have never received such attention. I Loved It

4. Fashionista


Ok, I have absolutely no idea about fashion. But I certainly know if there is an actress who is obsessed with fashion and brand, surely is Sonam Kapop. And I remember playing a fashionable heart in the movie Aisha . She had a very strange attitude in the movie. So I decided to take it for a day. I definitely did not own a Gucci bag or a carpet dress. I decided to play safely, wearing a pair of dipsim and a white T-shirt. Open it with a denim jacket and matching boots. It was as complex and fashionable as I can get. And my girlfriend approved the look (fuee). Result? Well, a couple of boys checked me out. Some well-dressed girls from college told me for the first time since time immemorial.

5. Hot lecturer

Through GIPHY

Main Hoon Na! Remember the movie? Sushima Sen played a handsome, hot lecturer and made every student miss the rhythm. But, damn it! She has a sara throughout the movie. I had to do some homework the night before to get my mother to help me carry the sare (Barter deals exist peeps and she always works with parents.) I let my mother choose the sara (I would not have done it, I have no idea of ​​them, you have to wear a pair of matching jewels and a pair of rounded heels (the wedge is a mercy for me in the world of heels) My friend's jaw fell when you saw me She said I won the challenge instantly, and to get it in I have been overloaded, so I learned from the challenge that dressing does not mean that you are wasting time You are making an effort on yourself Behold, (19659004) Banner Image Credits: Instagram


Kojic Acid: Benefits And How To Use It For Skin Lightening

Kojic Acid: Benefits And How To Use It For Skin Lightening

Kojic acid is divine mercy for anyone who fights with dark spots and dull skin. This is a great ingredient present in creams and serums that eaten the skin and I will tell you why.


What Is Kojic Acid? acid is an agent extracted from different types of fungi, especially from the various strains of Aspergillus (fungus). It was first discovered in 1907 and extracted from a strain of Aspergillus called Aspergillus oryzae grown on stewed rice

The name kojic acid is taken from the Japanese term " koji" means " steamed rice ". It is widely used in cosmetics and skin care products as a bleaching and refreshing agent ( 1 ). Let's learn more about this in detail.

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Using cyclic acid: how it works

  Using colchic acid How it works


in many creams, gels and serums to color the skin. The Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) approved the use of cutaneous acid in skin care products with a concentration of 1% or less 2 .

cleansers, serums, creams and lotions containing different concentrations of acidic acid. You must use the product as instructed by the manufacturer. While you need to wash soaps and detergents immediately after application, you can leave serums, creams and lotions overnight for better absorption. Let's now understand how skin acid works.

Kojic acid refreshes your skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that stains your skin, eyes and hair. Overproduction of melanin often gives you dark spots and uneven skin tone. Your body produces melanin by means of an amino acid called tyrosine. Kojic acid inhibits the function of tyrosine, which in turn inhibits the production of melanin 3 )

But the question is how safe skin cortic acid is for your skin

Kojic acid: Is it safe for the skin? What are the benefits

  Gumic acid is safe for the skin What are the benefits


A study of six postmenopausal women tests the effect of Kokoxy acid cream (containing 1% kojic acid). Their blood test reveals the presence of some colic acid in their plasma. However, the study suggests that as the absorption of the skin's skin (and consequently into the blood stream) is prolonged, there is no chance of adverse effects on humans (19459029) 2 ). products with skin acid have several advantages

1. It reduces hyperpigmentation

Excessive exposure to sun may cause hyperpigmentation, dark spots and freckles on your skin. Applying cutaneous acid on your face can help relieve spots and stains by giving you clean skin. It is also said to have a common bleaching effect on your skin. Can treat the molasses without irritating your skin ( 3 ).

2. It has anti-aging effects

Now it sounds exciting! Creams and products of Kojic acid not only reverse the sun but also reduce wrinkles and signs of aging. Kojic acid inhibits the action of tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of melanin and the aging process of the skin ( 4 )

3. It has antibacterial properties

Although the antibacterial properties of kojic acid are not extremely potent, it is quite effective against several strains of bacteria and may inhibit their growth even when used in small dilutions 2 19659026] 4. It has antifungal properties

Kojic acid also has antifungal properties. It has been shown to have an inhibitory effect on certain strains of fungi and is extremely useful in the treatment of yeast infections such as athletes' feet or ringworm and candidiasis. Regular application of skin acid to the skin helps prevent bacterial and fungal skin infections

Although skin acid is extremely safe for the skin, few people can have several side effects.

<img class = "size-full wp-image-466933" src = " Of-Kojic-Acid.jpg "alt =" Are Side Effects of Coic Acid

The most common side effects of the skin acid are: [/ url] 19659024] 1. May Cause Contact with Dermatitis

People with sensitive skin tend to be contacted with dermatitis. According to a review published by the American Society of Dermatitis, the patient develops contact dermatitis after using a cream containing the skin (19459038) 6 ). Can make your skin sensitive to sunlight

Kojic acid inhibits the production of melanin, a pigment that is also responsible for saving the skin from sunburn and other side effects from the raw sun rays. When the production of melanin is compromised, your skin becomes susceptible to sunburn.

To avoid side effects, it is always good to consult a dermatologist before using acidic acid. There are some things to keep in mind when using acidic acid

Things to keep in mind before using Kojic Acid

  • When using acidic acid products, always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If your doctor has prescribed a product, ask for instructions for use and follow them.
  • If you notice a rash or a change in your skin after using products of caicic acid, do not overlook it. Stop using it and go to the doctor immediately
  • Never use cutaneous acid on broken skin

The desired result may vary from person to person, depending on skin type and severity of the disease. Some may get results within a few weeks, while several others may take months to show results. Try to use kojic acid only for a short period of time – until the condition gets healed or get the desired results

Here is a list of kojic acid products that are available online

Kojic Acid Products try

1. Mary France Original soap soap Kojic

 1. Marie France Original soap soap Kojic

This soap is specially made for skin lightening. It is usually done in small batches to preserve the efficacy of kojic acid. This is because skin acid is usually oxidized quickly. This soap is high in strength and should be used according to the manufacturer's instructions

Buy it here

2. Reviva Labs Professional Power Brown Night Cream This night cream claims to give faster results in reducing age spots, dark spots and discoloration of the skin . Contains kojic acid with a refined vegetable oil base that is rapidly mixed into your skin for better results

Buy it here

3. QRx Labs Whitening Serum ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

Besides the skin acid, this whitening serum contains extracts of licorice and Alpha Arbutin, which are also known for their brilliant effect. This is a medical grade serum and contains 1% kojic acid and 2% Alpha Arbutin and therefore has maximum impact on the skin.

Buy It Here

4. Kojic Acid Powder ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

You can use this powder with your creams, face packs, lotions, toners and other skin care products. Just mix it and apply it on the affected area. Before using, however, check the manufacturer's instructions for use.

Buy It Here

5. Kojie San Body Lotioning Lotion ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />

This body lotion gradually refreshes the tone of your skin and makes it young. Besides goat's acid, it is enriched with olive oil and vitamins A and C that keep your skin nourished and moistened and protect it from UV rays. with stubborn stains, kojic acid can be your savior. However, if you are the first user, try using acidic acid products instead of raw. Explore and test the products of the skin acid listed in the article and leave your skin shiny.

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And, of course, be sure to share your feedback with us. If you used kojic acid products, tell us who worked for you.

"Final Safety Assessment Report" International Journal of Toxicology, Sage Publication
  • Opinion on Skin Acid SCCP, Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, European Commission [19659072] Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences, IOSR Journals
  • " Depigmenting Effect of Kojic Acid Esters .." Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology, NCBI [19659075] "Antimicrobial Activity of Skin Acid" Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine [19659076] "Allergic Contact Dermatitis .." Dermatitis, Wolters Kluwer
  • Post Kojic Acid: Advantages and How to Use it for Skin Lightening

    The entire FROW was wearing this necklace at London Fashion Week

    The entire FROW was wearing this necklace at London Fashion Week

    There are certain accessories that stand out every London Fashion Week, be that a Rejina Pyo box bag or last season’s Balenciaga sock boots or trainers (Balenciaga everything really).

    This LFW has drawn to a close, and what it’s taught me is that micro bags are here to stay, as are cowboy boots – yeehaw – and 70s sunglasses.

    As for jewellery, although shells are still a massive hit, there has been one standout necklace I’ve seen several times a day, every day.

    There was one show on day 4 of LFW, I think it might have been Palmer Harding, where virtually one out of three editors were wearing it on the FROW opposite me.

    I’m referring to the now cult Celine initial necklace. Sure, it’s not from the latest season, however the fact that it’s now a staple amongst the fashion set – even for fashion week where wearing new pieces is a given – is kind of a big deal.

    So if you weren’t sure before, now is definitely the time to jump on the bandwagon. The gold-plated, bamboo-textured alphabet pendants come in two sizes, a mini and a large, though the oversized has everyone’s vote so far.

    At £125 for the mini and £245 for the large, it might not be your most frugal purchase, but not only is it personal (wear your initial or your beloved’s), but it’s SO versatile. Wear it with a shell choker over a slip dress in summer, and over a black roll-neck in winter.

    Now comes the slightly bad news, as the pendants are sold out online (here’s a similar version here), however, seeing as they’ve been so popular, I wouldn’t be surprised if they re-stocked soon.

    You can also buy them in store at Celine.

    The post The entire FROW was wearing this necklace at London Fashion Week appeared first on Marie Claire.

    30 Best Hair Color Ideas For Black Women

    30 Best Hair Color Ideas For Black Women

    Whether it's a rupture or fun, the colors of the hair you make from matter

    A red dash of your hair can make you feel like a fierce queen warrior. Throw it with a beautiful dark tan and you have a lethal combination. Traditional hair colors are not just playful. If you have thin hair and your scalp starts to appear, changing the color of your hair can help you cover it. Another advantage in getting the right hair color is that you can emphasize the tone of the skin and the peculiarities of the face.

    With so many vivid colors to choose from, you can go over your head. I have your back, ladies! Here are 30 hair colors that look great for black women.

    30 Best Hair Color Ideas for Black Women

    1. Blonde Accents

    A great way to emphasize your natural hair color is to get lighter accents. Black women naturally have darker hair, so getting blonde accents near your face can add a definition to it.

    2. Metal Gray Hair

    Do not Deny! This woman looks cruel. I mean, she reminds me of a warrior. This light metallic gray shade is the perfect combination of courage, courage and edge. Connect it in red or with some deep color of the lips for a combination of dawn

    3. Dark roots and bleached blond hair

    This is the perfect killer combo! Dark roots can make your face appear longer, while bleached blond hair can emphasize features like your eyes and mouth. This mixture, connected with this deep shadow of the lips, will die for

    4. Sahara Yellow

    Does this hair color not remind you of the desert sand? Yellow is an attractive color. Although this yellow hue is strong, there is a lightness that makes it easy for the eyes.

    5. The Brown Blend

    Dark chocolate or milk chocolate – why choose between the two? This color combination makes a chocolate mix. Now take this divine mixture and throw it on your hair. That makes you touch your hair, does not it? Winter Colors

    Close your eyes and think about a cold winter night. You probably think of a dark blue sky, a silhouette of forest and snow. This is all I can think of by looking at this combination of hair colors. Surrealism is the only way to describe it

    7. Mermaid Hair

    Contrary to popular belief, Mermaids are not sweet creatures. They are cruel women, and you have to think twice before confusing them. Let your hair become part of your dreaded nature with these deep nuances of purple and green

    8. Purple with a hint of red

    African women love purple and many shades. The color purple is female and also symbolizes the energy, which is the perfect definition of the woman. Discard red notes to add some flavor to the look.

    9. Cobalt Blue

    Consider a perfect day. I'm sure the first thing you think is a blue sky. Son of Heaven means freedom that you are boundless. Paint your hair in this stunning cobalt blue shade, scatter your wings and roll!

    10. Deep Blue Highlights

    Okay, I L-O-V-E is that look. The dark blue accents show their extremely natural black hair. Not to mention this beautiful purple shadow of lips, impeccable makeup for the eyes and these hoops. There is no fault, only perfection.

    11. Pink Advice

    Pink! As a young girl, I loved to hate pink. But over the years I realized there was a strong color. This is the general relationship between women, this unspoken code that all women love at least one shade of pink. Pink can be unattractive or puzzling. And bright pink edges add tons of african pizza

    12. Merlot Hair

    You had me in Merlot. Did you know that Merlot comes from the French word "hairy"? If you want to stay away, this hair color inspired by red wine looks great. Do not you want to swim in it?

    13. Ginger hair

    Anyone who knows me knows I adore ginger hair. After all, this is the perfect combination of brown, red and orange. Although he has this fine look, he also screams "Bring him!"

    14. Red Streaks

    This beautiful lady looks silky and soft, is not it? This makes you want to hit him. Dark and bright red mix to give you a warm look on the sauce. Bright strips make the beans appear ten times cooler.

    15. Orange with pink start

    Imagine a perfect sunset. This will surely look like this hair color, right? There is something so overwhelming about the sunset that does not seem to look far. The same is true with this color blend.

    16. Brown Rose Gold

    Pink gold itself looks great, but look at this brown rose golden blend. This is absolutely beautiful! The corkscrews of the corkscrew make her face appear thin, while the color of her hair makes her a pink shadow on her lips.

    17. Purple Hair

    Black women are known for experimenting with protective styles and crazy colors to suit their personalities. Purple is one such color. Connect this color with artificial locations to make you look bad.

    18. Purple Streaks

    If you do not want to engage in full-color hair, try stripes. It will show you what the color of your hair looks like and whether it complements the tone of your skin without seeming to get the color of all your hair. If the stripes look bad, you can always stain them back to their natural hair color very easily.


       Coffee covered with chocolate


    I'm a full-time junkie. My day does not start until I have my daily dose of caffeine. Make it some dark chocolate and this is a gift from God above. Not surprisingly, I absolutely adore this fashionable look of hair sporting Rihanna. Excuse me for a few minutes while I get my coffee

    20. Blonde Bolts

      Blonde Bolts


    Lightning Bolts. This is the best way to describe this type of hair. Getting blonde bolts (stripes) near your face can help reduce and look longer

    21. Aquamarine Dipped

    This is a killer combination! Gray eyes, red lips and bleached blond hair. You made him want to try it out, did not you? Imagine that you pair this look with a black sweater and leggings. Pretty stunning! What are you waiting for?

    23. Jet Black

    Do you know why they call the abyss black? Because you sucks! Black, the color that never before (to say it like a girl in the valley) does not go out of style Jet black hair has a tendency to attract people Winter Bronde

      Winter Bronde


    This combination of hair colors is perfect for winter.It is the perfect combination of metallic gold and silver with a dash of black It's cold,


    "All women who are independent throw their hands on me!" I'm sorry I could not help myself, after all, it's Kelly Rowland from the Child of Destiny I remember when he created a huge madness with his full red stripes and has never got out of fashion since then

    26. Deep Champagne

    Pop open this bottle with a bubble and take the celebration of your hair like Mary J. Blitz here. Connect it with a shiny metal suit and you're sure you will feel queen!

    27. Tony Topaz ” width=”500″ height=”650″ />


    Since Tony Topaz of Reddeal came to the entrance, her hair took her own life. I'm sure that if you've searched, you can even find an entire Instagram profile dedicated to it (it already has several hashtags). Her pink locks have made women all over the world fall apart! I do not think this excitement will die soon.

    28. Goldilocks



    Non-Yo made the right choice! Gabriel Union is certainly Miss Independent. These golden accents on her natural brown hair make her look beautiful. You can own this kind – just like it!

    29. Autumn fall

      Autumn fall


    I believe she has a perfect hairstyle and color for every season. This, in my opinion, is a mix for autumn. This mixture of blondes, ginger and brown reminds of fallen leaves in autumn

    30. Amazonite

    The Amazonite is a gem discovered in South Africa that is a stunning amalgamation of green and blue shades. If you are fond of nature, try this wonderful combination of your hair. It seems to be straight from a mythical book.

    You have it, ladies! It's amazing how changing the color of your hair can make you feel better and more energetic, do not you? Choose your preferred hair color and try it right away. 30 The Best Hair Color Ideas For Black Women First Looks On STYLECRAZE

    Meet the hidden women behind London Fashion Week

    Meet the hidden women behind London Fashion Week

    Here’s how fashion week actually happens…


    Another London fashion week has been and gone, seeing bad traffic, excellent celebrity spotting and a lot of well-dressed people frequent the city.

    Burberry, Victoria Beckham, Erdem, Christopher Kane and Roksanda highlighted the weekend, with Kendall Jenner and Winne Harlow being among those walking the runway.

    But it’s not just models, designers and influencers that make London fashion week. What about the hidden women that are actually making it happen?

    From fashion illustrators and street style photographers to backstage managers, DJs and make up artists, we spoke to the women behind LFW to find out what really goes on…

    Jessica Bird

    Job title: Fashion Illustrator

    What my job entails at fashion week: Lots and lots of drawing. Capturing backstage activity and key looks from shows, live drawing, interpreting the collections from 3D to 2D essentially.

    This LFW I have been… In residency each evening at the London EDITION hotel drawing guests and LFW goers, capturing their looks in 15 minute pastel portraits. I’m also SHOWstudio’s collection artist for London for this season so I have been illustrating shows live from their studio during the day.

    What I wear on the job at LFW: I feel like my wardrobe has started to reflect my work – I play with colour a lot as I do in my illustrations, my wardrobe is very bright, quite fun, lots of fluorescent colours. This week I’ve been wearing a few of my favourite pieces from Roksanda – with my trusty artists apron over the top of course!

    Three essentials in my LFW bag: Pastels, sketchpad and paint markers.

    My most stressful part of fashion week: Trying to keep up with all the shows, there’s just so many looks I want to capture!

    My most exciting fashion week experience: Being asked to cover LFW for Showstudio for sure. It’d been a dream of mine since I started illustrating so I’m feeling very grateful to have been asked!

    Fashion week work snack: Popcorn!

    Top LFW tip: COFFEE!

    Samantha Qureshi

    Job title: NARS UK Senior Makeup Artist

    What my job entails at fashion week: As a makeup artist ambassador for NARS, my job behind the scenes entails various missions: assisting the lead makeup artists backstage is one of those, making sure my hands become the extension of their creative vision without a fail and I am also in charge of doing VIP makeup sessions during Fashion Weeks seasons.

    This LFW I have been… Part of the most beautiful shows from New York to London so far. Rodarte was a dream and the exquisite pop art inspired makeup by James Kaliardos and beautiful flowery hair composition by Odile Gilbert, was part of one of the most inspirational moments of my career. I had the privilege to assist Lucia Pieroni during her makeup test at Christopher Kane’s studio in London, I loved to see how she creates and works the skin and how she really connects with Christopher Kane’s vision of beauty. All the shows always feel really special to me. As a creative person I feed my artistry juice with all the artists surrounding me, fashion designers, makeup artists, hairdressers, nail technicians, models are a huge part of my artistry growth.

    What I wear on the job at LFW: All black, neutral and chic, comfortable clothes. Backstage, it’s always speed, you have to be ready to run, be on your knees, and be 100% effective and dynamic. I keep my makeup very glowy and lightweight with a lot of NARS Skincare. Our new Climax Mascara and the Radiant Creamy concealers are my bests products to wear when working on shows.. Orgasm lip balm this season and go!

    Three essentials in my LFW bag: I make sure all my NARS skincare set is ready – radiant Creamy can do it all without fail, and my precious brushes which I never live without.

    My most stressful part of fashion week: Time keeping, sometimes we have to wait for a while for the models to come from other shows, and when they arrive, hair, nails, and makeup teams become one big team making sure in the last minutes before the line-up, every model looks fabulous and ready to go on the catwalk.

    My weirdest fashion week experience: The day we used just a concealer on a show was not the most satisfying feeling being a makeup artist. It also shows how being an artist is so subjective and I appreciated the reflection and inspiration behind it… but my brushes stayed clean!

    Fashion week work snack: In my bag I always carry a protein and cereal bar, a banana and plenty of water. (Take away coffee isn’t an option…)

    Top LFW tip: No coffee on an eyeliner/bold lips look day. Unless you have a really steady hand… Lucky you!

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    orange works.

    A post shared by Yossy Akinsanya (@ya.photographs) on Sep 18, 2018 at 5:03am PDT

    Yossy Akinsanya

    Job title: Street style photographer

    What my job entails at fashion week: This fashion week I’ve taken to the main venues being used for shows and have captured every kind of outfit you can think of from designer to conceptual to on trend.

    This LFW I have been… Running from venue to venue trying to find the most interesting and eye-stopping outfits out there. I’ve lost count of exactly how many people’s Instagrams I’ve asked for after taking their picture.

    What I wear on the job at LFW: As it’s fashion week I do try and dress up a little bit myself but bring an element of comfort as I’m doing a lot of running around so I’ve been wearing dresses paired with vans, so pretty much girly but comfortable.

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    models after the @burberry show, part one.

    A post shared by Yossy Akinsanya (@ya.photographs) on Sep 18, 2018 at 5:08am PDT

    Three essentials in my LFW bag: A power bank for sure because my phone is always in my hand whether it’s for directions, taking usernames, checking the fashion week schedule or snapping the experience. Water because it is a long day and you will find yourself feeling dehydrated if you don’t. Lastly, business cards. I made the mistake of not having any ready but after working it I’ve come to realise how much everyone uses them and how helpful they can be for building contacts and getting your name out there.

    My most stressful part of fashion week: I think trying to feel like you’ve covered everything and getting to places on time definitely.

    My weirdest fashion week experience: I got stopped myself along with my friend who was doing photography and we were interviewed on our outfits and being black girls in fashion which was cool!

    Fashion week work snack: Energy bars, they fit anywhere, taste good and are quick to eat.

    Top LFW tip: Always do a schedule for your day the night before – times, locations and shows. You need to be prepared on the day.

    london fashion week careers

    Cathie Carday

    Job title: Showcaller/Backstage Manager

    What my job entails at fashion week: Ensuring the show goes smoothly, making sure any backstage requirements are met, setting up and breaking down the backstage area, and liasing with the show director, technical team and security to identify and solve any problems that arise. I’m also the go-to person for the designer and stylist to keep to schedule and ensuring everyone can do their job within the given timescale. I take care of the models and inform them of choreography and creating model line ups before and during shows, provide model lists for hair, make up and dressing teams. And as a showcaller I work with the sound and lighting team and cue the sound, lighting and models when we go to show.

    This LFW I have been… Working primarily as backstage manager in the BFC main show space but have worked on Steven Tai, Johnstons of Elgin and Mark Fast as a showcaller this season.

    What I wear on the job at LFW: I need to be I invisible but not insignificant – the standard ‘uniform’ in event world is smart blacks but it is fashion so think utility chic – a jump suit with a designer pair of trainers is working well this season!

    london fashion week careers

    Three essentials in my LFW bag: A bum bag, a clipboard and Paracetamol/ lipstick.

    My most stressful part of fashion week: The most stressful moment is when the alarm rings at 4am for a 5am call!

    My most exciting fashion week experience: Richard Quinn last season – our special guest was the Queen !!!

    Fashion week work snack: Bounce balls!

    Top LFW tip: Be fabulous, fierce and feminine!

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    How I Learnt What Kind Of Clothes Suit Me And What Don’t

    How I Learnt What Kind Of Clothes Suit Me And What Don’t

    Now, raise your hands if any of these sound familiar to you:

    “Ive got a closet full of clothes but I never have anything to wear”

    “I feel frustrated when I need to decide what I have to wear”

    I don’t love shopping because I dont know what suits me best”

    Whether you did raise your hands or not, I’m convinced that you could relate to at least one of these. Hey! You don’t have to feel bad, trust me, even I belonged to the same brigade once upon a time. Fashion keeps changing every single day. And if we’re someone who is alien to the world of fashion, it becomes evident in our dressing styles as well. But, why don’t we look at it as a routine? You know…like the things we do every day. We wake up, brush our teeth, take a shower and we get dressed. The clothes that we wrap our bodies with defines us as a person. They talk about our moods and speak to the world about what we think and feel in particular.

    Styles aren’t complicated— they are just a way for you to be more confident in your own skin (just dress up to look like yourself, not like Kim Kardashian or any other person whose style you adore). In our lives, we often know where the problem lies but we don’t know how to find a solution to it. And, what do we end up doing in such situations? We become the sheep that follow the herd. This holds very true with respect to clothes as well.

    via GIPHY

    I learned it the hard way. It took me a while to realize that I should pick clothes that help me define my individuality. Of course, I never got it right the first time. I’m sure most of you end up trying various outfits before a party and then finally zero in on one, right? So, here are a few steps from an amateur average dresser (like me). This is what I keep in my mind while picking clothes, and I hope it will help you too.

    Step 1: Determine Your Style

    Step 1 Determine Your Style


    The very first thing to do is to clear your head when it comes to what style suits you the best. Are you someone who would walk into a party with a velvet dress, or someone who’d walk in with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt paired with a leather jacket and boots? Figure out what’s more you and what’s not you when it comes to style. If you are having trouble doing that, scroll through social media and see what catches your eye. Do you like what a certain celebrity is wearing? Maybe, that’s your style.

    Start saving the images of what you like. Figure out what’s common among them. Do some analysis and zero down on your sense of style. Whatever it may be, at the end of the day, it’s all about you. Only you have to approve your style.

    Step 2: Understand Your Body Type

    Step 2 Understand Your Body Type


    Second thing is to understand your body shape. There’s no better person than you to understand your body right? When you wear a dress, you’ll feel comfortable only if it suits your body shape. Understand what kind of cuts and styles suit your body best. There are plenty of sources on the internet that can guide you through this. If you don’t know your body well, shopping will continue to be a nerve-wracking task for you.

    Step 3: Throw Out The Unnecessary Clothes

    Step 3 Throw Out The Unnecessary Clothes


    You’ll love this step. The first two steps were your homework. Now that you’ve figured the first two steps right. The third step is all about execution. Clean your closet. Throw all those outfits out that don’t suit your body shape or don’t compliment your style. Leave behind only those clothes that define you the best.

    Why should you do it? It’s simple. You don’t really want to do the same mistake again—riffling through a bunch of unwanted clothes. It will leave you frustrated.

    And one thing good about an empty closet is that it signals out that you need to shop. This time it will be fun because you’ve got a clear vision of what you like and don’t, and what suits your body and doesn’t. So, happy shopping peeps.

    Step 4:

    Step 4


    The last and final step is to get ready for the runway. What I mean to say is, it’s the final step of putting your outfits together. For this, I think it is best to just follow your gut. Creating outfits should be fun. Don’t get panicky about it. If you think you can’t do it alone, take your best friend’s help or takes cues from the virtual fashion world on the internet. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you feel the best in it. It’s like eating your favorite cake. No matter how good the plain cake is, you want yours with the best icing ever.

    How I Learnt What Kind Of Clothes Suit Me And What Don't


    So, the next time you are in front of a mirror or your closet wondering what to wear, do a quick run through these steps in your head. You’ll definitely end up looking like the best cake on the block (with sprinkles of course).

    What’s your go-to style? Tell us what works the best for you in the comments below.

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    90 second facials prepped all the models at Victoria Beckham – here’s how to do it yourself at home

    90 second facials prepped all the models at Victoria Beckham – here’s how to do it yourself at home

    Just look at that healthy glow go

    Victoria Beckham celebrated her brand’s 10th anniversary at LFW this weekend, pulling out all the stops for a show to remember.

    ‘I want to do the best I can and give my customer what she wants,’ the woman herself said at the show. ‘You never know what might happen – one of the girls might have fallen down the stairs, I might have fallen down the stairs! But that’s what makes it exciting.’

    The key beauty look for models on the day was super healthy, flawless looking skin and so prepping the complexion with the right skincare was essential. The good news is that it’s really easy for you to DIY at home.

    Every model was given a super speedy facial that lasted for just 90 seconds, using the Foreo UFO Mini device. Models’ skin was blasted with a dose of both green and red light to reduce any redness and plump up the skin, as well the hyaluronic acid-packed H2Overdose microfibre mask for a hit of hydration.

    Victoria Beckham SS19 Foreo

    As for make-up, Pat McGrath kept to the fresh and healthy theme by applying a little highlighter and eye gloss to catch the light. The look was dewy but not overly so, and went with the slightly wet-look hair created by lead stylist Guido Palau.

    ‘The hair reflects a minimal idea of beauty,’ Guido explained. ‘Victoria’s clothes are so exquisite that the idea of simple hair adds an ease of luxury to the overall look.

    ‘There’s a slightly boyish feel with the comb marks in the front and squarish shape, and I’ve used a combination of Redken Fashion Work 12 and Glow Dry Style-Enhancing Blow Dry Oil to achieve this nod to the overall look. It’s very Victoria.’

    Very Victoria indeed.

    Here’s to another 10 years, VB!

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