Google’s Me Too Rising maps the power of the #MeToo movement

Google’s Me Too Rising maps the power of the #MeToo movement

Google Trends latest tool visualises when and where the hashtag was trending throughout the last couple of months

Me Too Rising

It has been seven months since the first allegations against American film producer Harvey Weinstein were revealed in the The New York Times – an exposé that won journalist Ronan Farrow a Pulitzer Prize – Hollywood and other male-dominated industries started to unravel and the #MeToo movement encouraged thousands of woman to share their sexual harassment stories on social media.

The hashtag quickly went viral worldwide and has since been searched in 195 countries, that is every country in the world. For that reason, and in light of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Google Trends launched Me Too Rising, an interactive map of the world that allows you to read all the news coverage on the #MeToo movement since October last year, filterable via date and location.

Founder of the ‘me too.’ movement Tarana Burke, who has been helping survivors of sexual assault for over a decade, took to Twitter to announce the news. “I am so excited to finally be able to announce the new Google website #metoorising,” she wrote. “From the beginning we have said this is a People’s Movement and through the power of Google you can actually see how our global community continues to spread and rise.”

Burke also talked about the power of the campaign in a recent conversation with Google’s Senior Counsel on Civil and Human Rights Malika Saada Saar. “We started this movement well over a decade ago and over that decade it has grown and reshaped itself according to the needs of survivors. When survivors speak up together in unison, the world has no choice but to listen. And when the world starts listening, we start searching for answers, we start searching for solutions. For the first time people are listening and connections are being made across the world.”

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Pippa Middleton is apparently ‘overjoyed’ to be pregnant with her first child

Pippa Middleton is apparently ‘overjoyed’ to be pregnant with her first child

Congratulations are definitely in order!

pippa middleton

2018 is undoubtedly the year for celebrity babies, with Jessica Alba kicking off the year by announcing the birth of her and Cash Warren’s third child on New Year’s Day.

Since then, it seems like a new celebrity baby has been announced each week, with the past two weeks alone seeing both Rachel McAdams and Khloe Kardashian welcoming babies, and Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig announcing that they were expecting their first child together just days ago.

But the influx of baby news isn’t exclusive to A-list celebrities, with the royal family also getting involved in baby fever.

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their third child together, with the future royal – arriving any day now – set to become fifth in line to the throne, today’s baby news centred around Kate’s younger sister, Pippa.

pippa middleton james matthews


It was reported today that Pippa Middleton is expecting her first baby with husband, James Matthews, with the couple supposedly having just revealed the news to their friends and family after going for their 12-week scan.

The 34-year-old’s due date is said to be in October, with the Sun on Sunday reporting that the couple are ‘overjoyed’.

The news comes almost a year after the the couple tied the knot, with Pippa and James marrying at St Mark’s Church, Englefield, Berkshire, in May last year.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who was reportedly the first person to be informed of the news after the expectant couple, is said to be thrilled, with reports that she ‘could not have been more delighted’.

It looks like Prince George, Princess Charlotte and royal baby number 3 will have a little cousin to play with soon.

Congratulations to Pippa and James!

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9 Things No Woman Can Miss About A Man’s Looks

9 Things No Woman Can Miss About A Man’s Looks

You will never have a second chance to make the first impression. A very important part of it is your appearance. Today, we have listed 9 things a woman notices in a man. Believe it or not, it goes much deeper than just the facial features. Read on to find out what these things are!

1. What Does He Wear

  Shutterstock </p>
<p>  Clothes play a crucial role in shaping the overall appearance of man. A woman will notice not only the clothes, but also if they are clean, appropriate for the case and style coefficient. </p>
<p>  Old and torn clothes do not go down with anyone, not to mention women. A woman will also see if the man is properly dressed for his surroundings. It should not be stylish to attract attention. Several mistakes in styling easily stretch. But if he brings anything wicked, he will lose all his attention. </p>
<h2>  2. His hair style </h2>
<p>  He can have any kind of hair. Short, long, wavy, straight or curly. Pure and tidy hair is always noticeable. It is not necessary to receive spa meetings. Only regular washing and brushing is necessary. Even if it has very short hair, it needs brushing </p>
<p>  Now there are people like Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel, who have experimented with a very short and bald look. Many women find it very attractive. But then, one has to decide if he can personally carry that kind of thing! </p>
<h2>  3. His Physics </h2>
<div id=  His Physique


Both women and men have many types of body. They come in all shapes – rectangular, oval or triangular. But the most sought after form is the inverted triangle: broad shoulders and narrow thighs with a narrow belly. Look at Ronaldo or Wayne Bolt. Men with such physics take more care of women than any other man. Women feel more confident about being so.

A convex belly and a bad body will certainly not turn heads

4. His behavior and the way he walks

Now, just a great body will not take a person away. His posture as he stood or sat, and his walk, too. Men who relax or hit their shoulders while sitting or walking do not paint a happy picture for others. Other things, like looking down or sliding your legs while walking, also do not attract women.

A confident and energetic walk shows that man controls his life. An upright posture while sitting or standing too attracts women.

5. [19659904] Shutterstock

Just like clothes, men's shoes tell a lot about him. Torn and dirty shoes repel women. Another mistake many people make is to wear shoes without socks. No one likes to look at the bare foot under the pants. Remember the men, the shoes end your appearance – so be careful!

6. His hands

Oh, yes, women also notice the hands of man! Long fingers and clean nails are a sure winner among the ladies. I agree that with long fingers is not a choice, but there are clean hands. A nice nail shape will also give a person points for a beetle. Dirty hands and biting nails do not paint a sure picture.

Psst! All women check the finger of the ring to make sure it is available or not.

7. The expressions of his face

  The expressions of his face


Different women discover different facial features. But one general observation among all women is the facial expression. Striking eyes or tight-fitting lips do not make a good impression. Many men think that their half-closed eyes make them look sexy, but if not done right, it shows boredom.

A pleasing person is always attractive and women find such people. Some women like men who have conceived expressions. But then, exaggeration may look as if the man is thinking.

8. Its Back Part

Women can not do much of this, but they pay attention to the back man. A person who has a tight ear indicates that he is aware of his fitness and cares well for his body. He also shows that he has the right amount of testosterone passing through his body.

9. Its accessories

  Its accessories


Accessories are also important and can make or break their image. A man may look like a Christmas tree with too many unnecessary accessories. Overloading the accessories also shows attention-seeking behavior, while accessories do not show that the man does not like being in the spotlight. The trick is to keep it simple and appropriate.

So, gentlemen, take a good look at yourself before leaving the house and making changes. There may be some things you could do unintentionally (like facial expressions or postures), but they send different types of signals. (19459008) You first appeared on 9 Things Nobody Can Miss For Men ].

8 Innocent “Hygienic” Habits That Secretly Ruin Our Health

8 Innocent “Hygienic” Habits That Secretly Ruin Our Health

Everyone has a unique routine that follows every day. These things are so repetitive and regular that they become a habit. Cleaning and cooking are a big part of this routine. We usually do these things by learning from our elders, watching others or creating our own ritual according to our needs. We clean the dishes in a certain way, we use hot water to wash hands or just have coffee in the workplace on the machine – it sounds hygienic and simple enough, is not it? Surprisingly, these are some of the less healthy habits that are harmful to our health.

We have listed 8 such habits that we blind each day that actually do more harm than you would think. Read to find out!

1. Washing hands with hot water

We always thought washing hands with warm water kills microbes and cleanses our hands better. But according to some researchers, the temperature of the water has no effect on the killing of microbes. They say the time spent in washing hands is decisive, not the temperature. Hand washing for 25-30 seconds can kill germs and clean your hands

In addition, often washing hands in hot water can cause skin irritation and lead to problems such as dermatitis 1 19659003] 2. Hand Dryers with Hand Dryer

  Hand Dryers with Dryer


Hand dryers are very common in public places. Although we think they are hygienic, as no one touches them, they are the opposite! In fact, they spread many bacteria along with the airflow. Such microbes enter the lungs and even affect our skin. The best way to dry your hands is with a paper towel

3. Immerse dishes in the sink

Sinking in the sink is something we all do almost every day. The problem with a sink full of dirty dishes soaked with them is that it's the perfect environment for microbes to thrive. This can cause stomach upsets. The sink comes into contact with foods such as vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish to name a few. It is better to clean the sink not only after washing the dishes but also after it is in contact with such food products.

4. Reusing a Bag

  Using a Bag


Now you might wonder how this may be unhealthy. Well, there are many microbes in it because of the things we carry in it. Vegetables and fruits are among the main products in our food bag, so it's raw meat. Even if the meat is packed, chances are high that the bacteria will spread to the other items and eventually to the bag itself 2 ).

A simple solution to this problem is either to use a paper bag, otherwise, wash your food bag every time you use it.

5. Using the same machine for cutting vegetables and meat

Cutting raw meat and vegetables on the same board increases the chances of cross-contamination ( 3 ). Juices from the meat, fruits and vegetables can penetrate into the cutting boards, which creates the ideal place to support the growth of bacteria.

Therefore, try using different meat and vegetable trays

6. Drink coffee from coffee

  Drink coffee from coffee shop


It turns out that the water tank in the coffee machine has the largest number of bacteria. Even the output of the machine has some germs. It is recommended that the machine is frequently cleaned with vinegar. Using water and dishwashing soap is also a good idea for cleaning.

However, this can be achieved at home, but certainly not in the office. Providing a cup of coffee for yourself and avoiding the machine as a whole is a safer option.

7. Leaving winter clothes in the laundry for a long time

When the winter is over, we tend to keep warm clothes in the laundry bag to clean it later. What we do not take into account is the fact that these clothes come into contact with our mouths and noses. Keeping such clothes without washing gives the little party space! It is recommended to clean these clothes every 2 weeks, especially scarves and gloves.

8. Defrosting food at room temperature

  Defrosting food at room temperature


Defrosting meat and fish on the kitchen counter is a habit that almost everyone has. But the sudden change in temperature affects the process and, ultimately, the quality of the food. It helps the microbes to multiply. Therefore, it is recommended that the food is thawed in the refrigerator and not at room temperature.

See how little habits are important? We are sure you will change these habits and make new ones that are really healthy. Some of them need to change completely, while some of them need some improvement here and there. Do not forget to share this with your friends and help them! Innocent "hygienic" habits that secretly destroy health appears first on

5 Unobvious Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

5 Unobvious Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Well, you've tried all the weight loss diets. There is no carbohydrate on Monday, no meat on Tuesday, no dairy products on Wednesday … Still, after three months of this insanity, your weight does not drop even a little. Forget about losing fat, you've begun to lose consciousness, because every time you sit down at the table with a carefully arranged dish, everything you can see is a lot of calories instead of food on the plateau. With lethargy and low self-confidence, things go from worse to worse! Certainly something went wrong. Either you set the wrong weight loss goals or your weight has reached a plateau due to some repetitive practices.

Here are some not so obvious reasons why you can not lose weight! You eat too fast and do not chew enough

  You eat too fast and do not chew enough


They say our brain takes almost 20 minutes to figure out that we have eaten and our stomach is full. But most of us would have gone through these 20 minutes!

The best way to deal with this is to split the food into different portions with a spoon or knife or take some time to adjust the food on the plate. Feeding will slowly improve digestion. Besides, you will also feel that you have eaten more, but you are not!

Another good practice when you sit down to eat is to eat mentally. Keep your mobile phone off, do not think about work or discussions and discussions … just think about the food you eat! Enjoy every bite instead of swallowing it in your throat


  The nutritionist of your friend advised her to eat protein and carbohydrates separately and you also got on a gang. </h2>
<div id=  Protein and carbohydrate eating separately


Now turn what you've done! What is recommended may be according to body composition and lifestyle. It may not work well for you. In fact, if you eat both separately, it can negatively affect the digestive system. Remember that there is nothing called "one council answers everyone"!

It's not for nothing that our traditional dishes are a combination of protein and carbohydrates. You do not have to eat them separately unless you were advised to do it for medical reasons

3. You take too much detoxicant mantra too

  You take too much detoxic mantra


Of course, it is good to have glazes and juices. These are rich sources of nutrition. But too much is done. It is not advisable to completely stop carbohydrates and have only fluids and liquids. You will lose muscle mass and water instead of fat. Keep a fine balance. Do not exclude a group of foods or go on board the other. A balanced diet is the only solution for a healthy lifestyle.

If you have a cup of fruit juice for breakfast, include and cook eggs or avocado and spice sandwiches

4. Hypersensitivity to Healthy Food

  Overindulgence to Healthy Food


We appreciate that you enjoyed avocado sandwiches and almonds instead of your favorite french fries and donuts. But take care of the portion size. This is not done if you are fully involved in a huge bowl of salads and fruits instead of regular meals. For all you know, you can consume more calories than what you would have in your regular diet. Drastic shifts not only become overly challenging for your body but will not produce long-term results. Salads, green fruits and fruits definitely have to become an essential element of your diet. But extreme and sudden changes are not recommended. And above all, you always have to keep the portion size.

5. Always Count Calories

  Save Calories


Any experienced nutritionist or nutritionist who does not only deal with book knowledge will ask you to "stop counting calories" first. Losing weight is not about counting calories or eating less food, but eating! In addition, measuring and religious calorie counting does not mean much for dietary intake. The number of calories in a small chocolate bar and a spoon of almonds will be the same. Does that mean that chocolate is as healthy as almonds? Certainly not! This is not the and quality of the calories that matter.

Weak thyroid gland, depression, diabetes, eating disorder, stress, sleep disorders, and various other factors may be a cause of weight gain. But by limiting your calorie weight loss counting decisions, you lose the plot. Achieving weight loss by reducing calories is a mistake similar to fat shedding through on-site exercises. So it's a little surprise that there is no change in your weight. You should pay attention to the main reason for gaining weight rather than simply counting calories. This is where you will see successful results!

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7 Walking Quirks That Reveal Problems With Our Health

7 Walking Quirks That Reveal Problems With Our Health

The seemingly simple act of walking is a complicated process. It is related to the skeletal and nervous systems of our body. As walking is very automatic, we do not notice how the complex systems of our body are responsible for the way we walk. In fact, there are many beliefs about posture and walking. Attention and prevailing positions, pace and style of walking, as well as the way you are based, should reflect your personality.

There are, however, seven features that show your health. Yes! Your style of walking talks a lot about your health, past injuries and state of mind. Let's take a closer look at them!

1. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />



Have you ever noticed the gauntlet of women wearing high heels? Oh yes, they look sexy. But did you watch their spring walk for the hard calves? Likewise, people who do not stretch enough after a workout can also develop hard muscles. This causes a spring movement in your walk. If you do not correct the sensation, you are at risk of ankle or knee injury.

It is recommended that you do some good stretches to make body muscles flexible. Try and avoid wearing heels and unpleasant shoes for a longer time.

2. Smaller steps

If your knees are healthy, they will ideally stand up when you put your legs forward. But when a person suffers a knee injury, he / she is unable to do so and the step will become smaller. In this case, there is something wrong with your knees or hips. You should visit the doctor at the earliest. Ignoring this condition can cause back pain. Try and avoid complications in the future and consult your doctor now!

3. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


You can actually find out if a person is going through a low phase in life, keeping his footsteps! If he shows limited hand movement, short and slow steps and vertical head movement, there are chances to experience depression ( 1 ). In fact, you will be surprised to know that you can change the mood by going along with them and accelerating your pace! Did you know that walking can quickly be mood swings? Try it.

4. Footstep

Do not judge a man as reckless only with the sound of his footsteps! Such people may suffer from compressed nerve, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, back or muscle problems 2 ). They show some similarities in their style of walking. They usually hit their feet instead of pointing them gently forward. This indicates possible neurological disorder or muscle problems

5. ” width=”700″ height=”450″ />


If you hurry to conclude that the person you meet every morning is an alcoholic just because he bends down the stairs, you can go wrong. A person may have suffered a trauma in the head and is unable to balance due to dizziness. This makes him bent on one side, especially when he climbs up or down the stairs

6. Stiff Hands

When you have a healthy body, the movements of your arms and legs are synchronized. As you put your left foot forward, your right hand acts as a stabilizer and moves forward. But if this does not happen and the amplitude of the shoulder is smaller, you should consult a doctor. You may have noticed some people who have a very strange gait. Their hand movement is not synchronized with that of their feet. "They have to suffer from a neurological or orthopedic problem

7. Bumping and locked knees



A normal person can transfer the weight of one of your legs But remember the last time you hurt your left finger while playing football You have been limping on your right foot for almost 15 days Similarly, those who suffer from arthritis would avoid weight loss on one foot, causing it to become clogged (3) you need to be very careful with the fall of such situations because the chances of knee locking are high

You do not have to keep an eye on every step you have put in. A walk in itself indicates that you are healthy , you are already aware of

Some experts advise how you can improve your steps to have a healthy and long life: For example, when you go down the stairs, keep your knees slightly bent instead of holding them solid and straight. The same applies when you are right. Avoid locking your knees too hard. Keep them slightly sloping. Another useful advice from experts is to increase the speed of your walk. People who walk faster live longer and stronger!

Is not it a good reason to put on a comfortable pair of shoes tonight and walk around well?


7 Sobies That Show Problems With Our Health

This East London pop up will create your own sustainable lipstick in just 15 minutes

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This East London pop up will create your own sustainable lipstick in just 15 minutes

We want one in EVERY shade…


AiNSEL was founded by a group of millennial women in the summer of 2017 . Their aim was to create a deliberately small offering of beauty products that simplified women’s make-up bags to only the most wearable items that women actually use. Since then AiNSEL have gained a loyal fan base for their capsule lipstick collection and instantly recognisable clear packaging that’s been popping up all over our Instagram feed.

Now, AiNSEL’s latest project is the launch of their first ever pop-up shop called the Lip Lab. The Lip Lab has been created specifically to challenge the environmental standards of the beauty world and reduce the wastage generated by excessive packaging. Having discovered the shocking information that the industry creates some 120.8 billion units of packaging each year and that personal care and beauty products are estimated to account for 1/3rd of all landfill waste, AiNSEL are directly addressing the issue with their made to order batch production.

Everything you need to know about the AiNSEL Lip Lab

Overproduction within the beauty industry is having big environmental repercussions on the world around us. Whether it’s excessively large production runs that lead to hundreds of products being sent to landfill because they haven’t sold or whether they have gone out of date after sitting on the shelves or in warehouses for too long, the end result is the environment is bearing the brunt of the damage.

To combat this at the AiNSEL Lip Lab there are no ready-made lipsticks, instead all products are made-to-order on demand, reducing the chance of products ending up in landfill.

If you want to create your own sustainable lippy (who wouldn’t?) all you have to do is pick your favourite colour from the menu of seventeen shades (below). The team will then blend your colour, shape the bullet and fit it into your casing. You can watch the whole step-by-step process of your lipstick being made from start to finish too as the speedy operation means that once you’ve placed your order, your new lippy will be ready in less than fifteen minutes.

AiNSEL Lip Lab: why should you visit?

Aside from the fact you’ve been lusting after the idea of having your own bespoke lipstick, you should visit if you want to make a positive, personal environmental decision to pick a brand that is so actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint and wastage. It’s not just a one off either, environmental causes are at the heart of AiNSEL’s brand philosophy.

All products are 100% cruelty free and the clear acrylic they’re housed in is recyclable. Once the pop-up is over you can still take advantage of the brand’s recycling scheme. The programme allows you to post back the acrylic casing for your lipstick once you’ve finished it and order a refill which they’ll inset back into your old case. It’s such a quick and highly effective way of halving the amount of packaging needed. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the service all you have to do is direct message AiNSEL Official on Instagram and they will send you the address to post your empty case too. PLUS you get 20% off the cost of your new refill too.

On top of it’s eco-credentials the East London pop-up is decked out with the work of local London artists with ceiling installations and interactive wall-art so after collecting your new shade we’re sure you’ll enjoy checking out the upcoming designers who’s pieces are displayed there.

AiNSEL Lip Lab: when does it open?

The pop-up opens next Monday 23rd April and is open until Friday 28th April.

AiNSEL Lip Lab: where is it located?

Set in the heart of East London, the pop up is just a five minute walk from Old Street Station. The address is 1-3 Rivington Street, EC2A 3DT.




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Dating Someone? Here’s How To Know If He Is Your Soulmate!

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Dating Someone? Here’s How To Know If He Is Your Soulmate!

Negligent dating is a myth. At the end of the day everything you want is someone you can shuffle on Friday night when you watch a bad romantic movie and you have a sense of certainty that he's the only one. So if you get to know yourself right now, but I do not know if he is the person you are going to walk on the trail, there are 15 signs that will assure you that this is a guardian!

1. You can be yourself without fear

You are not afraid he will leave you if he sees your appearance. Nor are you afraid to be your worst. With him you can be crazy, stupid all the time and do not take care of the impression or be sued!

2. You're his best friend

He's yours! Whenever you think of a situation where you need your being (even if you are drunk and crazy), it is the first name that appears in your head.

3. You overcome the battles quite quickly

Gel so good with him that the battles just look like small bumps along the path of your unbelievable journey together. The ego is not on the road because the relationship is much more important.

4. Have fun together

Charm is an understatement when you are together. You can have so much fun with him, even if you do something silly like playing crazy on this dusty, old board! If you can enjoy the ordinary pleasures of life with it, you have the right person.

5. Time Spent Together = Fund Memories

Ordinary brunettes become something special when you are with him. In fact, every time you meet, you make plans to do something fun or genuine, because these are the memories that will warm your heart and calm you when you are a senior couple

So if your man is trying to to remember with you, he really is your soul.

6. You can predict his reactions

  You can predict his reactions

You know him from inside because he has hidden nothing from you. And he also knows you and can synchronize your lips with you when you get angry and react almost the same way. If this is not love, we do not know what else is there!

7. Do you like it personally

Unbelievable and worthy for you as your relationship is, occasionally indulge in only the PDA of social media by choosing your personal space for everything else. Sometimes when you are together, no one is allowed.


Are you taking a difficult or potentially uncomfortable position? You can bank this person because he will save you from it – even if the danger you are in is a stupid conversation with your neighboring aunt! Nothing will prevent you from doing the same for him.

9. Bear hugs are the norm

When one of you is down, you do not indulge in normal hugs. It's sword hugs all the way! And this is never without that gentle squeeze of hands – that little special gesture that only you two know. Future planning is part of the conversation

Sometimes you do not even ask! You share a deeper understanding and you realize that everybody needs a while to be alone and to grow alone .. And you do not mind

13. You always have things to talk about

There is no point in knowing a person You are both always ready to share and you learn more and more about each other every day

14. You are friends with your friends

  You are friends with your friends

59043] And you too get along with his family and he with yours You know how important these people are, so both respect your friends and family without hesitation You have the same values ​​

After all, he is your spiritual partner and you are his because your value system is the same You always want the best for each other Have you got a person showing all 15 characters? Do not let him go because he is the one who will fulfill your dreams to become the most brilliant bride in this world!

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This is how much money Meghan Markle is actually worth

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This is how much money Meghan Markle is actually worth

Is it more or less than you thought?

Meghan Markle Net Worth

With less than a month to go until the royal wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan fever is in full force in the UK.

The invitations have been sent out, the wedding cake designed, and the world is eagerly awaiting the first glimpse of Meghan’s wedding dress on the 19th of May.

Unsurprisingly, the American sweetheart has quickly won the affections of the British public, and all eyes are on the royal couple and their whirlwind romance.

But have you ever wondered how much money Ms Markle is actually worth? We finally have the answer.

During her time on Suits, in which she starred in seven seasons, Meghan reportedly earned a cool $50,000 per episode.

She also appeared in small roles in films, including Horrible Bosses, as well as making money from advertising partnerships.

So how much does this all tot up to?

In total, Meghan Markle’s net worth is approximately five million dollars – or just over three and a half million pounds. Not too shabby if you ask us.

While Prince Harry’s net worth is estimated to be £28 million, it’s refreshing to hear that the two won’t be signing a pre-nup – the agreements just aren’t commonplace in the UK, but especially not within the royal family.

Roll on May the 19th…

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4 Simple Exercises To Banish That Bra Bulge!

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4 Simple Exercises To Banish That Bra Bulge!

Дори и най-тонизираният и най-здравият от жените може да стане малко по-чувствителен по отношение на досадната изпъкналост, която ще надникне през страните на сутиена. Или през ръкава на любимия си танк. Или през деколтето на прекрасна рокля без презрамки! Грозната истина е, че издутите издутини могат незабавно да накарат жена да се съмнява в нейния ансамбъл и самоувереност. И така, какво можем да направим за това?

Е, ако се стремите да увеличите доверието си и най-накрая ще получите в тръбни върхове и брилянтни рокли без ръкави това лято, ние имаме списък с най-добрите упражнения, които да ви помогнат да затегнете (19659002) Ако искате да видите резултати в рекордно време, изпълнете 4 серии от 15 повторения на всяка една от тези страхотни упражнения и също опитайте да включите малко от тези в седмичния ви режим за обучение. Така че, нека не губем повече време и да стигнем до мисията "bye bye brage bulge"!

1. Вертикални редове

 Upright Rows


Вертикалните редове са голямо упражнение за насочване на рамото и горната част на мускулите на гърба. За да направите това правилно, започнете с изправяне с краката си (на разстояние от ширината на таза). Сега вземете един мряна или чифт гири и ги държите така, че да лежат хоризонтално по бедрата си. След това повдигнете тежестите и ги докарайте до гърдите си. Уверете се, че по време на всеки реп, използвате само раменете и ръцете си, за да вдигнете тежестите. Ако смятате, че приемате подкрепа от бедрата или дори от останалата част от тялото си, спрете и повторете

2. Tricep Kickbacks

 Shutterstock </p>
<p> Някои може да се оплакват, че изработването на трицепс не изглежда така, сякаш те биха помогнали в дилемата, която създава издутите издутини. Обаче, бъдете сигурни, че макар да не изглеждат ефективни, те всъщност са брилянтни при отблъскването на гърба и умората на подрамналите мазнини, като същевременно ви помагат да подобрите силата на гръдните мускули, когато правите тези тласкащи движения </p>
<p>. като поставите краката си заедно, докато коленете ви са в леко изкривено положение. Сега, приведете торса си леко напред, докато го направите под ъгъл от 45 градуса. След това докоснете лактите си, докато почувствате, че предмишниците ви са разположени малко успоредно на пода. Не забравяйте, че вашият лакът трябва да бъде поставен в добър ъгъл от 90 градуса по време на изходната точка, след което ще издърпате ръцете си зад вас, докато не издържите изцяло лактите си. След това ги върнете бавно в стартовата си позиция и продължете да ги повтаряте </p>
<h2> 3. Предни и странични повдигания </h2>
<div id= Предни и странични повдигания


Тези 2 упражнения са друг чудесен начин за елиминиране на издутите мазнини. За предните повдигания, започнете, като се уверите, че стоите направо с вашите гири, разположени пред бедрата. Поставете дланите си така, че да са изправени пред тялото ви, докато лактите ви са леко извити. Сега повдигнете ръцете си право пред вас, докато не са успоредни на пода. Накрая спуснете ръцете отново надолу в стартовата позиция. Не забравяйте, че можете да правите и предни повдигания, като започнете с ръцете си, поставени от двете страни, докато палците ви са в горната част, а дланите са обърнати един към друг, докато вдигате вашите ръце, натоварени с гира пред вас

 за да бъдат ефективни


За странични повдигания, всичко, което трябва да направите, е да се изправите изправено с краката си разположени на разстояние (на разстояние от рамото на ширината). Ръцете ви трябва да висят отстрани и дланите трябва да са обърнати една към друга. Сега, като държите леко огънати лакти, вдигнете ръцете си настрани, докато и двамата достигнат успоредна ориентация с пода. Накрая ги бавно ги върнете надолу и повторете. Уверете се, че всичките ви движения са контролирани и бавни, за да бъдат ефективни.

4. [196599021] Shutterstock

Ако сте търсили идеалното упражнение, за да се насочите към горната част на гърба, добре, това е вашият отговор! За да извършите това упражнение, ще ви трябва пейка. Все пак, ако ти липсваш, използвай вместо това някаква повдигната, равна повърхност. Ако е възможно, бихте могли дори да използвате няколко стола за това упражнение, тъй като редове с едностранна ръкавица всъщност са насочени една страна с всеки реп – просто се редуват страни, така че гърбовете на вашите столове не пречат на вашия диапазон на движение. 19659002] Започнете, като поставите дясното си коляно и дясната ръка (трябва да сте от една и съща страна, за да осигурите опора) върху пейката така, както ако сте на път да започнете да пълзите, но само с дясната страна на тялото си. Уверете се, че гърбът ви е прав и е разположен успоредно на пода, докато задържате гиричката в лявата си ръка. Сега, като държите дланта си нагоре по тялото си, започнете да дърпате гира до областта на ребрата си. Трябва да използвате само задните си мускули. Уверете се, че сърцевината и гърбът ви са добре затегнати и не правете грешката да се хванете за раменете си. След това намалете теглото и се върнете в стартовата позиция и повторете. Направете втория комплект с дясната си страна, работейки с гирата

Така че, има го – 4-те най-добри упражнения за отстраняване на издутите мазнини. Следвайте този режим усърдно и скоро ще бъдете изкусителни подплатени дрехи с гордост!

Пост 4 Simple Упражнения, за да се предпазиш от издутина! изглежда на първо място . ]